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License for construction work
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What we offer

  • we calculate different options of the set of construction works, based on the Designation nomenclature of types of works in construction;
  • we help to get the maximum possible amount of works in the cost of works that is agreed with a Client;
  • we help to find the missing specialists, and to comply with other requirements raised for a construction license applicant at the stage of getting a license for construction;
  • we prepare the full package of documents for application for building license – reports, an application, and other;
  • we support consideration of Client’s application at the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate, after the application was submitted;
  • we control the readiness of the building license, the entering of official payment, we take the license form and appendix thereto – the list of types of construction works, by power of attorney.


Documents required for obtaining the construction license

List of documents
Information for filling in the information about material and technical resources
Information for filling in the information about material and technical resources
Power of attorney for getting a license form
Power of attorney for getting a license form

In case you are getting a license for the first time, the list of documents required will be the following:

  • extract from the Unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (a scanned copy);
  • permission of the Labor State Service of Ukraine (if any) for high risk works (a scanned copy);
  • reference (in the informative form) where the office, storehouses, workshops are located and what their area is (if any);
  • reference (in the informative form), director’s education: what higher school he/she graduated from, in what year, what specialization and qualification) or a scanned copy of diploma;
  • banking details (free form);
  • fixed-line telephone number, e-mail address.

In case you are getting a license repeatedly, the list of documents required will be the following:

  • extract from the Unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (a scanned copy);
  • permission for performance of high risk works (a scanned copy) – if any;
  • lease agreement or documents confirming the proprietary right for office and production premises (scanned copies) or an informative reference about availability of office and production premises – if any;
  • diploma of the head (a scanned copy) or an informative reference (what higher school he/she graduated from, in what year, what specialization and qualification);
  • list of works which the company has performed during the validity period of the previous license (customer, name of facility, characteristics (description) of the works performed, in what period the works were performed) – if any;
  • banking details (in arbitrary form), fixed-line telephone number, e-mail address;
  • a scanned copy of the power of attorney with appendices.

The documents are provided as usual scanned copies or as photos via e-mail. Based on the information contained in the copies, the lawyers of our Company prepare reports about production and technical facilities of the enterprise, about its staff, and also such documents as application for getting a building permit license and a list.

Our lawyers prepare independently an application, a statement, a list and a power of attorney. You will only have to sign the documents made by us. As a rule, the Clients pass us the original copies of the signed documents by means of the courier delivery service (for example, the Novaya pochta).

Service packages offers

Road map
Road map
from 500 USD
This package is focused on the introductory audit of the customer's situation before entering the project when the customer either does not know or does not understand:
  • where to start
  • what stages await him
  • what problems may arise
  • what needs to be done to start the project: licenses, permits, etc.
  • what the costs will be
  • who to hire: contractors, architectural supervision, etc.
The package consists of the following elements:
1. Analysis of the customer's situation:
  • Taking into account the variety of types of construction and the nature of objects, we analyze the needs of the customer
  • We determine which projects correspond to our competencies and capabilities to achieve the desired results
  • Analysis of implementation risks that the customer may face
2. Audit of documents:
  • We conduct an audit of the documents provided by the customer according to the checklist, determine which additional documents are necessary for the start of the project.
3. Drawing up a preliminary road map:
  • We are developing a preliminary strategic road map for project implementation
  • We define the key stages and tasks that will help to achieve the desired goal of the customer
  • Selection of the Package of services and discussion of the terms of further cooperation
4. Meeting with the client in Zuma and presentation of the road map.
from 400 USD
  • we check the compliance of KVEDs, select the necessary
  • we introduce additional KVEDs (if necessary)
  • determine the class of consequences of responsibility - СС2, СС3
  • we organize the filing of a declaration for construction with the help of digital signature of LLC or sole proprietorship
  • Preparation of a full package of documents for obtaining a construction license - statements, application, other documents
  • Submission by our lawyers of a full package of documents to state authorities
  • Monitoring of the decision to issue a license
  • Obtaining the license by our lawyers and its further sending to the Client

Cost of building engineer license depends on the selected types of works.

You can see the full list of construction works at the link.

The minimal cost includes the works from section 1.00.00 and 2.01.00 at CC2 risks classification. In case a Client wants to work in the sphere of installation of not only internal networks, but external networks, too, for example such as heat, gas, water supply, the cost of services will increase for 20 percent at average.

Cost of services is increased considerably by switching to CC3 risk class, and also single types of works, such as restoration, construction of transport infrastructure facilities, oil trunk pipelines and other.

The work begins after the final cost is agreed and the advanced payment is made.

The period of getting a license for construction is about 4 weeks.

How much does a construction license cost?

A one-time fee in the amount of one living wage for able-bodied persons is charged for the issuance of a license. The amount of this payment changes several times a year. You need to pay exactly the amount that was established on the day the license was issued. You can not worry about this, we will provide you with the payment details and indicate the current amount.

We get construction licenses for Сlients not only from Kyiv but from all regions of Ukraine, as well.


Why us

With us, your documents will get to the earliest commission, and at once, as soon as the license is signed, we will pass it to you. We get a construction license at the first try. It is impossible to make a license more quickly than the way said above.
It is no secret that many enterprises which get construction licenses for the first time, especially those which apply for complicated lists of work, get in the list for check during the first year from the day the license is obtained. We assist our Clients in passing successfully such a check, for we participated in development of the licensing package and we can act for and on behalf of an enterprise in the best way possible.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:

Our successful projects

Received construction declarations
License for conducting economic activity in construction of objects classified with medium (СС2) and significant (СС3) consequences.
In March 2020, they accompanied the receipt of a building license.
They helped to obtain a license for the implementation of economic activities for construction for construction and installation works of general purpose, etc.

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Cost of service depends significantly on the types of construction works, and it is calculated in each specific case by the specialists of the Company based on the desired list of works provided by the Client, made based on the Designation nomenclature of works connected with creation of architectural facilities.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Why is there such a difference in prices at examining of services on getting a construction license?

Construction license is a collective notion. If you want to compare different price offers of different companies, you should first define the clear list of works according to the designation nomenclature, and the risk class. Only in this case you can compare the price. Even one item in the list of work may increase the cost of works twice as much.

Do You work with Clients only from Kyiv?

We render services for Clients from any corner of Ukraine. We also can get any list of works. We can help with getting permission for performance of hazardous works, too.

What is the minimum package of documents that we require from a Client?

For Client’s convenience, we require the very minimum of documents. Among the documents to be submitted for getting a construction license, there are Reports of production and technical facilities. These Reports are prepared by our lawyers based on the documents provided by a Client. If something is missing with you – that is not a problem. We will solve that situation!

Should the head of a company that plans getting a construction license have construction education?

For getting a construction license, it is not provided by the Law that the head should obligatorily have construction education. In case the head does not have construction education, another person (vice director, chief engineer) with corresponding education is appointed.

How does the licensing of construction work?

The license for building contractors gives a right to perform construction activities in the whole territory of Ukraine. With that, the license is limited by exclusively those types of works that are included in the appendix to the construction license.

Payment for issue of construction license is made to account of the national budget. This account is open at the subdivision of the Department of Treasury which is located at Client’s place of registration, code of payment is 22011800.

Previously, the validity period of the license issued for the first time was 3 years, and of the license issued repeatedly, the validity period was 5 years. At present, the licenses are issued for an unlimited period of time, whether it is issued for the first time or not.

A licensee should notify the licensing authority about all changes of information that was given in the documents attached to the application about getting a license, within the period not later than one month from the day those changes arise.

As of today, the construction works specified in the list are subject to licensing.

When submitting documents for getting a license, it should be specified in the documents that getting permission for performance of hazardous works is planned, and that you are preparing the corresponding documents. It means that if after getting a construction license you company performs independently construction works, that Permission is an integral part of your activity. Your activity will be illegal without it.

Procedure of work on getting a construction license

A Client sends to the Company via e-mail a list of construction works made based on the above-mentioned Designation nomenclature. Not later than one work day, the Company notifies the Client about cost and term of performance of works on getting a license.

After reaching agreement concerning cost and procedure of payment of services on getting a license, the Client passes to the Company the agreed documents. The Company gets down to preparing the package of documents for submitting to the licensing authority. After finishing of preparation of the package of documents and their being signed by the Client, the Company submits them to the licensing authority.

Within the terms agreed with the Client, the Company passes the form of licensing for construction activity and an appendix thereto (for Clients who are in other regions, it is done via courier delivery mail).

At passing (receiving) the license for construction activity, a certificate of works performed is signed.

Having employed our services, you will get a construction license at the first try.

Contact our law firm for detailed information about the service on getting a construction license in Ukraine.

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