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  • perform analysis of the documents and situation of a foreign Client;
  • consult on types of taxes in Ukraine and advise the Client on the best option for taxation;
  • work through all possible legal and financial risks on the basis of the Client’s data in regards to financial operations;
  • provide assistance in tax planning taking into account the types of activities of the Client;
  • help to get VAT, single tax or to stay on the general taxation system.


For tax advice is necessary

List of documents
Information and documents concerning a tax payer
Documents on the object of taxation
Additional information
The cost of legal advice on taxation may vary according to the assigned task and the initial data. We provide an accurate calculation of the time spent on each stage according to the results of the work performed.

Why us

Always deep situation analysis and attention to details
Our specialists study in detail all activities and current state of affairs of the Client and carry out complex documentation analysis for the successful implementation of the project.
Prompt giving of the answers
When the short deadlines are substantial for the Client, we mobilize our resources with no loss in quality of work. If the Client provides all information, we can present an initial conclusion in 24 hours.
High quality services
Hundreds of completed projects in the sphere of legal support of business gave us the opportunity to develop a serious quality management system. Our clients are in safe hands.

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The question of optimal form of doing business in Ukraine and its optimized taxation is important for any entrepreneur, both resident and non-resident. However, for non-residents, this theme is especially important and require consideration, since their activities inside the territory of Ukraine create a number of special conditions and opportunities, which are not always applied to the residents.

This situation is associated with specific legal requirements in respect of doing business inside the territory of Ukraine, and in addition, there are many international agreements, the provisions of which should be taken into consideration when choosing the optimal tax optimization scheme. The right choice of the form of doing business and the form of its taxation is one of the key factors that affects the efficiency of your business.

Our firm provides tax consulting services both for individual operations and for business tax optimization in general. An additional point is that we will help you to choose the best and most effective type of legal entity for your business, and we will also register it in accordance with the requirements of legislation.

Both businessmen carrying out their activities inside the territory of Ukraine and international companies with interests in Ukraine are our Clients for this type of services.

We are ready to apply our knowledge and experience for the achievement of success by our Clients. If You need any legal advice on taxation - call us!

Answers to frequently asked questions

What taxation system will be the best suitable for an enterprise providing services with a turnover of up to UAH 4 million per year?

It is important to be acquainted with the details before providing recommendations. Generally, in the case when the enterprise specializes in provision of services inside the territory of Ukraine and has a small amount of expenses, as a rule, it would be appropriate to choose a single tax and pay 5% from the amount of income. As a result, the tax amount will be up to UAH 200,000/per year.

Is it necessary to record securities transactions in income tax declaration?

In accounting, securities are recognized as financial investments or financial assets intended for resale. Accordingly, you need to record these transactions in declaration if the investment income (the fact of asset sale) was received during the accounting period.

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