Registration of company (LLC) in Kiev, Ukraine

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Cost for LLC's registration
Registration of company (LLC) in Kiev, Ukraine
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What we offer

  • Providing oral consultations, including online, for individuals and businesses seeking advice and recommendations on the registration processin Kyiv and Ukraine.

  • Assisting with the development of constituent documents necessary to open a company (LLC).

  • Preparing document drafts for legal entities, including the decision of a foreign parent company to establish an enterprise in Ukraine.

  • Obtaining identification numbers for foreign founders, if necessary and for an additional fee.

  • Signing the minutes of the general meeting of participants on behalf of non-resident/foreign founders based on a power of attorney.

  • Organizing a meeting at a notary's office for the founders to sign the charter and notarial power of attorney in favor of our specialists, if necessary.

  • Submitting and registering the legal entity with the relevant authorities in Kyiv.

  • Providing assistance in the production of the company seal.

  • Helping choose the tax system and registering the enterprise as a VAT payer and/or a unified tax payer with the state fiscal service.


Required documents for LLC's registration

List of documents
Copies of establishers' and members' passports
Copies of establishers' and members' passports
Copies of establishers' and members' identificational numbers
Copies of establishers' and members' identificational numbers

Business registration in Ukraine on a turnkey basis: legal services for business registration and establishment of LLC

We work with people who understand the importance of planning their actions in advance with great detail. By considering the nuances of your business and reflecting them in your company's legal documents, we can help you establish a solid foundation on which you can build and grow your business with confidence.

We will carefully evaluate your situation, assist you in forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC), and provide you with practical recommendations on:

  1. How to fairly distribute the shares of the founders in the company's capital to ensure that everyone's interests are taken into account
  2. How to have real control over the distribution of profits from your company's activities
  3. Which tax system to choose and how to minimize tax liabilities
  4. How to effectively allocate positions and appoint leaders, among other important considerations.

Service packages offers

from 9000 UAH
  • Consulting on the process and nuances of registration, answers to your questions
  • Protocol on creation of LLC
  • Development of an individual LLC Charter taking into account the specifics of the activity and needs of the founder
  • Organization of a visit to the notary
  • Submission of documents to the registrar
  • Obtaining an extract from the EDR
  • Production of a seal LLC
  • Obtaining the status of VAT or single tax payer
  • Organization of a bank account
  • Notification of the tax office about employees
from 21500 UAH
  • Nominal director for up to 3 months (if necessary)
  • Nominal address for 1 year
  • Consulting on the process and nuances of registration, answers to your questions
  • Protocol on creation of LLC
  • Development of an individual LLC Charter taking into account the specifics of the activity and needs of the founder
  • Organization of a visit to the notary
  • Submission of documents to the registrar
  • Obtaining an extract from the EDR
  • Production of a seal LLC
  • Obtaining the status of VAT or single tax payer
  • Help and organization of opening a bank account
Foreign founder
Foreign founder
from 900 USD
  • English-speaking lawyer
  • Nominal director for up to 3 months
  • Nominal address for 1 year
  • Consulting on the process and nuances of registration, answers to your questions
  • Protocol on creation of LLC
  • Development of an individual LLC Charter taking into account the specifics of the activity and needs of the founder
  • Organization of a visit to the notary
  • Submission of documents to the registrar
  • Obtaining an extract from the EDR
  • Production of a seal LLC
  • Obtaining the status of VAT or single tax payer
  • Help and organization of opening a bank account
  • Help with the translation of documents into English (foreign founder)
  • Assistance with assignments in English (foreign founder)

The cost of our services for registering an LLC

If you have more than three founders, the cost will increase by 1000 UAH for each additional founder. 

For non-resident citizens or foreign legal entities, the cost will increase by 2000 UAH for each additional founder.

Please note that notary services are not included in the cost of registering a legal entity (LLC) in Kyiv or Ukraine.

The registration period for a legal entity in Kyiv typically takes 1 to 2 business days.

We work with many notaries who can help with the certification of signatures on the charter and issuing a power of attorney during the process of registering a legal entity.

Documents required for company registration in Ukraine 

The documents needed to register an LLC in Ukraine will vary depending on whether the participants are individuals or legal entities. 

If you are an individual, you will need to provide:

  • certified copies of your passport pages; 
  • a copy of your taxpayer identification number (TIN);
  • a power of attorney for the authorized person to perform registration actions (if registration is done by a representative);
  • an application for LLC registration;
  • an application for the selection of a tax system for the newly created LLC;
  • founding documents for LLC registration, including the LLC charter and minutes of the general meeting of founders with a decision to create an LLC.

Please note! If you are a foreigner, you will need to obtain a TIN, which we can help you with.

In case of legal entity, the following documents are required:

  • A copy of the extract from the state register or certificate of state registration of the LLC's founder.
  • A power of attorney for the representative who will handle the submission of documents to the state registrar.
  • Originals of the minutes of the founders' meeting and the LLC's charter.
  • A copy of the decision to appoint the legal entity as a founder of another LLC.

Please note! Providing information about the ultimate beneficial owner is now a mandatory requirement for LLC registration, and it's also possible to submit an application for VAT registration at the same time.

In case of a non-resident legal entity, the following documents are required:

  • A copy of the extract or extract from the register (banking, judicial, or other),
  • Original founding documents (charter, minutes),
  • An official decision to establish a new company, approved by the founders of the founder's legal entity,
  • A power of attorney.

LLC registration procedure in Ukraine

The establishment of an LLC is a difficult process requires the deep law knowledge. The procedure of company registration in Ukraine can be complex, so it's a good idea to consult with a lawyer for guidance, as you need a working legal entity that will meet all the requirements of your future business. Also, the directors of a private limited company must ensure compliance with statutory requirements and corporate governance standards.

Before starting an LLC in Ukraine, you will need to provide the following information to the regulatory authority:

  • The name and legal address of the legal entity,
  • The amount of authorized capital and how it was formed (in the case of authorized capital formed by property, a list of the property included in the authorized capital must be provided),
  • The size of the founders' shares in the authorized capital of the legal entity,
  • The company's main types of activities, and so on.

If the founder of the enterprise is a legal entity, they must provide a copy of the extract from the Unified State Register or a certificate of state registration, as well as notarized copies of passports of the ultimate beneficial owners (notarization is not required if the passport is of the new type: made using the resources of the Unified State Demographic Register. In other words - a plastic card).

If the founder of the enterprise is a foreign legal entity, the following are also required:

  • a properly certified translation into Ukrainian of a document confirming the fact of registration of a non-resident legal entity in the country where it is registered (a notarized translation can be arranged with our assistance);
  • notarized and apostilled/legalized copies of passports of ultimate beneficial owners.

If the founders of the LLC are also legal entities, a freely formed ownership structure is required.

If the founder of the LLC is an individual, it is necessary to obtain an identification code in Ukraine. Our company can assist with this and help with company formation.

To summarize all the information provided, let's briefly outline all the steps of LLC registration in Kyiv or any other region of Ukraine:

  • preparing information for filling out documents for LLC registration;
  • preparing documents for LLC registration (the list is given above), taking action to formalize the documents, for example, holding a General Meeting of Founders and forming a Protocol on the decision to create an LLC;
  • submitting documents for LLC registration to the state registrar;
  • providing information about the new LLC to the tax authorities, pension fund, statistical authorities, etc.;
  • entering information about the new legal entity into the Unified State Register;
  • registration and issuance of an extract.

If you are interested in how much it costs to open a company in Ukraine, you can clarify the cost with our specialists. The cost of LLC registration in Kyiv will depend on many factors, including the volume of documents you have, the need to provide additional services, etc.


Why us

Provide with a nominal adress for registration
Provide with a nominal adress for registration
If a Client doesn't have an adress for registration then we can provide him with it. This adress is unique and isn't used by other companies.
Provide with a temporary director (CEO)
Provide with a temporary director (CEO)
If a Client doesn't have a director then our specialists can be directors. It is popualr for founders-foreigners who plan to replace chief for a foreigner/ While a foreigner gets a work permit in Ukraine our lawyers are in the data base of the state bodies and execute functions of a chief.
Cost of services don't increase
Cost of services don't increase
We determine a full cost for services in the first meeting with a Client. So it doesn't increase in the future.

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Registered a company for a foreigner in Kyiv in 2023
Successfully assisted a client from England in registering a transportation company in the form of an LLC in Kyiv.
The company was registered for the Client in 2023
State registration of the creation of a legal entity was carried out for the Client from Kyiv.

The Main Stages and Mistakes of Registering a Company in Ukraine

Preparation Stage: This involves more than just drafting the articles of incorporation and protocol of creation. It also involves selecting a tax system, deciding on the optimal amount of authorized capital, and distributing shares among founders. Sometimes, it's better to have separate founders and investors. 

If foreign citizens or legal entities will be among the founders, that's a separate issue altogether. Certain documents must first be prepared in the country where the foreign founders are located. The most common mistakes at this stage are incorrect certification of documents or an incomplete set of documents sent to Ukraine. Also, mistakes can lead to significant currency costs.

Document Development: Ukrainian legislation often changes. The most common mistakes are outdated document templates. Using a template from the internet is probably the worst idea that could come to mind. Documents for company registration in Ukraine are developed in several copies.

Submission of Documents for Registration: If one document is missing, the registration will not take place. In addition, foreigners often do not know that, without a tax identification number in Ukraine, it is impossible to become a company founder. And if a foreigner is going to be a manager, a work permit must be obtained beforehand.

Common Mistakes When Opening an LLC in Ukraine

Some of these issues have already been covered above. The most common mistakes include using "flawed" internet document templates, not knowing exactly what needs to be submitted (such as notarized passports of ultimate beneficiaries if they are of an old format). Not to mention that for foreigners, the quest begins long before LLC registration itself, namely with obtaining a tax identification number.

It's not so difficult to download articles of incorporation from the internet and visit a registrar. However, the main question here is whether the company you register will meet your interests. The article of incorporation outlines the fundamental details of the company, including its name, purpose, and structure. Are the levers of company management outlined in the articles of incorporation as you want them to be? Are the ways of financing the company, distributing profits among participants, director's powers, etc. fixed? 

All of these issues can be anticipated with extensive experience not only in registration but also in working in the field of Ukrainian business, especially for foreigners.

Advantages of registering a business as an LLC in Ukraine

Compared to setting up a foreign company representative office in Ukraine, creating a new company (LLC) gives the company the status of a legal entity, and therefore, independence. The procedure is much faster than registering a representative office.

Online LLC registration in Ukraine

Despite the announced simplicity, in practice, it mostly doesn't work for various reasons (often the service itself is unavailable), and for foreign founders, it's generally impossible because it requires an electronic digital signature (EDS) (which is only available in Ukraine, of course).

When working with clients, our lawyers personally handle the document submission

Step-by-step instructions for registering an LLC in Ukraine

  • Consider who you will be creating this company with. Remember that a 50/50 split of ownership is the most dangerous in terms of decision-making if one of the two founders loses interest in the business or stops communicating altogether;
  • Choose the most optimal tax system. Remember that if a simplified system (single tax) is required, there are certain restrictions on the types of activities and even the circle of founders;
  • Properly prepare a package of documents for registration, including the charter, minutes of the general meeting or the decision of the sole participant, ownership structure, copies of the passports of ultimate beneficiaries (or an explanation of why they are not available). If there are foreign individuals or legal entities among the founders, their documents must be correctly notarized in the country of issue and then translated into Ukrainian with a notarized translation;
  • Submit the documents for registration. Since there are either queues or no electricity in the administrative service centers (CNAPs), we recommend submitting the documents to private notaries, although this is not free. However, it is quick and they can advise on how to correct any deficiencies if they exist;
  • Collect the registration certificate;
  • Open a bank account and obtain an EDS. The package of documents varies depending on the bank, but the universal package is the presence of all constituent documents. With them, the director comes to the bank - and everything else is up to the bank manager. Of course, you can make everything beautiful so that the meeting is organized and the bank is already waiting for the director. Some banks provide EDS if you open an account there. However, not all do. For the convenience of submitting reports, it's best to obtain an EDS if your bank doesn't provide it. Note: some banks provide such a key, but it is only suitable for working in the online banking of that particular bank;
  • If there is a foreign citizen among the founders, they must obtain an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) before submitting the LLC registration.

What to choose: LLC, private enterprise, or sole proprietorship?

The choice depends on the nature of the organization's activities and the number of personnel involved. It's important to note that private enterprise (PE) is outdated and is no longer registered. The law on private enterprise lost its force years ago, and for a while, this organizational form wasn't used. However, there's no longer any point in using PE now that the differences with LLC have almost disappeared.

For most small or medium-sized businesses, sole proprietorship (SP) is usually sufficient. However, some types of activities require the creation of a legal entity like LLC, which has specific requirements for the charter and authorized capital. The main advantage of LLC is its ability to be sold quickly if there's no longer a desire to continue running the business.

Registering a company in Ukraine is often the choice of foreign investors who want to conduct their activities in the country in a controlled manner and save the currency. Additionally, LLC allows foreign directors to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine. 

Answers to frequently asked questions

What is the size of a shares' capital?

Nowadays there are no any restrictions for sizes of shares' capital according to the laws.

Do we have to form a capital before LLC's registration?

No, you don't have to. According to the law, shares' capital of LLC has to be formed during one year since the moment of registration.

Can person be a director of a few comapnies?

Yes, he or she can. The laws don't regulate this matter and person can be a director of a few companies.

Can person be an establisher/member of more than one LLC?

Yes, he or she can. But share in LLC's capital must be less than 100%. Person, who is owned 100% of LLC's capital in one LLC, can't own 100% of another LLC's capital or establish it. But, practically, it happens.

Do I need to notarize the charter of the LLC at the initial registration?

Yes, You should. According to the Law of Ukraine "On Limited Liability and Additional Liability Companies", which came into force on 17.06.2018, the first version of the company's charter should be signed by all shareholders of the company, and the authenticity of their signatures should be notarized.

Can LLC really operate without a press?

Yeah, maybe. Since 2016, legal entities have the right to work without a seal. However, the articles of association may stipulate that the presence of a seal is mandatory. This is often the case when outdated charter templates, which are until 2016, are used for registration.

Nuances of registering a new legal entity: services for starting a company

The establishment of an LLC is a complex process that requires in-depth legal knowledge and careful adherence to regulatory requirements. To open a company in Ukraine, you must comply with local registration and tax regulations. A newly created business cannot immediately opt for the third group of single tax payers with a 3% income tax rate plus value-added tax (VAT). This tax rate can only be chosen from the next quarter. From the day of registration, the business can only become a single tax payer with a 5% income tax rate.

We also offer a turnkey service for opening a limited liability company (LLC), tailored to your specific requirements. We can also assist you in obtaining any necessary licenses and permits for your activities.

Our firm provides LLC registration services in the following way:

  • After the details of your order have been agreed upon, we arrange a time for signing the contract for legal services and for the transfer of the necessary documents and information to us.
  • Upon receiving payment and the aforementioned information, we prepare the LLC Charter and other documents (within approximately one working day), and coordinate a meeting with the client at a notary public's office in Kyiv to issue notarial powers of attorney to our specialists and to certify the signatures of the founders on the Charter.
  • In the notary public's office, the client also signs the minutes and other documents required for the company's registration. From this point on, the company will be registered within 1-2 days, and the documents will be handed over to the client for opening a current account.

Upon completion of the LLC registration process, you will receive:

  • An extract - a document containing codes that allow you to view the electronic versions of the founding documents of legal entities, as well as find and download an extract from the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine;
  • One copy of the Charter;
  • The minutes of the general meeting of founders;
  • The company seal.

If necessary, after we have registered your LLC, our company can:

  • Assist in obtaining VAT or single tax payer status;
  • Help develop standard contracts for your business activities;
  • Develop a website;
  • Provide tax law consultations or offer full legal support for your business activities.

Our lawyers provide detailed advice on the legal requirements for company formation.
If you want to find out the cost of registering an LLC or register a business, please give us a call!

We offer legal entity registration services in Kyiv, Ukraine, and work with clients from any region!

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