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Purchase (sale) of finance lease company in Ukraine

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Buying a licensed finance leasing company

Our law firm offers a wide range of licensed finance leasing companies for sale. The price of the leasing company should be discussed individually. Please contact our company’s specialists for more details.

If necessary, our company’s specialists may provide legal services for the re-registration of the leasing company for a buyer.

Purchasing the finance leasing company, you first of all save more than a month of time necessary for obtainment of the given licence. However, if you have this time, we can offer legal services for the registration of a finance leasing company. In this case your expenses will be much reduced.

You can learn more about our company’s services related to obtaining a finance leasing license on the appropriate page.

Important to know

Re-registration of the leasing company takes one or two days. The deal shall be executed at the notary, where the former owners of the company sign the documents on transfer of the corporate rights, and the new owners certify the new version of the company’s charter.

During the company re-registration, both the address of the company and its name may be changed.

Company with finance leasing license in Shevchenkivskyi district of Kiev

Form of organization: LLC
Registration date: 05.2017
Date of license issuance: May of 2017
Place of registration: Shevchenkivskyi district of Kiev
System of taxation: not VAT registered
Previous activities: none
Cost: negotiable

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Buying a company licensed to provide finance leasing services

We had cases when the Clients needed to start their business activities “yesterday”. However, they couldn’t do it due to the absence of appropriate permission from government agencies. Thus, our company has been repeatedly contacted by Clients that want to start or continue providing financial leasing services and have all necessary resources for this, including funds, employees and established portfolio of Clients. But they don’t have a license issued by the regulator or their license is suspended or cancelled. And providing such services without the appropriate license may result in penalties and problems with the concluded agreements (the latter are invalid from the time of conclusion).

Registering a company from scratch, including it into the Unified State Register and obtaining a license will take such Clients no less time than obtaining a license for an existing company. In any case, the time spent on obtaining a license leads to the loss of potential Clients and other financial losses associated with business downtime.

The easiest way to quickly start or continue providing leasing services is to purchase a ready-made company, which already has a license issued by the National Commission for State Regulation of Financial Services Markets.

The market offers a great number of companies for sale with appropriate licenses. However, before you decide on a particular seller, you must pay attention to the accuracy of the company’s data presented, properly study its past activity, as well as terms and conditions of the corporate rights sale. It’s worth noting that some sellers offer leasing companies that do not have the appropriate licenses, providing false information about their presence, as well as companies that have tainted their reputation by having debts, violating the law, ignoring enforcement actions, etc

When contacting our law firm, you can be sure that you buy a ready-made company licensed to provide finance leasing services and has a completely transparent past business activity. When registering a company for sale, we comply with all legal requirements for registration and obtainment of a license, submit all necessary reports and usually do not conduct any business operations.During preliminary negotiations, our specialists can provide you with a full package of documents that was submitted for the company registration and obtainment of a license, tax reports and reports that shall be usually submitted by lessors. Thus, you can be sure that the procedure of registration of the firm and obtainment of a license was conducted officially and the firm is in no violation of existing law.

If you want to start a business and you need a company licensed to provide finance leasing services quickly and easily, don’t hesitate to call us!

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