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07.02.2020 Employment Agencies And Businesses In 2020: Who Shall Pay For Services, Changes In Legislation And Other News Frequently asked questions relating to the licensing of employment agencies in Ukraine. News in the field of licensing of overseas employment agencies.
05.02.2020 What To Do If The Court’s Order Contains An Error Or The Necessary Information Is Not Specified Therein? How to correct an error in the court’s order? What should you file for: a new order or clarification?
04.02.2020 Can Two Doctors Work In A Single Office? How To Properly Obtain The License? Can two doctors with different specialties work in a single office? How to properly register their activity?
31.01.2020 Product Certification In Ukraine What is the product certification process in Ukraine? Which products shall be certified in Ukraine?
14.02.2020 Сan CIS Citizens Obtain A Residence Permit Without Leaving Ukraine? How can the CIS citizens obtain a residence permit in Ukraine? Can they obtain a residence permit in Ukraine without going abroad?
13.02.2020 Legal Support Of Medical Businesses What is legal and accounting support of medical business? Legal consultation in Ukraine.
12.02.2020 Day-Ahead And Intraday Market: How To Register? Day-ahead and intraday market - why do you need to register? Energy Lawyer Consultation.
11.02.2020 How To Become An Electricity Supplier: Market Of Bilateral Agreements What is a bilateral agreement in the electricity market and why is it needed? What other agreements do you need to work in the electricity market?
06.02.2020 Energy Lawyer Consulting: Electricity Supply And Trading What is involved in the energy lawyer consultation? Frequently asked questions.
06.05.2019 Lawyer’s consultation in the question-answer format for the “Laboratornoe delo” (“Laboratory business”) magazine Vladimir Misyurak, the specialized lawyer of the medicinal law of the “Pravovaya pomoshch” (“Legal assistance”) Company, answered to readers’ questions
24.01.2017 Fitness centers and protection of right of their consumers in Ukraine Lawyer of our law firm provides comments concerning consumer protection...
23.06.2014 Dissolution of "exhausted" enterprises: necessary again A post from blog of Volodymyr Gurlov, partner of law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" 
29.10.2013 Our lawyer gives answer to the newspaper reader regarding protection of rights in the European Court Our lawyer's comment on how to protect your right to a higer pension in the European Court
18.10.2013 Material on labour rights of students Our lawyer provided his comments regarding official employment of full-time students
14.02.2020 What Is Termination Of Citizenship? How can citizenship be terminated? Get answers to your questions at the migration lawyer consultation!
12.02.2020 What Authority Performs The Functions Of The Sanitary And Epidemiological Service In Ukraine Today? What is the product certification procedure in Ukraine today and what authority is responsible for it? Find out more!
10.02.2020 How To Set Up An Electric Vehicle Charging Station? Legal Advice What does it take to set up an electric vehicle charging station in Ukraine? Can it become a business to make money?
05.02.2020 Where To Apply For An Electricity Supply License? Where to apply for an Electricity License? Timeframe for obtaining an Electricity Licence.
03.02.2020 Online Service For Issuing Pharmacy Licences: How Does It Work And What To Expect? Will it be easier to get a Pharmacy License online? What to expect from the new online service?
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