Accreditation of a medical institution in Ukraine

Cost of services

Cost of services:

from 20 000 UAH
Pre-accreditation audit of a healthcare institution
from 40 000 UAH
Full support for the ,
accreditation of a legal entity
Entering into the Register of healthcare institutions that have the right ,
to conduct , medical examinations of seafarers
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What we offer

  • we advise on passing the accreditation procedure by a medical institution and preparing the necessary documents / bringing the applicant in compliance;
  • preparation of documents/provision of templates for the development of documents for submission to the Ministry of Health;
  • support of exit expert appraisal;
  • obtaining an accreditation certificate.

In addition, our lawyers can:

  • conduct a pre-accreditation audit of a medical institution;
  • develop a complete package of documents (regulations, job descriptions, guidelines), which are subject to evaluation during the expert appraisal;
  • help with the organization of obtaining the necessary documents from third parties (metrological verification, ISO certification, etc.).


Documents for Accreditation of a medical institution

List of documents
А notarized copy of the charter
А lease agreement or a certificate of ownership for the premises of the medical institution
Reports on medical personnel and medical activities

The cost of accreditation of a medical institution in Ukraine depends on several factors:

  • availability of reporting and other medical documentation;
  • documentation status and its compliance with industry standards and the like;
  • the period remaining until accreditation;
  • the category that the healthcare institution wants to get;
  • the need for support and submission of   documents to the Ministry of Health, and an on-site expert appraisal or just one of the stages
  • other factors.

Why us

High statistics for successful accreditation
Thanks to our experience, even in the most difficult situations, when compliance with the accreditation standards is low, our lawyers can help get the minimum number of accreditation points to obtain a passing “second” category. In the case when the institution carefully complied with the requirements of the current legislation, a higher category can be obtained.
We are trusted by municipal and state institutions
Our lawyers supported the accreditation of both private and municipal/ state healthcare institutions. We help medical institutions that provide such types of care: primary, secondary and tertiary care.

We are ready to help you!

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Our successful projects

We provided getting the certificate for quality management system in April 2019
For this client, the certification of quality management system was an indispensable stage for passing the accreditation procedure and getting included in the register of medical institutions that have a right to perform the medical examination of sailors (with the issue of the corresponding medical certificates).
Certificate for medical accreditation obtained in September of 2017
We helped to get a certificate of accreditation for a medical center of a private company from Cherson.

The full list of documents that are submitted to the Ministry of Health for accreditation:

  • statement of the established form;
  • a notarized copy of the charter or an inventory of documents with an access password to the charter in an electronic form on the electronic services portal;
  • copies of documents for the premises of a medical institution (property, lease, other property rights);
  • copies of documents confirming the right of ownership or the use of medical devices that are used in medical practice;
  • the structure of a medical institution;
  • a report on medical personnel (a reporting form No. 17)
  • an analysis of the activities of a medical institution.

You need to know about the accreditation of a medical institution

Accreditation takes place in two stages:
  1. preliminary preparation of documents and their submission;
  2. support of inspection of the institution and obtaining a certificate

The accreditation period is in average from 3 to 5 months.

State accreditation of a medical institution (healthcare institution) is an official recognition of the status of an institution, confirming that it has the conditions necessary to provide a certain level of health care, and confirms its compliance with all established criteria.

As of today, accreditation is voluntary. Accreditation of an institution is carried out after obtaining a license to carry out business activities in medical practice. An accreditation certificate is issued for a period of up to 3 years.

Mandatory accreditation is carried out by institutions that intend to:

  • issue sick leaves;
  • provide services in the area of assisted reproductive technologies and transplantation
  • conduct clinical trials.

Since January 30, 2018, the accreditation of health facilities is voluntary. This means that most establishments are exempted from this obligation except for the establishments that issue temporary disability certificates and provide a number of other medical services.

In the past, accreditation was not available due to the wording of the Accreditation Procedure of a healthcare institution for newly formed medical facilities. This created problems for those institutions (including municipal and state ones) that were reorganized through corporate reconstruction or established anew. A similar problem arises for  a number of private medical facilities. This problem has now been resolved. Now institutions can be accredited immediately after obtaining a license.

The procedure for the provision of accreditation services of a medical institution

After agreeing on the terms of cooperation, an agreement is concluded on the provision of legal services. The client transfers the above data to the specialists of our company. After a preliminary analysis, our specialists along with the Client will prepare a complete package of documents for submission.

After our specialists have prepared all the necessary documents and had the Client sign them, the package of documents is submitted to the Main Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

After the appointment of an expert review, our specialists support this procedure.

At the time agreed upon with the Client, we will send the accreditation certificate form (for Clients located in other regions - by courier).

Upon completion of the work you will receive an accreditation certificate of the established standard on assignment of the corresponding category.

At your request, the typical procedure for accrediting a medical institution can be changed to the option that is more convenient for you.

If You want to know more abot the Accreditation of Your medical institution in Ukraine - call us!

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