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Charter of non-governmental organization in Ukraine

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Term and cost of legal services

Cost of the service is negotiable.

Term of service provision is 30 days and starts since the moment when all the required documents are provided.

What we do
  • make all its wording corresponding with the current legislation;
  • provide non-limited area of work;
  • write new sources of revenue;
  • include all provisions that became obligatory in 2013;
  • exclude the provisions which are no longer required by the law;
  • put in order a list of participants;
  • completely ensure the state registration of the new charter.
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Important to know

Ukrainian regulation of public activity has been changed:

Law of Ukraine "On Public Associations" entered into force on January 1, 2013. This law provides new requirements to NGOs’ activities and charters (more information in our article).

The Tax Code of Ukraine defined new sources of exempt from taxation income (by Article 157).

Almost all charters of non-governmental organizations that had been registered before 2013 year do not met provisions of the new legislation.

Although the law provided 5-year term to change a charter, it’s highly recommended not to postpone this process for the next reasons, this will:

  • remove all restrictions on territory of NGO activities;
  • bring the sources of revenue generation into accordance with current tax legislation;
  • bring the provisions of the charter in accordance with the new law.
Thus, we can see that approving of changes in a charted is able to lower risks risk of exclusion from Ukrainian registry of nonprofit organizations, expand the area of operations and bring a charter into compliance with the law.

Moreover, we can add word “international” into a name without extra fees.
Successfully rendered services
Brought charter of a non-governmental organization in compliance with the requirements of the legislation

Brought the provisions of a charter in compliance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On NGOs", as well as the requirements of tax legislation. In particular, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 140 dated July 13, 2016

Our lawyers helped to amend charter of an NGO in October of 2018

Our lawyers provided legal support in the process of an NGO's charter amending which allowed to make it compliant with the requirements of the law regulating activities of NGOs in Ukraine as well as updated status of the NGO in the state register of non-profit organizations.

Amended charter of a sports organization so that it would comply with the legislation in force

Amended provisions of the charter of a non-governmental sports organization so that they would be in compliance with the current regulations and updated its status in the register of non-profit institutions and organizations in September-October 2018.

Brought the charter of a civil society entity (association) in compliance with the relevant legislation

Brought the terminology of the charter in compliance with the law “On civil associations”, as well as supported the procedure for reelection of (board of) directors.

Putting changes into non-governmental organization's charter in December 2017

Lawyers of our company accompanied the procedure of changing non-governmental organization's address from Kyiv to Odessa and put it into the charter.

Registered changes in charter of NGO in June of 2017

Our lawyers changed charter of our client (an NGO from Kiev) in order for it to comply with the requirements of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers no. 440. Also we assisted with organization's name change and change of its registration address as well as other related matters.

Amendment of medical NGOs' charters in April of 2017

Our lawyers drafted new versions of charters and registered them in order for our clients (two medical NGOs) to comply with the tax requirements in regard to their non-profit status.

Amended charter of an NGO in March of 2017

Lawyers of our law firm supported process of NGO's charter amendment.

Changes in charter of medical NGO in February of 2017

Provided legal support to a medical non-governmental organization in Ukraine in regard to alternation of its charter documents for them to comply with new tax requirements on non-profit status of such organizations.

We helped to change charter of NGO for it to comply with tax regulations in December of 2016

Made changes to charter of NGO located in Darnytsya district of Kiev and successfully received confirmation of its non-profit status compliance.

Amended charter of a sport federation in November of 2016

Provided legal assistance during changes in management structure of a sport federation and drafted new version of its charter for it to comply with new requirements of the Tax code of Ukraine.

Changed charters of NGOs for them to comply with tax regulations in October of 2016

Made changes to charters of NGOs and successfully received confirmation of their non-profit status compliance.

Changed charter of an NGO for it to comply with tax regulations in September of 2016

Made changes to charter of all-Ukrainian NGO and successfully received confirmation of non-profit status compliance.

Amendments to charter of sport federation that were made in December of 2013

At the end of 2013 our lawyers drafted charter for one of Ukrainian sport federations. It was brought in compliance with the requirements of the law. We also supported state registration of the amendments.

Scanned copy of charter of the federation.

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