Liquidaition (winding up) of company in Kiev

Cost of services

from 1000 USD
Liquidation of the company
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What we offer

  • examine Client's situation;
  • find and offer the most optimal option for liquidation of a company;
  • search for possible ways of minimization of risks for founders and management of the company which include risks not only at the stage of liquidation but after the latter as well;
  • organize liquidation of your company and all related matters (formalization of liquidation commission, inventory of property, preparation of liquidation balance sheet, formalization of termination of labour relations with employees of the company, etc.).



List of documents
A copy of the current company statute

To liquidate an LLC, you will need a large list of documents, some of which shall be obtained during the liquidation commission process. We will point out two packages of documents that you will need to form to submit to the state authorities.

Documents to be submitted to the tax authorities for the LLC liquidation:

  • Application for de-registration of the LLC as a taxpayer on form 8-OПП;

  • Original 4-ОПП certificate;

  • Copy of the document on the decision to liquidate the LLC;

  • Copy of the document on establishment of the liquidation commission;

  • Liquidation card of the statistical authorities;

  • Liquidation balance sheet (annual report).

Documents to be submitted to the state registrar for the LLC liquidation:

  • Application of the owner or authorized body for liquidation of the LLC (a court decision can also be filed);

  • Act of the liquidation commission with the liquidation balance sheet;

  • The auditor’s report;

  • Certificate of de-registration from tax authority;

  • Confirmation of publication of announcement about liquidation of the LLC in printed mass media;

  • Certificate from the archives about acceptance of documents for storage;

  • Original constituent documents of the company;

  • Certificate of registration of the LLC.

Service packages offers

from 1000 USD
  • Search and provision of buyers (including a new head) LLC
  • Organization of purchase and sale of the company from a notary
  • Organization of complete changes in the unified state register
  • Storage of primary documents of LLC (by separate agreement)
1000 USD
  • Consultation on the liquidation procedure, the documents and information required to start the procedure
  • Drawing up the protocol of the general meeting, where the decision to terminate the company is made
  • Submission of documents to the state registrar to start the process of liquidation of the company
  • Submission of documents for termination to the tax office and social insurance office
  • Reconciliation in the tax office for the presence of debts or overpayments
  • Organization of payment of fines and debts (if any)
  • Control of the purpose of the inspection in the tax office
  • Obtaining certificates of no debt and deregistration in the tax office and social insurance
  • Organization of transfer of primary documents for storage in the state archive
  • Complete termination of LLC at the state registrar
5000 USD
  • Consultation on the liquidation procedure, the documents and information required to start the procedure
  • Providing our liquidator who will lead the entire liquidation process
  • Drawing up the Protocol of the general meeting, where the decision to terminate the company is made
  • Submission of documents to the state registrar to start the process of termination of the company
  • Closing bank accounts (Ukraine only)
  • Submission of documents for termination to the tax office and social insurance office 
  • Reconciliation in the tax office for the presence of debts or overpayments
  • Payment of fines and debts (in case of their prior compensation by the Client)
  • The organization of storage of primary accounting documents of Open Company in our company
  • Control of the purpose of the inspection in the tax office
  • Passing the inspection in the tax office and social insurance office
  • Obtaining certificates of absence of debt and deregistration in the tax office and social insurance office
  • Transfer of primary documents for storage in the state archive
  • Complete termination of LLC in the state registrar

The liquidation price of LLC (enterprise) in Kiev and Ukraine as a whole, in each case is calculated separately and depends on such parameters:

  • variant of liquidation of the company (liquidation under the decision of founders, bankruptcy procedure or "alternative liquidation");
  • terms of service provision.
Therefore the answer to a question "How much it is necessary to liquidate/close Company?", will depend only on your situation and the made decision.

The cost of our services does not include notary fees and official payments (Heavy charges on the type of liquidation. If it is an "alternative" liquidation of the company, the price includes payment for the change of the manager and the change of the founders).

It is possible to order liquidation of LLC (business) from our specialists by phone or other way that is comfortable for You.

Consultation of the lawyer for liquidation of firm in Kiev

Liquidation of LLC is a complicated procedure with many stages, each of which has many difficulties. If You want to avoid them, and also to learn more about the process of liquidation of the company, please contact us for an introductory consultation!

During the introductory consultation a lawyer will analyse your specific situation and provide you with several options depending on the situation. We answer the questions in detail and clearly, and not just quote legal provisions.

At the introductory consultation our specialist:

  • Tells you, in general, the procedure of liquidation of the LLC.

  • Provides several options for the solution of the issue, depending on the peculiarities of your case.

  • Explains what is alternative liquidation and in which cases it will be beneficial to use it.

The lawyer will also tell you about the potential risks and problems and how to avoid them.

The cost of introductory consultation on the liquidation of the firm is from 2500 UAH. This amount will be included in the price for the service of liquidation of LLC, if you order it from us.

If you have a lot of questions or they are non-standard, we recommend to order the "Road map". This is a step-by-step algorithm of actions, developed by our lawyers and aimed at achieving Your goal. The cost of the "Road map" is also included in the price of the service, if you decide to order from us accompaniment of liquidation of LLC.

Why us

We will select a person who will temporarily act as a manager and later as a liquidator, or immediately appoint a manager as a liquidator
If you need to quickly change the founders and leave the management of the company, the "alternative liquidation" is the most appropriate way. We can help you choose the person who will take over the duties of the company's manager and/or liquidator.
Provide full legal support of the process of liquidation of the enterprise
Employees of our company will not only prepare all the necessary documents, but also organize their signing at the notary, submission and support of consideration in the state bodies.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:

Our successful projects

Support of alternative liquidation of LLC
In January 2023, they helped a foreigner quickly get rid of a company in Ukraine, which he could no longer do for objective reasons
Legal support of company liquidation procedure in March-April of 2018
Our lawyers assisted a group of clients who were shareholders of a company undergoing liquidation and wanted to give up status of shareholders. Our lawyers managed to stop the liquidation procedure, register exit of the shareholders and continue liquidation once again.

Duratipn and cost of company liquidation in Kyiv

Cost of the service provision is evaluated individually for each particular case and depends on the following:

  • location of registration (our lawyers will be able to liquidate your company in Kiev or Donetsk without any additional costs. Other regions will require reimbursement of travel expenses);
  • option of liquidation (whether it is liquidation that results from decision of founders, banruptcy procedures, "alternative liquidation");
  • term of service provision.

Required documents for liquidation of company process 

  • copy of extract from the USR or legal entity state registration certificate;
  • charter of company.

We can organize "altenative liquidation" within short period of time.

Other options of liquidation will not enable you close you company sooner than in 2 months.

We can conduct “urgent company liquidation” within a minimum period (2-4 business days): the price, nuances and minimum period must be enquired for each individual case.

No other options will allow you to liquidate a company (in the form of LLC or PE) faster than 2 months.

And if we are talking about the liquidation of a legal person (LLC) in Ukraine through bankruptcy - it is difficult to predict time limits in advance.

If you want to get more information on the types of the LLC liquidation, please follow the links:

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Liquidation of an LLC through withdrawal of its members - our lawyers will explain to you the procedure for withdrawing LLC members using practical examples. Please follow this link to learn more about the liquidation of the company through withdrawal of its members.

Liquidation of an LLC by the owner’s decision
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Liquidation of an LLC by bankruptcy - peculiarities of the LLC liquidation procedure in Kyiv and Ukraine through bankruptcy. Please follow this link and learn more about the terms and nuances of the LLC bankruptcy.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Why can the liquidation process take years?

According to the legislation, the tax authority must appoint an audit not later than one month from the moment of receipt of the documents on the liquidation of the enterprise, but due to its workload the tax authority may postpone the consideration of documents for an indefinite period.

Is it possible to withdraw from the founding members of a company that is in a state of liquidation?

No, you can't. The only way is to cancel the liquidation procedure and then start it again.

Procedure and term of closing (terminating) an LLC: Ukraine, Kyiv and regions

We can offer several options for dissolving a company (LLC or PE) in Ukraine. The stages of the LLC liquidation procedure, as well as the price of the LLC termination and the relevant services, will depend on the line of approach to the final goal, which we will coordinate with the Client, and sale, change of owners in another way, etc.

An “alternative liquidation” is the fastest way to change the founding members and withdraw from the management of the company. However, this procedure does not always exclude the risk of liability of the founders or management (even if they are no longer employees of the company).

Of course, one of the most pressing questions that our Client Managers hear is whether it is expensive to terminate a PE or LLC in Ukraine and what is the price of the accelerated procedure. To find out the price and duration of the procedure, you must first of all, determine the actions that we will take to resolve the issue as efficiently as possible.

The procedure of liquidation of LLC, PE in Kyiv

Our lawyers offer You the following services:

  • Liquidation of an LLC in Kyiv on a turnkey basis;

  • Liquidation of an LLC with debts;

  • Alternative liquidation of an LLC;

  • Urgent liquidation of the company;

  • Liquidation of the company through bankruptcy.

Provision of this service can begin with a consultation on the options for the LLC liquidation, and later - can be followed by liquidation (if the Client has already been consulted about the key points of this procedure). Before starting our cooperation, we sign an agreement with the Client.

After paying for our services our lawyers start developing documents to successfully terminate the company and implement necessary actions. At this stage our lawyers may need to cooperate with the Client’s accountant (if required and stipulated in the agreement).

Upon termination of the services, the Client’s company (LLC or PE) officially loses its status of a legal entity (in case of the “alternative liquidation”, the corporate rights and the company management are transferred to persons who are not related to the Client).

To sketch out the LLC liquidation procedure, say, by the decision of the owner, you will have to go through the following stages:

  • Making a decision to liquidate an LLC. Such a decision shall be taken at the General Meeting of LLC members and recorded in the Minutes.

  • Filing documents to the state registrar. A full package of documents, including the adopted decision, shall be submitted to the state registrar within 3 business days following the date of the decision on the LLC liquidation.

  • The work of the liquidation commission. This is a whole complex of actions, which includes, for example, closing the accounts of the legal person, an inventory of its assets, the dismissal of employees, etc. As a result, an Act of the Liquidation Commission is drawn up, which specifies a list of the actions carried out and the documents obtained as a result.

  • Filing the final package of documents on termination of the legal entity to the state registrar.

Of course, the procedure of alternative liquidation or liquidation of the company through the court will be absolutely different and will consist of other stages.

If you don’t know how to correctly dissolve the company in Kyiv or regions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have been working in this area for more than 10 years and have passed each of the possible procedures dozens of times.

Moreover, we have strict standards of our services and follow them rigorously.

  • Our lawyers have in-depth legal expertise. This means that our competence is not limited to one area of the law. We carefully study all new developments in the law, constantly develop new services, and gain experience in a wide variety of legal fields to be able to solve any problem more effectively.

  • We are open-minded. Our case studies, in the form of articles and publications, are regularly published on our website, and are available to anyone who wants to get more information or to try to figure things out for themselves. You won’t find a single cheated review - behind each review there is a real person and invaluable experience.

If you want to know how to liquidate an LLC, how much it costs to terminate a company in Ukraine and whether it can be done in the shortest possible time - our lawyers have answers to all these questions. Don’t hesitate to call us!

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