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License for supplying of gas and electricity (Ukraine)

License for supplying of gas and electricity (Ukraine)

What we do

  • we get a license for gas and/or electric power supply;
  • we carry out an analysis of the documents provided;
  • we develop completely the information for the licensee’s website and consult concerning its correct posting;
  • we prepare documents to be submitted for the licensing authority;
  • we support Client’s case at the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission from the beginning of submission of documents until the license is obtained;
  • if necessary, we get a certified copy of the Resolution about license issuing;
  • we pay official payments (if so agreed).


Getting a license for gas and/or electric power supply
1500 USD
A license for distribution/storage/transportation of gas
Negotiated price
for production/transmission/distribution of electric power
Negotiated price

The period of getting license – 20 days.


After getting a positive decision of the Commission, we pass to you the banking details for paying the state payment – the sum of one minimum subsistence amount for employable persons (upon December 1, 2018 – 1921 UAH).

We provide services for all inhabited localities of Ukraine. Likewise, we provide services for non-residents. You may contact our lawyers by any way convenient for you. Visiting the office is not an obligatory stage – the work can go on remotely. This, first of all, is saving your efforts and time.

Successfully rendered services

License for supplying of electricity to a consumer

The lawyers of our firm have once again obtained a license for supplying of electricity to a customer for a client from Kyiv city, while fully provided development of a website, which is necessary for obtaining a license and meets both requirements of the client and the licensing requirements.

Obtained two licenses in the sphere of electric power in the beginning of March 2019

Lawyers of our firm obtained two licenses for conducting activities in the sphere of electric power for enterprises from Poltava city, namely: a license for supplying of natural gas and a license for supplying of electricity to consumer.

The lawyers of our firm have once again successfully represented the interests of our clients during the licensing commission of the NEURC of Ukraine in January 2019

Helped Private Enterprise from Poltava city to obtain a license for one of the types of business activities in the field of energy - the supply of electrical energy.

Obtained a license for supplying of gas and electricity for a company from Kyiv at the beginning of January 2019

Our lawyers specialize in obtainment licenses in the field of energy and gas under accelerated procedure. In this case, we completely supported the process of obtaining at once two licenses for supplying of gas and electricity for one company from Kyiv city.

Obtained a license for gas supply for a Ukrainian company in August 2018

Accompanied the obtaining of license for gas supply for a Zaporizhzhia based energy company.

The NCRE resolutions on issuance of gas and electricity licenses in August of 2018

Our lawyers acted as legal advisors for the international energy company on the issues of Ukrainian licensing legislation in the field of supplying of natural gas and electricity and received corresponding licenses.


  • plus


    While signing an agreement for providing legal services, our Company undertakes to go through with the Client’s case. For you, it is a guarantee of quality and confidence in reliability and timeliness of getting a license.
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    While cooperating with our Company, you will not have to interact with government authorities, which will economize significantly your efforts. Any irregular situation arising on the part of the licensing authority will be settled by our lawyers.
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    Bringing the website in accordance with requirements of the licensing authority is one of the reasons of refusals at getting this type of license. While working with the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission, the lawyers of our Company have developed an optimal version of the website for the licensee, with which there arise no problems at the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission.
  • plus


    Since the optimal version of the website and the package of documents have been developed by our lawyers already, the individual work with the Client will pass on a fast-track basis.


Our lawyers will advise you!

Ask a lawyer


  • Code according to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine
  • Banking details
  • Information about premises

For getting a license, the following documents are to be provided for our lawyers

  1. code according to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine – required for development of agreements for the website, and also for making documents for the licensing authority;
  2. banking details – both an extract from the bank about account opening and separately the account number, name of the bank and the MFO (sort code);
  3. information about premises – information about available buildings and premises for receiving and servicing customers: addresses, area (square meters), work schedule, a document confirming the right of property or the right of use (lease agreement or certificate of ownership).


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Chief ophthalmologist of Ukraine, Oksana Vitovska, All-Ukrainian alliance of ophthalmologists

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General director I.Logvinenko , Bravo Airways

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General director Skibinskiy V., Yokogawa Electric Ukraine Ltd.

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Important to know

Getting a license

It is important to remember that the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission currently does not issue paper licenses. This is connected with transition to the licensing in electronic form. For more detail about particularities of the new Law, you can pass on the link. But if necessary, we can get for you a certified copy of the Resolution about license issuing.


The license of gas or electric power supply is issued for an unlimited period.


In what way the development of the website will proceed?
Based on the information you provide, our lawyers develop the agreements and other information for your website. Then, as a rule, we get from the Client the contact details of the programmer who publishes the required information on the website, after which we check the website repeatedly and submit it to the licensing authority.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


It is necessary to know about licensing the gas and electric power supplies

As of today, any entrepreneurial activity in the sphere of electric power, gas and oil is subject to licensing in the territory of Ukraine. And a corresponding license is issued by the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission. Special licensing conditions for the declared type of activity are also an integral part of getting a license.



Getting a license for gas and/or electric power supply is a special procedure consisting of several obligatory sequential stages:

  • development of all documentation required for licensing;
  • preparation of information for the license applicant’s website, or checking it for compliance with the licensing conditions (in case the website exists already);
  • providing a completely prepared package of documents for the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission;
  • control of support of the case at all stages of consideration by the commission;
  • getting a certified copy of the resolution about license issuing (if required).


Availability of additional documents to be added to the main package of documents can be referred to particularities of licensing for production/transmission/distribution of electric power, and namely:


  • a copy of articles of association certified by a notary;
  • description of activity;
  • tariffs (with calculations) for supply;
  • detailed description of the territory of activity;
  • a document confirming sufficiency of assets in the declared amounts (in case of lack of personal assets);
  • an accounting balance report, and other.


The licensing package (licenses for distribution/storage/transportation of gas) shall comprise the following:

  • information about places and means of performance of the stated business activity;
  • information about availability and content of materials and technical facilities for performing a specific type of business activity;
  • information about employees’ education and qualification level (concerning their sufficiency for performing a specific type of business activity), and other;
  • statement and information for imposing a tariff, and other.


In case you have questions, please, consult our specialists.