Legal support of a foreign company office in Ukraine

Cost of services

Cost of services:

from 10000 UAH
Legal support of representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine
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What we offer

If a Client determines that his interests will be satisfied in the best way with registration of a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine, our specialists will provide:

  • full registration of a representative office of a foreign company or its individual stages;
  • legal advice on tax issues, namely: regarding avoidance of double taxation, use of ordinary prices, as well as development of optimal tax schemes for cooperation with a head company and a Ukrainian representative office, presence during tax inspections;
  • formalization of employment relations with staff of the representative office, including registration of their legal stay on the territory of Ukraine - invitations, service cards, work permits, residence permits;
  • obtainment of the necessary remission documentation in Ukraine (among other things, our firm provides legal services for obtaining licenses for representative offices);
  • other aspects of legal support of representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine (contractual work, debt recovery, tender support, trademark registration, communication with law enforcement bodies and  other services for legal suppor).


Service packages offers

10 000 UAH
  • Accompanying the submission of documents (already available to the Client) for the registration of a foreign representative office in Ukraine
  • Maintenance of the procedure for obtaining a certificate of registration of a representative office
  • A guarantee that within 2 months the procedure for creating a foreign representative office will be registered
20 000 UAH
  • Organization of preparation of a power of attorney for the creation of a representative office by us
  • Preparation of a decision on creation and an application from the Client
  • Providing the Client with a draft certificate from the bank about opening an account
  • Submission of documents for registration
  • Obtaining a certificate of registration of a representative office in Ukraine
from 50 000 UAH

Legal advice on supporting a foreign representation

If you would like to understand what is included in the legal support service for a foreign representation in Ukraine, you can contact us for an introductory consultation. At the consultation your lawyer will answer the following questions:

  • What does support of a foreign representation include?
  • What documents shall be prepared?
  • What is the cost of the service?
  • What are the benefits for our Clients?

If you order with us legal support for a foreign representation, the price of this service includes the cost of the introductory consultation.

We offer legal assistance to foreign companies not only at the start of their activities in Ukraine, but also in the process of business development.

You can see our business proposal here.

The cost of legal support of representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine is formed individually, based on competence of the involved specialists and the time spent on providing the services.

Why us

Quick solution of complex situations
Even with an in-house counsel, a representative office has one-off tasks, which require narrow qualifications and regular practice. Our firm employs lawyers, who constantly practice in specific areas of law. Therefore, you get experienced staff for one-off complex tasks, which greatly simplifies and speeds up their solution, working with us.
Transparent pricing system
The services of our firm are paid on an hourly basis, so you actually only pay for the time spent on your tasks. At the same time, working for a long time in this area, we have developed a report form, which transparently demonstrates performed work and eliminates a possibility of speculating with time.

We are ready to help you!

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Legal service for legal support of representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine

Our law firm has provided legal support for representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine for more than 10 years.

Oftentimes, a legal support of representative office activities starts from the moment, when the representative office itself is not legalized in Ukraine. This is due to the fact that we advise foreign companies even before entering the Ukrainian market, including offering different options for legal registration of activities in Ukraine.

Supporting the activities of representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine, we pay attention to:

  • formation of an objective understanding of legal risks by a head of the representative office / responsible person, taking into consideration the realities of Ukrainian legal enforcement;
  • monitor compliance of a parent company with anti-corruption legislation of the state, as well as FCPA regulations;
  • confidentiality of our relationship with a Client, as well as any data obtained as a result of our cooperation (Client's data are protected by technical equipments and procedures within the firm).

In addition to representative offices, foreign companies often open subsidiaries in Ukraine. In this case, our specialists pay special attention to the legal support of transfer pricing.

If you are interested in more detailed information about the services of our firm regarding legal support of a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine – please, contact us .

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