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Legal support in Ukraine

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A full or partial outsourcing of legal support of a company’s activities (in Kiev or Ukraine).

Legal service of firms is a full complex of services on the decision of all legal questions of the Client during the period of cooperation.

We have been providing legal services of legal outsourcing for firms and organizations that belong to different sectors of economy for over 4 years. This allows us to develop truly convenient approaches to work for us and our Clients.

For every company we appoint a specialist who is responsible for its legal support in general. Through him our Clients keep in touch with our firm that allows us to communicate effectively and make decisions quickly.

At the same time the specific task of external legal support is executed by the most competent in the subject firm’s lawyer. This allows us to perform legal support of business with the highest expertise.

What legal support do we offer to newly registered companies that do not have any personnel other than the head?

Our specialists often register companies, including those for foreigners planning to do business in Ukraine or obtaining a residence permit.
At the first stages of the enterprise, we perform a standard set of actions, which is usually not included in the service of registration:
  • Opening a bank account; 
  • organization of work of the client-bank; 
  • registration of electronic keys for tax reporting; 
  • accrual and payment of wages to the manager; 
  • reporting to the employment office, FSA and statistics authorities; 
  • working out of contracts and primary legal consultations on the taxation of business.
Service in such a form at this stage of business development is very profitable for the Client, as the cost of service clearly wins compared to the cost of hiring staff needed to solve such problems.

What kind of legal support do we provide to operating enterprises of trade and services sphere, which have their own accountant and lawyer?

In this case the essence of service consists in the decision of legal problems which go beyond usual operational work of the average regular lawyer:
  • Development of the legal structure of the group of companies for the purpose of tax optimization or protection of business assets; 
  • assessment of such risks; 
  • support of recovery of significant amounts of accounts receivable; 
  • working out of external economic and licence contracts.
The advantage of such service is that such problems rarely arise and the content of the company's staff of a specialist capable of solving them is unreasonably expensive. In addition, the solution of such problems requires constant practice, which can not be the staff of a lawyer who does not encounter these issues often enough.

Specialists of our company have a deep legal expertise in various fields of law, which allows us to find a comprehensive approach to solving any issue.

What is the legal support of representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine without a full-time lawyer?

The activity of foreign representative offices has significant specifics in comparison with ordinary enterprises. If the budget of the representative office does not provide for the costs of a full-time lawyer, it is not easy to find a suitable specialist for a separate job.

Our company is engaged in opening, support of activity and closing of representations of the foreign companies in Ukraine, therefore we take them and on service.

If you want to talk over details of legal support by our firm feel free to contact us. Phone numbers and other contact details are provided in Contacts.
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Additional information about the legal outsourcing for companies

Our legal business support has the following advantages:

  • Pravova Dopomoga is a full-service law firm;
  • Our five-year experience allows us to provide a high level of Client's internal processes understanding. Most likely our experts have already faced the issues that are new to you;
  • Our legal outsourcing services won’t cost you more than the in-house lawyers with the relative expertise;
  • We always care about time costs of Clients’ staff and especially top management;
  • Our specialists work for the result;
  • Cooperation with us does not cause any difficulties in communication since all the processes become controlled and systematic so there is no need to do anything hastily;
  • We understand all circumstances and difficulties that arise during our Client’s work with a new law firm and constantly strive to make the cooperation more comfortable for you.

To achieve business goals a firm should have qualified legal support the cost of which is always paid off by saved time and money both during project launch and throughout its functioning. And along with complexity of a project rises the veracity of this claim.

Every effective manager and business owner understands this.

The price of our firm’s legal services may be either fixed or hourly.

Specialists of our company have a deep legal expertise in various fields of law, which allows us to find a comprehensive approach to solving any issue.

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