Obtainment of an Tax Identification Number in Ukraine

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What we offer

The service for obtaining an identification code (TIN) for a foreigner includes: 

  • preparing a power of attorney; 

  • submission of documents to the tax authorities; 

  • obtaining an identification code in Ukraine on a turnkey basis.

We obtain an identification code in Ukraine for foreign nationals as part of other services, such as:

A foreigner is not required to be in Ukraine while obtaining a TIN.


Documents for obtainment of tin

List of documents
A copy of alien’s passport
Power of attorney for our lawyers

Why do you need a TIN in Ukraine?

A foreigner may be required to obtain an identification code (TIN) in Ukraine/Kyiv in the following cases:

  • To register a legal entity in Ukraine;

  • If a foreigner wants to become one of the shareholders or founders of a legal entity in Ukraine;

  • To get employed in Ukraine and obtain a work permit;

  • If a foreigner wants to buy real estate in Ukraine;

  • If a foreigner wants to study in Ukraine;

  • To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine;

  • When applying for Ukrainian citizenship;

  • If for any reason a foreigner needs to open a bank account in Ukraine.

The period and the cost of obtaining an identification code for a foreigner in Ukraine

The basic cost of company services is UAH 5,000. If you want to get a TIN in one day - from UAH 15,000. 

Please note that obtaining an identification code is included in the service packages and is usually already included in the service price.

Obtaining an identification code in 1 business day means that you will get the code on the next business day following the date of payment for the service. Possibility to get a TIN within 1 business day is agreed in every particular case. It’s also worth noting that we must have a notarized copy of passport and power of attorney for the representative in Ukraine at the moment of assigning the deadline.

The cost of services does not cover the documents transfer, notary fees associated with the execution of a power of attorney and translation of the passport.

The timeframe for obtaining an identification code for a foreigner at the basic cost of services will be up to 3-4 business days.

Documents required to obtain a TIN for a foreign citizen in Ukraine

List of documents for obtaining a TIN in Ukraine:

  • A copy of the passport;

  • Translation of the passport into Ukrainian, certified by notary;

  • A power of attorney for our lawyer, executed in accordance with the requirements of the law.

If a foreigner is not in Ukraine, the work starts with receiving a copy of the passport by email. On the basis of the passport we prepare a power of attorney, which the Client has to sign and notarize in the country of stay, and in future - to apostille and send to Ukraine.

If a foreigner is in Ukraine, we need a copy of the passport certified by a notary, with a mark of entry into Ukraine. When working with a Client, we arrange translation and notarization of the document.

In addition, we also need information on the place of birth of the foreign citizen and his/her address of residence in Ukraine.

Tax identification number in Ukraine is issued by the tax service in Ukraine, more precisely by its local subdivisions.

As the result our Client can get an original of Ukrainian tax identification number.

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TIN in Ukraine without personal presence
We will obtain an identification code in Ukraine for you on the basis of a power of attorney, without your presence.

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Our successful projects

Received TIN in Ukraine for a citizen from India.
Assisted in obtaining a Taxpayer Account Registration Number for an Indian citizen for further business registration.
Received TIN in Ukraine for a citizen of Great Britain.
Helped to get the registration number of the tax payer's registration card for a citizen of Great Britain in 2022 to register their own business in Ukraine.

Obtaining an identification code (TIN) for foreign citizens in Ukraine in 2021

After reaching a final agreement on the timing of services and their cost, the Сlient signs an agreement with the company and pays for the services. After that, the Client provides the documents specified in the section “Required Documents” (a handover certificate is signed).

Employees of the company carry out all necessary actions for foreign citizens to obtain a TIN and deliver original documents confirming the assignment of a TIN in Ukraine (along with signing the handover certificate) within the specified period.

The procedure for provision of TIN services for a foreign citizen in Ukraine may be changed by mutual agreement.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What documents do I need to get a TIN in Ukraine for children?

If you need to get a TIN in Ukraine for a child, for example, to further obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, the application for a TIN must be submitted by one of the parents of the child. Also, a copy of the parent’s passport and a copy of the child’s birth certificate shall be added to the application. Both documents must be translated into Ukrainian and the translation must be certified by the notary.

Do I need to pay a state fee for a TIN in Ukraine?

No, there is no state fee for the issuance of a TIN in Ukraine.

How can a lawyer help a foreigner in Ukraine?

Our firm works according to the principle of strict adherence to our own service quality standards. Among other things, we offer:

  • Reliability. If we undertake a task - it will be solved. We strictly comply with the agreements.

  • Ease of communication. We are always in touch. Our Client Manager provides you with reports during the whole period of cooperation. There is no language barrier for us; our English-speaking lawyers are ready to help you and explain the problematic moments.

  • Goal-oriented approach as distinguished from a task focus. We always examine in detail every situation as a whole because we realize that lack of specialized legal education prevents our Clients from seeing the bigger picture. We always keep in mind your final goal and can promptly suggest the priority of tasks and the sequence of their implementation.

You are our partner and we will take care of you even after our cooperation and successful completion of the case.

If you need help in obtaining a TIN in Ukraine, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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