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Legal support in Ukraine

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A full or partial outsourcing of legal support of a company’s activities (in Kiev or Ukraine).

We have been providing legal services for firms and organizations that belong to different sectors of economy for over 4 years. This allows us to develop truly convenient approaches to work for us and our Clients.

For every company we appoint a specialist who is responsible for its legal support in general. Through him our Clients keep in touch with our firm that allows us to communicate effectively and make decisions quickly.

At the same time the specific task of external legal support is executed by the most competent in the subject firm’s lawyer. This allows us to perform legal support of business with the highest expertise.

What we do

Additional information about the service

Our legal business support has the following advantages:


  • • Pravova Dopomoga is a full-service law firm;
  • • Our five-year experience allows us to provide a high level of Client's internal processes understanding. Most likely our experts have already faced the issues that are new to you;
  • • Our services won’t cost you more than the in-house lawyers with the relative expertise;
  • • We always care about time costs of Clients’ staff and especially top management;
  • • Our specialists work for the result;
  • • Cooperation with us does not cause any difficulties in communication since all the processes become controlled and systematic so there is no need to do anything hastily;
  • • We understand all circumstances and difficulties that arise during our Client’s work with a new law firm and constantly strive to make the cooperation more comfortable for you.


To achieve business goals a firm should have qualified legal support the cost of which is always paid off by saved time and money both during project launch and throughout its functioning. And along with complexity of a project rises the veracity of this claim.

Every effective manager and business owner understands this.

The price of our firm’s legal services may be either fixed or hourly.

If you want to talk over details of legal support by our firm feel free to contact us. Phone numbers and other contact details are provided in Contacts.

  • Director V. Sokolenko, LLC "Agromilk"
    In turn lawyers of the Law firm ''Pravova Dopomoga" do not only act quickly in regard to our requests but also understand the very process of conduction of activities
  • Director G. Smirnov, LLC "Olvita"
    LLC "Olvita" expresses its gratitude to law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" for highly professional advices provided by your experts on legal issues
  • Director M. Syomochkin, LLC "Cosmonova"
    The cooperation of our companies completely justified engagement of expert team for outsourcing of legal work instead of using in-house counsel
  • General Manager Stashkevych I.Y., LLC “Trading company” Rud”
    We would like to indicate that law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" has become a reliable partner for legal services provision and we can recommend it as a team of qualified professionals who are easy and pleasant to deal with
  • General Manager V. Volodchenko , Private Company "Etalon BUD"
    Also we want to note the firm’s effectiveness in pre-trial settlement of conflicts as well as competence and professionalism during representation and protection of interests in relations with the law enforcement bodies, within judicial and enforcement proceedings
  • Director V. Kovernyk, LLC "Company "VNA"
    We highly appreciate quality of your work in regard to minimization of legal risks for our business as well as your ability to deal with controversial situations arising from interaction with controlling authorities
  • Director S. Astashev, LLC "Company "Biznes proekt"
    Our experience of work with you in the field of litigation, tax consultations, registration of legal entities and others showed that you can be entrusted not only with ordinary projects but also with those that require creativeness in protection of interests
  • Director A. Sorokin, LLC "ADREM"
    Our experience of work with Law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" allows to assert that lawyers of the firm do not only possess professional qualities but also are ready to listen and understand Client needs
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