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from 220 000 UAH
Obtaining an educational license
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What we offer

  • advise the Client on issues related to obtainment of license on carrying out educational activities, including the question whether he really needs this license;
  • analyze the documents provided by the Client for obtainment of education license;
  • prepare and send to the Client for signing the documents required in order to obtain a license - in particular, information on material and technical support, data on informational support, on project teams and the like;
  • represent the interests of the Client at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in Kiev by virtue of the power of attorney;
  • upon receipt of decision on license issuance we find out the current account details on which it is necessary to pay the state fee for the license issuance and help the Client to make a payment (if necessary).


Documents required for obtaining the Educational License

List of documents
A scanned copy of the extract or the EDRPOU code
A scanned copy of the charter or other constituent document
Scanned copies of the documents confirming the ownership or right to use the premises

In addition, the Client should provide us with information on the planned business activities and scanned copies of the following documents:

  • higher education diplomas of the project team members and the head of the institution;
  • the financial report for the previous year.

The list of documents and information required is different for each type of the educational license.

Service packages offers

Road map
from 12 000 UAH
  • In-depth analysis of the Client's documents and situation
  • Providing written extended advice on the steps to be taken step by step to obtain a license, including what documents to get, what requirements must be met, what the procedure will look like in general
  • Calculation of costs for the license procedure
from 220 000 UAH
  • Advising on the procedure for obtaining a license for educational activities and requirements for licensees
  • Analysis of documents for the premises, assistance with the selection of the premises at the stage of its search (consulting on whether a particular room is suitable for carrying out activities in it)
  • Analysis of personnel documents and the completeness of its staff
  • Assistance with curriculum development
  • Assistance in obtaining certain documents (for example, the conclusion of the SES, the act of firefighters)
  • Preparation of application, information and other documents for obtaining a license
  • Submission of documents to the licensing authority and support of their consideration
  • Providing details for payment of the state payment for the issuance of a license

The cost of obtaining the Educational License depends on the type of educational institution and the desired time frame for obtaining the license.

The cost of our services does not cover the license fees and the notary fees (such as the certification of a copy of the charter by a notary).

The term of obtaining the Education License: 1 - 1.5 months following the receipt of the complete package of documents from the Client.

Why us

We are the company with many years of experience in obtaining various types of licenses, including the Educational License
Our company has been providing legal support and assistance in obtaining different types of licenses since 2006. Our Clients include higher educational institutions. We have studied not only the legislation, but also the practice of licensing authorities along the way.
We work for results, not for process
Unlike companies that charge for the time spent, our prices for obtaining licenses, including for carrying out educational activities, are fixed in the Legal Service Agreement concluded with the Client and do not change in the process of obtaining a license.

We are ready to help you!

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Our successful projects

Received a license for a comprehensive school in 2023
Successfully helped our client obtain a comprehensive school license in 2023

According to the licensing regulations, there are the following types of education and, accordingly, the types of educational services:

  • higher education;
  • postgraduate education;
  • professional pre-higher education;
  • vocational education;
  • complete general secondary education;
  • pre-primary education.

The license is issued for a specific type of educational services to be provided. Each of them has its own requirements.

Answers to frequently asked questions

If we have a higher education licence, do we need to obtain a new licence to provide postgraduate education services or we can just add a new type of activity to an existing one?

You don’t need to obtain a new license. In order to add an additional type of educational activity, you need to go through the process of extending an existing license. It’s worth noting that this procedure is exactly the same as the procedure for obtaining a new license.

According to the licensing regulations, in order to obtain the license, the applicants shall submit the copies of their constituent documents. Does this mean that individual entrepreneurs cannot provide educational services?

According to the explanations provided by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, individual entrepreneurs can provide pre-primary education services only.

Obtaining the Educational License 

After reaching an agreement on the terms and cost of the company’s services for obtaining the Educational License, a Legal Services Agreement is concluded by and between the Client and our law firm.

Once all the documents are prepared and signed by the Client, our employees submit a complete package of documents to the licensing authority.

After a decision on granting a license is made, we send the details for the state license fee payment to the Client.

The original bank receipt shall be kept for the entire duration of the license.

The order of cooperation on obtaining the Educational License described above may be changed to a more convenient procedure at the Client’s request.

If you want to get the Education License as quickly and easily as possible, just give us a call!

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