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Legal support of a foreign company office in Ukraine

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Legal service

Our law firm has been practicing in the field of legal support of foreign companies offices since 2008.

In most cases provision of services starts when there has not been registered a Ukrainian office yet.

It’s easily explained: the beginning of the process is consulting of foreign company on the best forms of presence at the Ukrainian market.



What we do

If a Client determines that his interests will be satisfied in the best way with registration of foreign company office in Ukraine, our lawyers will provide:

  • turnkey registration of representative of foreign company office in Kiev or Ukraine;
  • development of tax schemes for cooperation of head office and Ukrainian office;
  • formalization of labor relations with office’s staff (settlement of issues of their legitimate stay on the territory of Ukraine);
  • obtaining all the necessary permits in Ukraine (including legal service of obtaining licenses for representative office in Ukraine);
  • other aspects of legal support for foreign office correspond with our general approach to services of legal support.

Providing representative offices with legal services our experts pay special attention to

  • provision the head of the office / responsible person with fair understanding of risks considering current Ukrainian enforcement practice;
  • control of compliance with the Anti-Corruption legislation of the state of the headquarters, as well as the norms of FCPA;
  • confidentiality of our relations with Client and any information we get while our cooperation (the data is protected with the technical means and strict procedures within our firm).

Besides representative offices foreign companies often establish subsidiary in Ukraine. In this case lawyers of our firm pay special attention to legal support of transfer pricing.

For more detailed information about our law firm and services of legal support in Ukraine, please contact us.

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