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Accreditation of a medical institution in Ukraine

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The cost of medical institution accreditation service is negotiable.

Approximate term of medical institution accreditation obtainment is 3 month.
What we do
Full legal support of medical institution accreditation obtainment service includes:
  • provision of oral advices on all matters related to preparation of accreditation documents;
  • preparation of documents drafts required for healthcare institution accreditation;
  • collection and submission of documents to the Main Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine;
  • receiving of accreditation certificate on Client’s behalf.


To provide service of medical institution accreditation Client provides the following documents personally or by courier:

  • notarized copy of medical institution charter (regulations);
  • copies of documents that prove the legal right to use a facility where a medical institution is located and right to use equipment required to provide medical and prophylactic care;
  • information about number of medical institution employees and their qualification levels (is also certified by a signature and seal of a medical institution);
  • approved description of a medical institution structure;
  • conclusion of the State Fire Surveillance Service on conditions of fire safety in an institution;
  • conclusion of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Service on epidemic conditions in an institution;
  • conclusion of the State Inspection on Industrial Safety and Labor Protection on safety and facilities operating conditions in an institution);
  • report of a medical institutions on its involvement in the implementation of local healthcare programs;
  • report of a medical institution on medical works that have been done over the past three years and for the first accreditation –the first two years;
  • approved by an applicant medical institution analysis of activities on the quality of medical care and criteria for its evaluation;
  • report of a medical institution about scientific and pedagogical activities (if there are any);
  • copies of previous accreditation certificates (if there are any).
Successfully rendered services
We provided getting the certificate for quality management system in April 2019

For this client, the certification of quality management system was an indispensable stage for passing the accreditation procedure and getting included in the register of medical institutions that have a right to perform the medical examination of sailors (with the issue of the corresponding medical certificates).

Certificate for medical accreditation obtained in September of 2017

We helped to get a certificate of accreditation for a medical center of a private company from Cherson.

Medical accreditation certificate obtained in March of 2017

Supported process of medical center accreditation and obtained accreditation certificte of the first category.

Supported procedure of accreditation in December of 2016

Helped a diagnostics center to undergo accreditation procedure of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. The accreditation certificate was received in March due to long duration of the procedure.

Medical accreditation certificate received in May of 2016

Our lawyers successfully provided legal support for procedure of the state accreditation of our client's medical center.

Accreditation that was successfully supported by us in October of 2013

Our Client, limited liability company that has a medical center in Kherson region.

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Healthcare institution is a legal entity with any form of ownership or its branch that provides legal services to individuals based on medical practice license.

State accreditation of a medical institution (healthcare institution) is an official recognition of its status and confirms conditions required for provision of appropriate level of medical and sanitary services as well as shows its compliance with all the regulatory stipulations of legislation.

All healthcare institutions are subject to state accreditation (despite form of ownership).

The first accreditation of an institution is to be performed not later than 2 years from the moment of license obtainment. Further accreditations are performed every 3 years.

Validity term of accreditation certificate is set by the Main Accreditation Commission and cannot exceed 3 year term.


When term, cost and procedure of license obtainment are agreed Client signs an agreement of legal services provision and delivers us the required documents personally or by courier. When all the required documents are prepared and signed by Client our lawyers file the documents to the Main Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

Within the agreed term our firm delivers accreditation certificate (for Clients located in other regions via courier). After provision of accreditation certificate work completion certificate is signed.

Medical practice accreditaion obtainment service procedure may be changed to a more suitable one at your request.