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Broadcasting license (cable, terrestrial, wire, satellite) Ukraine

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Term of service provision is 30 business days.

Cost of the service is negotiable.

The cost does not include official fees.

The amount of official fee for broadcasting license obtainment is calculated according to stipulations of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine number 412 dated 13.04.2011.

What we do
  • advise Client on all matters related to preparation of documents and help to prepare them;
  • submit the documents to the licensing body;
  • support consideration of application by the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization;
  • obtain the license based on power of attorney granted by the Client.


To obtain broadcasting (multichannel, cable, terrestrial, wire, satellite) license we need to receive from you personally, via fax or e-mail the following documents:

  • License application (our legal experts may provide a sample);
  • Copy of state registration certificate or an extract form the Unified State Register of enterprises, organizations and institutions;
  • Copy of statistics certificate;
  • Copy of charter;
  • Taxpayer certificate (application form 4 – OPP);
  • Certificate of registration as an entity that conducts informational activities (if there is one);
  • Agreement with telecommunications operator (if telecommunications operator is represented not by your enterprise);
  • Applicant’s obligations (financial, organizational and technical, related to investments) – our lawyers may provide a sample of the document and help with its preparation;
  • Concept of programs broadcasting (our legal experts can provide a sample of such concept and assist with its preparation);
  • Approximate schedule of organization;
  • Copies of documents that certify obtainment of and actual rights to transmit/retransmit programs of other broadcaster (for cable broadcasting);
  • Detailed specifications of multichannel telecommunication network (for multichannel broadcasting);
  • Certificate of trademark registration (logo, call sign) – only for satellite, cable, wire and terrestrial broadcasting);
  • Expertise act of agreements that an enterprise entered into with telecommunications operator issued by State enterprise “Ukrkosmos” (original) – for satellite broadcasting;
  • Permit for design and construction of cable networks (for cable, terrestrial and cable networks).
Important to know

License for broadcasting (terrestrial and multichannel) with a help of radio frequency recourse is provided based on the results of license auction.

Satellite, cable and wire broadcasting is licensed without license auction.

Any business entity that is engaged in broadcasting activities is also obligated to be registered in State register of television and radio organizations of Ukraine.

Licenses are provided by the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine.

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When term, cost and procedure of license obtainment are agreed the service provision will consist of the following stages:

  • Signing agreement of legal services provision and prepayment;
  • Receiving of all the documents enlisted on this page in REQUIRED DOCUMENTS section;
  • Preparation of final package of documents to be submitted to the licensing authority (including application, description, commissions, etc.);
  • Advising when dealing with licensing authority (if required);
  • Signing of complete documents package by a Client;
  • Filing of documents to the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization.

When a positive decision on issuance of license is made Client receives requisites of an account at local bodies of State Tax Service of Ukraine (state treasury) and pays state duty of the required amount for the license, receives a certificate of local state treasury about money being transferred to the state budget of Ukraine and sends the payment order with bank notation and treasury certificate to our legal experts.

Within the agreed term our firm provides broadcasting license certificate (for Clients located in other regions via courier).