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Intellectual property

intellectual property and copyright, practice of Ukrainian law firmThe effectiveness of state authorities in protection of intellectual property rights has not reached the level at which a person could be fully assured in the security of his rights without the necessity to use the additional qualified legal defense of interest.

Our firm provides the wide range of legal services within the field of intellectual rights and copyright law that allows us to conduct the complex defense of Client’s interests. Within the practice we can emphasize the following services.

The set of services within the practice of intellectual property and copyright law allows to defend the rights on one of the most valuable resources of our Clients – intellectual property and brand.

What we do

Registration of rights

  • Client Consultation on the matters of registration of industrial property objects, development of most favorable plan for registration of such objects;
  • Preparation, presenting and support of  requests for the registration of trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial standards including  requests for international registration;
  • Prolongation of  lifespan of certificates on trademarks, support of validity of invention; patents, utility models, industrial standards;
  • Registration of objects of intellectual property at State Customs Service of Ukraine in order to prevent unlawful import or export.

Protection and defense of copyrights and intellectual property rights

  • Preparing of legal memos on matters of protection from unfair business competition;
  • Representation of Clients during negotiations related to the cease of rights violation on industrial property objects;
  • Detection of the most suitable methods for protection/defense of Clients rights on intellectual property objects;
  • Recognition of protective documents invalidity based on the fact of their incompliance with the criteria of protectability of objects;
  • Representation and defense of Clients in courts, Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, customs and other state bodies;
  • Our lawyers also provide legal consultations on the matters, related to the parallel imports and counterfeit products as well as unfair use of trademarks on the Internet.

Alienation or transfer of copyrights and intellectual property rights 

  • Legal of the documents for acquisition or use of rights to industrial property objects;
  • Analysis and drafting of license agreements, franchise agreements, agreements on a full concession of rights to industrial property, registration of such agreements;
  • Support of agreements related to the use / transfer of industrial property rights;
  • Assistance in regulation of relations between the authors of intellectual property, Clients and third party;
  • Consultation on the matters related to the taxation of income from copyrights and royalties.

Intellectual law: its protection and features in Ukraine

Recently, the proper use of intellectual property and copyright has been increasingly influencing the efficiency of business - well-known brands attract more customers, innovative technologies allow to maintain a leading position in absolutely different segments of the economy.

However, a stable return on investment in such property requires not only the invention of a utility model or the creation of a respected brand, but also an appropriate level of protection.

The correct use of intellectual property rights is important both for small Ukrainian companies that have development ambitions and for international corporations, whose intellectual property rights are unfortunately not always respected in Ukraine.

Among our services related to this sphere are trademark registration services, as well as registration of rights to the author's computer program. You can find a lot of useful information about copyright and its protection on our site. We publish new material every day. Examples from our practice, interesting cases and comments on laws, can give you a full range of knowledge on the issues you are interested in.

How we can help you

We often meet similar problems of our Clients when it comes to solving legal issues:
  • Fear of disappointment with the real quality of legal services. Many of our Clients have already encountered services of poor quality in the past, which resulted in delays in processes or negative results in solving the issue;
  • The need to spend one's own time to understand the procedures and get a skill that will never come in handy again. After all, it will be much more effective to spend your personal time on pressing issues and solving those problems that relate to your personal field of activity;
  • Lack of comprehensive knowledge in different areas of law to solve a complex legal problem.
The answer to any of the above problems will be the appeal to qualified specialists. Our company:
  • Has a deep legal expertise in various areas of law;
  • Analyzes any problem and finds its optimal solution;
  • Already has all the necessary knowledge and skills;
  • Proud of the quality of its services.
On our site you will not find a single twisted response. Behind each of them stands a satisfied customer and our common success.

If you are interested in legal protection of intellectual property on the Internet or in the business community, call us!

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