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Obtainment of an Tax Identification Number in Ukraine

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The base price of the service – 1000 UAH

The price does not include notarial expenses related to preparation of authorization documents and translation of a passport.

Term for the procedure of TIN obtainment – 5 business days.

If a foreigner is in Ukraine, we will need a copy with a notarized translation of his or her passport with a stamp confirming entry on the territory of Ukraine.

In 1 day - 6500 - 8000 UAH.

Obtainment of an identification code within 1 working day means its obtainment on the next working day from the date of payment for service. A possibility of obtaining an identification code in 1 day is agreed on in every particular case. At the same time, provision of a notarized copy of the passport on the date from which the deadline is counted is mandatory.

What we do

Service related to obtainment of Individual Tax Identification Number (TIN) includes performance of all the required actions by our lawyers in order to obtain a TIN.

As the result of service provision a foreigner will receive original of a certificate on acquisition of TIN in Ukraine.


In order to provide this service we need the following documents and information:

  • сopy of passport of the individual;
  • notarized Ukrainian translation of passport;
  • document that authorizes our lawyers to obtain of an TIN signed by a foreigner (it may be issued outside of Ukraine but in such case it must be legalized and apostilled);
  • ukrainian address of a foreigner.
Successfully rendered services
Supported obtainment of an identification code in November 2018

Our lawyers obtained an identification code for a citizen of Azerbaijan in one day.

We have obtained a tax identification number for US citizen in April of 2018

The tax identification number was received for the purpose of registering a charity fund and further moving to Ukraine for a long staying (obtaining a temporary residence permit).

Helped to get an individual tax ID for a foreign citizen in March of 2018

Our lawyers helped a foreign national to get local tax ID. In this particular case the document was obtained within just 1 business day instead of usual 3 business days.

ITIN for USA citizen received in December, 2017

We have obtained an individual tax ID for foreign client, who intended to be director and founder of the company in Ukraine.

  • Daniel Holmes, Citizen of USA
    Based on our positive experience of cooperation with Volodymyr Gurlov and his team we can recommend them as a reliable legal advisor on the matters of Ukrainian law...
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A foreigner should obtain a TIN if he wants to:

  • register a legal entity (found a company in Ukraine);
  • become a shareholder or a founder of a legal entity;
  • get employed in Ukraine;
  • study in Ukraine;
  • obtain a residence permit in Ukraine;
  • obtain Ukrainian citizenship;
  • open a bank account in Ukraine.


Upon reaching the final agreements on cost and term of service provision a Client signs a contract with the firm and pays for the services. At the same time he or she provides the documents mentioned in section “REQUIRED DOCUMENTS” which will be reflected in an Act of Acceptance.

Our lawyers perform all the necessary actions to obtain a TIN and after this within agreed term give him an original of a document that certifies issuance of an TIN (this is reflected in the Act of Acceptance signed by the Client).

Service provision procedure on obtainment of a TIN may be changed upon common agreement.