Licensing of tour operators (tour services) in Ukraine

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  • consult on all aspects related to preparation of documents for obtaining a tour operator license;
  • prepare the necessary document package for submission to the licensing authority;
  • submit documents to the licensing authority;
  • supervise the process of documents review from the moment of submission to the decision about issuance of tour operator’s license.

We also help with:

  • registration of legal entity, for which you will obtain a tour operator’s license;
  • obtaining a bank guarantee;
  • creation of web-site for your company, which is needed for obtaining a tour operator’s license.


Required documents

List of documents
bank guarantee
agreement with an insurance company
documents of the director
  • a copy of the document confirming the financial support of civil liability before the tourists (bank guarantee) certified by the director’s signature and the seal of the legal entity;
  • a copy of the contract with the insurance company on mandatory insurance (medical and accident) for tourists certified by the director’s signature and the seal of the legal entity;
  • copies of the documents confirming the education and qualification level or work experience of the head of license applicant required for tour operator activities (diploma of higher education and employment record, which confirms the work experience in the sphere of tourism for more than 3 years, or  diploma of specialized higher education in the field of tourism) certified by the director’s signature and the seal of the legal entity;
  • information about the premises where the services will be provided (a copy of the rent agreement or a copy of ownership certificate for the premises where the services will be provided; the number of rooms, area and floor where the premises are located);
  • telephone, fax, e-mail, web page address, banking details of the company;
  • information on branches or business units of the company (if any);
  • power of attorney for a representative for documents submission and obtaining a license.

The payments related to obtaining a guarantee from financial institution, as well as official payment (for March 2020 - 2102 UAH, from 01.07.2020 - 2197 UAH, and from 01.12.2020 - 2270 UAH), are not included in the cost of services associated with obtainment of a tour operator’s license .

License fee should be paid no later than within ten working days from the date of publication of the decision about granting of tour operator’s license (on the official website of the Ministry of Economic Development).

Service of obtaining a tour operator’s license is provided against the full prepayment.

The term of obtaining the license of the tour operator is 10 - 15 working days from the date of receiving from the Client all necessary documents and information.

If it becomes necessary, our firm will help you to obtain guarantee of financial institution (bank guarantee).

Why us

Fixed cost of services
We determine the cost of our services by signing the contract at the beginning of cooperation with the Client. The cost is not subject to increasing during the work period.
Time saving
We can assist not only in obtaining a license for tour operator activities, but also in support of the procedure of your travel business registration, starting with registration of your company, support in obtaining of bank guarantee and creation of website that is required for getting a license.

We are ready to help you!

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Our experience.
Tour operator license that was obtained in March of 2013
Obtained for Client from Kharkiv.

Scanned copy of the license.

The time limit for license obtaining also depends on how soon the client provides us with a full package of the documents and necessary information.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to license the tour agent’s activity?

No. At present, the licensing of tour agent’s activities is not provided by current legislation.

The director of my company does not have a special higher education in the field of tourism. Is it possible to get a license in this case?

If the director of the company (for which you are planning to obtain a tour operator’s license) does not have a higher education, but he has a work experience in the sphere of tourism three years and more, which is confirmed by employment records, then in this case it is possible to obtain a tour operator license.

Do I need to have a guarantee of bank or other financial institution in order to obtain a license, or I can get it after obtaining a license?

A guarantee of bank or financial institution is the mandatory and one of the main documents, which are submitted to the licensing authority in the course of license obtaining. So, you won’t be able to obtain license without bank guarantee.

If I already have an active company, can I obtain a license for this company?

No. This is because in accordance with the legislation only the company, for which organization and supporting of tourism product creation (tour operator activity), implementation and provision of travel services, as well as intermediary activities concerning provision of related services is the exclusive activity. For that reason, you need to register a new company or to change types of activity of active company in order to obtain a license.

Procedure for obtaining a license for tour operator activity

What do you need to know about the licensing of travel company activities?

Our firm provides services associated with tour operator’s license obtaining for legal entities registered in all regions of Ukraine.

The license grants the right to carry out tour operator activities throughout the entire territory of Ukraine. The term of tour operator activity license is unlimited.

In order to obtain a tour operator’s license it is necessary to have own or rented non-residential premises where travel company activities will be carried out.

The availability of financial institution guarantee is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a tour operator activity license, since the guarantee will cover potential losses of tourists (caused by a travel company). The fixed amounts of guarantee are:
  • EUR 10,000 – for tour operator of domestic and inbound tourism;
  • EUR 20,000 - for a tour operator of outbound tourism.

The procedure

After agreeing of terms, cost, mode of payment for services associated with tour operator’s license obtaining and upon receipt of advance payment the client is provided with a list of documents required for obtaining of tour operator’s license (contract of insurance and bank guarantee, documents on the premises, power of attorney, etc.).

Upon completion of preparation of full set of documents (a part of which is provided by the client), these documents are sent back for signing.

Further, the documents signed by the client are sent by courier or by other convenient mode to the address of our company.

Following that, the lawyers of our company by themselves submit documents to the licensing authority and supervise the documents’ review until the receipt of the decision about issuance of tour operator’s license.

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