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Legal services for non-profit organizations

Legal support of non-for-profit organizations in Ukraine

Non-for-profit ogranizations are one of our firm's major specializations. Our law firm provides a wide range of legal services to non-gevernmental organizations (including international ones), sports federations, charities and other non-profit organizations.
What we do
  • register charities;
  • register non-governmental organizations;
  • sell registered non-governmental organizations and charities;
  • help to get non-profit status for already existing non-profit organization;
  • help to amend charter (articles of incorporation) of non-governmental organization;
  • help to amend charter (articles of incorporation) of charitable organization;
  • help to register subsidiary of a foreign NGO in Ukraine;
  • serve as outside counsel for sport federations;
  • serve as outside counsel for charities;
  • serve as outside counsel for non-governmental organizations;
  • provide other related legal services.

More information on servicing non-profit organizations

Registration of charitable foundations in our company is a proven legal service. We independently, "turnkey" register charitable foundations in Kyiv and the cities nearest to it. For Clients from Kharkov, Lvov, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine we provide a service to develop a charter, protocol on the establishment of the charity fund and other documents for registration, we advise on all issues related to the registration of the charity fund.

Registration of public associations in the judicial authorities when applying to our company takes no more than one week. Rather complicated procedure of registration of a public organization, which consists of three stages, can be fully completed by our lawyers in three weeks.

Receiving the status of a non-profit organization is also carried out by our lawyers, although in practice it in most cases also involves making changes to the Charter of the non-profit organization. The legislation, which regulates non-profit activities, quite specific, over the past few years has repeatedly undergone significant changes, the position of the tax authorities in terms of requirements for the content of the statutory documents is very clear. Often, clients, not knowing these requirements, have to redo the statutory documents in order to obtain the status of a nonprofit organization.

If you want to register a non-profit organization in Ukraine quickly and easily - call us!
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Non-governmental organization “All-Ukrainian association of Vasyl Suhomlinskiy” awards Gurlov Volodymyr Oleksandrovich, a representative of law firm “Pravova dopomoga”, for professional and competent legal support...
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