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  • vring the terminology of the Charter into line with the Law of Ukraine on Public Associations;
  • remove territorial restrictions on business activities;
  • amend the provision on income generation sources, taking into account the requirements for exempt income;
  • develop and add into the Charter all mandatory provisions that came into force since 2013;
  • exclude the provisions that are no longer required by the law;
  • organize a list of members;
  • prepare a full package of documents required to register amendments to the Charter of a non-governmental organization;
  • provide legal support during the documents review by the justice authorities;
  • fully ensure the state registration of the new Charter edition.



List of documents
code of the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine
valid version of a charter
scan copies of the previous minutes of meetings of the supreme governing body
Sample documents for download

If you need not only to bring the Charter in line with the current law, but also to amend the documents, you should explain the substance of the planned amendments. 

The supreme corporate body may be a conference, general meeting, etc.

Service period is 1 - 4 business days following the receipt of all the required documents.

The price range depends on the number of procedural actions to be performed by the lawyers aimed at bringing the Charter in line with the law and/or making additional amendments.

We can introduce changes to a non-governmental organization within one (1) business day, even with intricate provisions of the Charter. Our lawyers can convert the non-governmental organization into a non-governmental unity.

Why us

We undertake challenging projects with no chances to determine a precise number of full members
It is a common practice that the number of valid members of non-governmental organizations, which have been registered for a long time, is impossible to determine: their records were not kept, statements on entrance and exit were not always signed, contact with some members was simply lost and somebody is not already alive. Provisions of charters of the organizations, which were registered before 2013 and charters of which were not amended, have almost always not complied with the relevant legislation. We are taking even such drafts.
We can introduce changes to the charter within one business day
If you need to register a new edition of the Charter in the shortest time possible, we can do this within one business day following the receipt of all the required documents signed.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:

Our successful projects

Brought charter of a non-governmental organization in compliance with the requirements of the legislation
Brought the provisions of a charter in compliance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On NGOs", as well as the requirements of tax legislation. In particular, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 140 dated July 13, 2016
Our lawyers helped to amend charter of an NGO in October of 2018
Our lawyers provided legal support in the process of an NGO's charter amending which allowed to make it compliant with the requirements of the law regulating activities of NGOs in Ukraine as well as updated status of the NGO in the state register of non-profit organizations.

Legislation on non-governmental organisations has been changed:

The Law of Ukraine on Public Associations came into force on January 1, 2013. The requirements for regulating the activities of non-governmental organisations, as well as the Charters of already existing companies have been changed with the new law (more information on the new law).

Registration of changes in a charter of a non-governmental organization since 2013

Registration of amendments to the Charter of a non-governmental organization 

Let’s imagine a theoretical situation: You need to introduce changes to your NGO’s Charter.

What is to be done first? What legal framework to be addressed? How do you know that there is any need in changes?

We’ll explain everything step by step.

The most frequent cases, which require to amend the Charter, cover the change of members, founding members, etc. Also, we have often been faced with the need to submit new data on the business location or the organization’s contacts.

Like any other bureaucratic procedure in our country, it requires maximum attention and in-depth knowledge of law. Why, you may ask? The answer is simple - any slightest mistake in documents will result in refusal And every refusal means time and nerves wasted.

We always emphasize that the organizations, which haven’t yet brought their Charters in line with the law, should pay particular attention to this issue, as it is necessary to do as soon as possible. The organization cannot function without the Charter in force.

Get our legal support and assistance 

We have extensive experience in dealing with such issues. Your organization is not the first, and not the last, contacting our company for such services. And this the best testimony of our commitment, professionalism and promptness.

One of the potential perks you get when applying for our company’s services is the registration of changes with just one (1) business day! And as we all know - time is money! We are well aware that sometimes this paperwork may catch you off guard. And it should be done right now, if not the day before yesterday.

In such emergency situations, it is almost impossible to solve any issues, involving the state authorities, without legal assistance. The most important thing in this situation is that we will do all the work not only quickly, but also in accordance with the law.

Visit our website and find our regular clients’ feedback, learn more about cases from our experience described by our lawyers, as well as the permits received in the process of work. The same applies to such procedure as the registration of changes.

Our company works as a single well-set mechanism, so that you are pleased with results and can devote all your time and attention to doing business, rather than examining laws and regulations that won’t ever come in handy for you.

If you want to amend your NGO's constitution quickly and easily, call us!

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