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Family relations are an important part of each person's life. Unfortunately, even the closest family members may experience problems that cannot be solved without help of a lawyer.

Attorneys of our law firm understand all the complexity of matrimonial disputes and all their peculiarities. Our experience and individual approach to each particular case will help you to resolve all your problems.

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Legal support of surrogate motherhood
  • advise on surrogate motherhood issues;
  • help with the search of health care facilities;
  • obtain required certificates;
  • conclude surrogate agreement;
  • support the Client throughout the process;
  • help to register a baby after his birth;
  • help to get compensation in case of violation of the surrogate agreement.
  • Analyze the situation and the Client’s documents to see if he/she can become an adopter;
  • If necessary, give recommendations on what you need to become an adopter;
  • Prepare and submit documents to the Ministry of Social Policy, monitor the progress of the Client’s case (in case of adoption by foreigners);
  • Prepare an application to court for adoption of a child;
  • Provide legal support to the Client during the court session, etc.
Prenuptial agreement
Division of property (equitable distribution)
  • Conducting a preliminary analysis of the situation and providing well-founded legal consultations on the division of marital property;

  • Assisting in gathering proper and admissible evidence;

  • Preparing legal requests if necessary to obtain required information;

  • Drafting lawsuits for the division of marital property;

  • Preparing relevant motions needed during court proceedings;

  • Drafting responses to legal responses;

  • Lawyer's participation in court proceedings for the division of marital property;

  • Obtaining a court decision;

  • Assisting in the enforcement of the court decision on the division of marital property.

Why do I need legal advice of family lawyer and how do I find one near me?

The most popular service in the practice of family law, is the provision of one-time legal advice. Such legal advice on family issues often precede further work, as only in the course of consultation, analysis of documents and circumstances of the Client by a competent lawyer, provide practical advice on the necessary actions and their cost.

Often, only after providing advice, family law becomes fully understandable to the Client of our company. We work all over Ukraine and abroad. We can provide You with legal consultation via phone or internet.

If we talk about representation of interests in court on issues of this category, our lawyers provide services in such categories:
  • Services for the preparation of the marriage contract, to the compilation of which the law imposes multiple requirements. There are issues that must be settled when preparing a marriage contract, and there are some that can not be regulated by them.

How can a lawyer help you solve Your family matters?

We all understand that any cases in this sphere, affect, first of all, the emotional state of the person. Everything that relates to family ties and personal interaction requires tact and great attention to detail.

That's why, during the conduct of Your business, our company:
  • Will always be in touch - You will not have to look for or call the Client Manager to get the desired information, he will call You himself and will keep you informed all the time;
  • Will become a reliable backbone and support - we strive to make any business we do with the Client happy for him/her;
  • Makes any task, even the most difficult, simple and accessible - We don't make a mysterious appearance and keep our professional secrets. On the contrary, we explain the whole situation to You in such a way that You do not have any questions or doubts about its solution.
For more information please contact us, the family lawyer will answer all Your questions.

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