Legal support for charitable organizations in Kiev

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Cost of services:

5000 UAH
Basic provision of services for the foundation
negotiable price
Individual provision of services for the foundation
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We pay attention to the following key moments while providing legal services to charitable organizations:

  • type of a charitable organization, which is the most suitable for interests of founders (there are three types of charitable organizations in Ukraine, namely, a charitable community, a charitable foundation or a charitable institution);
  • immigration advice and obtaining documents - residence permit, work permit;
  • provisions of constitutional documents of the charitable organization, which allow founder / founders to be sure in their possibility to control the organization and its activities;
  • legal support of schemes for raising money to charitable organization;
  • legal support of charity help, including verification of compliance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Charity Activities and Charitable Organizations";
  • legal advice on tax issues regarding benefactors and beneficiaries.

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Our firm has provided legal support of the activities of charitable organizations in Kyiv since 2009. Most of the charitable organizations have undergone a primary public registration with our legal help.


In addition to charitable organizations originally registered in Ukraine, we also support the activities of subdivisions of foreign charitable organizations in Ukraine.

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