Change of Ukrainian company's members

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Cost of the service is 200 USD.

The service is provided only after full prepayment.

The term of service provision is 1-2 business days.

What we do
  • prepare new version of charter and other documents that are required for the procedure;
  • organize signing of the documents at a notary office;
  • submit documents to the state authorities;
  • receive new charter from the state authorities.
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  • Code of legal entity state registration;
  • Copies of passports and ITINs of individuals that have a share in charter capital of a legal entity or copies of charter documents of a legal entity that has a share in its charter capital (its charter, certificate of state registration/excerpt, statistics certificate);
  • Information about amounts of shares that are being transferred.
If capital's share is transferred to another foreign legal entity then we have to get a document which confirms its registration in a foreign country where it is registered. Other rerquired documents are prepared by our lawyers together with you while our cooperation.

Successfully rendered services
Supported adding of the US citizen as a member of a Ukrainian enterprise (LLC) in August 2018

Our lawyers successfully supported the procedure of changing the membership of the LLC, by adding a citizen of the United States of America.

Supported the procedure for increasing authorized capital in September 2018

Our lawyers prepared a full set of documents and supported the procedure for increasing the authorized capital in public register.

Change in the membership of the LLC in August of 2018

We have provided legal support for a foreign citizen, who wanted to join the membership of LLC

Legal assistance of change of an ownership structure in June, 2018

Our lawyers have assisted with replacement of director and shareholders as a part of buy-in project (a company with VAT payer status).

Legal assistance of change of the founders of the LLC in early June, 2018

We have provided legal services due to the change of founders of a private security firm with a location in Kyiv.

Changed an ownership structure and location of legal entity in May 2018

Provided legal support for the change of ownership structure of PE, registered in Kiev.

Assisted exit of LLC's members during the LLC liquidation in March-April of 2018

Our lawyers supported a complicated project in which an LLC's members decided to give up their membership after the liquidation procedures had been initiated.

Our experience of LLC's founder replacement in January 2018

Provided legal support of replacement of business's owners in the shortest terms.

Legal services of founders replacement performed in December 2017

Provided registration of replacement LLC founders in the state bodies.

Replacement of shareholders in September of 2017

Provided legal support for a procedure of replacement LLC shareholders in September of 2017.

Provided legal support of shareholders replacement in May of 2017

Drafted all the necessary documents and supported state registration of shareholders substitution resulting from business sale.

Provided support of shareholders replacement in April of 2017

Provided legal support of changes of company shareholders resulting from sale of corporate rights.

Legal services of shareholders replacement performed in February of 2017

Supported process or corporate buyout for a private security firm.

Our experience of LLC's founder replacement 02/2017

Provided legal support of replacement of founders and director of LLC in Donetsk region of Ukraine since the founders actually lived there.

Provided legal support of replacement of members of two LLCs in January of 2017

Provided legal support for sale of corporate rights and replacement of LLC members.

Provided legal support of replacement of members of two LLCs in December of 2016

Our lawyers helped owners of two LLCs to replece some of their cofounders.

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Upon notification about willingness to order change of legal entity founders registration a legal expert of law firm “Pravova Dopomoga” together with a Client agrees on terms of prepayment, how and when the required documents and information are to be provided for preparation of documents drafts and changes registration.

To prepare a new charter and other documents it is required to provide personally, via fax or e-mail code of state registration,  copies of passports, ITINs of individuals that will become members (or charter documents of all the legal entities that pass or receive shares).

Projects of the documents are sent to a Client for approving.

Client can put some marks and turn back the documents. Specialist examine if these marks are in accordance with the laws (whether they can be putted there). If there are no contradictions, specialist puts these marks and make a new edition of the document.

If Client doesn't have marks then our specialist make an appointment at a notary office where the documents are certificated by a notary and other documents are signed (the ones which mustn't be notarized) for registration of LLC's members replacement.

After all work is done a Client will get:

  • description of the documents which has a code for downloading digital version of the LLC's charter. If registration procedure is conducted by a notary then he issues a description;
  • a protocol of general meeting, which is notarized;
  • if a Client wishes then ha can get a notarized paper version of a new edition of the charter;
  • notarized applications about exit of LLC and transferring corporative rights from old members and/or agreement about purchase and sale of shares.
The described typical procedure may be changed to a more suitable for a Client variant.

To receive any additional information and order “Change of legal entity members” contact our legal experts.