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Buy a financial institution

Buy a financial institution

What we do

  • find out from the Client the basic information about characteristics, which a financial institution that is to be purchased must have (name, address, accounting system, list of types of financial services to be provided etc.);
  • provide a list of financial institutions for selection in accordance with the Client’s requirements after an advance payment is made;
  • after selecting the suitable financial institution, the Client can check its license, constitutional documents and get acquainted with an accounting system;
  • arrange a meeting with the notary to sign sale contract;
  • if necessary, support the procedure of re-registration of an institution "on a turn-key basis", as well as notify the licensing body about changes and include them in the register of financial institutions.


Financial institution
start at 10 000 USD

The cost of a financial institution is based on a type of financial institution and a number of licenses for the provision of financial services.

10 000 USD is a base cost of a financial company (without preparation of three obligatory sets of documents, which must be submitted to the Commission).

A procedure of re-registration of the institution and notification to the licensing authority about changes are not included in the cost of the service. If we provide you with a service of purchase and sale of the financial institution “on a turn-key basis”, you will receive additional services at a discount.


  • plus

    Confidence in the "transparency" of the financial institution

    Financial institutions registered with our legal help for the purpose of their further sale are not conducting any activity. Therefore, you are buying a completely "clean" company.
  • plus

    We prepare a set of documents for obtaining an Approval on the acquisition of substantial share

    As part of providing the service "on a turn-key basis", our lawyers will prepare and submit to the state regulator a set of documents for obtaining an Approval on the acquisition of substantial share in a financial institution. The action is obligatory according to law after changing the owners of a financial company.
  • plus

    Legality of registration and obtaining a license

    To register a financial institution and obtain a license in the future, we submit a list of documents clearly in accordance with the requirements of the National Commission for the State Regulation of Financial Services Markets, which are determined by law.
  • plus

    Time saving

    By buying a ready-made financial institution, you do not spend two months to obtain the entire licensing documentation, and you get the desired "product" within a few days.


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Documents for the purchase of the company

  • Information about new owners
  • Information about new directors and a chief accountant
  • Information on new features of an institution if necessary (new name, address)

To purchase a financial institution with a license, you must submit documents of a new owner (owners) of the financial institution and documents to confirm the compliance of director and chief accountant with professional requirements.

A Client may change the name and address by purchasing a financial institution. Therefore, to re-register and notify the licensing authority about the changes, it is necessary to provide information on new features of the institution.


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Important to know

Before providing a list of financial institutions, we find out the necessary information about the characteristics which must be in such a company (name, address, types of financial services etc.).

To check a license, get acquainted with the constitutional documents and discuss other issues, we suggest to hold a meeting in our office if you are in Kyiv. Even if you are in another region of Ukraine - it is not a problem.


Is it possible to change a name of a financial institution when purchasing it?

When purchasing a financial institution you can change information on the name as well as on the address at which its activities will be carried out.

What experience must have a person to become a director of a financial institution?

A director of a financial institution (except a pawnshop) must have a total work experience of at least 5 years, of which at least 2 years are in management positions, in particular at least 1 year is in the financial services markets.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


It is worth noting that when purchasing a ready-made financial institution, it is necessary to submit three sets of documents to the state regulator.

The first set of documents intended for a re-registration of a financial institution includes a registration card of the financial institution, an original of a Certificate of registration of the financial institution, extract from the Unified State register of Enterprises and Organizations. The set of documents is submitted in case of changing a legal address of the financial institution.

The second set of documents is a registration card, information on changes and documents, including various certificates and orders confirming the changes. The set of documents is intended to inform the Commission about other changes.

The third set of documents is intended to be submitted for obtaining an Approval on acquisition of significant share. The state regulator issues an Order on the Approval, which is in the form of an administrative document. It should be noted that in order to obtain such a document, it is necessary to submit a document on the source of cash inflow for which the financial institution was purchased. This can be a salary certificate, a certificate of income of an sole trader, an extract from a bank on availability of funds on the account and/or other documents.