Legal support of investment projects in Ukraine

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Legal support of investment activity in Ukraine
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What we offer

  • We check the potential recipient of the investment for reliability (within legal limits and open sources);
  • advise on taxation, including tax optimization of the investment project;
  • analyze the Client's situation and select optimal legal solutions;
  • we develop an investment agreement;
  • analyze the investment agreement or "small additions" to it, if the Client's partners and/or the investment recipient offer him/her the variant of the agreement;
  • help in the issues of import of many types of products to Ukraine, we are engaged in its registration if necessary;
  • if necessary - we register the company.


Documents for investment projects support

List of documents
Documents on registration of the Client as a business entity
Information about the recipient of the investment
Detailed information about the investment project
In order to draw up an appropriate investment agreement and provide for as many subtle aspects as possible therein, we will need detailed information about the project and the expectations of each party, or at least the investor.

Legal advice for investment project support in Ukraine

If you want to invest in an investment project or, on the contrary, if you are an investment recipient and want to get answers to basic questions on project support - contact us for introductory advice. Our lawyers can answer these questions for you:

  • How does our company provide legal support for investment projects?

  • How much does the service cost?

  • What will be included in legal support of the investment project depending on your situation?

  • What advantages do you gain by collaborating with us?

If you decide to order legal counselling for the opening of your investment project with us, the price of the introductory consultation will be included in the service price.

If you have many questions or require non-standard solutions, we recommend ordering the Road Map. This type of consultation involves a comprehensive analysis of your situation and provision of a step-by-step algorithm for its solution, which you can use on your own. "The Road Map is more expensive than the introductory consultation, but it is a self-contained legal opinion with answers to difficult questions.

The price of investment project support shall be determined individually and depend on the anticipated scope of work.

Each investment project is individual, so working on it requires an individual approach. It is often important to assess not only the potential economic benefits, but also the trustworthiness of the people in whose projects you plan to invest and with whom you must sign agreements.  

Therefore, before entering into business relationships, you should understand who you are going to work with. But even if these people have an impeccable reputation, you should play safe by using an agreement with terms that will not allow double interpretation.

Why us

Individual approach to each project
Our company has been working in the legal services market for over fourteen years. And we have decided not to overload ourselves with typical services for the general public, but to provide premium service and individual approach to each Client.
Our pricing is absolutely transparent
We conclude with the Client a legal services contract and/or agreement. All prices, whether for the development of an investment agreement or a long-term legal service contract, are clearly stipulated therein.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected], by phone number +38 044 499 47 99or by filling out the form:

Foreign investment for the Ukrainian economy is always desirable. The Tax Code of Ukraine regulates the avoidance of double taxation, and foreign investment is protected by the homonymic law - On Protection of Foreign Investments in Ukraine.

This law guarantees the transfer of foreign investors their income. And the Law of Ukraine “On Investment Activity” is even wider, and covers both foreign and “local” investment. This law provides preferential conditions for investors who invest in the most important areas to meet public needs. For example, in the social sphere, technical and technological improvement of production, creation of new jobs for citizens in need of social protection, etc.

Answers to frequently asked questions

How to determine whether an investment project has a chance to get state support?

The rules for selection of investment projects that can be supported by the state are fixed at the legislative level by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 835 of November 13, 2013. The selection is made on a competitive basis. One of the weighty conditions of the competition is the presence of the Conclusion on state expertise of the investment project. Based on this Conclusion, it will be possible to say whether it makes sense to continue moving towards obtaining state support. Some preliminary assessments of private experts are just words of private individuals.

Can I use credit funds for investment and does it entail any risks?

Indeed, you can use the money taken as a loan for investment. Moreover, if the investment project will get state support, you will receive funds for partial or even full repayment of interest on the loan to implement such a project.

What is the legal support of investment projects?

Our company can not only support investment projects and provide advice to investors, but also analyze the agreement for the benefit of the recipient of the investment. Of course, provided that the investor is not our Client.

In our practice, we have met a draft agreement where the investor wanted to prescribe the terms and conditions so that all the net income of the investment recipient’s company had to be used to pay off the investment. We warned the investment recipient about this.

The procedure of providing legal services for investment activity

Before starting work with the Client,we first discuss the scope of work and terms of payment, and then sign a legal services agreement.

The work starts after getting full or partial payment, if it is stipulated in the agreement.

If you need qualified legal assistance in organizing your investment activity, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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