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Professional accounting services for charitable organizations in Ukraine. Let's talk about a case: assistance to German philanthropists in establishing and managing charitable activities in Ukraine.


Financial support for rehabilitation institutions: inclusion in the List according to Resolution No. 309. Our law firm is ready to provide qualified support in the process of inclusion in the List.


Solving the restaurant problem through alternative liquidation of LLC. Legal assistance in resolving complex situations, taking into account tax sanctions for business.


Let's consider the process of opening a bank account for non-residents in Ukraine, providing useful advice. Let's focus on the possibility of opening an account remotely with the support of our expert.


License comparison: electricity supply vs. electricity trading. Which option is more advantageous for your business?


How to rebrand a company and change the names of foreign representation branches in Ukraine? We'll tell you through a successful case study.

Comments on legislation


Licensing of cosmetology activities: requirements and procedures. Detailed overview from a medical law attorney.


Tax aspects of relocating to Spain for Ukrainians. Rules for residents and non-residents, tax payments in Ukraine and Spain.


Conditions for entry into Ukraine during martial law. Documents, visas, lawyer advice.


Let's consider the specifics of licensing in the field of rehabilitation and discuss the possible consequences of unauthorized practice. We will explain the specific requirements for specialists in the field of rehabilitation.


A public organization is one of the types of Public Associations. When creating an NGO in Ukraine, there are several important differences compared to the registration of other legal entities, including requirements for founders.


The government has simplified the process for volunteers to extend their stay in Ukraine. What are the conditions regarding the duration and exchange of temporary residence permits during wartime? Can problems arise if the permit expires during a state of war?

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What VAT rates can an entrepreneur expect in the United Arab Emirates and in which cases is a company exempt from paying income tax. Legal support of business abroad.

Legal advice on obtaining a license for casinos in Ukraine and the protection of personal data of visitors in casinos.
Vladimir Misyurak, the specialized lawyer of the medicinal law of the “Pravovaya pomoshch” (“Legal assistance”) Company, answered to readers’ questions
Lawyer of our law firm provides comments concerning consumer protection...
Lawyer's clarifications on legal effect of real estate registration after formalization of last will and testament
Our article about penalties for violations of legislation on advertising in pharmaceutical industry

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Why it is worth concluding a contract with the NHIA and what are the requirements for participation in the program? A medical law attorney will explain the benefits you will receive from entering into a contract with the NHIA, as well as the requirements to be met.


Changes to licensing conditions in the field of medical practice are becoming a necessity as well as an opportunity to improve the quality of medical services. Let's consider the most significant innovations in the licensing conditions for conducting business activities in medical practice, as well as their impact on the functioning of medical institutions.


Today, we have a large number of citizens who, without proper medical education, claim to be qualified "doctors." How to understand that a person is not actually a doctor? Let's discuss this topic, focusing especially on psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists.


Considering the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, changes have occurred in Ukrainian legislation regarding the procedure for acquiring citizenship. One of the key changes is the introduction of a comprehensive exam on the basics of the Constitution and the history of Ukraine as a mandatory requirement for obtaining citizenship.

What documents must be issued to personnel for the production of veterinary drugs?
Stages of closing a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine.