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Legal support of real estate transactions and legal advising

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Legal support of real estate and land transactions, consultations

Our company provides foreign Clients (both legal entities and individuals) with legal services when buying real estate, as well as related to real estate operations or accounting of real estate transactions in Kiev and Ukraine.

The basic service is to provide advice on human rights for real estate and the opportunities for their implementation. Consultation gives understanding of expedient and possible actions.

In addition, our real estate lawyers are ready to provide full legal support of real estate transactions and provision of any real estate transactions in Kiev.

The cost of real estate legal help in Ukraine for foreigners - from 500 dollars.

Real estate support with our lawyers

During consultation with our real estate lawyer, we give you all necessary information which will give you full understanding of that waits for you as a result of our actions and possible risks.

The legislation of Ukraine has its own peculiarities of regulation of real estate rights, in addition to the procedure of implementation of certain actions related to real estate rights, is often not obvious to a person without experience in this area.

Moreover, even when the procedure is obvious, there are often legal issues at the stage of implementation of the procedure provided by law.

That is why our lawyers are attentive to each individual case. Deep knowledge in various areas of jurisprudence allows us to approach any issue from several sides at once and to choose the best option for its solution.

The main mission of our company is to make the solution of any legal issues simple, safe and effective. We appreciate your time and your time, and it means that all work will be done fast and effective.

If you need a real estate lawyer in Kiev or Ukraine, and you want to qualitatively realize your interests - please contact us. We are always glad to help you.

  • Director G. Smirnov, LLC "Olvita"
    LLC "Olvita" expresses its gratitude to law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" for highly professional advices provided by your experts on legal issues
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