MainPublications of our law firm

Publications of our law firm

Publications of law firm Pravova Dopomoga

"Representative experience" - a real cases from our practice and their solutions. This subsection may be of special interest because it highlights practical aspects grouped by categories and also can give an insight on practical experience of our firm.

"Comments on legislation" - analytical materials prepared during work on specific request of our Clients, preparation of reports for the various events (conferences, seminars, business lunches etc.) and study of specific issues within the implementation process of firm projects.

"Publications in media" - our comments and reviews of the legislation published in media and in most cases prepared on their request.

Our latest publications
29.12.2017 News on the procedure of getting a precursor chemicals license in 2017 Our company get five precursor chemicals licenses in 2017. We had Clients from Odessa, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk and Kirovograd regions.
28.12.2017 Accompanied a registration of a sole trader in another region In November 2017 we had a Client who planned to register his business in Kyiv but he has a place of residence in Cherson region. 
26.12.2017 Register a sole trader in Kyiv We had a Client, who wanted to register a sole trader and open his business on providing advertising services, in December 2017. He wasn’t sure whether he could register as a sole trader in Kyiv, having a place of registration in Donetsk. 
13.12.2017 Established a company for a Swedish citizen in Ukraine In November 2017 a Swedish citizen called on our company. He wanted to establish his own firm which provides marketing services in Ukraine.
17.10.2017 Appealed a decision of licensing state body in expert-appeal council

We had a Client who wanted to get a foreign employment agency license in April 2017. After several negative empty decisions, we appealed it in expert-appeal council and get a positive result.

19.01.2018 Essence of leasing and the most popular types of it

Providing of leasing services is actual topic during an economic crisis. A leasing is one of the most effective ways to give equipment for entrepreneurs, who don’t have enough money, in a temporary paid usage. 

12.12.2017 Trading of alcohol and tobacco via Internet Trading of alcohol and tobacco is one of the most profitable spheres of business today. We will try to examine whether retail of alcohol is legal via Internet.
23.11.2017 The procedure of getting a temporary residence permit through the foundation of company in Ukraine Nowadays more and more foreigners call on our company for registration their own business in Ukraine. We will examine the procedure of starting your own business in Ukraine and the procedure of further employment of a foreigner.
21.09.2017 The procedure of getting temporary residence permit for a foreigner-volunteer Laws of Ukraine guarantee a real opportunity to get a temporary residence permit for a foreigner-volunteer so let's look through the practical aspects of this procedure
30.08.2017 Regulatory requirements for retail of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products in Ukraine In order to launch your own business in the field of alcoholic beverages and tobacco retail one should know several aspects compliance with which is compulsory for receiving permit to sell goods subject to excise tax...
24.01.2017 Fitness centers and protection of right of their consumers in Ukraine Lawyer of our law firm provides comments concerning consumer protection...
23.06.2014 Dissolution of "exhausted" enterprises: necessary again A post from blog of Volodymyr Gurlov, partner of law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" 
29.10.2013 Our lawyer gives answer to the newspaper reader regarding protection of rights in the European Court Our lawyer's comment on how to protect your right to a higer pension in the European Court
18.10.2013 Material on labour rights of students Our lawyer provided his comments regarding official employment of full-time students
10.10.2013 Our lawyer's comments for "Segodnya" newspaper Lawyer of law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" provides answers to readers of Segodnya newspaper
19.10.2017 Licensing of medicines' distributon is proposed by a bill News about licensing of medicines' distributon in Ukraine
20.09.2017 Ministry of Justice of Ukraine approves instruction on cross-border collection of alimony Ukrainian Ministry of Justice adopted instruction on international collection of alimony and other forms of family support...
23.08.2017 Cabinet of Ministers approved new risk criteria for security companies in Ukraine This August the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved new regulations in regard to risk criteria of security compaies' activities...
02.08.2017 A new bill with amendments to license regulations concerning foreign employment is proposed in Ukraine Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine proposed amendments regarding regulations on issuance of licenses for foreign employment agency services in Ukraine...
20.07.2017 New regulations on work permits in Ukraine soon to enter into forсe President signs new regulations on work permits and residence permits issuance in Ukraine...
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