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Services for non-residents

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Legal services for non-residents

Like any other country in the world Ukraine has its unique features of legislation and enforcement. Our company has a long history of legal services provision for non-residents - both legal entities and individuals.

We provide legal assistance for international law firms that have Clients with business interests in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. The successful task completion in Ukrainian jurisdiction requires not only well-organized work and highly qualified professionals, but also a deep understanding of practical aspects of Ukrainian jurisdiction.
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Additional information about the services for foreigners

While providing services for non-residents a number of factors should be considered that are not common for relations with residents.

This is the exact approach that is practiced by our firm. We do our best to achieve the desirable for Client result.

At the beginning of cooperation (before taking up the case) we try to outline the final Client's interest and only then the required legal service is determined. Such algorithm was developed on basis of our experience that shows that completed project should result not only in successful service provision, but in satisfaction of Client’s need.

We are so convinced of this approach’s rightness that even at the very beginning of cooperation we may spend some time to study the documents and determine the final goal with possible ways to achieve it.

Our approaches and service quality allowed us to be included in the list of «Business Service Providers» developed by the U.S. Commercial Service which represents the U.S. Department of Commerce.

If you belong to non-residents and wish to enter Ukrainian market, exercise rights or protect your interest in Ukraine we’ll gladly help you.

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