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13.01.2020 How can an electricity supplier accede to the Distribution System Operator (Oblenergo)? How difficult is acceding to the Distribution System Operator? What questions may arise in the process?
11.01.2020 How to start the activities with precursors if there are about forty persons who should be authorized to work with them? How to handle the formalities concerning the work with precursors if it is expected that a large number of persons would be authorized to work with them? Could this give rise to problems?
10.01.2020 Legal assistance to the foreign companies, which want to deal with outstaffing in Ukraine Our experience in handling the formalities concerning outstaffing relationships in Ukraine. About what should you be aware?
08.01.2020 How to open a health business? Practical options of tax optimization How to choose an optimal tax scheme for health or any other business? Case from the tax lawyer’s practice!
03.01.2020 How to register medical devices? What problems may arise during declaring of medical equipment in Ukraine? What documents should be issued for the import of medical devices to Ukraine?
17.01.2020 What is the difference between a psychologist and psychotherapist office set up? Are there any differences between the procedures for opening a psychologist and psychotherapist office? How do they differ? Find out more!
16.01.2020 Is it possible to draw up an employment agreement in foreign currency and get paid a salary in foreign currency in Ukraine? Is it possible to set the salary in the employment agreement and pay it to a Ukrainian citizen in dollars or other foreign currency? How to keep track of the exchange rate?
15.01.2020 How to take a child abroad for a long time without the other parent’s permission? What to do if you need to take a child abroad for more than 1 month, but the other parent says NO? Learn more!
14.01.2020 How to change the founders of a non-profit organization? How to change the founder of a non-profit organization? For example, to exclude a founder from the charter of a non-governmental organization? Read more in our publication!
09.01.2020 How can a foreigner enter into marriage in Ukraine? How and where can a foreigner enter into marriage in Ukraine? Find out more about the procedure and the documents for the marriage of a foreigner in Ukraine.
06.05.2019 Lawyer’s consultation in the question-answer format for the “Laboratornoe delo” (“Laboratory business”) magazine Vladimir Misyurak, the specialized lawyer of the medicinal law of the “Pravovaya pomoshch” (“Legal assistance”) Company, answered to readers’ questions
24.01.2017 Fitness centers and protection of right of their consumers in Ukraine Lawyer of our law firm provides comments concerning consumer protection...
23.06.2014 Dissolution of "exhausted" enterprises: necessary again A post from blog of Volodymyr Gurlov, partner of law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" 
29.10.2013 Our lawyer gives answer to the newspaper reader regarding protection of rights in the European Court Our lawyer's comment on how to protect your right to a higer pension in the European Court
18.10.2013 Material on labour rights of students Our lawyer provided his comments regarding official employment of full-time students
10.12.2019 The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine again issues the licenses for mediation in employment abroad The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine again issues the licenses. What has changed? Find out more!
04.12.2019 Changes to legislation on registration of legal entities (LLC) Legal news! Changes in the process of registration and introduction of amendments to the charter of enterprises.
03.12.2019 The Ministry of Digital Transformation: what will it do and how will it affect your business? What responsibilities will the Ministry of DT have and how its work can affect your business? Find out more!
14.11.2019 A separate group of single tax for IT individual entrepreneurs: what are the peculiarities of taxation in the IT sphere? What is said about the new 5th group of single tax for IT industry workers? How can the imposition of a new tax group have an impact on work and activities of IT sphere?
12.11.2019 The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine has stopped issuance of licenses for mediation in employment abroad How to obtain a license for employment abroad if the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine simply does not issue them? Read the news!
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