Litigation practice Law firm "Pravova dopomoga" Kiev, Ukraine

Litigation practice of law firm “Pravova Dopomoga” has been one of our primary practices since 2008.

We represent our Clients’ interests all around Ukraine.

The firm possesses an experience in Clients’ interests protection in courts of foreign jurisdictions.

We use hourly rates for services within litigation practice and the payment mainly depends on the qualification of involved experts.

At the same time, the system of fixed conditions may be proposed to the Clients of the firm (for example the standardized procedure of representation of interests)

What we do

Additional information about the practice

The practice includes legal disputes in courts of general jurisdiction (commercial, civil and administrative disputes), commercial arbitrage and arbitration courts. The largest litigation practice base has been developed in the city of Kiev, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Lviv and other regions.

The distinct place in the firm’s litigation practice is occupied by the legal support of disputes in the European Court of Human Rights.

The accumulated experience and knowledge allows us to defend interests of our Clients in wide range of cases: disputes that arise from contractual, corporative and family relations, tax disputes, problem loans, contestation of illegal decisions and acts of the state authorities.

We are proud that some leading Ukrainian and international companies from different branches of economy take advantages of our services within Litigation practice.

While protecting Clients’ interests we sometimes create a new law enforcement practice.

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Appreciation letters of our Clients
Director V. Sokolenko, LLC "Agromilk"
In turn lawyers of the Law firm ''Pravova Dopomoga" do not only act quickly in regard to our requests but also understand the very process of conduction of activities
General Manager V. Volodchenko , Private Company "Etalon BUD"
Also we want to note the firm’s effectiveness in pre-trial settlement of conflicts as well as competence and professionalism during representation and protection of interests in relations with the law enforcement bodies, within judicial and enforcement proceedings
Director S. Astashev, LLC "Company "Biznes proekt"
Our experience of work with you in the field of litigation, tax consultations, registration of legal entities and others showed that you can be entrusted not only with ordinary projects but also with those that require creativeness in protection of interests
General director Skibinskiy V., Yokogawa Electric Ukraine Ltd.
Yokogawa Electric Ukraine Ltd. recommends Vladimir Gurlov and his team of lawyers as a reliable legal partner and advisor for foreign businesses in Ukraine...
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