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License inspection in Ukraine: legal support of successful completion

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Cost and term

Cost of the service is calculated individually and depends on the amount of work.

Term of the service provision usually does not exceed 3 business days.

What we do

Law firm “Pravova Dopomoga” provides services of preparation and legal support of inspections on compliance with license terms in the field of:

  • Wholesale or retail of medicines (drugstores and drug warehouses);
  • Medical practice (polyclinics, hospitals, medical centers, prophylactic medical establishments, etc.).

The service deals with both scheduled and unscheduled inspections and includes check of business entity compliance with license terms by our legal experts with further elimination of inconsistencies, preparation of complete documents set for inspection, advising of entity manager on the procedural aspect of inspection conduction, direct participation of lawyers during the inspection.

Important to know
  • Licensing authority performs scheduled and unscheduled inspections of licensees to determine whether business activities are conducted in compliance with license terms (license inspections);
  • After completion of inspection a document is issued which confirms compliance with the requirements of legislation or states the opposite (in latter case an order to eliminate violations is issued or a decision on license revocation is made);
  • Decision on license revocation can be appealed in expert counsel or court;
  • After license revocation a licensee will not have a right to obtain license for the same type of activities during one year.
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