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Companies with various licenses

Buy LLC with private security license
  • Provided the full information o features of a company which will be sold – period of registration and getting a license, district of registration, financial documentation and other matters which may be interested for a client;
  • After you provide a bail we reserve a security company for you for a period of time which is necessary to check its license, corporation documents, financial documentation and also its reissuance for new owners;
  • Help to conduct reissue of a company “turnkey” or do it by ourselves, including notarization of the documents;
  • Report to the licensing body (the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine) about changes which were conducted, out them into the licensing register by appointment;
  • Consult on matters of conducting a security activity and following of the Licensing regulations.
Purchase (sale) of finance lease company in Ukraine
  • we analyze your needs regarding the characteristics of the company you would like to acquire, and select the appropriate offer based on your chosen name, taxation system, registration date, etc .;
  • we provide information about a company suitable for you, and after making an advance payment, we reserve it for you;
  • we provide all the necessary data so that you have the opportunity to check: whether the company is registered in the register of financial institutions, whether there is a leasing license, whether the constituent documents are in order, whether the company has debts, etc.;
  • we carry out all the organizational aspects when you buy a company, including a meeting with a notary and preparation of all necessary documents;as an additional service, we offer support when re-registering a company for a new owner.
Buy a firm with foreign employment agency license
  • Sell companies that have a foreign partner;
  • Notify the licensing authority of Ukraine of the changes implemented in the company and make changes to the licensing register by agreement;
  • Re-register companies “on a turn-key basis”, including notarization of the necessary documents;
  • Provide all information about the company being sold: date of registration and licensing, information on the foreign partner, the state of bookkeeping and other questions from the client;
  • Reserve the company for the client for the time needed to check its licence, constituent documents, budget payments etc. after having received the advance;
  • Consult on the matters of brokering activities in foreign employment and compliance with licence conditions.
Buy a construction company
  • obtain initial information from the Client regarding the characteristics which the acquired company has to comply with (??registration district, tax system, list of necessary works in the annex to the license etc.);
  • select a relevant construction company that meets the requirements of the Client;
  • after agreeing upon the contractual and financial aspects, provide the constitutional and accounting documents for the Client to review;
  • close the sale deal at the notary;
  • if necessary, provide re-registration services of the construction company, as well as notifying the licensing authority regarding the changes being made.
Buy a financial institution
  • find out from the Client the basic information about characteristics, which a financial institution that is to be purchased must have (name, address, accounting system, list of types of financial services to be provided etc.);
  • provide a list of financial institutions for selection in accordance with the Client’s requirements after an advance payment is made;
  • after selecting the suitable financial institution, the Client can check its license, constitutional documents and get acquainted with an accounting system;
  • arrange a meeting with the notary to sign sale contract;
  • if necessary, support the procedure of re-registration of an institution "on a turn-key basis", as well as notify the licensing body about changes and include them in the register of financial institutions.
Buy a company with a license for telecommunication services
  • selling companies with a license on telecommunication services;
  • doing the re-registration of the company “turn key” including the organisation of notarizing the documents;
  • giving the full information about characteristics of the selling company: date of registration and obtaining license,  accounting and about another questions, which are interesting for a client;
  • reserving a company by customer for time, which is needed to check the license, constitutive documents, condition of the  budget calculation and so on. (reservation is possible only after the payment an advance);

For separate arrangements:

  • escorting the procedure of changes in license authority - National commission for the state regulation of communications and informatization;
  • entering to the register of the value-added tax payers.
Buy license company to supply gas and / or electricity consumer

The cost of services for purchasing a company with a Natural Gas and/or Electricity Supply License depends on the following factors:

  • How urgent you need to buy a company;
  • Who will re-register the company for new owners (our lawyers or the Client’s lawyers);
  • Whether the company has filed any business records;
  • When the Natural Gas and/or Electricity Supply License has been obtained, etc.

Nonprofit organizations

Buy charitable organization in Ukraine
  • select the necessary charitable foundation (address, name, date of registration etc.), based on the needs of a client
  • carry out a re-registration of the foundation on a "turnkey" basis;
  • enter into the register of volunteer organizations if agreed with the Client separately;
  • reserve a charitable foundation for the Client for the time necessary to perform basic due diligence after the latter makes an advance payment;
  • advise on legal aspects of charitable activities in Ukraine.
Buy a non-governmental organization
  • select the best possible choice of a non-governmental organization (name, address, activities);
  • carry out the procedure of re-registration (by agreement);
  • make changes to charter of a non-governmental organization (changes of address, if necessary, name and activities);
  • support procedure for obtaining the status of non-profitability by agreement (in case of changing an address or a name of a non-governmental organization); 
  • help to buy a civil society organization in Ukraine.
Buy political party in Ukraine
  • select the best option for a political party (name, address, cells);

Via special arrangement:

  • carry out the procedure of complete reregistration;

  • make amendments in constituent documents of the political party (change of address, name);

  • accompany the procedure of obtaining an unprofitability status (subject to changes in address or name of political party).

VAT-registered businesses

Buy LLC registered as VAT payer
  • offer a Client options of companies with VAT payer status, according to his needs, including which were registered more than a year ago;
  • provide the full information on the chosen company, including period of registration and district of location, financial documentation (accounting) etc.;
  • upon providing a bail, at the request of the Client, we reserve the company, which you choose, for a period of time, which is necessary to check the company’s status;
  • guarantee that the company is clean;
  • prepare a package of documents for re-registration of a company to a Client by agreement with him or her and send it for approval;
  • arrange meeting with a notary to sign documents, which are necessary for re-registration of a company to a Client if necessary;
  • undertake re-registration procedure and obtain documents confirming that the re-registration is completed (by agreement).

How to buy a ready-made company with us: price, pros of buying, conditions, etc.

Our company gives you an opportunity to buy a ready-made company with a license, to buy a charity fund, public organization or just LLC with VAT.

A ready-made company is a product that can be bought along with a full set of services. So, for example, the firms which we sell  in our company, can, at your desire, have a  licence for any activity or the VAT.

When can it be necessary to buy a ready-made company?

  • Most often, the reason for buying a company with, for example, a ready-made license, is the desire to start a business as soon as possible or to avoid delay in the process of the activity. Still, the process of obtaining licenses can often take longer or just take longer than our Clients would like to. 

  • When a person understands that he has the opportunity to seize a profitable contract or take a profitable niche in the business, but ahead of him waiting for a long process of registration and obtaining all kinds of permits - the purchase of a ready to use company looks very tempting. 

  • When one owner wants to have a "safety net" company with a license. Such foresight can be a great help in case of failure of the license check. This helps to run the business continuously, just changing one firm to another.

Legal advice before buying a ready-made company

If you want to understand the process of a ready-made company re-registration in detail , as well as learn more about all possible options for achieving your goal, contact our specialists for an introductory legal consultation. Such consultation will give you not only an understanding of how the purchase and re-registration will be conducted , but also give answers to whether buying a company is the best option for you in principle.

During the consultation, the lawyer:

  • Analyzes your situation and your goals; 

  • Suggests the best way to achieve your goals and whether the existing problem is solved by buying a ready-made company; 

  • Will tell you about the options available and advise the optimal algorithm of actions.

What to remember before buying a ready-made company?

The first question that interests any of our clients who want to buy a company is the  audit. After all, with taking ownership of the company, you accept it with a full package of past activities. Any businessman is ready to take the company into his property and management only on the terms of purity of its history, the absence of fines, debts and other negative effects.

The companies that are on sale with us, have an absolutely untainted history. We simply register a new company ourselves and get a necessary license for it. The firm does not conduct any transactions, often does not even have an account. And at the same time, we are ready to change the manager/owner and start functioning.

The second most important issue is the legality of obtaining a license. After all, this is the permission based on which all your further activities will be carried out.

Licenses of any kind and their registration are one of the main specializations of our team. We have been successfully obtaining them for many years and are proud of our achievements in this sphere. The whole procedure has been studied by us in detail, and we leave no room for error or delay.

How to buy a company in Ukraine?

To buy a ready-made company in Ukraine You only need to contact us. We can offer you a ready-made business that is registered by our lawyers. It is completely safe, all documents will be provided to You.

If you want to be sure of the reliability of the company you buy - call us! We offer ready-made companies that are registered by us for sale.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:

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