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Cost of services

Cost of services:

from at 8000 UAH
Business Accounting Services
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What we offer

Business accounting services include a consultation on issues that are difficult to manage without assistance, as well as a set of services for keeping records of your business activities. The business accounting service include:

  • Clarification of the current legislation in the sphere of accounting;
  • Consulting on planned changes;
  • Development of the business accounting scheme;
  • Corporate tax planning for a  non-standard situation;
  • Monitoring of the company’s data in the taxpayer personal account;
  • Accounting support for maintaining records, accrual and payment of wages, filing reports, etc.;
  • Legal support during inspections of regulatory authorities, and much more.


Documents required

List of documents
Information on your accounting needs
Answers to the questions asked by our experts about your situation
Documents requested by our specialists for better understanding of your situation.

Service packages offers

900 USD/quarter
  • Submission of necessary reports with minimal company activity;
  • Initial accounting advice to the Client.
from 1500 USD/month
  • Advanced accounting advice to the Client
  • Additional legal and personnel services for the Client (signing contracts, interaction with employees and counterparties, solving current issues)
  • Obtaining the necessary permits
from 3000 USD/month
  • Extended accounting advice to the Client
  • Additional legal and personnel services for the Client (signing contracts, interacting with employees and counterparties, resolving current issues)
  • Obtaining the necessary permits
  • Providing regular reports on the company's activities
  • "Project management" of the company

Consultation of a lawyer on accounting support of companies

If you want to understand how the accounting support of the company will work and to get answers to basic questions about accounting, we recommend to address for an introductory consultation with our specialists.

At the introductory consultation the lawyer will tell you:

  • What amount of services can be ordered (we conduct both comprehensive accounting support, and perform separate actions, for example, solve the issues of tax optimization);
  • What will be optimal for your company, based on the specifics of your activity;
  • What the first steps to take in order to optimize the tax burden and set up an accounting process.

Introductory consultation will allow you to evaluate our professionalism and get answers to basic questions, which relate to accounting support of your enterprise.

Тhe сost of the consultation of a lawyer of accounting support - from 2500 UAH. If you order the service, the price of the consultation will be included in its cost.

We offer legal assistance to foreign companies not only at the start of their activities in Ukraine, but also in the process of business development.

Our offer of cooperation for foreign Сlients.

The price of business accounting services, including outsource services, depends on the type and extent of services you need.

We provide both assistance at the start of your business, and solving of individual emerging issues of tax optimization and outsourced accounting of your business.

Outsourced accountant takes full responsibility for accounting and reporting, and nothing distract the business owner from the business development.

You contact us with a task and describe the desired result. We negotiate the stages of solving this task, offer an individual action plan and start working. 

Our services may include full business accounting - extracts of source documents, schemes of accounting entries, accounting policies, etc.

Why us

We’re always in touch.
We neither go on vacation, nor take sick leave like an in-house accountant. Work is done when you need it.
You determine the work we perform
We provide only the accounting services you need. This may be the answer to one burning question, or constant accounting support of your business.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected], by phone number +38 044 499 47 99or by filling out the form:

Our successful projects

Returned Single Tax Payer Status to the Sole proprietorship
17/06/2020 returned Sole proprietorship to the register of single tax payers.

What are the advantages of professional accounting services?

By entrusting us with the organization of business accounting, you get a number of advantages:

  • Saving. There is no need to recruit staff, spend resources on their training and professional development, as well as on the arrangement of the accountant’s workplace. You do not waste time on education and skills acquisition. It’s worth remembering that it will take years to fully understand the accounting system with all its pitfalls.
  • Deep expertise both in accounting, and in legal sphere. We follow all the changes in Ukrainian legislation and build our work accordingly. Our staff consists only of professional lawyers and accountants.
  • We professionally organize the accounting system. You get the calculation of taxes and reporting without fines.
  • Solution of complex problems. We solve problems of any complexity and can offer you the most profitable scheme of work.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Who may be interested in outsourced accounting services?

Newly created enterprises, small and medium businesses - those who want to devote more time to the development of the company;, Those who recognize the value of professionalism in all branches of activity;, Foreign representative offices;, Seasonal businesses.

What factors affect the price of accounting services?

It all depends on the type and extent of service required. In case of the customer guidance - consulting, the service price depends on the amount of time spent on consultation, its complexity. In case of business accounting, the price depends on the number of business operations, type of taxation, number of employees.

When may you need the outsourced accounting services?

Let’s imagine a situation when a newly established company is just starting its operation and it does not have a lot of work for an accountant. You hire an employee for this volume of work, or a part-time job. The level of knowledge of this employee is not likely to be high, because the company is not ready to pay high wages to a professional. An accountant works to the best of his/her ability. 

Turnover is increasing, and you need a more qualified approach. What to do? To change an employee? To increase his/her level? It’s additional expenses. In addition, the employee is not ready for an increase in work volumes, makes mistakes that lead to fines. Moreover, not all employees are ready for advanced training.

Or let’s imagine another situation. The company works, but the accountant, for some reason, decides to quit. Finding a new accountant takes time and money, which you can spend on your business development.

Or you have a seasonal business, which does not require year-round maintenance of an in-house accountant.

In all these situations, the easiest solution will be to contact the firm that provides the outsourced accounting services. This will help you immediately get quality services, without extra time and resources. 

We also render accounting consulting services. If you have a question to which you can not find the answer, don’t hesitate to call us and we will help you.

If you want to get quality accounting services - we are ready to help you

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