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Our law firm in Ukraine has been servicing business since 2006.

Providing legal support in Ukraine, we are aware of the level of competition. Therefore, all the work of the company is aimed at long-term efficiency. We understand that this can only be achieved if our Clients return to us for services themselves and recommend us, if necessary, to their colleagues.

That is why each Client of the company "Pravova Dopomoga" is served as the only one, and each service is provided with the highest level of quality by Ukrainian lawyers.

We offer:

  • legal consulting;

  • assistance in obtaining medical and other licenses;

  • registration of charitable foundations, public organizations in Kyiv, LLC, etc.

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legal services of our company are:

Legal services in the field of licensing:

If it is too long for you to wait for a license, you can purchase from us a ready-made company with a license, a charitable foundation or a public organization.
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Key practices of the legal company "Pravova Dopomoga":

  • Court practice. We represent the interests of our Clients all over Ukraine.

  • Corporate law. Our lawyers usually take care of registration of various forms of business organizations, as well as state registration of various changes - governing bodies of the company, its founders, etc.

  • Tax law. Professional tax planning, optimization of taxation and tax disputes resolution has a critical role for successful business.

  • Real estate, construction and land law. We defend the interests of our Clients, both legal entities and individuals, local and foreign companies.

  • Medical and pharmaceutical law. Legal support of medical practice, cosmetic services, activities related to medical devices and medical equipment, other related activities, consumer protection.

  • Service for unprofitable organizations. Registration of any forms of unprofitable organizations, assistance in obtaining the status of unprofitable organization and protection of interests of unprofitable organizations.

Recognition of the high qualifications of the specialists of the Law Firm "Pravova Dopomoga" is the demand for their experience and knowledge not only by the Clients, but also by leading non-governmental organizations, central TV channels, legal and specialized business publications, as well as the involvement of our specialists in public councils and working groups under state authorities Ukraine.

For example, we are a partner of the All-Ukrainian Council for the Protection of Patients' Rights and Safety. Also, on the basis of "Pravova Dopomoga", we have created a specialized department to combat violations in the field of advertising of medicines, as well as on access to treatment.

We are a partner of the Ukrainian Wrestling Association, and we provide legal advice on all issues of the Association's activities.

The specialists of our company are involved in providing comments to such respected specialized publications as: "Yurist & Zakon", "Yuridicheskaya Gazeta", Yurliga; national publications - Forbes, UA contracts, UBR, "Law and Business", "Today", Pravotoday, "Status. Economic news" and others; publications of the central authorities - "Uryadovij kurjer"; as well as central TV channels - "1 + 1", "Inter", "ICTV" and others.

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