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Registration of charter related changes for an NGO in Ukraine

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Registration of non- governmental organization name change is 565 USD.

Registration of a non – governmental organization location change (within a district/with location moved to another district)  is 565/690 USD.

Registration of a changed Chief Executive Officer of a non – governmental organization  is 315 USD.

The service is provided on conditions of full prepayment.

The term of complete registration of amendments to the statutory documents starts from 30 business days.

The term of statutory documents amendments registration for a non-governmental organization equals to a number of business days between the moment of agreement signing and receiving of all the required documents and the moment when you receive the last document required according to the nature of service.

What we do
  • prepare and submit documents to the bodies of justice;
  • receive new charter and new certificate of non-governmental organization registration from the bodies of justice;
  • organize registration of the changes by the district authorities and receive corresponding documents;
  • if required, we organize obtainment of new seal.


  • original of certificate of non-governmental organization registation by the bodies of justice;
  • copy of NGO state registration certificate/extract from the United State Register;
  • original of charter of your NGO;
  • information about required changes (chnage of name, legal address, management structure, etc.);
  • information about founder (copy of passport and ITIN).
Successfully rendered services
Changed a head of a non-governmental organization

Supported the process of changing the head of a non-governmental organization at the end of November 2018. The procedure took place in a short time.

Supported a sale of a non-governmental organization in November 2018

Our lawyers supported a process of changing the address, name and head during sale of a non-governmental organization.

Made changes to charter of non-governmental organization at the end of October 2018

Lawyers of our fim have supported the procedure for making changes to the charter, in particular, have changed a name of street in connection with decommunization.

Making amendments to the charter of an NGO in September-October 2018

Our lawyers supported the procedure of changing the head, as well as made changes to the charter of an NGO, thereby bringing it in compliance with the rules of tax legislation.

Supported change of governing board in an NGO

Helped to amend the charter of a sports NGO regarding changes in the governing board in September-October 2018.

Brought the charter of a civil society entity (association) in compliance with the relevant legislation

Brought the terminology of the charter in compliance with the law “On civil associations”, as well as supported the procedure for reelection of (board of) directors.

We have removed from the register one of the founders of an NGO

We have provided legal assistance to exclude from the state register of legal entities information about the citizen of Ukraine, who was the founder of an NGO in Kiev.

Replacement of the non-governmental organization's head in November 2017

Provided legal support for replacement of non-governmental organization's head and registered these changes.

Supported replacement of head of an NGO in May of 2017

Performed registration of changes to the NGO's documents concerning replacement of its head.

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Amendments to statutory documents of registered civic organizations are subject to compulsory registration.


After our firm is informed about Client’s readiness to order registration of amendments to statute of a non-governmental organization service our legal expert arranges a meeting where an agreement of legal services provision is signed, prepayment is made and copies of the required documents and information are provided.

After preparation of statute project and other documents our legal expert and a Client agree on their final text via e-mail and upon agreement arrange a meeting where a Client signs the projects of prepared documents.

Within agreed term our firm provides all the documents or parts of them if a phased provision was agreed.

The typical procedure of service provision may be changed on your request to any variant that suits you.

To receive additional information and order the service contact our law firm.