Registration of political party in Ukraine

Cost of services

Cost of services:

from 3000 EUR
Registration of a Political Party
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What we offer

  • Prepare a full set of documents required for registration, including the Charter of the political party, its program, etc., send it to the Client for approval;
  • Ensure the registration of a political party at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;
  • Assist in the production of the party symbols, seal, if necessary;
  • Obtain a certificate confirming its non-profit status, if so agreed; 
  • Advise the Client on the best option for registering a political party, as well as on its further activities; 
  • Advice on the procedure for gathering signatures.


Documents required for the political party registration

List of documents
Information about the name, address, activities of the political party
Information about founders and leaders of the political party
Structure and functions of the political party governing bodies, key aspects of their work

To properly prepare a set of documents required for the political party registration, we shall be provided with all the necessary information, namely: information on the desired structure of the governing bodies, number of their members, information on the name, location of the political party, etc.

We can independently carry out all other actions related to the political party registration, including development of the structure of the party governing bodies, symbols and political program, if necessary.

To get registered, a new political party must gather no less than ten thousand signatures of Ukrainian citizens that are eligible to vote. The signatures shall be gathered not less than in two thirds of raions of not less than two thirds of oblasts of Ukraine, cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol and not less than in two thirds of raions of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Service packages offers

3 000 EUR
  • Preparation of a complete package of documents required for registration, incl. political party charter, program, etc., sending it to the Client for approval
  • Verification of all necessary documents required for registration of a political party
  • Help with making changes to documents
6 000 EUR
  • Analysis of all data from the Client
  • Preparation of a complete package of documents required for registration, incl. the charter of a political party, programs, etc. (The client himself conducts the initial meeting and collects signatures)
  • Organization of registration of a political party with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
  • On the terms of a separate agreement, we receive a certificate of non-profitability
9 000 EUR
from 2500 UAH
  • Advising on the best option for registering a political party, as well as its further activities
  • Consulting on the collection of signatures
  • Consulting support on the necessary documents for registration

Consultation of a lawyer on registration of a political party in Ukraine

Registration of a political party in Ukraine is not an easy process with many nuances. If you want to understand it, we recommend contacting our lawyers for an introductory consultation.

Conducting such consultation a specialist will answer the following questions:

  • How long does it take to register a political party?

  • How much does it cost to register a political party?

  • What documents are required?

  • Which steps does the registration procedure consist of?

The cost of the introductory consultation starts from 2500 UAH. If you decide to register a political party with our company, the price of the consultation will be included in the cost of the ordered service.

The cost of the political party registration services depends on the quantity of work assigned to our lawyers by the Client. We can both prepare a standard package of documents required for the registration and carry out all necessary actions related to the party registration at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

The cost of registration services may be changed depending on the following factors:

  • Urgency of the political party registration;
  • Necessity to adjust the political party program and analyze it for compliance with the current legislation;
  • Necessity for registration of local cells;
  • Necessity for legal and accounting support of the party in the future. 

Why us

You get more than just a registration
As a rule, the registration of a political party is not the final stage of our cooperation with the Client. Later, we can ensure accounting arrangements, as well as advise on some issues related to political party activities, acceptance of funds, rules of their spending, reporting and much more.
Additional services
In addition to the registration at the state authorities and the tax service, we can also provide assistance in obtaining a digital signature and a seal.
Quality and great opportunities
Our company has been providing registration services for political parties since 2006. With our long-term experience we warrant not only to properly register your political party, but to do it at the first attempt. You won’t have to pay the official fee twice, which amounts to 271,040 UAH since July 1.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:

Our successful projects

Registered a political party in the register of non-profit organizations in June of 2017
In order to be legally exempt from payment of income tax a political party requested our assistance regarding its inclusion in the official state register of non-profit organizations.
Registered a political party in November of 2015
Our law firm supported registration of a political party and its chapters in majority of regions of Ukraine.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Are there any restrictions on membership in political parties

Yes. The law of Ukraine stipulates that no prosecutors, judges, employees of law enforcement agencies (internal affairs agencies, Security Service of Ukraine), military personnel, employees of fiscal, tax and customs services may be members of political parties.

Do the registered parties have all-Ukrainian status?

Yes. All parties that we register may carry out activities throughout Ukraine.

Do we register 14 primary cells of the political party in the future?

We can register a party before it is fully operational via separate agreement on the timing and cost.

Can we assist in holding a congress (conference, gathering) of the political party founders and support the procedure of electing its governing bodies?

Sure. In addition, we can also help to develop the party’s charter and program.

Information on the political party actions after registration

According to the law of Ukraine, a political party shall register its primary cells in at least 14 oblasts of Ukraine within six months after its registration. Otherwise, the party’s registration certificate will be annulled in court.

We can register primary cells of the political party within 5 business days upon the receipt of all the necessary information.

Registration of a political party involves submission of a certain set of documents. You can find a full list of the required documents in the corresponding section on this page.

Entrusting the work to our lawyers will allow you to avoid bumps on the road and get the desired result within the agreed deadline and at minimum expense.

At the beginning of 2016, the procedure for registering political parties was changed: the official state fee was increased, the registers for collecting supporting signatures were changed, and so on. As our own experience shows and most colleagues say, after the introduction of these new regulations, even professionals may face some difficulties during the political party registration. The main risk is associated with the official state fee, which is not returned in case of improperly drafted documents.

It’s easy to register a political party in Ukraine with us!

With a great experience in the legal services market, we have singled out a number of sticking point for our Clients in order to meet and even exceed your expectations. They include:

  • Necessity to spend their time on studying information that they will never need again. Such a complex procedure as establishing a political party requires in-depth knowledge of the law and understanding of the entire registration procedure. We understand that it’s useless and doesn’t worth spending your time on it, so we suggest our Clients to do it for them.
  • Poor communication. You won’t ever face such a problem, when working with us. Our Client Manager will keep you in the loop about any update 24/7 and will always call first.
  • Disappointment with the service quality in the past. We will prove to you that the legal market of Ukraine has worthy representatives, who have extensive legal expertise and always fulfill their promises.
  • Addressing specific tasks, rather than achieving high level objective. This problem is not as obvious as the previous ones, but it is usually at the bottom of the delay in solving the problems. When you contact us, we don’t just provide you with a certain service. We carefully analyze the entire situation and find the best way to achieve your key goal.

If you want to register a political party simply and efficiently - call us!

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