Registration of a financial institution

Cost of services

Cost of services:

from at 2000 USD
Basic price for putting into the Register of FI
from at 2000 USD
The cost of entry in the Register of FU with the development of documents
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What we offer

  • Consult on matters of the required documents for putting financial institutions into the Sate register (hereinafter – the Register of FI) and also on requirements which a financial institution must comply;
  • Analyze documents which are provided for submitting to the National commission for regulation of financial services markets (hereinafter – the Commission), give conclusion on their sufficiency and legal correctness;
  • Support getting of the Certificate on qualification for a director and for a head account;
  • Draft internal rules and agreement on providing financial services an d also other required certificates and documents;
  • Consult on matters which are related to getting of audit conclusion;
  • Prepare a full list of required documents for submitting to the commission, submit the documents for putting into the Register of FI, accompany examination of your case;
  • Get a Certificate about registration of a financial institution (hereinafter – the Certificate).

Also we can help with reissue of the Certificate for launching different types of changings, for getting the Approving on buying a significant part of a financial institution and also other matters which can occur.


Required documents for getting the Certificate of a financial institution

List of documents
A code from the Unified State Register
Director’s and a head account’s documents
An audit conclusion

The documents and information about putting into the Register of FI and getting the Certificate about registration of a financial institution

Client provides:

  • Registration card of a legal entity;
  • Corporation documents;
  • Financial reports;
  • An audit conclusion;
  • A certificate about accounting, technical and program software and its conformity;
  • Copies of internal rules on providing financial services;
  • Copies of diplomas and certificates which confirm passing a qualification exam by a director and a head account;
  • Copies of labor books of a director and a head account;
  • Certificates about conformity of a director and a head account to the law requirements;
  • Certificate about premises, technical equipment, software;
  • Examples of agreements on providing financial services;
  • Schemes of ownership structure.

Our lawyers prepare required documents for getting the Certificate and putting into the Register of FI, if necessary. More detail information you can find out by phone or via other communication tools on our web-site.

Legal advice on registering a financial institution

Registering a financial institution is a procedure that involves several steps. If you would like to understand how it goes, ask our specialists for an introductory consultation. 

In the course of such consultation the lawyer will explain:

  • What are the steps involved in registering a financial institution;

  • How long it takes to go through the procedure;

  • How is inclusion in the register of financial institutions and how long does each stage take;

  • What is the cost of registering a financial institution in Ukraine.

When ordering the service in our company, the price of the introductory consultation will be included in its cost.

The cost of legal services for financial institutions registration depends on Client’s internal rules and agreements on providing financial services and also other documents which must be submitted to the Commission.

As a rule, we get the Certificate on registration a financial institution within 20-30 business days.

If you want to know an exact list of documents which you have to provide for getting the Certificate for a basic price, please, follow the link.
There are no additional or required official fees for getting the Certificate, except the price for our services.

Why us

The cost of services doesn't change
We define the price before launching our cooperation with a Client. The cost of services won't change in the future.
Guarantee result
According to our many year experience there is a little possibility for refusal to issue the Certificate. In any case we get a final result - putting into the Register of FI and getting the Certificate.
We can do everything
You will never occur in unsolved situation with us. A huge experience provides an individual dealing with every Client’s issues. We can help with every question which may occur while preparation of the documents for getting the Certificate about qualification, getting an audit conclusion.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected], by phone number +38 044 499 47 99or by filling out the form:

Our successful projects

Supported obtainment of a certificate of registration of a financial institution in October 2018
Obtained a certificate of registration of a financial institution for a company from Kyiv. Provided a turnkey service. An important feature of the provided service was a strict deadline for the certificate obtainment.
Obtain a Сertificate of registration of financial institution in October 2018
Our specialists supported the obtainment of the Сertificate of registration of financial company registered in Kiev.

On putting into the Register of FI and getting the Certificate about registration of a financial institution

A financial institution must have:

  • A full list of financial services which will be provided;
  • An internal document and examples of agreements with consumers of financial services;
  • A system of accounting;
  • A corporative fund must be formed by money resources;
  • Conformity of a director and a head account to professional requirements;
  • Own or rented premises and appropriate computer technique.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Which is the minimal size of corporation fund for putting a financial institution into the Register?

The size depends on a type of financial institution (pawnshop, exchange institution) and also id depends on amount of financial services which will be provided by a financial institution. For example, the size of corporate fund of a pawnshop must be not less 500 000 UAH. The size of a corporate fund of a financial institution which provides only one type of financial services must be not less than 3 million UAH and if there are two or more then it must be not less than 5 million UAH. More detail information can provide our lawyers.

Which experience must have a director of a financial institution?

A director of financial institution (except a pawnshop) must have not less than 5 years of experience and not less than 2 years on head positions and not less than 1 year on a position of head of financial institutions.

Can financial institution function after putting it to the Register of FI?

No. The legislation defines that a financial institution must be putted not only into the Register of FI but also get a license for some types of activities at the market of financial services before it can start to function.

Do you get the Certificates for Clients who are not from Kyiv?

Of course, we get. Our Clients are enterprises which are registered in different regions of Ukraine.

You can find more detailed information about our experience here.

Organization, registration and licensing of a financial company/enterprise in Ukraine

License for providing financial services, i.e. for the financial activity of enterprises - a document, without which you cannot do without, if you want to start a business in this area.

We receive licenses for different organizations for many years and know the whole procedure from A to Z.
Cooperating with our company, you can always count on:

  • Reliability. If we take on your task, it will be completed.
  • Simplicity. Deep legal expertise of our lawyers helps us to solve any legal issues simply, safely and effectively. We are not interested in delaying the case, if we can solve all the problems quickly. We appreciate your and our time.
  • Availability. We are always in touch, our client-manager does not need to look. He will keep you informed about the events 24/7.

Registration of changes which happened in a financial institution

If there are some changes in information which was submitted to the Commission for putting into the Register of FI then it must report about it to the Commission within 15 days.

If a director or a head account was replaced and a new person doesn’t have a qualification certificate, then he or she must pass qualification courses and pass an exam within 3 months.

Also you have to keep in mind that buying of already register financial institution causes submitting of three different lists of documents to the Commission.

The first one is related to reissue of the Certificate about registration of a financial institution (according to its address’s change or a name’s change) and it consisted of: a registration card of a financial institution, original of the Certificate about registration of a financial institution, an extract from the Unified State Register.

The second list of documents is related to reporting to the Commission about other changes (for example, replacement of a director who responsible for a financial monitoring, current account’s replacement etc.) and it consisted of: a registration card, report about changes and also other certificates, orders and documents which conform these changes.

And, finally, the third list of documents which is submitted for getting the Approving on buying a significant part of a financial institution. This Approving is drafted by Commission’s order and issues in a form of a regulatory document. We need to admit that the main document is the one which confirms for which money sources were bought a financial institution. It can be a certificate about salary of a sole trader, an extract of a bank account etc.

In a case of opening new chapters you must report about it to the Commission. Information about new chapters is putted into the Register of financial institutions.

If you are going to register a financial company in Ukraine, please call us! 

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