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Registration of company (LLC) in Kiev, Ukraine

Registration of company (LLC) in Kiev, Ukraine

What we do

  • provide consultations and recommendations on matters of the registration of a legal entity;
  • write required corporation documents for registration;
  • organize a meeting at a notary's office for signing a power of attorney for our specialists by establishers;
  • submit and register a legal entity in the state bodies;
  • support a production of a seal;
  • help to chhose a taxation system and put a company on the record in the State Fuscal Service of Ukraine.


Cost for LLC's registration
500 USD

The price for notary's services are not included into our services' price.

The project launches since the moment of a full payment for our services.

Term of limited liability company registration in Kyiv is 1 to 2 business days.

The term starts since the moment of charter documents signing at a notary office and getting a power of attorney for our lawyers.

We can sign a power of attorney at our notary's place.
Notary copies of corporation documents are not demanded according to the laws.

Successfully rendered services

Registration of a construction company

Specialized lawyers of our firm supported a registration process of LLC, which will carry out construction activities in the first days of January 2019.

Registered LLC for a foreigner from Germany in December 2018

Supported a process of registration of an LLC for non-resident, with further inclusion of the company in the register of VAT payers.

Registration of LLC in October 2018

Our lawyers prepared a full set of documents and supported the registration process of a consulting company in Kyiv.

Companies, which were registered by our lawyers in August 2018

We have provided legal support to register several companies, including that one, founders of which were the Norwegian citizen.

Registration of an LLC in July 2018

Provided legal support of the process of the LLC registration with its subsequent registration in the Register of VAT payers in July 2018.

LLC registration with founders from USA in June, 2018

Our law firm has registered an LLC for founders from USA, who were an USA cititzen and an american company, without their presence in Ukraine.

Registration of an LLC in June, 2018

Our lawyers have registered the LLC which intended to engage in polygraphic activity and was located in Kiev.

LLC registration in April-June, 2018

Our law firm has registered an LLC and put it on the register of single tax payers of the 3rd group and also registered it as a VAT payer.

Registered LLC in April 2018 and entered it in the register of single tax payers

Registered IT company in Kiev with providing a nominal director, and entered in the single tax registry.

Registered LLC in March of 2018

Lawyers of our law firm helped two foreign citizens to register their business in Ukraine as well as to choose the optimal system of taxation for the business.

Registration of LLC in February of 2018

Registered LLC with a foreign founder in Ukraine as well as registered the LLC in the State register of Single tax payers (3rd group of taxation).

LLC's registration in January 2018

The procedure of LLC's registration which provides examination with a polygraph (a lie detector).

Registration of LLC in January 2017

Supprort LLC's registration for a foreigner who will provide legal services in Ukraine.

LLC's registration in December 2017

Accompanied registration of a construction firm from Kyiv.

LLC's registration in October 2017

Registered limited liability company for entrepreneurship.

Registration of LLC in August of 2017

Provided a procedure of registration of LLC.

Registered LLC in February of 2017

Supported registration of limited liability company with a foreign founder.

Registration of LLC in November of 2016

Registered LLC for our client's private security business.

Registration of LLC in August of 2016

Registered LLC for a client from Kiev who wanted to start educational business.

Registration of LLC in May of 2016

Registered LLC in Ukraine for a foreign private client who wanted to provide financial services in Ukraine.

Registration of LLC in July of 2015

Our lawyers have successfully completed registration of LLC for a client from Kiev

Registered LLC in June of 2015

Our lawyes have successfully supported opening of client's business by registering LLC in Kiev

LLC registration certificate obtained in April of 2015

Our lawyers have successfully registered LLC for a client from Brovary

Extract from the state register

The limited liability company was registered in September of 2014

Extracts from the state register

The companies were registered in 2013

Extracts from the state register

The companies were registered in October and November of 2012 for Clients from Kiev

Legal entity registration certificate

The company was registered in August of 2010


  • plus

    Provide with a nominal adress for registration

    If a Client doesn't have an adress for registration then we can provide him with this. This adress is unique and isn't used by other companies.
  • plus

    Guarantee of the result

    Our company has worked in this sphere since 2006. This experience allows us to provide Clients with guarantee that everything will be done excellent.
  • plus

    Cost of services don't increase

    We determine a full cost for services in the first meeting with a Client. So it doesn't increase in the future.
  • plus

    Provide with a temporary director (chief)

    If a Client doesn't have a director then our specialists can be directors. It is popualr for founders-foreigners who plan to replace chief for a foreigner/ While a foreigner gets a work permit in Ukraine our lawyers are in the data base of the state bodies and execute functions of a chief.


Our lawyers will advise you!

Ask a lawyer

Required documents for LLC's registration

  • Copies of establishers' and members' passports
  • Copies of establishers' and members' identificational numbers

Also we need to have an information about name and legal address of the legal entity (including postal code), the amount of charter capital and procedure of its creation (when charter capital is comprised of assets – list of assets which will be included into charter capital), shares of founders in charter capital of a legal entity, main types of economic activities, phone numbers, fax, e-mail address of the legal entity and internet address (if there is any).

If legal entity is a founder of the company it is required to provide copy of extract from the United State Register or state registration certificate.

If founder is a foreign legal entity then you must to submit a notarized translation of document which confirms the its registration in a foreign country (we can help with this matter).

If founder is a foreigner then he must get an identification number in Ukraine. Our company can help you with it.


Founder and Chief Editor M. Aristov , "Geoprofil" magazine

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Director V. Kovernyk, LLC "Company "VNA"

We highly appreciate quality of your work in regard to minimization of legal risks for our business as well as your ability to deal with controversial situations arising from interaction with controlling authorities... More information

Director S. Astashev, LLC "Company "Biznes proekt"

Our experience of work with you in the field of litigation, tax consultations, registration of legal entities and others showed that you can be entrusted not only with ordinary projects but also with those that require creativeness in protection of interests... More information

Important to know

For those Clients who have a habit to plan their actions in advance as all successful businessmen do we will become of great help and offer something more than just a standard set of actions. Business means not only activities in a particular area but also relations, particularly relations in between founders. It is a common fact that there may appear conflicts and disputes even in the best relations, so one should prepare a basis in advance which will minimize the influence of negative events on business activities and our Client’s calmness.

So we will examine your situation thoroughly and give efficient recommendations, in particular the following:

1. How to divide shares of founders in charter capital appropriately to be able to consider the major parties interests;

2. How to have real influence on entity activities profit distribution;

3. What taxation system should be chosen and how to minimize taxes;

4. How to appoint managers, people for other positions in a company, etc.

Developments in accordance with the Law "On Limited and Additional Liability Companies" from February 2018

  • A new charter stipulates new rules for participation in a company, including new procedure for joining and leaving a membership.
  • A new voting procedure at general meeting.
  • Issues on the agenda are divided into those approved by the majority of votes, as well as those approved by 3/4 of all members of the company, and sometimes even those requiring unanimous decision of all members of the company.
  • A concept of making a decision by questioning and the procedure for its adoption was introduced.
  • A concept of absent voting was introduced.
  • A new term for formation of an authorized capital and a more detailed arrangement of its formation, change of its size.




What is the size of a shares' capital?
Nowadays there are no any restrictions for sizes of shares' capital according to the laws.
Do we have to form a capital before LLC's registration?
No, you don't have to. According to the laws shares' capital of LLC has to be formed during one year since the moment of registration.
Can person be a director of a few comapnies?
Yes, he or she can. The laws don't regulate this matter and person can be a director of a few companies.
Can person be an establisher/member of more than one LLC?
Yes, he or she can. But share in LLC's capital must be less than 100%. Person, who is owned 100% of LLC's capital in one LLC, can't own 100% of another LLC's capital or establish it. But, practically, it happens.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner



The service is provided only to entities that will be registered in Kyiv.

All difficulties that appear when a Client is not found at the provided legal address are settled by our firm for an additional payment.


Upon notification about willingness to order registration of a legal entity, a legal expert of law firm “Pravova Dopomoga” together with a Client arranges a meeting time to sign an agreement, agrees on terms of prepayment, provision of primary documents copies and required information.

When all the mentioned documents and information were provided our legal experts prepare drafts of charter and other documents of a future company (approximately 1 business day), together with a Client they arrange a meeting at a notary office to sign the charter and notarized letters of attorney (notary approval of a charter isn't demanded by the lawsanditcanbedone if a Client wants so. During the first meeting at a notary office a Client signs a protocol, a charter and other documents which are required for registration. We register a company in 1-2 days and send the documents to a Client for opening a bank account. 

Upon service provision you will receive:

1. Extract from the United State Register of enterprises, organizations and institutions of Ukraine;

2. One registered copy of entity charter;

3. A protocol of the General meeting of founders.

4. Seal of the company.

The legislation as of today does not require any other registration documents for an entity to function.

If there appears a need our firm may also help you to obtain a Value Added Tax or single tax payer certificate, draft standard agreements for you to conduct business activities, provide advices in the field of tax law or even will offer an full legal support of your activities.

It is crucial to choose the right partners for your business to succeed. And sooner the better.

To receive additional information and order “Registration of a legal entity (limited liability company, private company)” service contact our legal experts.