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Registration of non-governmental organization in Ukraine

Registration of non-governmental organization in Ukraine

What we do

  • Consult on matters which are related to establishment of non-governmental organizations and unities, their future activity;
  • Draft a charter, a protocol about establishment of a non-governmental organization and other necessary documents for registration of a non-governmental organization;
  • Register a non-governmental organization in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, get an extract about registration in the state authorities;
  • Organize a production of a seal on snap (in approved form);
  • Register an organization in the Register of non-profitable organizations by agreement;
  • Conduct registration of chapters and get an all-Ukrainian status by agreement.


Registration of a non-governmental organization
6000 UAH
Registration of non-governmental unity
9000 UAH
Accelerated or complicated registration
from 12 000 UAH

You can find the difference between usual and accelerated procedure of registration via the link.

The price of non-governmental organization’s registration depends on chosen type of the procedure and also it depends whether you use typical documents which were drafted by our lawyers.

We use typical forms of corporative documents during registration of non-governmental organizations and units. The advantage of typical documents is its versatility and adaption to practical requirements of the state authorities. Using of these charters save your time significantly.

Abovementioned prices don’t include services of notary offices and production of a seal and official fees.

Preparation of a standard list of documents (without registration) is 3000 UAH.

Drafting not typical charter of a non-governmental organization is 300 UAH per lawyer’s hour.

Getting an all-Ukrainian status is 5000 UAH.

Successfully rendered services

Supported the registration of a civil association in September 2018

Our specialists registered a sports federation with its further registration in the register of non-profit organizations.

We have registered an NGO in June, 2018

The lawyers of our firm have accompanied registration of an NGO and received non-profit status for it in June, 2018.

NGO registration in May, 2018

Have provided law services for registration of an NGO and obtaining non-profit status in May, 2018.

Registered a NGO in February 2018

Our lawyers support of registration of a non-governmental organization which provides help at the territory of ATO.

Non-governmental organization registered in December 2017

Accompanied registration and getting a non-profitable status for a non-governmental organization from Kyiv.

Registration of a sports federation in November 2017

Our specialists accompanied legal support of registration and getting a non-profitable status for a sports federtaion.

Registered a sports NGO in August of 2017

Our lawyers provided legal services for a sports NGO during its procedure of registartion and obtaining a non-profit status.

Registered of NGO in Ukraine in August of 2017

Provided a registration and obtain a non-profit status for a NGO from Kyiv.

Supported registration of NGO in Ukraine in March of 2017

Supported formation of non-governmental organization in Kiev and obtained a non-profit certificate for it.

Registered an NGO in January of 2017

Registered youth movement in the form of civic society organization and obtained non-profit status for it.

Obtained non-profit status for an NGO in September of 2016

Helped a client to register his NGO in the register of non-profit organizations of Ukraine.

Registration of NGOs in June of 2016

Our firm helped its clients to register three NGOs, including one international and one in the medical field.

Our experience.
Registration of NGO in September of 2015

NGO registration certificates that were obtained for our client from Kiev

Our experience.
Registration of NGO in March of 2015

Our lawyers have successfully registered an NGO in Pecherskyi district of Kiev

Our experience.
Obtainment of non-profit status for NGO in February of 2015

Scanned copy of official letter by which the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine notifies our Client (NGO) from Kiev about obtainment of non-profit status.

Our experience.
Registration of NGO in December of 2014

Отримано для Клієнта - м. Київ, Шевченківський район.

Сканована копія свідоцтва про реєстрацію та виписки з ЄДР.

Our experience.
Registration of NGO in January of 2014

Obtained for Client from Kiev.

Scanned copy of registration certificate and extract from the USR.

Our experience.
Registration of NGO in September of 2013

Obtained for Client from Kiev.

Scanned copy of registration certificate.

Our experience.
Registration of NGO in January of 2013

Obtained for Client from Kiev.

Scanned copy of registration certificate and extract from the USR.


  • plus

    Guarantee of a positive result

    Our firm has a lot of famous Clients – Ukrainian Wrestling Association, Ukrainian Greco-Roman Wrestling Association, Equestrian Federation of Ukraine, Unity of Air operators of Ukraine.
  • plus

    Optimal price and quality ratio

    Despite our team provides help on registration and reissue of huge non-governmental organizations, has a deal with enough difficult situations which cause rational price for company’s services, we also propose usual and standard registration procedures which price doesn’t differ too mush from the usual market cost.
  • plus

    Working with us, you save your time

    Registration of a non-governmental organization or unity is based on correct drafting of the documents (charter, protocol, list of members, information about management etc.) There is no need to remind you how mistakes increase your losses of time for registration procedure. You won’t spend more than one hour of your time with us! Surely, you won’t have to visit the state authorities.
  • plus

    You get more than just a registration

    In the most cases our cooperation with Clients doesn’t stop after conducting registration and getting a non-profitable status for it. We help our clients to organize their accounting system, consult them on simple matters, receiving funds and rules for their spending, submitting reports etc. The list of organizations continues to be served by our company.


Our lawyers will advise you!

Ask a lawyer

Required documents for registration of a non-governmental organization or unity

  • Copies of passports and identification codes of all founders
  • Information about name, address, directions of organization’s activity
  • Copies of passports and identification codes of all management’s members

Client provides a code from the Unified State Register and verified copies of a charter, instead of a passport and code, if a founder is a legal entity.  

Client provides information about structure of management, its number and members for drafting required documents for registration of a non-governmental organization or unity. Management can be a single person – President, Head, or collegiate – Board. It is rarely when management includes President and Board at the same time.

We also need your contact and other information about every member of management: place of work, position and contact phone numbers of persons who will be a part of management.

A charter of non-governmental organization and a protocol about its establishment are prepared by our lawyers according to typical documents. An application form about registration of non-governmental organization is signed notarial. These services are included into the price of registration of a public movement.

You can download a charter of non-governmental organization without registration on our web site. We admit that this charter had been used by our lawyers until the middle of 2014. We can’t guarantee that it hasn’t got mistakes because during mentioned period of time there were a lot of significant changes in legislation. At the same time, this example will if you decided to register a non-governmental organization without lawyers’ support.


Chairman of the Board S. Yegorov, All-Ukrainian non-governmental organization "Association for the modernazation of enterprises"

The first step of our interaction was in the form of advising on peculiarities of foundation and regulation of activities of non-governmental organizations after which lawyers drafted charter of the organization in accordance with our requests... More information

Chief ophthalmologist of Ukraine, Oksana Vitovska, All-Ukrainian alliance of ophthalmologists

We would like to express sincere gratitute to the team of Law firm "Pravova dopomoga" and personally to Volodymyr Gurlov for professionalism and purposefulness in your work.... More information

Head of association O. Savchenko, All-Ukrainian association of Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi

Non-governmental organization “All-Ukrainian association of Vasyl Suhomlinskiy” awards Gurlov Volodymyr Oleksandrovich, a representative of law firm “Pravova dopomoga”, for professional and competent legal support...... More information

General director I.Logvinenko , Bravo Airways

Bravo Airways company expresses its gratitude to law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" for high quality and timely provision of legal services.
... More information

Important to know

Additional services on registration of a non-governmental organization

We recommend to put your charters into compliance with current legislation. You can rad information why you have to do it and what we can offer on our web site. If you delay this procedure then it can cause exclusion from the Register of non-profitable organizations.

You can read an article of our lawyer about changes in the Tax Code of Ukraine in 2015 in the end of this page in the chapter “Our articles on this topic”. It will help you to refine provided for downloading charter. There are also other materials which may interest you.

You can buy already registered non-governmental organization or unity in our company.

Term of registration of non-governmental organization

We won’t talk about legally determined terms for registration of non-governmental organization because this information doesn’t have practical value.

Our lawyers check that practically it takes 1-2 weeks to register a non-governmental organization in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. As follows, you will be able to see an extract from the Unified State Register on the web site of the registration body not sooner than 7 business days. This term can be even longer.

Our company offers accelerated procedure of establishment of non-governmental organization when term of registration is guaranteed and doesn’t take more than 2 days. The minimal cost of this procedure is 9000 UAH.

The second stage of establishment of non-governmental organization is inclusion into the Register of non-profitable organizations. Usually the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine examines the documents 2-3 weeks. The legislation doesn’t define this term.

You can get usual or accelerated option of the procedure at our company and find out the price in the chapter “The price of registration non-governmental organization”.

The procedure of registration of non-governmental organizations significantly has been changed since January 2013 (you can find detail information in the article of our lawyer).

The main difficulty of transitional period is that the new Law defines that new types of non-governmental organizations and also corporation documents (charters, protocols, provisions) have to be new. It is impossible to establish a non-governmental organization, using old forms of required documents.

Practically it causes a long communication with the Ministry of Justice, misunderstanding how to draft documents according to the new law.

Our company can provide their Clients with a quality service on establishment of various types of non-governmental organizations in minimal terms.  We draft new charters and protocols which don’t cause any questions form the state authorities.


How many people there must be for registration a non-governmental organization?
It is enough just two people for registration of non-governmental organization. There should be also not less than two legal entities. There is no maximum number of founders but, practically, it is better to have not too big amount of them. You can get more detail consultation on this matter in our lawyers.
Where is non-governmental organization registered?
Registration is conducted by chapters of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine according to location of organization. It is Kyiv chapter of justice at Sverstuka Street.
Is it obligatory for the primary registration of a non-profit organisation the charter must be signed by all the founders?
It is the way that the bodies of justice understand and apply the norm of Section 9, Art. 15 of the Law of Ukraine, regulating the creation of legal entities. However, we repeatedly managed to register organizations whose charters were not signed by all the founders or their representatives.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


Status and types of non-governmental organizations

Non-governmental organization is a public unity which defeat and satisfy members’ interests and also interests of other people (social, economic, creative, sports etc.).
There are non-governmental organizations of disabled people, tourists, sports organizations and other types of movements.
The procedure of registration was changed significantly in 2013. Before January 2013 there were these types of non-governmental organizations:
  • International non-governmental organization;
  • All-Ukrainian (republican) non-governmental organization;
  • Local (regional or inter-regional) non-governmental organization.
In order to that you can register international and all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization only in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and its chapters dealt with local organizations. There must be at least one chapter in a foreign country for registration of an international non-governmental organization and there must be chapters in the most of regions of Ukraine for registration of an all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization. At the same time local organizations can conduct their activity only at the territory where they were registered (for example, Kyiv, Charkiv, Odesa, Lviv, Donetsk), all-Ukrainian organizations can conduct their activity at the whole territory of Ukraine and registered international non-governmental organizations at the territory of Ukraine and other countries.

Since January 2013 all registered non-governmental organizations are equal and can conduct their activity at the whole territory of Ukraine and also abroad without additional permissions, but considering legislation of foreign countries.  At the same time all non-governmental organizations are registered by chapters of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the state registration of non-governmental organizations as legal entities is conducted according to registration procedure of enterprises.

Non-governmental organizations can be established and conduct their activity, having an all-Ukrainian status.

All-Ukrainian status can be given to unity if there are chapters in 14 regions of Ukraine. The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine gives this status. You have to submit additional application form after the procedure of registration. Our lawyers give explanations about it.

Founders can be individuals who reach 18 years old (citizens of Ukraine, persons without citizenship). At the same time, persons who reach 15 years old can establish youth and child organizations. Establishment of non-governmental organization demands at least two founders.

Membership is allowed for persons who reach 14 years old (except youth and child organizations).

Registration of sports non-governmental organization is conducted according to general rules. The only thing which has to be consider is getting status of the National sports federation while registration of sports non-governmental organization. A charter of organizations has to be adopted according to the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

More about types and forms of non-governmental organizations

How to establish a non-governmental organization with our help

Registration of a non-governmental organization in Kyiv

After approving term and getting willingness to order non-governmental organization registration in Kyiv, a legal expert of law firm “Pravova Dopomoga” together with a Client (or his representative) arrange a meeting time, prepayment conditions, provision of required documents and information procedure. 

After we draft projects of charter and other documents, which are required for establishment of non-governmental organization in Kyiv, a Client approve a final text of them and arrange a meeting time for signing projects of drafted documents.

Our company is obliged to register a non-governmental organization in chosen district of Kyiv in approved time according to general and accelerated procedure of registration.

Registration of a non-governmental organization in Ukraine

We also can support registration of a non-governmental organization in other regions of Ukraine.

There were cases when we provided registration in Ukraine. It is an exception but not a rule. We provide drafting of the full list of documents and detail consultations on matters where and how register a non-governmental organization in regions of Ukraine where is a Client. The price of these services is lower than registration of a non-governmental organization “turnkey”.

Establishment of a non-governmental organization can be launched according to another option which is more suitable for you.
For getting more information and ordering the service “Establishment of a non-governmental organization” call on experts of our firm.