Inheritance law

Significant experience of our attorneys allowed to make inheritance law a separate practice of our law firm.

To find out more about terms, the price of legal services for inheritance and registration of inheritance contact our office in Kiev.

Service packages offers

from 5000 UAH
  • Analysis of the Client's situation
  • Providing oral advice on inheritance (or method of inheritance transfer, if the service is provided to the testator), inheritance taxation
  • Selection of the optimal algorithm of actions for the Client in his situation: calculation of risks and options of steps which the Client can carry out independently
Deep analysis
from 13 000 UAH
  • In-depth analysis of the situation and documents on the testator's property
  • Organization of the assessment of the testator's property
  • Providing an extended written opinion on the results of the study of documents
  • Calculation of the cost of inheritance, including taxation
  • Selection of the optimal algorithm of actions for the Client in his situation: calculation of risks and options of steps which the Client can carry out independently
from 10 000 UAH
Registration of the relationship testator - heir:
  • Analysis of the situation and documents, including on the property of the testator
  • Organization of drawing up and certification of the will by a notary, including - organization of the notary's visit to the testator
  • Development of a lifetime maintenance agreement / inheritance agreement
  • Organization and maintenance of the certificate of the contract at our notary
from 10 000 UAH
  • Situation analysis and in-depth consultation on the Client's situation
  • Organization of the opening of the inheritance by a notary (in the absence of a will)
  • Organization of property valuation (if the heir does not belong to the first and second turn)
  • Accompaniment of inheritance
Assistance in court
from 15 000 UAH
  • In-depth analysis of the situation and provision of advice
  • Preparation of a statement of claim or preparation for defense
  • Protection of the Client's interests in court
  • Establishing family ties through the court
Problem case
from 10 000 UAH
  • In-depth analysis of the situation and provision of advice
  • Support of settlement with the bank of credit issues
  • Assistance with the conclusion of a contract of sale of real estate with the transition to the buyer\'s obligation to pay the debt for utilities

We offer:

  • Inheritance consulting;
  • Assistance in drawing up an inheritance agreement and a lifetime maintenance agreement;
  • Assistance in registration of inheritance, incl. foreigners and Ukrainians living abroad;
  • Assistance in resolving disputes over inheritance, including in court.
We can help with notarization of the above-mentioned agreements, inheritance and representation of interests in court only in the city of Kyiv. (That is, if the testator is registered in Kyiv or the inheritance was opened in Kyiv.)

We can help with legal advice by our inheritance lawyer, regardless of where you are or where the inheritance has been or should be opened.

Legal advice on receiving an inheritance

If you want to understand the best way to accept or transfer your inheritance in your situation – ask for introductory consultation. Our lawyer will help clarify all unclear points, in particular:

  • analyse in detail specifically your situation and provide detailed answers to all questions;

  • offer several options for achieving your goal and help you choose the best of them, based on the risks and benefits;

  • provide a step-by-step algorithm of your actions, and not just formally give "useful" advice.

During the introductory consultation you can get acquainted with the lawyer who will deal with your case and clarify all the nuances. The cost of the consultation of the inheritance lawyer starts from 5000 UAH.

Advice on inheritance law matters

Succession, inheritance and hereditary relations on the territory of Ukraine - are regulated by the hereditary right.

The result of consultation is an explanation to the Client of his legal rights and obligations in cases of inheritance, as well as providing him with specific advice, which maximize his interests. Each consultation is individual.

At the consultation you can learn, in particular, about the advantages and disadvantages of the transfer of their property to the successor through the will, the possibility of bequest refusal, inheritance agreement, lifetime maintenance agreement in Ukraine and the like. You can also learn about their personal advantages over other heirs, the mandatory share, and when it is better to abandon the inheritance.

Assistance in registration of the right of heritage

Lawyers of our company, in the shortest possible time will:
  • analyze your situation and the documents available to you; 
  • help in the restoration of title documents to the property, if they were suddenly lost by the testator;
  • organize the notarization of the inheritance for you.
Inherit any property or right better in a calm atmosphere, confident in the result. And the result for you will be a certificate of inheritance (with the subsequent registration of ownership at your request).

Inheritance law is a branch of industry with frequent disputes and situations, which can be solved only by having a large amount of knowledge and experience. Our lawyers that deal with inheritance can give You all needed information on the matter and help You in the process.

Assistance in drawing up a will, concluding an inheritance agreement or a lifetime maintenance agreement

If you believe that your property should not be distributed among the heirs in the order and in the order in which it is provided by law, you can dispose of at your discretion. Sometimes it even makes sense to enter into a lifetime maintenance agreement with your own children. This is especially true if they live abroad for a long time and support you financially. Don't worry, there is no "trick". You just make it a little easier for them to receive the property when it comes time to inherit.

Assistance in resolving conflicts over inheritance, including in court

Inheritance is essentially a transfer of property. Therefore, unfortunately, conflicts often occur in inheritance, both between heirs and between creditors and heirs, etc. All these issues, as a rule, can be solved peacefully. Our lawyers have experience in settling such disputes. However, when the case can not be settled in peace, we have to go to court.

Sometimes it is necessary to appeal to the court in conflict-free situations as well. For example, if it is necessary to confirm kinship due to incorrect entry in the passport or certificate, loss of some documents and the like. These are so-called cases of establishing facts of legal importance.

Lawyers of our company have a significant positive experience in solving hereditary cases in court.

The cost of services of the ihneritance lawyer services is calculated on the basis of the complexity of the case. The list of services of the company and their cost you can find in the sections "Consultation" and "Representation" or by calling the office of our company (Kiev, Ukraine). We conduct business throughout the territory of our country.

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