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Publications of our law firm

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08.07.2020 How to open a private kindergarten in Ukraine? What are the requirements for the premises and staff of the kindergarten for its opening? Legal advice.
06.07.2020 Opening a bank account for a foreigner in Ukraine The process of opening an account in a Ukrainian bank for a foreigner
30.06.2020 How to sell precursors in a pharmacy? Do I need an additional license? Should You get two licenses if you want to trade precursors in a pharmacy?
23.06.2020 How to open a physiotherapy cabinet in a clinic? Obtaining a license for a physiotherapist How to apply for a license to provide physiotherapy services? Legal advice.
22.06.2020 How is the accounting of a public organization in Ukraine maintained? How to draw up funds received to the account of a public organization? Accountant Tips.
06.07.2020 Requirements for adoptive parents in Ukraine Requirements for the age, material condition and place of residence of the adoptive parent in Ukraine. Do you fit the requirements?
26.06.2020 To register an inheritance for a land share: procedure and taxation You have inherited a land plot - what to do next? Legal advice.
12.06.2020 Head of the representative office in Ukraine: what power of attorney is needed and on what basis does it work? How to draw up a power of attorney for the head of a representative office in Ukraine? Does he need any other documents?
12.06.2020 How to legalize the activities of non-profit organizations? Lawyer's assistance to public organizations, charitable foundations. Legal assistance.
10.06.2020 General taxation system for LLC in Ukraine: advice of an accountant What you need to know about accounting in the general taxation system? Accountant Tips.
06.05.2019 Lawyer’s consultation in the question-answer format for the “Laboratornoe delo” (“Laboratory business”) magazine Vladimir Misyurak, the specialized lawyer of the medicinal law of the “Pravovaya pomoshch” (“Legal assistance”) Company, answered to readers’ questions
24.01.2017 Fitness centers and protection of right of their consumers in Ukraine Lawyer of our law firm provides comments concerning consumer protection...
23.06.2014 Dissolution of "exhausted" enterprises: necessary again A post from blog of Volodymyr Gurlov, partner of law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" 
29.10.2013 Our lawyer gives answer to the newspaper reader regarding protection of rights in the European Court Our lawyer's comment on how to protect your right to a higer pension in the European Court
18.10.2013 Material on labour rights of students Our lawyer provided his comments regarding official employment of full-time students
10.07.2020 How to get a license for wholesale fuel without places of sale? Obtain a license to wholesale fuel without a place of sale quickly. Help of a lawyer in Ukraine.
10.07.2020 Electricity Sales Accounting What reports does the electricity supplier submit? Help accountant.
09.07.2020 Financial license in NBU: currency license, leasing license and others Financial license, currency license and other licenses for financial activities in the NBU. What is the procedure for issuing a financial license now?
07.07.2020 Consultation of a migration lawyer in Ukraine: questions on residence permit, visa D and much more Solve issues with a D visa, an overdue stay in Ukraine, and much more. Legal advice.
03.07.2020 How is it right for a doctor to conclude a contract with an NCSU? Is it profitable to conclude an agreement with the NCSU? How to do it and what are the chances?
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