Registration of charter related changes for an NGO in Ukraine

Cost of services

from 4000 UAH
Basic registration of changes in a non-governmental organization
from 8000 UAH
Accelerated or complicated registration
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What we offer

  • register changes to the governing bodies of non-governmental organizations and non-governmental unities (President, Board, Executive Board), exclude founders from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, register changes in the charter of organizations, etc;
  • assist in drafting a full package of documents required to register changes in a non-governmental organization and provide legal support for the documents examination at the justice authorities;
  • advise on the general meeting of the company’s members, assist in arranging and holding the meeting.

Our clients include large sports federations and trade organizations (education, aviation, medicine), as well as small, developing associations. 

We have extensive experience in registering changes to public organization under the most challenging circumstances and even within one (1) business day, if it is required.

We provide services for converting a non-governmental organization into a non-governmental unity.



List of documents
Soft copies of valid documents (minutes, Articles of Association)
Information on the nature of changes in the organization or unity

Documents required to make changes in public organizations

There is no a fixed set of documents required for ensuring changes in public organizations due to the fact that in addition to the requirements of the law this procedure is also regulated by the organization’s Articles of Association. Also, the process can be significantly affected by the requirements of the registration authority (the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine), which can often be changed.

In this regard, our lawyers usually prepare the full set of documents themselves, taking into account the specific nature of the organization and the currently valid requirements of the registration authority. In order to simplify the work, we need the Client to provide us with the soft copies of the latest edition of the organization’s Articles of Association and minutes. To ensure the changes, we also need to know the number and names of the organization’s members.

Information on the nature of changes includes a new name of the non-governmental  organization or non-governmental  unity, a new registered office address, an organisational structure, etc. In case of replacement of the organisation’s CEO or governing body, we need to get copies of the passports and identification codes of all members of the governing body.

Service packages offers

from 2500 UAH
  • Analysis of the situation and the Client's constituent documents
  • The lawyer's conclusion, whether it is possible to solve the Client's problem at all by legal means
  • Selection and consultation on the optimal algorithm of actions
  • Information on the timing and cost of making the necessary changes
* When ordering further legal support, the cost of the consultation will be included in the cost of the main service
4000 UAH
  • Carrying out changes that do not require a change in the Charter: change of manager, location (if not specified in the charter)
  • Preparation of the minutes of the general meeting and other necessary documents
  • Submission of documents to the Department of Justice
  • Obtaining a new extract from the USR
6 000 грн
  • Analysis of the current statute for compliance with current legislation
  • Bringing the statute in line with current legislation
  • Registration of a new version of the statute in the Department of Justice
  • Inclusion / re-inclusion in the register of non-profit organizations (if necessary)
  • Obtaining a certificate (decision) of the State Tax Service on inclusion in the register of non-profit organizations
from 8 000 UAH
  • Analysis of the constituent documents and the current situation
  • Finding the best solution in difficult cases
  • Bringing the statute in line with current legislation (if necessary)
  • Putting in order the accounting of current members of the organization (if necessary)
  • Registration of a new version of the statute in the Department of Justice (including in an expedited manner, if necessary)
  • Inclusion / re-inclusion in the register of non-profit organizations (if necessary)
  • Obtaining a certificate (decision) of the State Tax Service on inclusion in the register of non-profit organizations

Consultation of a lawyer on registration of changes in a public organization

Registration of changes in a public organization may take place in one or more stages. If you want to understand the procedure in more detail, we recommend that you apply for an introductory consultation with our specialists.

As part of such consultation, a lawyer will answer the following questions:

  • Is it possible to solve your question by legal methods?

  • What are the stages of registration of changes in the Association?

  • How long will it take to make changes and what is the cost of the service for our Clients?

Cost of the introductory consultation starts from 2500 UAH. If you order the service of registration of changes in legal entities at our company, this sum will be included.

Registration of changes in a non-governmental organisation. Term and cost of the services.

Registration of changes to a non-governmental organisation name - 4,500 UAH.

Registration of changes in the location of the non-governmental organization (within the same district/with location moved to another district) - 4,500/5,500 UAH.

Basic registration of the replacement of a non-governmental organization’s CEO - 2,500 UAH. 

All services are provide on a fully prepaid basis.

The period of full registration of changes to a non-governmental organization starts from three (3) business days.

The period of full registration of changes to a non-governmental organization equals to a number of business days from the day of signing the agreement and obtaining all the necessary information and documents by our Company until you get the last document referred to services.

Why us

We undertake challenging projects
We often face situations when changes to the company cannot be effected under the typical requirements of the law or the registration authority. For example, there are no precise data on the organization’s membership, some members of the Board of Directors do not agree to their dismissal or interfere with it, the provisions of the Charter are not drafted properly and so on. We undertake such projects and always carry them through to the logical conclusion.
We can register changes within one (1) business day
As a rule, justice authorities process the documents for registration of changes in a non-governmental unity within three (3) business days and, if everything is alright, they effect changes within 24 hours. Working with us you will not only avoid any complications, but also will get all the necessary changes registered within one (1) business day!

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:

Our successful projects

Registration of changes to the information in a public organization in Odessa.
Conducted state registration of changes in a legal entity (public organization) in Odessa.
Registration of changes in a public organization in August 2021
Accompany the change of name, head, location of public organization.

Changes to the governing bodies, names, addresses, statutory documents of registered non-governmental unities are subject to compulsory registration.

At the same time, changes in the names of members of a non-governmental organization are not subject to registration.

Answers to frequently asked questions

May a non-governmental organization be converted into a non-governmental unity?

This procedure hasn’t been prescribed by the law of Ukraine. However, such conversion can often be the only solution for non-governmental organizations, especially sports federations. Such changes have already been effected in practice and our company can do it for you.

Procedure for registering changes to the Articles of Association of a non-governmental organization

After our Company is notified of the Client’s willingness to place an order for registering a non-governmental organization, our Company’s specialist agrees on the meeting with the Client. At the meeting, the Client signs the Legal Services Agreement, makes an advance payment, and provides us with all the necessary documents and information.

Registration of changes to the Articles of Association of a non-governmental unity includes drafting of a Charter and other documents. Then the Company’s attorney and the Client agree on the final text of the abovementioned documents through e-mail. Following the agreement on the documents, we set up a time to meet with the Client to sign the draft documents.

The Company shall provide the Client with all documents or parts thereof as and if agreed within the negotiated timeframes.

If requested by a Client the typical procedure of work can be modified to a more convenient one.

To get more information and order the legal services please contact the Company’s specialists.

How can we help you?

Any changes to the documents of the organization comprise at least two related procedures, which shall be properly carried out in accordance with the law:

  • adoption of changes;
  • registration of changes.

Both procedures require particular attention to details. If you mishandle the adoption of changes (e.g., in case of failure to introduce changes to the minutes or to meet the required quota at the meeting, etc.), you won’t be able to register them.

With respect to amending the Charter, we have studied the process in great detail, as well as thoroughly elaborated the procedure. We are proud of the quality of our services, which meet the highest standards of legal services.

  • We don’t focus on one task set by the Client, but on the ultimate purpose. Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise in various fields of law, we can immediately assess the situation and offer the best and most appropriate way to achieve the required results. Our Clients can usually benefit from services much sooner than they expect.
  • Each our lawyer not only knows exactly how to solve this or that problem in practice, but also assesses all potential risks. This allows us to prepare a thorough report on the situation in the future, as well as to provide you with certain guarantees.
  • We ensure comprehensible and and simple communication. We can answer all your questions in simple terms. Our task is to explain the situation in such a way that there can be no room for understatement or dissatisfaction.

If you want to make changes to your public organisation quickly and easily - call us!

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