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Registration of non-governmental organization in Ukraine

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Registration of non-governmental organization – 750 USD.

The service is provided only after full prepayment.

Term of a non-governmental organization registration starts at 15 business days.

Term which is required for obtainment of All-Ukrainian status is negotiable. 

What we do
  • prepare documents for the state registration of NGO;
  • organize registration of non-governmental organization by the bodies of justice;
  • receive registration certificate from the bodies of justice;
  • register for monitoring by district authorities;
  • receive extract from the United State Register and registered chater;
  • receive seal of the organization;
  • if required, we can provide additional services of obtainment of non-profit status.
Name Download
Charter of NGO (in Ukrainian)File size: 72 Kb, File format: doc


  • copies of passports and ITIN certificates of founders (individuals)/charter documents (for legal entities) ;
  • description of the future NGO (name, legal address, purpose and goals of activities);
  • information about structure of management bodies, number of members and their personal information;
  • contact information: places of work, positions and phone numbers of persons that will constitute the management bodies).
Important to know

Non-governmental organizations registration procedure underwent significant changes in January of 2013 (details in the article of our lawyer).

The main complication of the transitional period is that a new Law provides completely new types of non-governmental organizations and thus their charter documents (charters, protocols, regulations) must be fundamentally new. Use of old forms is no longer permitted.

Majority of those who want to register a non-governmental organization in practice deal with protracted communication with state bodies of justice and face complete incomprehension on how to bring the required documents into line with new regulations.

Our firm can already provide the Clients with high quality service of different types of non-governmental organizations registration within shortest terms. We have developed and tested in practice drafts of new charters and protocols which are accepted during registration by bodies of justice.

Successfully rendered services
Registered a sports NGO in August of 2017

Our lawyers provided legal services for a sports NGO during its procedure of registartion and obtaining a non-profit status.

Registered of NGO in Ukraine in August of 2017

Provided a registration and obtain a non-profit status for a NGO from Kyiv.

Supported registration of NGO in Ukraine in March of 2017

Supported formation of non-governmental organization in Kiev and obtained a non-profit certificate for it.

Registered an NGO in January of 2017

Registered youth movement in the form of civic society organization and obtained non-profit status for it.

Obtained non-profit status for an NGO in September of 2016

Helped a client to register his NGO in the register of non-profit organizations of Ukraine.

Registration of NGOs in June of 2016

Our firm helped its clients to register three NGOs, including one international and one in the medical field.

Our experience.
Registration of NGO in September of 2015

NGO registration certificates that were obtained for our client from Kiev

Our experience.
Registration of NGO in March of 2015

Our lawyers have successfully registered an NGO in Pecherskyi district of Kiev

Our experience.
Obtainment of non-profit status for NGO in February of 2015

Scanned copy of official letter by which the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine notifies our Client (NGO) from Kiev about obtainment of non-profit status.

Our experience.
Registration of NGO in December of 2014

Отримано для Клієнта - м. Київ, Шевченківський район.

Сканована копія свідоцтва про реєстрацію та виписки з ЄДР.

Our experience.
Registration of NGO in January of 2014

Obtained for Client from Kiev.

Scanned copy of registration certificate and extract from the USR.

Our experience.
Registration of NGO in September of 2013

Obtained for Client from Kiev.

Scanned copy of registration certificate.

Our experience.
Registration of NGO in January of 2013

Obtained for Client from Kiev.

Scanned copy of registration certificate and extract from the USR.

Our experience
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Non-governmental organization is a union of individuals the purpose of which is satisfaction and protection of some interests (legal social, economic, art, sport and others).

Non-governmental organizations may have such legal statuses as: all-Ukrainian and general status.

All-Ukrainian status is provided when such organization has local centers in at least 14 regions of Ukraine.

Individuals of 18 years old and above (these may be both Ukrainian citizens and nonresidents including stateless persons) are legally entitled to become a non-governmental organization founders.

Membership in non-governmental organizations (except for child and youth organizations) is permitted since the age of 14.


Upon notification about willingness to order non-governmental organization registration, a legal expert of law firm “Pravova Dopomoga” together with a Client (or his representative) arrange a meeting time, prepayment conditions, provision of required documents and information procedure. After statute and other documents are prepared firm’s legal experts agrees their final provisions and when the agreement is reached they arrange a meeting with a notary to compose an application of non-governmental organization registration and to notarize signatures of founders on it.

During notarization process a Client also signs drafts of prepared documents. The described typical procedure may be changed to a more suitable for a Client variant.

To receive any additional information related to “Registration of a non-governmental organization” contact our legal experts.

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