Legal support for NGOs in Ukraine (organizations and unions)

Cost of services

from 56 000 UAH/month
Legal support
from 35 000 UAH
Documents at the start
Legal support for NGOs in Ukraine (organizations and unions)
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What we offer

  • providing with documents for foundation of NGO in Ukraine or changes in the current documents with the following support in the state bodies;
  • legal support of  attracting money to NGOs and all expenses of the organization;
  • legal advices on all activities of NGOs (including advices on commercial activity of NGO in Ukraine).

Our advantages:

  • Specific experience. A team of experts will work on your task, with experience in creating and supporting charitable foundations in Ukraine, including complex cases: foreign organizations, accreditation, etc.
  • All services in one place. We take care of all the needs of organizing work in Ukraine: accounting, legal and personnel support, all types of reporting, hiring, procedures for working with volunteers and migration services.
  • It’s convenient and understandable with us. Completeness of information both at the start of working with us and every minute in the process.
  • Information. Foreign organizations will gain a full understanding of the structure of work and reporting with the parent organization.


Service packages offers

from 35 000 UAH
Providing basic consultations on the work of the NGO (in the format of a zoom meeting) - 1 hour

Provision of document templates for the work of the organization:
  • orders for employees, draft labor agreements (contracts), statements of employees, timesheets, staffing, etc.;
  • regulations on confidentiality and protection of personal data, statements and orders regarding the work with personal data and confidential information;
  • memorandum of cooperation;
  • agreement on attracting volunteers;
  • contract for the provision of services, performance of work, purchase and sale.
Providing instructions (check letters) on the basic principles of the work of the OO

*The package is offered for OO at the start of work

*At the request of the Client, document templates can be adapted to the needs of the Client's organization by separate agreement
from 56 000 UAH/month
Organization of the process of paying salaries, etc. (payroll)

Submission of reports on the activities of the NGO

Consulting: 5 hours of work of a lawyer per month on issues related to the activities of the NGO, including, but not limited to:
  • providing legal advice (written and oral) on the work of the organization
  • preparation of contracts, acts, requests, answers, letters and any other documents upon request
  • participation in negotiations with contractors
  • providing explanations and answers to requests from state authorities, local self-government legal entities and individuals
  • preparation of personnel documents (orders, orders, employment contracts)
  • providing advice on taxation and compliance with non-profitability requirements
  • representation of the interests of the organization before public authorities, notaries, banking institutions, etc
  • other legal services (except support for inspections of state bodies, litigation and claims work, corporate issues)

Legal advice for public associations 

If you would like to find out how we provide legal services for public associations and to have your typical questions answered, book an introductory consultation with us. A lawyer will explain to you:

  • What is included in the legal support of NGOs?
  • What will be the cost of the service based on your situation?
  • What advantages do our clients receive?

The main problems faced by non-profit organizations in Ukraine

Start of activity in Ukraine. The organizers have registered the organization, but do not know what to do with it; what is possible and what is not; rights and obligations. This is a common problem, as the organizers usually have a great goal, knowledge in the fields that will help to achieve it. But they do not have a legal education or many years of experience in the field of registration and legal registration of NGO activities in Ukraine. Our lawyers help to avoid this problem by providing advice on the work of the NGO/Charity fund, reporting, taxation, rights and obligations, etc. (the specific list of issues can be specified, but it should be general and general).

The issue of entering into registers – for example, entering into the register of persons engaging volunteers or into the register of non-profit organizations. Entry into such registers may be necessary, depending on what kind of activity you are planning in Ukraine and how you intend to organize it. Our lawyers help with entry into the relevant registers.

Making changes to NGOs - inclusion/exclusion of NGO members, Charity fund participants, change of head or address - all these are frequent problems faced by non-profit organizations. Proper organization of procedures is necessary to minimize risks both for participants and for the organization itself.

Accounting of a non-profit organization - the common thread here will always be the problem of maintaining the non-profit status, the distribution of fund expenses (80/20) and the issue of accepting funds into accounts. You can look for an accountant in the state. But here it is important not only to have an accountant, but also to constantly monitor changes in legislation, record keeping, etc. by a lawyer.

The preparation of documents for the Way is an issue that faced the NGO and Charity fund against the background of the war. You need to know the consequences, risks and possibilities of working with the Path system.

Involving volunteers to work - you need to remember that attracting volunteers and hiring staff to a public organization are different things. Work with volunteers should also be legally formalized, ideally through contracts. And to work with foreign volunteers, you need to be entered in the relevant state register.

Opening representative offices and obtaining the status of an all-Ukrainian NGO is a matter of organizing activities in Ukraine and the need for certain statuses for your organization. First of all, our lawyers will help you determine whether you need these statuses, what advantages they will provide you.

We are ready to help you!

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Legal service

Law firm “Pravova Dopomoga” provides full spectrum of legal support for non-governmental organizations in Ukraine.

We advise Clients who are at the beginning of their public activity and ones who are in the field for a long but have a need in legal support of their current and future projects.

We provide the mentioned services for Ukrainian non-governmental organizations and Ukrainian offices of foreign non-governmental organizations.

Advantages of legal support for NGOs in our company

  • our solutions are based on practice: we practice in the field of legal support for NGO in Ukraine since 2009. During the period our lawyers have developed and realized number of schemes of tax optimization, maintaining control of NGO, cooperation with state bodies;
  • timely advices: experts of our law firm regularly analyze changes in regulatory framework of NGO, this let us provide our Clients with recommendations that allow one not to break a new law or use new opportunities.
  • Our approach to legal support.

For more detailed information about legal support of NGOs in Ukraine feel free to contact us.

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