Registration of non-governmental organization in Ukraine

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from 400 USD
Registration of a non-governmental organization
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Registration of non-governmental unity
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Registration of non-governmental organization in Ukraine
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What we offer

  • Providing consultation on all matters related to the establishment and activities of public organizations and associations, we assist in determining whether to register an organization or an association.

  • Developing charters, minutes of establishment for public organizations, and other necessary documents for registering a public association.

  • Consulting on the charter and, upon agreement, crafting a customized charter for the client needs.

  • Conducting state registration of the public organization at the Ministry of Justice and obtaining an extract of registration of the public association from the judicial authorities.

  • Organizing the production of the association's seal, adhering to the agreed form and specifications.

  • Registering the organization in the registry of non-profit organizations and obtaining an extract from the registry.

  • Opening a bank account for the public organization, as per our clients' preferences.

  • Obtaining electronic digital signature keys for the director (EDS).

  • Registering the branches of the public organization and attaining the prestigious status of All-Ukrainian, as agreed.

Embark on the journey of your NGO with our expertise. Our experience spans over 11 years in registering and servicing non-governmental organizations in Ukraine. We ensure efficient registration of your organization and offer a tailored approach to developing its charter, structure, and membership framework.

  1. With our professional expertise, we're equipped to handle various challenges, including unique organization names, foreign founders, and grant application preparation. 

  2. Our comprehensive suite of services covers everything from accounting and legal support to migration services for foreign founders and managing volunteer operations. 

  3. Our team is prepared to offer both consultative and hands-on assistance in setting up your NGO's operations, including developing necessary regulations and guidelines. 

  4. Whether it's about registering a new NGO, accreditation, or acquiring an existing one, we're committed to finding the perfect solution to meet your goals.

Entrust us with the registration and support of your NGO, and we will dedicate ourselves to ensuring its success in Ukraine.


Required documents for registration of a non-governmental organization or unity

List of documents
Copies of passports and identification codes of all founders
Copies of passports and identification codes of all founders
Information about name, address, directions of organization’s activity
Information about name, address, directions of organization’s activity
Copies of passports and identification codes of all management’s members
Copies of passports and identification codes of all management’s members
Sample documents for download

Turnkey Registration of Nonprofit Organizations

Our company specializes in providing end-to-end solutions for establishing and registering businesses and organizations, tailored to your specific goals. Here's what we offer:

  • Registration of nonprofit organizations and unions
  • Registration of nonprofit organizations and unions with Nationwide Status
  • Development of standardized or customized charters based on your requirements
  • Assured successful registration with the Ministry of Justice, even in the presence of any remarks or observations
  • Assistance with bank account opening and acquisition of an electronic digital signature
  • Expert consultation on the activities of nonprofit organizations and unions
  • Legal and accounting services tailored for nonprofit organizations and unions

Process and Timeline for Registering a Nonprofit Organization in Ukraine

The standard registration period for a nonprofit organization or union is typically three business days. However, unforeseen circumstances or observations from the Ministry of Justice might extend the timeframe. The registration certificate is typically issued within three business days from the registration date.

Two days after registration, you can proceed to the bank to initiate the account opening process.

The registration process involves the following steps: 

  1. Collecting necessary documents and information from you, the client
  2. Preparing the required documentation
  3. Signing the registration documents for your nonprofit organization or union
  4. Submitting the registration application
  5. Monitoring the registration progress
  6. Completion of the registration process
  7. Obtaining the Certificate of State Registration for your nonprofit organization
  8. Acquiring an extract from the nonprofit organization registry
  9. Opening a bank account after your nonprofit organization is successfully registered with the Ministry of Justice
  10. Obtaining an electronic digital signature and seal, if necessary

Additionally, we offer an expedited procedure for creating and registering nonprofit organizations. However, please note that this option is only available once the state of emergency in the country has concluded. 

Service packages offers

from 400 USD
  • Consultation on the creation of public organizations in Ukraine as a type of organization
  • Standard organization charter (most popular draft)
  • Drawing up the minutes of the constituent assembly and preparation of other documents for the registration of the organization (draft)
  • Submission of documents to the Department of the Ministry of Justice and registration support
  • Making a seal
  • Inclusion in the register of non-profit institutions and organizations
  • Obtaining an extract from the register of non-profit organizations
  • Support in the bank and obtaining an EDS by agreement
* If necessary, for example, with a complex structure of the organization, we offer individual development of documents, which may include:
  • Advising on the activities of NGOs, employment of employees and attraction of members of the organization, non-profit status
  • Individual development of the Charter, taking into account the wishes of the Client
  • Development and display in the Charter of complex management structures of a public organization, for example, the Supervisory Board, Boards, etc.
  • Advising on inclusion in the register of organizations that involve volunteers in their activities
  • Advising on holding a general meeting of members of the organization and assistance with holding such a meeting;advice on working with the Shlyakh system, etc.
The price of a package with individual development is calculated for each Client individually, and starts from 700 USD
Public Association
Public Association
from 750 USD
  • Consultation on the creation of a public union at the request of the client
  • Development of the charter of a public union (a standard with elements of our experience in the structure of governing bodies and membership in the union)
  • Drawing up minutes of the general meeting of legal entities. founders, where the issue of taking part in the creation of the union and delegating a representative to the constituent assembly of the union is decided
  • Drawing up the minutes of the founding meeting of the union and preparing other documents for registration
  • Submission of documents to the Department of the Ministry of Justice and registration support
  • Making a seal
  • Inclusion in the register of non-profit institutions and organizations
  • Obtaining an extract from the register of non-profit organizations
  • Support in the bank and obtaining an EDS by agreement
* If necessary, for example, with the complex structure of the Union, we can offer an individual development, which will include:
  • Answers to questions regarding the future activities of the client's union: union governing bodies, union opportunities, employment of employees and attraction of union members, non-profit status, advice and recommendations regarding work with counterparties
  • Preparation of an individual Charter of the Union
  • Development of the structure of the Public Union and fixing it in the Charter.
The price of a package with individual development is calculated for each Client individually, and starts from 1100 USD
Foreign member
Foreign member
from 900 USD
  • Advice on issues related to the creation of public organizations / unions and their subsequent activities
  • Development of an individual charter in terms of types of activities, directions for the use of funds, reporting of management bodies
  • For the union - drawing up minutes of the general meeting of legal entities - founders, where the issue of taking part in the creation of the union and delegating a representative to the constituent assembly of the union is decided
  • English speaking lawyer
  • Nominee director for 3 months, in the absence of a Ukrainian director and no activity
  • Obtaining a TIN code for a non-resident
  • Drawing up minutes of the founding meeting of a public organization / association and preparing other documents for registration
  • Submission of documents to the Department of the Ministry of Justice and registration support
  • Making a seal
  • Inclusion in the register of non-profit institutions and organizations
* by separate agreement we can provide:
  • Nominal address for 1 year
  • Obtaining work permit for the head of the organization
  • Opening an account for an organization
  • Obtaining an EDS, etc.
* the price does not include registration fees, payment for the services of a translator or a notary, development of an individual scheme for the organization's work (for example, with special conditions for membership and admission to membership, certain specifics of governing bodies, etc.)
from 300 USD
  • Preparation of documents for making changes to the NGO
  • Carrying out changes
  • Obtaining an extract from the register of legal entities

How much does it cost to register a nonprofit organization?

The cost of creating and registering nonprofit organizations depends on the procedure you choose - whether it's the regular process or an expedited one. It also depends on whether you opt for a standard charter or a custom-designed one tailored to your specific needs. If you go for a custom charter, we take into account your preferences regarding the organization's goals, activities, membership, structure, and other important aspects required for its functioning.

When it comes to registering nonprofit organizations and unions, we follow well-established practices and utilize standardized charters. The advantage of using a standardized charter is its versatility and alignment with the practical requirements set by legal and tax authorities. By using these charters, we significantly reduce the time needed to set up a nonprofit organization and minimize any potential concerns raised by the Ministry of Justice.

Please note that the prices mentioned above do not cover expenses for creating the organization's official seal, nor do they include the translation of passports and registration documents for non-resident founders.

How to register or establish a nonprofit organization in Ukraine?

To register nonprofit unions where the founders are legal entities, instead of a passport and personal identification code, the client provides the EGRPOU code.

We provide the client with a comprehensive list of documents required for registering a nonprofit organization or union. The client is responsible for providing information about the desired structure of the governing bodies, including their composition and roles.

There are slight differences between registering a nonprofit organization and a union. For a nonprofit organization, a minimum of two individual founders is required, and we will need their passport documents. For registering a union, two legal entities are necessary, and we will require the relevant documentation from them.

To proceed with the registration of a nonprofit organization/union, we request the following information from the client: 

1) Information and documentation of the founders 

2) The full name and, if applicable, an abbreviated name of the nonprofit organization/union in Ukrainian. If desired, a translation in a foreign language can be included.

Please note! The Ukrainian name must be unique to obtain registration approval from the Ministry of Justice.

3) A description of the activities, goals, and areas of focus of the nonprofit organization.

4) Details outlining the structure of the governing bodies. 

5) The legal address. We primarily handle registrations in Kyiv or Kyiv Oblast. However, if you intend to register in other regions, please discuss this with us in advance.

6) Contact information for the legal entity and governing bodies. 

7) Any other pertinent information that the client believes should be shared with our legal team. 

Additional legal services in the realm of nonprofit organization registration

Upon successfully registering your nonprofit organization or union, our team of experienced lawyers is delighted to offer you a range of supplementary legal and accounting services.

Our legal services for nonprofit organizations encompass: 

  • Expert legal counsel on a wide array of matters related to Ukrainian legislation
  • Skillful contract drafting 
  • Efficient preparation of essential personnel documents
  • Active involvement in members' meetings, when required
  • Reliable legal support for governing bodies 
  • Claims management and representation of your organization's interests in court (subject to prior agreement)

In addition, we provide comprehensive accounting services, including: 

  • Accurate and meticulous bookkeeping
  • Seamless payroll calculation and administration
  • Timely submission of reports to regulatory authorities
  • Efficient handling of tax obligations.

For existing nonprofit organizations, we strongly recommend considering amendments to their Charter if it has not yet been brought into alignment with current legislation. Detailed information on the reasons behind this recommendation and how our team can assist you is available on our website. 

Furthermore, our company offers the option to acquire a pre-established nonprofit organization or union.

Why us

Guarantee of a positive result
Guarantee of a positive result
Our firm has a lot of famous Clients – Ukrainian Wrestling Association, Ukrainian Greco-Roman Wrestling Association, Equestrian Federation of Ukraine, Unity of Air operators of Ukraine.
Optimal price and quality ratio
Optimal price and quality ratio
Despite our team provides help on registration and reissue of huge non-governmental organizations, has a deal with enough difficult situations which cause rational price for company’s services, we also propose usual and standard registration procedures which price doesn’t differ too mush from the usual market cost.
Working with us, you save your time
Working with us, you save your time
Registration of a non-governmental organization or unity is based on correct drafting of the documents (charter, protocol, list of members, information about management etc.) There is no need to remind you how mistakes increase your losses of time for registration procedure. You won’t spend more than one hour of your time with us! Surely, you won’t have to visit the state authorities.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:

Our successful projects

A public organization was registered in Kyiv in 2021
Recently, our company was approached by a client from Kyiv region and we successfully helped him to register a public organization.
Registration of public organization in November 2021.
In November 2021 we accompanied the registration of a public organization in the Kiev region.

Documents Required for Registering a Nonprofit Organization in Ukraine

  • Original Charter, signed by the founders
  • Minutes of the founding meeting (original copy)
  • Attendance register of the founding meeting
  • Information about the governing bodies
  • Details of the authorized person responsible for document submission
  • Schematic representation of the ownership structure
  • Completed registration application (prepared by us)

Please note! It is crucial to carefully choose a unique name for your nonprofit organization, as two organizations cannot share the same name in Ukraine. 

Key Guidelines for Registering a Nonprofit Organization in Ukraine

A nonprofit organization is an alliance of individuals (or legal entities, in the case of a union) formed to serve and safeguard economic, social, cultural, and other interests.

The founders of a public organization can include individuals, both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners, who are at least 14 years old. It is required to have a minimum of two founders for the organization. Once registered, the founders become members, while other individuals acquire membership status as defined in the organization's Charter. The inclusion of new members in the Charter or registry is unnecessary, eliminating the need for any amendments.

The geographical scope of the organization's activities is determined by the organization itself. If the organization necessitates local branches to conduct its operations, it can establish them in other regions (registering them as regional branches of the public organization) or even in other countries, without the need to obtain legal entity status.

All public organizations are listed in the Unified Registry of Public Associations. However, during times of conflict, this registry is temporarily non-functional.

Please note! When registering a Public Union, it is essential for all legal entities that serve as founders of the Union to convene General Meetings. This process can be effectively managed by preparing the required documentation in advance and coordinating timings with each founder.

Achieving All-Ukrainian Status for Your Nonprofit Organization

Obtaining All-Ukrainian status for your nonprofit organization not only adds prestige but also unlocks a wealth of grant opportunities. 

Here's what you need to do:

  • Establish separate branches of your organization in at least 14 administrative regions across Ukraine. The necessary documents for creating these branches should be filed at the main organization's registered location.
  • Undergo the verification process for All-Ukrainian status at the Ministry of Justice. This involves submitting an application for state registration of the confirmation of All-Ukrainian status to the territorial justice department where your organization is registered. It's important to note that the status is subject to annual review. Failure to update the organization's information or closure of any branches may result in the loss of All-Ukrainian status.

Please keep in mind that not having All-Ukrainian status doesn't prevent you from engaging in international activities. You can explore alternative avenues, such as including provisions for international cooperation in your organization's charter.

How to Register a Nonprofit Organization in Ukraine in 2023?

At our company, we specialize in efficiently registering various types of nonprofit organizations. With our proven track record, we have developed projects encompassing new charters and protocols that meet the approval of the relevant justice authorities.

Whether you're looking to register a regional or interregional nonprofit organization, a youth organization, or a nonprofit organization in any field, we're here to assist you every step of the way. Our services ensure a streamlined registration process and prompt results.

Answers to frequently asked questions

How many people there must be for registration a non-governmental organization?

It is enough just two people for registration of non-governmental organization. There should be also not less than two legal entities. There is no maximum number of founders but, practically, it is better to have not too big amount of them. You can get more detail consultation on this matter in our lawyers.

Where is non-governmental organization registered?

Registration is conducted by chapters of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine according to location of organization. It is Kyiv chapter of justice at Sverstuka Street.

Is it obligatory for the primary registration of a non-profit organisation the charter must be signed by all the founders?

It is the way that the bodies of justice understand and apply the norm of Section 9, Art. 15 of the Law of Ukraine, regulating the creation of legal entities. However, we repeatedly managed to register organizations whose charters were not signed by all the founders or their representatives.

How to Register a Nonprofit Organization in Ukraine

To register a nonprofit organization in Ukraine, you need to follow these steps: 

  • Determine the purpose and activities of the organization: Before starting the registration process, it is crucial to clearly define the purpose of your nonprofit organization and the specific activities it will engage in. This will help ensure that your organization's mission is accurately reflected in its charter.
  • Find at least two founders.
  • Define governance and organizational structure.
  • Prepare and register the necessary document. 

When registering a sports nonprofit organization in Kyiv, it's important to comply with the general registration rules. If you plan to obtain the status of a National Sports Federation in the future, make sure to align your organization's charter with the requirements of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Registering a Branch of a Nonprofit Organization

If you have the need, you can establish a branch of a nonprofit organization (OO) in any region of Ukraine. However, it's important to note that this process requires prior consultation with a lawyer. To open a branch, the nonprofit organization or union must first be registered.  

Registration of a Nonprofit Organization's Logo

A nonprofit organization has the option to register its own symbols and logo. Registering the symbolism of a nonprofit organization is possible, but there are specific rules governing the use of symbols in logos. You can find more information about this topic here

Additionally, a nonprofit organization can also register a trademark, which offers enhanced protection. 

Registration of a Nonprofit Organization with the Tax Authority 

A nonprofit organization is recognized as a non-profit entity. To obtain non-profit status, the organization must meet specific criteria outlined in the Tax Code of Ukraine, including: 

  • Prohibition of income (profit) distribution among founders.
  • Conducting activities in accordance with the organization's charter.
  • In the event of dissolution, transferring the organization's assets to other nonprofit organizations or to the budget.

To apply for inclusion in the register of non-profit organizations, we submit the necessary documents for registration.

Non-profit status means that the nonprofit organization is exempt from paying taxes on profits or other taxes, with the exception of payroll taxes or taxes related to the use of specific assets/rights.  

How to Establish a Non-Profit Organization with the Help of a Lawyer?

  • The client fills out an application on our website.
  • The lawyer reviews the submitted information and documents, asking for any additional details if necessary.
  • The lawyer prepares the necessary paperwork for the registration of the non-profit organization.
  • The founding members sign the prepared documents.
  • The documents are then submitted to the appropriate agency for registration.
  • Once the registration process is complete, the finalized documents are delivered to the client 

If you're looking to set up a non-profit organization swiftly and hassle-free, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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