Registration of non-governmental organization in Ukraine

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18000 UAH
Registration of a non-governmental organization
27000 UAH
Registration of non-governmental unity
from 54000 UAH
Accelerated or complicated registration
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What we offer

  • Consult on matters which are related to establishment of non-governmental organizations and unities, their future activity;
  • Draft a charter, a protocol about establishment of a non-governmental organization and other necessary documents for registration of a non-governmental organization;
  • Register a non-governmental organization in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, get an extract about registration in the state authorities;
  • Organize a production of a seal on snap (in approved form);
  • Register an organization in the Register of non-profitable organizations by agreement;
  • Conduct registration of chapters and get an all-Ukrainian status by agreement.


Required documents for registration of a non-governmental organization or unity

List of documents
Copies of passports and identification codes of all founders
Information about name, address, directions of organization’s activity
Copies of passports and identification codes of all management’s members
Sample documents for download

Turnkey Registration of a Non-Governmental Organisation

Our company specializes in creating turnkey businesses and organizations, with a personalized approach to achieving your goals. We offer the following services:

  • Registration of Non-Governmental Associations;
  • Registration of Non-Governmental Organizations with the all-Ukrainian status;
  • Development of the Charter with a special organization of the structure, by the Client’s order, in compliance with requirements of the law: the special management bodies, membership in the NGO, etc;
  • Guarantee of the successful registration of the NGO with the Ministry of Justice on the first try.
  • Preliminary consultation on the possibility of translating your ideas about the NGO activities into action.

The cost of the desired service package see below.

The procedure of registration of a Non-Governmental Organization in Ukraine: The period and the procedure

We will not talk about the established terms of registration of a non-governmental association, as this information has no practical value.

Our specialists have proved that the procedure of NGO registration at the department of Ministry of Justice in Kyiv takes approximately one week. Thus, in practice you will see an extract from the USR (Unified State Register) on the website of the registration authority (under the standard procedure) in 5 business days, at the earliest. 

This period can sometimes be delayed up to 15 business days if the Ministry of Justice has some observations to the documents, or state registrars do not have time to process all the materials submitted to them.

Our company offers an accelerated procedure of creation/registration of a non-governmental organization, with the registration period of two days maximum. The minimum cost of such a procedure is UAH 15,000.

The second stage of the NGO establishment is its inclusion in the register of non-profit organizations. The period for consideration of documents by tax authorities is three business days. But it usually takes another week to produce the paper and have it signed by the management of the fiscal service.

Service packages offers

18000 UAH
  • Advising on issues related to the establishment of public organizations and their further activities
  • Development of the organization's charter
  • Drawing up the protocol of the regulative body and preparing other documents for the registration of the organization
  • Submission of documents to the Ministry of Justice and registration support
  • Production of the stamp
  • Inclusion in the register of non-profit institutions and organizations
Public Association
27000 UAH
  • Advising on issues related to the establishment of public associations and their further activities
  • Development of the charter of the public union
  • Drawing up the protocol of the general meeting of legal founding entities, where the issue of participation in the establishment of the union and delegation of a representative to the constituent assembly of the union is resolved
  • Drawing up the protocol of the constituent assembly of the union (association) and preparation of other documents for registration
  • Submission of documents to the Ministry of Justice and registration support
  • Production of the stamp
  • Inclusion in the register of non-profit institutions and organizations
54000 UAH
  • Obtaining a TIN code for a non-resident
  • English-speaking lawyer (if there is a foreign founder)
  • Nominee director for 3 months
  • Nominal address for 1 year
  • Work permit in Ukraine (for a director of a non-resident)
  • Advice on issues related to the creation of public organizations / unions and their subsequent activities
  • Development of an individual charter (for example, with special conditions for membership and admission to membership, certain specifics of governing bodies, etc.)
  • For the union - drawing up minutes of the general meeting of legal entities founders, where the issue of taking part in the creation of the union and delegating a representative to the constituent assembly of the union is decided
  • Drawing up protocol of the founding meeting of a public organization / association and preparing other documents for registration
  • Submission of documents to the Department of the Ministry of Justice and registration support
  • Speed ​​up registration
  • Making a seal
  • Inclusion in the register of non-profit institutions and organizations
  • Obtaining the status of an All-Ukrainian organization (by separate agreement)

How much does it cost to register a Non-Governmental Organization?

The cost of creation and registration of non-governmental associations depends on the procedure you choose — standard or accelerated, as well as on the adoption or non-acceptance model Charter developed by our company’s specialists as a basis for establishing a non-governmental organization.

When registering non-governmental organizations and associations, we use tested model charters. The advantage of using a model charter is its universality and alignment with the practical requirements of justice and tax authorities. The use of these charters significantly reduces the time needed to start a non-governmental organization.

The above prices do not include the cost of production of the organization’s seal, as well as translation of passports and registration documents of non-resident founders.

How to register a Non-Governmental Organization in Ukraine?

When registering non-governmental unions with founding legal entities, the Client must provide the EDRPOU (the Unified Register of Businesses and Organizations), instead of a passport and TIN.

We provide the Client with the list of documents needed for the non-governmental organisation or union registration. The Client must provide us with the information about the desired structure of the management bodies, their quantitative and personal composition. Management body of non-governmental organizations can be one-man — the President, the Director, or collegial - the Board. In rare cases, the management body may combine the President and the Board or have a more complex structure.

We will also need contact and other information about each member of the management body: place of work, positions and telephone numbers of the persons who will be a part of the management body.

The Charter of a non-governmental organization and Pre-Incorporation Memorandum are prepared by our lawyers on the basis of standard documents. The application for registration of a non-governmental organization must be signed and certified by a notary. These services are included in the cost of non-governmental organization registration.

Additional legal services for registration of a non-governmental organization

We strongly recommend existing non-governmental organisations to make changes to the Charter, if for some reason it has not yet been brought into conformity with the current legislation. See information about the changes and our related legal services on our website. 

Our company offers a ready-made non-governmental organization or union for sale.

Why us

Guarantee of a positive result
Our firm has a lot of famous Clients – Ukrainian Wrestling Association, Ukrainian Greco-Roman Wrestling Association, Equestrian Federation of Ukraine, Unity of Air operators of Ukraine.
Optimal price and quality ratio
Despite our team provides help on registration and reissue of huge non-governmental organizations, has a deal with enough difficult situations which cause rational price for company’s services, we also propose usual and standard registration procedures which price doesn’t differ too mush from the usual market cost.
Working with us, you save your time
Registration of a non-governmental organization or unity is based on correct drafting of the documents (charter, protocol, list of members, information about management etc.) There is no need to remind you how mistakes increase your losses of time for registration procedure. You won’t spend more than one hour of your time with us! Surely, you won’t have to visit the state authorities.

We are ready to help you!

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Our successful projects

A public organization was registered in Kyiv in 2021
Recently, our company was approached by a client from Kyiv region and we successfully helped him to register a public organization.
Registration of public organization in November 2021.
In November 2021 we accompanied the registration of a public organization in the Kiev region.

Documents for the registration of a Non-Governmental Organization in Ukraine

  • Application for NGO registration in the approved form. It must be signed and certified by a notary;
  • Minutes of the founding meeting (original);
  • Information on the management (passport photocopy, phone number, etc.);
  • The Charter of a non-governmental organization.

Please note! Particular attention should be paid to the NGO name. For example, often the name of a well-known figure in this area is chosen for the name of the NGO — in such a situation you will have to obtain permission to use the name. 

There were cases in our practice when the founders wanted to use obscene language in the name - the Ministry of Justice can refuse registration if it considers the name inappropriate. But even in this situation you can always find a solution. Our lawyers consult in advance with representatives of the Ministry of Justice about the name and its correspondence to the practice of the body.

Basic rules of registration of a Non-Governmental Organization in Ukraine

A non-governmental organization is an association of citizens (if the founding members are legal entities - a non-governmental union must be registered), which is established for the satisfaction and protection of economic, social, cultural and other interests.

The founders of NGOs can be persons older than 14 years, both Ukrainians and foreigners. The number of NGO founders must be at least two persons.

Territory of its activity is determined by the NGO, if the organization requires representation offices, it can open them in other regions or countries, without assigning the status of a legal entity.

All non-governmental organizations must be included in the Unified Register of Non-Governmental Associations.

In a nutshell, the procedure of NGO registration will be as follows:

  • Development of the Charter of the organization;
  • Holding of the founding meeting. Our lawyers independently arrange the founding meeting and help with the execution of the documents of the meeting;
  • Preparation of the documents;
  • Submission of the documents for NGO registration to the Ministry of Justice. Deadline - not later than 60 days from the date of the founding meeting;
  • Obtaining a positive result, i.e. an extract from the Unified State Register.

Please note! When registering a Non-Governmental Union, the General Meetings of the founders must take place at all founding legal entities of the Union. This procedure can be correctly arranged by preparing the documents in advance and agreeing the time with each founder.

Obtaining the All-Ukrainian status for a Non-Governmental Organization

Obtaining the All-Ukrainian status for NGOs is not only a more attractive name, but also an opportunity to participate in a large number of grants.

To get the All-Ukrainian status for the NGO, you will need to:

  • Register separate subdivisions of the NGO  in at least 14 administrative and territorial units of Ukraine. The documents for registration of subdivisions must be submitted at the place of registration of the main NGO.
  • Undergo the procedure of confirmation of the All-Ukrainian status of the NGO at the Ministry of Justice. For this purpose, an application for state registration of confirmation of the All-Ukrainian status shall be submitted to the territorial department of justice at the place of NGO registration. 

The status is checked annually — if the information about the NGO has not been updated, or any subdivisions have been closed, the NGO can lose the status of the All-Ukrainian organization.

Note: lack of All-Ukrainian status does not mean that you cannot enter the international arena - it can be achieved in another way, first of all, through development of the international cooperation provision in the Charter.

How to start a Non-Governmental Organization in Ukraine in 2021?

Our company provides its Clients with quality services for the starting of various types of non-governmental organizations within the shortest possible time. We have developed and tested in practice drafts of new charters and minutes, which do not cause objections on the part of the justice authorities during the registration procedure.

We can help with the registration of a regional or inter-regional non-governmental organization, the registration of a youth non-governmental organisation and organizations of different directions.

Answers to frequently asked questions

How many people there must be for registration a non-governmental organization?

It is enough just two people for registration of non-governmental organization. There should be also not less than two legal entities. There is no maximum number of founders but, practically, it is better to have not too big amount of them. You can get more detail consultation on this matter in our lawyers.

Where is non-governmental organization registered?

Registration is conducted by chapters of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine according to location of organization. It is Kyiv chapter of justice at Sverstuka Street.

Is it obligatory for the primary registration of a non-profit organisation the charter must be signed by all the founders?

It is the way that the bodies of justice understand and apply the norm of Section 9, Art. 15 of the Law of Ukraine, regulating the creation of legal entities. However, we repeatedly managed to register organizations whose charters were not signed by all the founders or their representatives.

How to register a Non-Governmental Organization (Ukraine)

The NGO registration procedure in Ukraine underwent significant changes in 2013.

Previously, non-governmental associations had the following statuses:

  • international NGO;
  • All-Ukrainian (republican) NGO;
  • local (regional or interregional) NGO.

An international or all-Ukrainian non-governmental association could be registered only directly in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, while local organizations were registered by its territorial divisions. At that time, to register an international organization it was required to have at least one local cell in a foreign country, and to register an all-Ukrainian non-governmental association, it was required to have cells in most regions of Ukraine. Local organizations could carry out their activities only on the territory of the administrative-territorial unit (for example, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, Donetsk), where they were registered, all-Ukrainian organisations were able to conduct their activities on the entire territory of Ukraine, and registered international non-governmental associations — on the territory of Ukraine and other states.

Since January 2013, all duly registered non-governmental organizations are equal and may operate on the entire territory of Ukraine, as well as abroad, without additional permits, but subject to the legislation of foreign states. Moreover, all non-governmental organizations are registered by local divisions of the Ministry of Justice, and the state registration of NGOs as legal entities is carried out in the manner prescribed for the registration of enterprises.

NGOs can be established and operate with all-Ukrainian status. Such status can be given to an association, if it has local cells in fourteen regions of Ukraine.

A sports non-governmental organization in Kyiv must be registered according to the general rules. The only thing to be additionally considered when registering a sports non-governmental association is the possible further receipt of the status of the National Sports Federation. The organization’s Charter must be adjusted to this procedure in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

How to set up an NGO with the help of a lawyer?

After agreeing on the price of the work and receiving a notification of readiness to make an appropriate order, a specialist of the Pravova Dopomoga Law Firm together with the Client (or its representative) agree on a time of the meeting, terms of prepayment, transfer of necessary documents and information.

After preparation of the draft Charter and other necessary documents, the specialists of the company and a Client agree on the final content. After reaching an agreement, we agree on the time of a meeting for signing the drafts of the documents prepared.

Our company undertakes to register a non-governmental organisation in the desired district of Kyiv in the specified period, under the standard or accelerated procedure of registration.

We can provide services for the full registration of non-governmental organizations in Ukraine, but it is rather the exception than the rule. In most cases, our assistance is to prepare a full package of documents and detailed consulting. The cost of such services is much lower than the turnkey registration of NGOs.

If you want to register a Non-Governmental Organisation quickly and easily, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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