Buy a company with a license for telecommunication services

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A company with a license for telecommunications services
Buy a company with a license for telecommunication services
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What we offer

  • selling companies with a license on telecommunication services;
  • doing the re-registration of the company “turn key” including the organisation of notarizing the documents;
  • giving the full information about characteristics of the selling company: date of registration and obtaining license,  accounting and about another questions, which are interesting for a client;
  • reserving a company by customer for time, which is needed to check the license, constitutive documents, condition of the  budget calculation and so on. (reservation is possible only after the payment an advance);

For separate arrangements:

  • escorting the procedure of changes in license authority - National commission for the state regulation of communications and informatization;
  • entering to the register of the value-added tax payers.


Documents for obtaining a license

List of documents
Passport data of the new owners and director of the company
Passport data of the new owners and director of the company
Information about the new name of the company (if it subject to change)
Information about the new name of the company (if it subject to change)
Information about the new address of the company (if it is subject to change)
Information about the new address of the company (if it is subject to change)

If you want to make a purchase of the company, changing the owner and director only, then just passports, as well as tax numbers of the future owner and director of the company will be enough.

Legal advice on the purchase of a telecommunication services license company

If you have decided to purchase a telecommunication services license in Ukraine and you would like to understand the peculiarities of this procedure, we are ready to provide you with an introductory consultation.

Our lawyers will answer the following questions clearly and understandably:

  • How does search and pre-screening of ready-made companies go?

  • What documents must be submitted for the procedure?

  • How long will the transfer procedure take?

  • What makes more sense in your case - buy a ready made company or register a new one?

The cost of the introductory consultation is included in the price of the main service when ordering it in our company.

The cost of services when buying a company with a license for telecommunication services depends on:
  • how urgently you need to sell the company;
  • who will re-register the company in the new owners’ name (our lawyers or the Client’s lawyers);
  • whether the company statements have already been submitted or not;
  • how long ago has a license for telecommunications services been received, etc.

We offer to buy a company with a license for telecommunications services for the price starting at 28,000 hryvnias, excluding re-registration.

Why us

Saving on inspection of the company
Saving on inspection of the company
The companies we sell were initially registered for resale. They did not carry out any activity, but simply waited for their buyer. Therefore, you can be sure that there will be no problems with bookkeeping.
An LLC  are ready for operation
An LLC are ready for operation
You do not need to additionally have a license and other documentation issued. There is just one thing remaining - to sign a few necessary papers and an LLC with a license for telecommunication services is yours.
Quick registration of a deal
Quick registration of a deal
Our company has notary partners with whom we have been cooperating for a long time. Due to this, we have developed a strategy by which the signing of all necessary documents is carried out promptly.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:

Our successful projects

Company in Kiev, Shevchenko district
Form of organization: LLC
Place of registration: Kiev
System of taxation: without VAT registered
Previous activities: none
Cost: 1500 USD

From 09/01/2020 the license for maintenance and operation of the telecommunication networks is no longer required. But it is often the case that a tender is one of the requirements when bidding. In the event of such a conflict, the company holding such a license would be useful.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What is the procedure for a company’s re-licensing and how long will it take?

The Client makes an advance payment of 10% of the value of the company, after which we reserve it for him. The reserve occurs for the period necessary to address organizational issues, including inspections of this company. The final settlement occurs at the conclusion of the transaction by a notary. If the Client is ready to purchase a specific company, payment can be made immediately. If necessary (as well as if the Client has the original passport and identification number), a notary transaction can be made on the same day. After 2-3 business days, the information about the change of participants (founders) and the director of the company passes completely through the Unified State Register - this completes the re-registration procedure.

Is it necessary to make respective changes to the license register?

By a separate agreement with the Client, our lawyers can make changes to the licensing register. This can be done only after changes have been made to the Unified State Register.

There are cases when you need to work “yesterday,” and the lack of a respective permit from the government agencies becomes an obstacle. So, our company has been repeatedly contacted by the Clients who want to start or continue to provide telecommunication services and who have everything necessary for this, including funds, employees and a tried and tested portfolio of Clients, but who do not have a license issued by the regulator or the regulator suspended or canceled the license issued. And the provision of such services without an appropriate license presents a risk of facing fines and problems with concluded contracts (the latter are invalid from the moment of conclusion).

Registration of a company from scratch and obtaining a license, will take such Clients no less time than obtaining a license for an existing company. In any case, the waste of time for obtaining a license leads to the loss of potential Clients and other financial losses associated with the downtime of the business.

The easiest way to quickly start or continue activities in the provision of telecommunication services is to purchase a ready-made company that has a license issued by the National Commission For The State Regulation Of Communications And Informatization.

There are many offers on the market for the sale of companies licensed to provide telecommunications services. But before deciding on a specific seller, it is necessary to pay attention to the reliability of the data about the company that you are provided with, about its background and the conditions for the sale of corporate rights. Since there are some cases of the sale of companies that do not have a license for telecommunication services, and the existence of such companies has been falsified, the company has a “tarnished” past, which is manifest in the outstanding debts, violations of the law, failed enforcement measures, etc.

By contacting us you can purchase a ready-made company that has received a license to provide telecommunication services with a completely transparent track record. By registering a company for sale, we comply with all legal requirements for registration and obtaining a license, turn in all the necessary reports and usually do not conduct any business operations. During preliminary negotiations, our experts can provide you with a full package of documents that were submitted for registration and obtainment of a license. Thus, you will be sure that the registration of the company and obtainment of a license have been carried out officially and the company has had no violations of the applicable law.

If you want to buy a ready-made company with a telecoms licence simply and quickly - call us!

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