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Passing of inspection of state authorities
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What we offer

  • We check the enterprise for the compliance with the license regulations and eliminate nonconformities, if any;
  • We prepare a comprehensive package of documents for inspection; 
  • We advise the head of the enterprise on procedural aspects of the inspection; 
  • We directly participate in the inspection.


Required documents

List of documents
Premises documents
Document confirming the specialist’s qualification level

The documents you need to successfully pass a health care facility inspection inсlude:

  • Application for state accreditation;
  • Copy of the Regulation (Charter) of the healthcare facility certified by a notary (except for charters published on the electronic services portal);
  • Copy of the certificate of ownership or lease agreement of premises, other documents confirming the right to use premises and equipment necessary for providing treatment and preventive care, certified in accordance with the established procedure;
  • Approved structure of the health care facility;
  • Results of the facility’s activity analysis regarding the quality of medical care and evaluation criteria.

Using this list as an example, it is possible to draw up an idea of the documents that will be required to pass the license inspection. Of course, inspection of each type of activity will require different documents. 

We will make a preliminary list of the required documents for you and help you to prepare a complete set of documents.

The cost and term of legal support of the license inspection.

The cost of legal support services is calculated individually based on the scope of work.

The service period usually does not exceed 3 business days.
The following services shall be paid additionally:
  • obtaining extracts, certificates;
  • notarization;
  • obtaining additional documents or documents which the company lacks.

Why us

We can help successfully pass any inspection in the health care sector
We have a number of successful accreditations of health care facilities under our belt.
Extensive experience in various fields of law
Our multifaceted experience allows us to take on unusual and challenging cases.
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Our team strives for best results only, so we guarantee to meet the needs of our Clients.

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Pravova Dopomoga Law Firm provides legal support and assistance in preparing for and passing of the inspection for compliance with the license regulations in the field of:

  • Trade in medicinal products (pharmacies and pharmaceutical warehouses);
  • Medical practice (polyclinics, hospitals, medical centers, dispensaries, etc.);
  • Security activities, etc

The licensing authority conducts scheduled and unscheduled inspections of licensees for compliance with the license regulations on business activities (license inspections).

Following the inspection, they make up a report which may confirm the compliance with the law requirements or state the opposite (in the latter case, they issue an order to eliminate violations or make a decision to revoke the license).

The decision on license revocation may be appealed in the expert-appeal council or court.

In case of license revocation, a licensee won’t be able to obtain a license for the same type of activity within one year.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What document will I receive in case of successful inspection?

After the inspection, the licensee obtains a certificate on compliance with the requirements of the law or an improvement notice to eliminate nonconformities.

Can a license be revoked during the inspection?

Yes. In case of license revocation, a licensee won’t be able to obtain a license for the same type of activity within one year.

Can I continue practicing medicine before examination of appeal against the license revocation?

Pursuant to Article 21 of the Law of Ukraine “On Licensing of Certain Types of Economic Activity” (as amended and supplemented), the decision revoking the license comes into force 30 days after the date of its adoption. However, if during this period the licensee appeals the decision in the expert-appeal council, it shall be suspended until a specially authorized authority on licensing issues takes a relevant decision on your case.

Are individual entrepreneurs practicing medicine on the basis of the license issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine subject to state accreditation?

No, private practitioners (persons registered as individual entrepreneurs) who are licensed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and engaged in private medical practice, are not subject to state accreditation.

How can a lawyer help during the license inspection?

Any inspection is a stressful experience for several reasons.

First, because your business and your work is on the line.

Secondly, because many people do not know how to behave and what to do. They can lose attention and be confused in the process. As a result, they make errors in documents and delay their submission, which may be deemed to be an evasion by the licensing authority.

Thirdly, poor awareness of the process allows inspecting authority to feel more freely and probably to break a procedural order without you knowing this.

Our firm has been working in the legal services market for over 10 years. We have helped many of our regular and new Clients to successfully pass the inspection in various areas of licensed activity.

Our lawyer will relieve you of the burden and help you to undergo the entire procedure, feeling calm and staying confident.

For more information about the license inspection, see our publications on the website or contact our specialists.

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