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What is tested during a factual inspection and what are the most common reasons for conducting it? Is it possible to foresee it and prepare in a timely manner? Legal support during a tax audit


What is considered a temporary structure? Why do you need a Passport for binding temporary buildings, who issues it and for how long. How to buy or sell a temporary structure – a kiosk, pavilion or SAF (small architectural forms)?


In what cases is a sales contract drawn up, and when are deliveries. How to correctly indicate in the contract the risk of accidental destruction or damage to goods (property). The form of the contract of sale or delivery.


Temporary or permanent residence permit as the basis for stay in Ukraine. Options for obtaining a visa in Ukraine: short-term, long-term and transit visa. Duration of stay and extension of visa or residence permit.


How to prepare in a timely manner for a scheduled tax audit? On the procedure for conducting a scheduled inspection. At what stage to engage a tax lawyer and why do you need a lawyer during a tax audit?


Criteria for obtaining a permanent residence permit for volunteers and religious workers. The procedure for obtaining a permanent residence permit is now available, but what are the requirements for recipients of the document?

Comments on legislation


What is a registration certificate for a house and apartment and its validity period? The procedure for conducting technical inventory and producing a technical passport. Registration of a technical passport for construction.


What does the legalization of medical cannabis involve? Cannabis cultivation in Ukraine for industrial and medical purposes. How to prepare for those who want to grow medical cannabis?


How to become a member of the electricity business in Ukraine and enter the feed-in tariff market? Stages of obtaining a license for electricity and approval of the tariff in the NEURC. Development of a roadmap for the turnkey energy business.


What should be prepared for when checking? The main requirement established by the new law for spouses. What is fraught with the recognition of your marriage fictitious? Comments of a lawyer on migration law.


What are the requirements for concluding contracts for the provision of security services? What should be considered when concluding a contract of protection. Legal assistance to a security company


What are the options for determining contract pricing? On the procedure for paying the cost of services or goods. Currency restrictions and tax obligations under the contract in Ukraine.

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What VAT rates can an entrepreneur expect in the United Arab Emirates and in which cases is a company exempt from paying income tax. Legal support of business abroad.

Legal advice on obtaining a license for casinos in Ukraine and the protection of personal data of visitors in casinos.
Vladimir Misyurak, the specialized lawyer of the medicinal law of the “Pravovaya pomoshch” (“Legal assistance”) Company, answered to readers’ questions
Lawyer of our law firm provides comments concerning consumer protection...
Lawyer's clarifications on legal effect of real estate registration after formalization of last will and testament
Our article about penalties for violations of legislation on advertising in pharmaceutical industry

Legislation news & FAQ

What documents must be issued to personnel for the production of veterinary drugs?
Stages of closing a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine.
Is it possible to close the representative office of the company in Ukraine in 2023? Where to begin?
How to prepare the Charter of a public organization in Ukraine?
How to get a license for a private security guard in Ukraine in 2022?
Who is eligible for tax amnesty in Ukraine in 2023?