MainPublications of our law firm

Publications of our law firm

Publications of law firm Pravova Dopomoga

"Representative experience" - a real cases from our practice and their solutions. This subsection may be of special interest because it highlights practical aspects grouped by categories and also can give an insight on practical experience of our firm.

"Comments on legislation" - analytical materials prepared during work on specific request of our Clients, preparation of reports for the various events (conferences, seminars, business lunches etc.) and study of specific issues within the implementation process of firm projects.

"Publications in media" - our comments and reviews of the legislation published in media and in most cases prepared on their request.

Our latest publications
01.08.2018 Provided legal support for the deal on construction company sale

Our law firm acted as a legal advisor during sale of construction company with very particular list of permitted works.

31.07.2018 Our lawyers assisted a client who previously obtained license for employment agency with our help with informing licensing authority about changes in license case

We have drafted a foreign economic contract and notified the Ministry of Social Policy about changes, which occurred in the Client’s license case.

26.07.2018 Our firm has registered a company in Ukraine and obtained a residence permit for a US citizen

At the end of 2018 a US citizen, who was interested in bringing his firm’s product (security hardware and software) on the Ukrainian market, contacted our firm.

25.07.2018 Provided legal advice on the organization of IT-business in Ukraine

During provision of the legal advice we have selected for our Client the best variant of the organization of IT-business in Ukraine.

23.07.2018 Our lawyers helped a US citizen with his family to settle in Ukraine for conducting charitable activities

Our law firm provided full legal support for a family moving from the USA to Ukraine for setting up a charity.

25.07.2018 Requirements of Ukrainian legislation regarding a wheelchair ramp and a call button during drugstore opening

This publication is designed to provide more details on requirements of licensing regulations regarding approachability of a drugstore premise for people with disabilities

16.07.2018 Telecommunications license. Inconsistencies of applicable Law

Inconsistencies  of provisions  of the Law «On Licensing of Types of Economic Activity » and the Law «On Telecommunications» in relation to the cancellation of licensing requirements

26.06.2018 Distinctive features of activities of charitable organization from the perspective of administrative costs arising in the process of their activities

Concept and composition of administrative costs in a charitable organization. Features of accounting.

25.06.2018 Shift from paper form to online licenses for business activities in Ukraine After the licensing authorities stopped providing confirmation of license issuance on paper (due to requirements of the new law) business owners are often concerned with the ways in which they now can confirm legality of their activities...
14.05.2018 Requirements for a drugstore personnel for obtaining the license

New requirements for a drugstore personnel for obtaining the license, provided by the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers no. 929 dated the 30th of November, 2016

24.01.2017 Fitness centers and protection of right of their consumers in Ukraine Lawyer of our law firm provides comments concerning consumer protection...
23.06.2014 Dissolution of "exhausted" enterprises: necessary again A post from blog of Volodymyr Gurlov, partner of law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" 
29.10.2013 Our lawyer gives answer to the newspaper reader regarding protection of rights in the European Court Our lawyer's comment on how to protect your right to a higer pension in the European Court
18.10.2013 Material on labour rights of students Our lawyer provided his comments regarding official employment of full-time students
10.10.2013 Our lawyer's comments for "Segodnya" newspaper Lawyer of law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" provides answers to readers of Segodnya newspaper
16.07.2018 A new Law « On Using Transplantation of Human Anatomic Material » was adopted in Ukraine.

Innovation related to the Law dated May 17, 2018, which regulates the transplantation of human anatomic material.

05.07.2018 License regulations on educations are to be simplified in Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a number of changes regarding license regulations for educational institutions...
22.05.2018 Distinctive features of the new law on limited liability and additional liability companies in Ukraine In February of 2018 Ukrainian Parliament adopted law no. 2275 "On limited liability and additional liability companies" which amends regulations regarding the said types of legal entities...
18.04.2018 Procedure of disinfectants registration in Ukraine is changed On the 14th of March 2018 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by its Resolution no. 178 changed the procedure of registration (re-registration) of disinfectants in Ukraine...
03.04.2018 Ministry of Health cancels old medical forms for medical institutions and private practitioners Ministry of Health cancelled old paper forms for doctors...