License for oil products retail/wholesale trade, their production and storage

Cost of services

Cost of services:

from 12 000 UAH.
Wholesale License,
with points of sale,
Licence for retail trade, storage and production of fuel
from 6 000 UAH.
Wholesale License,
without point of sale;
storage for personal needs
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What we offer

  • We consult market entities on the matters of the licensing of operations with oil products, including analysis of documents the entity has (for example, documents of property, designated use, etc.);
  • We consult on situations when it is possible not to get a license for fuel sale;
  • We get permission for hazardous works (or operation of machines) for any business connected with production or storage of combustive and lubricating materials;
  • We assist oil product manufacturers with search and registration of relations with the accredited testing laboratories (for defining the fuel quality factors);
  • We perform the search of organizations for development and/or develop independently the technical conditions and technical documentation for fuel manufacturers;
  • We help oil product manufacturers to find and formalize relationships with accredited testing laboratories (to determine fuel quality indicators)
  • We help fuel producers to develop technical specifications and technical documentation;
  • We organize cooperation with organizations to develop and/or personally develop technical specifications and technical documentation for fuel producers.

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List of documents
Documents on the land plot (confirming ownership / lease, etc.)
Commissioning certificate for the site, where the operations to be carried out
Permit for high risk works

The list of necessary documents depends on the type of the license to be obtained. The above documents are required for all activities with fuels and lubricants (except wholesale trade without points of sale and storage of fuel for personal needs).

In addition, the producers of fuel must also provide the following documents:

  1. A copy of the constituent documents;
  2. Agreement with an accredited laboratory that performs analysis of full compliance with quality standards;
  3. Accreditation certificate of the laboratory, with a positive result of examination in accordance with the requirements of the Law;
  4. Certificate of production technology;
  5. Documents of technological character: regulations; technological instructions; standards;
  6. Technical specifications of fuel production.

In order to obtain a license for storage of fuel for personal needs and for wholesale of fuel without points of sale, you need only:

  1. Application for a license (prepared in any form);
  2. Payment of the official fee.

To determine the cost of licensing of operations with oil products, we need to understand:

  1. Type of activities to be licensed (wholesale/retail trade, production or storage of petroleum products)
  2. Workload assigned to our company’s lawyers by the Client
  3. Additional services (which do not directly affect the possibility of obtaining a license, but which make it impossible to operate in the petroleum products market), such as the registration in the Electronic Management System for Fuel Sales (EMSFS) and the Unified Register of Excise Tax Invoices (URETI)

It should also be taken into account that each type of license has its own peculiarities. Thus:

  • Petroleum Retail License requires installing the payment transactions recorder and handling the related formalities.
  • Petroleum Manufacturing License requires developing the technical regulations and conducting the laboratory tests by special institutions.

However, while the additional costs are calculated on a case-by-case basis, the official payments are fixed and amount to:

  • for producers and legal entities engaged in storing fuel - 780 UAH/year;
  • for retail traders - 2,000 UAH per year for each retail unit;
  • for wholesale traders - 5,000 UAH per year for each wholesale unit;
  • for wholesale traders that don’t have any wholesale units - 10,000 UAH/year.

Why us

Expertise in the field of licensing and work with the state fiscal service of ukraine
Although the introduction of licensing is a new permitting procedure, we have positive experience working with the tax authorities with regard to licensing other activities within their competence, as well as significant practice of licensing various economic activities in general.
Partnering relationships with a number of expert institutions
Since the procedure for obtaining the petroleum manufacturing license requires a vast array of technical documentation, it is almost impossible to obtain them without cooperating with specific institutions that can conduct an expert examination, develop technical specifications and so on. While working in the field of licensing and certification, our company’s specialists have developed the relevant contacts that will help you to obtain the license.
Clear understanding of continued support of the activities in the petroleum industry
We know not only how to obtain permits, but also how to organize the legal entities’ business so that they could avoid any potential problems with the regulatory authorities.
Focusing on the business efficiency
Our company knows the value of our Clients’ time, and we know how to structure the work with your minimum involvement in the process of obtaining the license and carrying on business.

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Our successful projects

Received a license to store fuel for their own needs for LLC
Received a license to store fuel for their own needs for an agricultural enterprise
Received a license for the right to wholesale fuel, in the absence of wholesale outlets
Helped to obtain a license in September for the right to wholesale fuel, in the absence of wholesale outlets

Answers to frequently asked questions

Are there any requirements for the intended purpose of the land plot to accommodate the fuel trade object?

The purpose of the land plot does not matter for obtaining the license. It used to be a prerequisite for obtaining the license, but this requirement was abolished more than a year ago. However, taking into account all the requirements for construction and equipment, the land plot must have a special purpose.

How long is the license period once it is issued?

The license is issued for the period of five (5) years. However, unlike many other types of licenses, the official state fee shall be paid annually.

If the company stores and sells fuel, does it require to obtain two licenses?

The license for production, retail and wholesale of petroleum products covers also activities related to the petroleum storage, so there is no need to obtain a special license.

What are volumeters and how do they relate to licensing procedure?

These measuring devices shall be installed in excise fuel warehouses. They are not directly related to obtaining a license, however, volumeters are required to carry out economic activities in the petroleum industry, except as otherwise provided by the law.

Which authority do I have to apply for the license?

It depends on the type of the license. To obtain a license for wholesale trade (both with and without the points of sale) or for the production of fuel, you must apply to the State Tax Service of Ukraine. To obtain a license for storage or retail trade in fuel, you must apply to the State Tax Service of Ukraine at the place of storage / trade in fuel

What is the period for obtaining the Fuel License?

The legislation provides that the decision to issue/reject the Fuel License shall be made within 20 calendar days from the date of submission of the documents for the Fuel License. In practice, within 18-26 calendar days an applicant appears in the Register of Licensees (which gives the right to carry out activities), and a paper license is obtained in a few days after its registration in the Register.

Things you need to know before obtaining the license for retail/wholesale of petroleum products

In addition to the licensing of petroleum product operations, the legislation establishes the basis for the System of Electronic Administration of Fuel Sales (SEAFS), which provides as follows: 

  • obligatory registration of a business entity as an excise tax payer and opening of an electronic account;
  • inclusion of excise warehouses in the relevant register and submission of reports.

In addition, one of the requirements that business entities must comply with is the installation of flow meters and / or level meters,which must be registered with the State Tax Service.

Failure to comply with the requirements will result in the following fine:

  • UAH 20,000 for each unequipped tank / filling place or unregistered level meter;
  • UAH 50,000 for similar violations committed within 1 year.


There are also penalties provided for the failure to submit electronic documents on the level meter indicators.

Obtaining a license to trade in petroleum products or to order a license clearance with our lawyers

Licensing services are one of our main areas of expertise. And we pride ourselves on our experience as well as the results in this area.

It is difficult to tot up the exact number of licenses that were obtained with our assistance in different industries. But each case allowed us to gain invaluable experience, which we are willing to use for meeting your targets.

Cooperation with our company will allow you:
  • To clearly understand the whole process. We are not trying to hide or confuse you in the process. During a pre-work consultations, we provide you with all the information on the process and the possible options for carrying out the task. Moreover, you can find and use a lot of helpful information and tips on our website.
  • To keep track of the situation. Our Client Manager will keep you in the loop about any update 24/7. You’ll need to look or call around for your manager.
  • To achieve positive results in the most efficient way.
If you would like to know more about a license to trade in petroleum products or to order a license clearance service - give us a call!

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