IPTV license Ukraine (Internet protocol TV services provider license)

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  • advise Client on all matters related to preparation of documents and help to prepare them;
  • submit the documents to the licensing body;
  • support consideration of application by the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization;
  • obtain the license based on power of attorney granted by the Client.


Documents to be provided by the client

List of documents
Copies of constituent documents
Documents confirming the purchase and the right to use the programs
List of programs that are retransmitted
Link to the full list of documents.
The IPTV license process takes 30 business days and more.
The IPTV license fee is calculated in accordance with Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 412 of 13 April, 2011. The amount of the fee is calculated on the basis of the number of people living in the region where the service is provided.

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Comprehensive service delivery approach
Before obtaining the IPTV License, your company shall be included in the Register of Providers and Telecommunications Operators. Our company can also ensure the inclusion of your company into the Register, if so agreed.
Further legal support for the renewal of the IPTV License
In case of any changes in the information contained in the IPTV License and its appendix, our company can ensure the re-issue of the license on mutually beneficial terms.

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IPTV license that was issued for a limited liability company.

Multichannel TV networks include IPTV, TELECELO, MITRIS, MMDS, satellite platforms (DTH), Internet and mobile operators networks.

Any company operating in the telecommunications industry must be included in the Register of Providers and Telecommunications Operators.

Our lawyers can provide you with the legal support and assistance at any stage of the company’s registration.

Answers to frequently asked questions

How long does it take the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting (the National Council) to decide on the license?

The package of documents is processed within one month upon submission of the package of documents to the National Council. The license is issued within ten days after the payment of the license fee, provided that the payment is made within one month after the the decision to issue the license is made.

Is the IPTV License issued in paper form?

Yes. After paying the license fee, our lawyers receive a paper license form in the National Council and deliver it to the Client.

How long is the IPTV License valid?

The IPTV License is issued for the period of 10 years.

When do I need to renew my license?

The documents for license renewal shall be submitted to the National Council no later than 60 days prior to the expiration date of the license.

The standard procedure for obtaining the IPTV License may be adjusted to a more convenient option for you.

You can learn more about the procedure of cooperation with us in terms of obtaining the IPTV License from our specialists. Call us!

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