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Accounting support for companies
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What we offer

  • clarification of the current legislation in the field of accounting;

  • consulting on planned, new tax changes;

  • elaboration of a scheme of bookkeeping;

  • setting up an accounting system from scratch and development of accounting policies;

  • restoration of accounting (as a result of data loss, lack of accounting);

  • tax planning for non-standard situations;

  • monitoring the completeness of the payment of taxes in a personal account of the taxpayer;

  • interaction with controlling bodies;

  • accounting support, payroll accounting, reporting, etc;

  • performance of express, thematic audits of accounting and tax accounting of a company;

  • audit of the accounting processes for the purpose of their further automation;

  • consulting and support in developing the business plan;

  • consulting and support in developing the financial model of the company;

  • support during inspections by regulatory authorities, and much more.


Documents required

List of documents
Information on your accounting needs
Information on your accounting needs
Answers to the questions asked by our experts about your situation
Answers to the questions asked by our experts about your situation
Documents requested by our specialists for better understanding of your situation.
Documents requested by our specialists for better understanding of your situation.

What issues does a foreign company (representative office) face when entering the Ukrainian market?

  • How to open a company (representative office), what you need for this and where to go;
  • What operations are legal and less risky?
  • What taxes must the company (representative office) pay?
  • What accounting and tax reports must be submitted, when and how often?
  • How are the relations with hired employees regulated and how should they be paid?
  • Features of the acquisition / sale of movable and immovable property.
  • How are the relations with foreign parent company regulated?
  • Other issues related to organizing and running a business, including its financial part.

Our experts will answer all of your questions and organize a process that will completely address your needs.

Tax legislation is constantly changing, and responding to changes in a timely manner is the key to a fully functioning business. Ignorance does not exempt from liability, and violations in accounting and tax reporting lead to administrative and (in some cases) criminal liability. 

Violations can be avoided. To do this, it is simply necessary to entrust a professional with administration of the financial side of the company.

What is included in accounting support of a foreign company (representative office)?

  • development of accounting policies;
  • drawing up a schedule of reporting and payment of taxes;
  • tax planning;
  • personnel support and payment of wages;
  • reflection of business operations in accounting and tax reports;
  • filing reports to the controlling bodies;
  • tax payment;
  • communicating with regulatory authorities and banking institutions;
  • monitoring changes in the legislation and formation of proposals on changing the processes of the company in accordance with the changes in the legislation;
  • consulting in terms of compliance with accounting and tax legislation;
  • other non-standard tasks related to accounting services (not included into the list).

Outsourcing of accounting services allows the owner to delegate accounting, tax planning and reporting tasks to professionals in this field. The owner is engaged in the management and development of the business, while our specialists handle the administrative processes and tasks.

Service packages offers

900 USD/quarter
  • Submission of necessary reports with minimal company activity;
  • Initial accounting advice to the Client.
from 1500 USD/month
  • Advanced accounting advice to the Client
  • Additional legal and personnel services for the Client (signing contracts, interaction with employees and counterparties, solving current issues)
  • Obtaining the necessary permits
from 3000 USD/month
  • Extended accounting advice to the Client
  • Additional legal and personnel services for the Client (signing contracts, interacting with employees and counterparties, resolving current issues)
  • Obtaining the necessary permits
  • Providing regular reports on the company's activities
  • "Project management" of the company
Audit Mini
Audit Mini
from 26 000 UAH
Audit of 1 area of ​​accounting (for example, only accounting for wages or only foreign economic activity), which will include:
  • analysis of constituent documents and accounting policies;
  • analysis of the features of the company's economic activity;
  • verification of the correctness of the accounting reflection of operations of a certain area of ​​​​accounting (for example: authorized and other funds; currency transactions, etc.);
  • verification of the correctness of the formation and submission of reports for a particular section;
  • selective verification of primary documents to confirm the reality of business transactions and the correctness of paperwork for a particular area;
  • identification of violations in the conduct of accounting and tax accounting;
  • description of the risks associated with the identified violations;
  • providing consultations and recommendations on elimination of revealed violations.
from 52 000 UAH
Audit of all business transactions and accounting processes in the company, which includes:
  • analysis of constituent documents and accounting policies;
  • analysis of the features of the company's economic activity;
  • verification of the correctness of the reflection of transactions in accounting in accordance with the rules of the Regulations on the conduct of accounting and the principles of the accounting policy of the company;
  • verification of the correctness of the calculation and payment of taxes;
  • verification of the correctness of the formation and submission of reports;
  • selective verification of primary documents to confirm the reality of business transactions and the correctness of paperwork;
  • identification of violations in the conduct of accounting and tax accounting;
  • description of the risks associated with the identified violations;
  • providing consultations and recommendations on elimination of revealed violations.

What is the cost of accounting support and audit in Kyiv?

Accounting support is a complex of services on accounting and tax accounting and auditing of your company, as well as consulting on accounting and taxation issues, which are challenging for non-specialists to cope with independently.

The main task of our specialists is to meet the needs of the client to the maximum extent possible. Individual approach to each client allows us to focus on the main needs of the client and form the most favorable price offer.

The cost of accounting support and consulting services depends on:

  • the taxation system of your company – payer of income tax under the general system or single tax payer;
  • VAT payer status – whether the company is a VAT payer or not;
  • the nature of business and the planned number of business operations per month – for example, a trading company with 3 operations per month or a manufacturing facility with 70 operations;
  • the number of officially employed workers and types of wages, e.g. employees work 40 hours a week and are paid according to their salaries, or the schedule of workers is irregular and overtime calculations are required;
  • the presence of import and export operations;
  • the need for full or partial accounting support, i.e. accounting with preparation of primary documents or only preparation and filing of reports;
  • presence / absence of accounting system;
  • the need for tax planning and forecasting;
  • other tasks related to financial activity of your business.

Why us

We’re always in touch.
We’re always in touch.
We neither go on vacation, nor take sick leave like an in-house accountant. Work is done when you need it.
You determine the work we perform
You determine the work we perform
We provide only the accounting services you need. This may be the answer to one burning question, or constant accounting support of your business.
A team of professionals
A team of professionals
Our specialists have experience in various fields of activity and can warn you about the possible risks of common mistakes before they occur.

We are ready to help you!

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Our successful projects

Accounting support for an organization from Kyiv
Successfully provided accounting services for a newly established charitable organization during 2023-2024
We registered the company, received an employment permit and appointed a foreign participant as director.
Legal and accounting services of a company with a license to work abroad

Accounting processes audit

An audit is a check on the accuracy of data recording, compliance of processes with the established norms.

Accounting processes audit is an analysis of the efficiency of accounting processes. High level of efficiency of accounting processes allows the owner to get information on financial indicators of the company as quickly as possible in order to promptly react to business activities.

For example, if you get information about the monthly profits of your company 10-15 days after the end of the month - you can not influence and manage the profits. And if you get information about business profits online ("here and now") - the final profit result is "in your hands". You can easily identify the wrong vector of movement and change it in time.

Why to audit the accounting processes?

This process allows you to detect deviations of internal and external accounting processes related to quality and speed of information processing.

What are the benefits of auditing of accounting processes? 

You get an opportunity to analyze:

  • the quality and operability of accounting processes;
  • "bottlenecks" of processes;
  • labor intensity that exceeds thresholds of acceptable norms.

The result of the audit of accounting processes
is the determination of work areas and processes that are subject to automation or robotization, which will reduce the time for processing financial data by times.

If you, as the owner, receive untimely or incomplete information about the financial state of your business, appeals from employees of the accounting (bookkeeping) department about failure to perform well or inquiries of supervisory authorities become more frequent - we recommend to apply to the audit of accounting processes.

Audit of accounting and tax reporting

Audit of financial and tax reporting is an audit of the company's accounting in accordance with the norms of the current legislation (accounting standards, tax code or other legislative norms).

Why accounting and tax accounting audit is important?

Audit provides the owner with confidence in the correctness of company accounting and completeness of tax payment. In its turn it allows reducing risks of penalties, checks by regulatory authorities and monitoring the competence of employees.

We recommend that you apply to the services of accounting and tax accounting audit if you are the owner/manager of the business and want to:

  • be confident in the accuracy of accounting and tax accounting of your company;
  • find and eliminate deviations before submitting a report or identifying an error by the supervisory authorities;
  • plan to conduct a restructuring, reorganization;
  • plan to conduct a change of director, chief accountant, founders;
  • provide insurance to your chief accountant in terms of identifying deviations in the case of mechanical/technical errors.

Our specialists can conduct an express audit of all business operations of the company, as well as certain areas of accounting or specific operations (thematic audit).

Top requests for audits include:

1.       Accounting and tax audit of payroll operations allows you to identify errors in the accrual of remuneration for work, to avoid penalty additional charges, financial fraud on the part of the accounting service.

Labor costs often occupy a major part of a company's expenses, and penalties for non-compliance with labor legislation are extremely high. The owner must be sure that the payroll data corresponds to reality, and taxes are paid in full. 

2.       Accounting audit of receivables and payables allows to reduce the risks of non-return of cash financing from debtors, to carry out the analysis of own solvency and solvency of clients, to reduce the risks of malicious operations, to confirm compliance with the standards and norms of legislation of accounting and tax accounting. 

3.       Accounting and tax audit of the company's assets allows to confirm the value of the company's assets, the correctness of recording the costs of repair and depreciation of fixed assets, the absence/presence of theft and unjustified loss of the company's assets.

According to the Law on Accounting, all balance sheet items must undergo a mandatory inventory before submitting the annual accounts. Therefore, we recommend conducting an express audit of all business operations of the company at least once a year. Express audit will allow you to quickly identify possible accounting deviations and to prevent them in the future.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Who benefits from outsourced accounting services?

Newly established companies, small and medium-sized businesses – those who want to devote more time to the development of the firm, who value professionalism in all areas of activity, foreign representative offices, seasonal activities.

What determines the cost of accounting services?

It all depends on the type of services and the extent to which they are required. If it is informational consulting, the cost depends on the amount of time spent on the consultation, on its complexity. If it is accounting, the cost depends on the number of business transactions, the type of taxation, the number of employees.

Is there a difference in accounting services for a Ukrainian company and a foreign representative office?

Yes, rules of accounting and taxation of foreign representative office are different from Ukrainian company. For the purpose of correct accounting, before concluding an agreement we conduct an interview with the owner to understand the specifics of the company, business plans for the next year and the goals that the business should achieve.

Can you not pay taxes in the first year of the company in Ukraine?

No, the current legislation does not provide for a direct tax exemption. But, our specialists can help you choose the optimal taxation system and develop tax optimization mechanisms for your business.

When may you need outsourced accounting services?

Accounting rules are regulated by International and National standards. Many norms of these standards are intertwined, and if you are a professional in accounting of any country, it will not be difficult for you to understand the National Accounting Standards of Ukraine. The same cannot be said about the tax legislation. The tax legislation of each country has many nuances, and failure to take them into account can lead to penalties. It is these nuances that require an accountant from the company's country of operation.

The task of the owner is to develop a company (foreign representative office) in the country of presence, and the task of our specialists is to provide professional assistance in the legal and accounting support of the business.

Let's imagine a situation where a newly established company is just starting out and it does not have a large amount of work for an accountant. It hire an employee to this workload, or a part-time job. The level of knowledge of this employee is unlikely to be high, since the company is not ready to pay high salaries to a professional. The accountant works as best s/he can. 

Turnover grows, so does the need for a more skilled approach. Change the employee? Advance his/her level? These are additional worries. In addition, the employee was not ready for higher volume, makes mistakes that result in penalties. And not all employees are ready to upgrade their skills.

Or another situation. The company works, but the accountant, for whatever reason, decides to quit. The search for a new accountant takes time and money you can spend on business development.

Or you have a seasonal business, which does not require year-round maintenance of an accountant on the staff.

In all these situations, the simplest solution is to contact a firm that provides outsourced accounting support services. This will help you get quality services right away, without wasting time and resources. 

We also provide accounting consulting services. If you have a question you can't find the answer, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll help.

Legal consulting on accounting support of companies

If you want to understand how the accounting service of the company will proceed and get answers to basic questions about accounting we recommend to address for introductory consultation to our specialists.

At the introductory consultation a lawyer will tell you:

  • What volume of services can be ordered (we provide both comprehensive accounting support and individual services, for example, solving the issues of tax optimization);
  • What will be optimal for your company based on the specifics of your activity;
  • What the first steps to take in order to optimize the tax burden and set up an accounting process.

Introductory consultation will allow you to evaluate our professionalism and receive answers to basic questions concerning accounting support of your company.

We offer legal assistance to foreign companies not only at the beginning of their activities in Ukraine, but also in the process of business development.

Our offer of cooperation for foreign Clients.

The cost of accounting support services, including outsourcing, depends on the type and amount of services you need.

We provide both assistance at the start of your business, and the solution of individual issues of tax optimization and outsourcing bookkeeping of your business.

Outsourcing accountant takes full responsibility for accounting and reporting, and the owner is not distracted from optimization of your business.

You apply to us with a task, set us a final goal. We stipulate the stages of solving this task, choose an individual plan of action and get to work. We agree on the term of accounting support of the company individually.

Our services can include full accounting support - issuing primary documents, forming of postings schemes, accounting policies, etc.

Why to use professional accounting services?

Entrusting us with the organization of accounting support, you get a number of advantages:

  • Savings. There is no need to recruit staff, the cost of training and professional development, as well as the cost of organizing the workplace of the accountant. You do not spend time on independent study and acquisition of skills. After all, it takes years to fully understand the accounting system with all the pitfalls.
  • In-depth expertise in terms of both accounting and legal aspects. We follow all changes in the legislation of Ukraine and build our work accordingly. Our staff includes only professional lawyers and accountants.
  • Professional organization of the accounting system. You get calculation of taxes and reporting without penalties.
  • Solving complex problems. We solve the issues of any complexity and are ready to choose for you the most advantageous scheme of work.

If you want to get quality accounting services – we are ready to help you.

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