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Legal services for non-residents

Like any other country in the world, Ukraine has its unique features of legislation and enforcement. Our company has a long history of legal services provision for non-residents - both legal entities and individuals.

We provide legal assistance for international law firms that have Clients with business interests in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. If You are looking for a lawyer in Ukraine - we are here to hepl. The successful task completion in Ukrainian jurisdiction requires not only well-organized work and highly qualified professionals, but also a deep understanding of practical aspects of Ukrainian jurisdiction.

Cost of services:

from 600 USD
Temporary residence permit
from 5000 UAH
Work permit
Other services
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Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine
  • Advise on the possibility of obtaining a Residence Permit in Ukraine, as well as on the expected timing, cost and procedure;

  • Consult on all issues related to the stay of a foreigner or stateless person in Ukraine on the basis of a Temporary Residence Permit, suggesting the best basis for obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine;

  • Analyze the Client’s documents and provide recommendations on gathering the missing documents;

  • Prepare a package of documents for submission to the migration authorities of Ukraine

  • Monitor the review of documents, as well as inform the Client about the readiness of the residence permit (ID-card);

  • Assistance with payment of official fees and duties;

  • Help with the registration of the place of residence for a foreigner in Ukraine (registration in Kyiv/Kyiv region for a foreigner).

Also, if necessary, we help with the legalization in Ukraine of the wife/husband, minor children of a foreigner who has a residence permit in Ukraine.

Legal support of real estate transactions and legal advising
  • we carry out a pre-sale check of the desired property: a land plot, an apartment or a house;
  • we assess the risks of a real estate transaction and give our recommendations for enhancing the security of its conduct;
  • we agree on the conditions, price, term and procedure for the transaction with your buyer or seller;
  • we organize a transaction with a notary and take over communication with the realtor and other parties to the transaction;
  • we check all the people associated with the transaction on all possible open sources (notary, realtor, appraiser, developer of your seller or buyer, other persons);
  • we check the completeness and legal component of the documents that are necessary for the real estate transaction (contracts, powers of attorney);
  • we give our recommendations and corrections on the legal component and completeness of your documents (for example, contracts and other documents);
  • help with any pre-sale and post-sale questions related to the transaction, and accompany you in the process.
Legal advice concerning foreigner’s stay in Ukraine its prolongation
  • legal advice on migration on questions of foreigner’s stay on the territory of Ukraine, rules of getting a tourist visa and a visa of type D, form and meaning of invitation letter in visa obtainment process;
  • explain the applicable grounds for receiving documents which allow long-term staying on the territory of Ukraine, their advantages and disadvantages;
  • point out possible problems in relations between a foreigner and Employment Centre of Ukraine, a foreigner and Migration Service of Ukraine after receiving a work permit and residence permit;
  • receive explanations/clarifications of governmental authorities in charge of migrational matters on questions/problems that a client may have;
  • outline proper algorithms on how to give up residence status and leave the territory of Ukraine;
  • instruct on minimizing the consequences of breaking immigration regulations in Ukraine, primarily on breaking visa or residence permit validity limits;
  • consult on extension of a foreigner’s stay on the territory of Ukraine.
Receiving inheritance in Ukraine. Legal advice
  •  Perform a legal analysis of the Client’s situation on his/her accession to the heirship;
  • Provide practical advice on how best to proceed in this or that case, including when the inheritance include not only the property, but also the debts of the testator;
  • Arrange a meeting with a notary for accession to the heirship (if there is no last will and testament, and the inheritance has not yet been opened by another notary);
  • Provide legal advice on drafting last wills and testaments;
  • Can recommend the notary and arrange for the notarial certification of the last will and testament.
Legal advice on taxation and optimal form of business conduction
  • perform analysis of the documents and situation of a foreign Client;
  • consult on types of taxes in Ukraine and advise the Client on the best option for taxation;
  • work through all possible legal and financial risks on the basis of the Client’s data in regards to financial operations;
  • provide assistance in tax planning taking into account the types of activities of the Client;
  • help to get VAT, single tax or to stay on the general taxation system.
Obtainment of official invitation to Ukraine for foreigners
  • we provide a legal entity that will provide a business invitation to Ukraine for foreign citizen;
  • we draw up a private invitation to visit Ukraine, signed by the head and with the stamp of the inviting enterprise;
  • we check the documents of a foreign citizen for compliance with the rules for issuing visas;
  • if necessary, we sign up the Client online for a visa interview, 
  • help prepare for the interview itself;
  • we advise on additional documents required for a successful visa;
  • We send the invitation by courier delivery within Ukraine.

For an additional fee, our company can:

  • organize the international sending of invitation letters to Ukraine (and later visa) by courier delivery;
  • get an insurance required for a visa;
  • arrange a hotel reservation or other accommodation.

The term for issuing an invitation is 1 business day.

Obtainment of an Tax Identification Number in Ukraine

The service for obtaining an identification code (TIN) for a foreigner includes: 

  • preparing a power of attorney; 

  • submission of documents to the tax authorities; 

  • obtaining an identification code in Ukraine on a turnkey basis.

We obtain an identification code in Ukraine for foreign nationals as part of other services, such as:

A foreigner is not required to be in Ukraine while obtaining a TIN.

Obtain Ukrainian citizenship - legal advice and support
  • Thoroughly analyze the Client’s situation and the documents provided;
  • Elaborate on the action plan for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship;
  • Advise the Client on the peculiarities of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship;
  • Prepare all the documents required for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship;
  • Accompany the Client to the State Migration Service of Ukraine during the submission of a set of documents for obtaining citizenship;
  • Provide the Client with support in obtaining the Certificate confirming the Ukrainian citizenship and the passport of the citizen of Ukraine.
Obtainment of permanent residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners
  • Analyse the customer’s situation and documents;
  • Advise them on the subject of getting permanent residence permit;
  • Prepare all necessary documents;
  • Apply for getting permanent resident status;
  • Get the permanent residence permit.
Work permit obtainment for foreigner in Kiev (Ukraine)

While providing services employment permit obtainment for a foreign citizen, our firm:

  • drafts a set of documents for submission to the Employment Center (which is the authority in charge), including a draft of employmentcontract, a contract between a foreign employer and a Ukrainian business entity, etc .;
  • organizes the translation of passports, drafts of agreements and contracts, other necessary for submitting documents in a foreign language;
  • submits the set of documents to the Employment Center based on a power of attorney, supervises the documents examination, informs the client of a positive decision and obtains his/her work permit;
  • gives legal advice on the available / possible grounds for obtaining the permit.

When necessary, our lawyers also can:

  • assistin obtainment of insurance, which is provided together with the original/a notarial copy of the work permit at the embassy of Ukraine for a visa type D.
  • pay official fee for a work permit application;
  • make a notarial copy of the permit for further use at the Ukrainian Embassy abroad.


Prolongation of temporary stay for foreigners in Ukraine

The services of the company to extend the stay of a foreigner on the territory of Ukraine include:

  • analysis of documents available to the Client for stay in Ukraine;
  • finding the optimal solution for extending the term of stay in Ukraine;
  • preparation and submission of all necessary documents for legal decision on prolongation of the term of stay in Ukraine.
The adoption of a child in Ukraine by foreigners
  • Collect and prepare a full package of documents in the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine for the registration of prospective adoptive parents.
  • Carry out translation and notarization of the documents issued in a foreign state.
  • Monitor and control the registration of adoptive parents.
  • Obtain an invitation to an interview at the Service of Children Affairs.
  • Organize a certified translator for the contact of adoptive parents with a child.
  • Submit a statement on desire to adopt a child to the Service of Children Affairs.
  • Submit documents for adoption to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.
  • Accompany the case in the court: write a lawsuit and attend the courtroom together with the candidates.
  • Register a new birth certificate and documents for the travel of a child abroad.
  • We assist in registration of the adopted child at a consular post of a foreign country and prepare a full package of documents for the submission to the court.
Immigration (Permanent Residence) of IT-Specialists To Ukraine
  • Assess the Client’s situation, as well as their documents on the possibility of immigration to Ukraine within the quota for IT-specialists;

  • Advice on the algorithm of the procedure of obtaining permanent residence permit (procedure of obtaining a work permit for foreigners, immigration permit, permanent residence permit as the final stage and migration issues related to the stay of foreigners in Ukraine)

  • Develop a complete set of documents for immigration of IT specialist to Ukraine;

  • Obtain official approval of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of permit for immigration of a foreign IT specialist to Ukraine;

  • Communicate with all state authorities involved in the procedure: submit documents for obtaining a work permit for foreigners, an immigration permit, a permanent residence permit

  • Register foreigner’s place of residence in Ukraine.

Our company will find the best option for you to legalize your stay in Ukraine for the period you need. We also help with the relocation of entire companies or projects to Ukraine, including from Belarus.
Confirmation of the child's citizenship in Ukraine
  • Analyze the documents and information provided by the Client to confirm the child’s citizenship in Ukraine;

  • Prepare a list of documents required to confirm the child’s citizenship in Ukraine and obtain a certificate of registration as a citizen of Ukraine for a person whose parents or one of the parents were citizens of Ukraine at the time of birth;

  • Submit the application and the package of documents together with the legal representative of the child (parent, guardian or custodian);

  • Get a positive decision from the Main Department of the SMS; 

  • Obtain a certificate of citizenship confirmation for the legal applicant.

Departure to a permanent place of residence
  • Advise on the procedure of leaving Ukraine for permanent residence, give a full understanding of the procedure to be followed abroad, help with the execution of necessary documents in Ukraine;

  • Review the Client’s documents and information for departure for leaving Ukraine permanent residence;

  • Prepare the list of documents required for obtaining permission to move to another country for permanent residence;

  • Submit the application and the package of documents together with the Client to the Migration Service authorities;

  • Obtain the passport of the person wishing to leave the country with a mark “permanent residence abroad”.

Service packages offers

from 100 USD
  • Consultation on migration (stay of foreigners on the territory of Ukraine), rules for obtaining a tourist visa and type D visas, forms and meaning of the invitation when obtaining a visa
  • Explain the reasons for a long-term stay of a foreigner in Ukraine, their advantages and disadvantages
  • Advising on the rules of employment with a foreigner
  • We advise on the adoption of a child by foreigners in Ukraine, as well as registration of inheritance
  • Registration of an identification code for foreign citizens
  • Making an invitation to Ukraine
from 800 USD
  • Business and tax consulting in Ukraine
  • Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner in Ukraine, as well as registration of his legal stay
  • Issuance of a temporary residence / permanent residence permit for a foreigner
  • Accompaniment of a foreigner obtaining Ukrainian citizenship
  • Support of adoption of a child by foreigners in Ukraine
  • Registration of a foreigner\'s inheritance in Ukraine
  • Legal support of real estate transactions of foreigners in Ukraine
  • Development of the optimal business model of conducting business in Ukraine, with an explanation of their advantages and disadvantages in economic, legal, tax, corporate, licensing aspects
  • Support of opening a foreign business in Ukraine "turnkey" (registration of a business entity, registration of employment, obtaining permits)
  • Full-fledged legal business services (accounting services, communication with contractors, legal support of operations)
  • Support of relocation of foreign IT companies to Ukraine

Consultation of a migration lawyer in Ukraine

If you are not yet sure which way is better to achieve the desired result, you can get an answer to your question at the introductory consultation of a lawyer. This is an opportunity to tell your problem to a lawyer and get his professional analysis of the situation, as well as recommendations on your chances for success and further steps. 

At the introductory consultation, a lawyer will answer questions such as:

  • What steps do you need to go through to achieve your goal?

  • How long will it take?

  • What is the cost of the chosen service?

The cost of introductory consultation is included in the price of the service when ordering it.

If you need a detailed analysis of the situation, you can order the Road Map. Its cost will also be included in the price of the service if you order it. You can also see the cost of all services on this page.

Additional information about the services for foreigners by our law company in Ukraine

While providing services for non-residents a number of factors should be considered that are not common for relations with residents.

This is the exact approach that is practiced by our firm. We do our best to achieve the desirable for Client result.

At the beginning of cooperation (before taking up the case) we try to outline the final Client's interest and only then the required legal service is determined. Such algorithm was developed on basis of our experience that shows that completed project should result not only in successful service provision, but in satisfaction of Client’s need.

We are so convinced of this approach’s rightness that even at the very beginning of cooperation we may spend some time to study the documents and determine the final goal with possible ways to achieve it.

Our approaches and service quality allowed us to be included in the list of «Business Service Providers» developed by the U.S. Commercial Service which represents the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Legal (lawyer) services vor foreigners with "Pravova Dopomoga"

We approach each case with the utmost care and usually offer advice on the issues accumulated by the Client. Such consultations help to form the foreign Сlient's understanding of the situation and give an opportunity to make a further decision: to cooperate with us, or using our tips, to try to solve the problem yourself.

How do we differ from other law firms in the Ukrainian market that offer legal advice for foreign clients?
  • Affordable communication. We are always in touch and there are no language barriers for us. Our Сlient-manager will not have to look for or call you, he will keep you informed of the events 24/7.
  • Deep legal expertise. Our lawyers work in the most different areas of law. Experience and accumulated knowledge in different areas, allow you to solve many issues more efficiently and with less time. Skills are also supported by active practice, which is especially important in the process of communication with various government agencies.
  • Aimed at goal, not task. We have a preliminary conversation with each Client, which helps us to define their main goals and needs. Lacking the necessary experience in the field of law, the Client may not suspect that his problem can be solved in another way. Perhaps even faster or less expensive. We always focus on the ultimate goals of the Client, which allows us to adjust the entire process to achieve optimal results.

If you are a foreigner in Ukraine and wish to enter Ukrainian market, exercise rights or protect your interest in Ukraine we’ll gladly help you.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected], by phone number +38 044 499 47 99or by filling out the form:

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