License for production of electric power

Cost of services

Cost of services:

from 12 000 UAH
License for production of electric power
from 22 000 UAH
License for the production of e / e with site development
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What we offer

  • we get a license for production of electric power;
  • we conduct a consultation on the matters of the licensing of production of electric power;
  • we analyze documents from the Сlient and provide advice on improving them for the licensing requirements;
  • we prepare the complete package of documents required for the license and submit it to the NEURC (the National Energy and Utilities Commission of Ukraine);
  • we support the consideration of the documents submitted to the NEURC;
  • we pass you the banking details for payment of the license fee;
  • we get a copy of resolution about issue of license and pass it to the Сlient (if so agreed).


Required documents

List of documents
Bank details
Documents for electric power generation equipment

Documents required for registration of the license for electric power:

  • USREOU code; 
  • bank details - it is possible to provide both a bank statement on account opening and separately the account number, bank name and MFO code; 
  • E-mail and telephone number to which Clients, partners may contact; 
  • name of the power plant (including those in the construction queue, start-up complex); 
  • location of the power plant; 
  • information on the equipment generating the power plant; 
  • copies of documents confirming the right of use; 
  • copies of technical passports; scheme of connection of the power plant to the power grid with marking of electric power metering devices.

Cost and terms of registration of the license for electric power

If the Client needs a paper confirmation of the license issue (copy of the resolution on the license issue) + 1,000.00 UAH

The period of getting the license is 14 working days.

The cost of electric power license does not include the license fee to be paid in the amount of 2481 UAH. We will provide you with the official fee payment instructions upon the Commission’s decision to issue the license.

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Why us

Accumulated experience working with the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities
Our specialists know both the theoretical aspect of the procedure and the practical approach of the licensing authority to issuing licenses for electricity generation and supply, that is an additional advantage in the legal services market.
Understanding the specifics of the field
Our company not only provides services for obtaining an electricity production licence, but can also help you with obtaining an electricity supply licence or advising you on matters of interest.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:

Electricity generation shall be licensed if the capacity of the electric power plant is 5 MW or more, or if you intend to sell electricity produced from alternative energy sources in the wholesale electricity market regardless of the capacity of the power plant.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to have a website for obtaining the Electricity Generation License?

No, it isn’t. But the website is required after obtaining a license and when carrying out electricity generation.

How long does it take to get a decision on the license issue?

The decision to grant the license is usually made within 10 business days after a full package of documents is submitted. However, in our practical experience there were cases when the decision to grant a license was made on the seventh day upon the documents submission.

What capacity shall the power plant have to obtain the Electricity Generation License?

The license is required for electric power plants with capacity of 5 MW and more.

What is the Electricity Generation Licence Period?

The license is perpetual and is not required to be extended.

Obtaining the Electricity Generation License with us

Although the Electricity Generation License is perpetual, the licensee (a company that already has a license) must notify the licensing authority of any changes to its data no later than one month after such changes became effective.

The licensing authority shall be notified of any changes introduced to your company (change of its name, location) or a new electric power generation equipment purchased, etc.

We ensure that all such changes are properly registered at the licensing authority. You can contact us, and after agreeing on the procedure, terms and cost of the services, we will make all necessary changes.

How can our lawyers help you obtain a license to produce electricity?

For more than 10 years of work in the legal services market of Ukraine, we have not only gained invaluable experience and knowledge, but also developed our own service standard.

Our company’s key mission is to address any legal issues in a simple, safe and efficient manner. What do we mean?
  • Simplicity in addressing any issues is the first thing you can note during our cooperation. We always try not only to undertake the task, but to explain to you all the stages of the process, as well as the need for certain actions. We are not interested to ride off in all directions, we always try to find the simplest and the most effective solution.
  • The safety of the task execution process is manifested in two aspects: due process of law and mitigation of all potential risks.
  • The effectiveness of our work is constantly supported by extensive experience of our lawyers specializing in various areas of law. The complex approach to one issue allows us to evaluate the situation from different points of view. This means that we will be able to prioritize tasks and find the best and the fastest way to solve the issue.

If you want to get a license for power generation easy and quickly - call us!

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