Legal support of real estate transactions and legal advising

Cost of services

Cost of services:

from 25 000 UAH
Real Estate Transaction Support
from 2500 UAH
Consultation of a lawyer
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What we offer

  • we carry out a pre-sale check of the desired property: a land plot, an apartment or a house;
  • we assess the risks of a real estate transaction and give our recommendations for enhancing the security of its conduct;
  • we agree on the conditions, price, term and procedure for the transaction with your buyer or seller;
  • we organize a transaction with a notary and take over communication with the realtor and other parties to the transaction;
  • we check all the people associated with the transaction on all possible open sources (notary, realtor, appraiser, developer of your seller or buyer, other persons);
  • we check the completeness and legal component of the documents that are necessary for the real estate transaction (contracts, powers of attorney);
  • we give our recommendations and corrections on the legal component and completeness of your documents (for example, contracts and other documents);
  • help with any pre-sale and post-sale questions related to the transaction, and accompany you in the process.


Documents required

List of documents
Information on the real estate
Documents confirming the ownership rights of the seller/buyer to the real estate
Description of the transaction/situation and desired result

When you provide a list of documents to our specialists, you should be prepared for the fact that it may differ depending on each individual case and on the object of the transaction.

We can provide you with legal support of the purchase or sale of a house or apartment, as well as land or any other real estate.

The desired result of the transaction often involves a number of other issues related to further actions with the property. For example, issues related to taxation, registration or other transactions after the purchase, such as connection of water, electricity, utilities, etc.

We can help you with their solution.

Service packages offers

from 2500 UAH
  • Advising on general issues of transaction support
  • Advising on possible risks that arise during a real estate transaction
  • Studying the Client's situation and providing legal advice
  • Initial analysis of real estate documents and provision of legal advice
  • Recommendations regarding the algorithm of actions for the acquisition of real estate in Ukraine
from 25 000 UAH
  • Advising on general issues of transaction support
  • Advising on possible risks that arise during a real estate transaction
  • Studying the Client's situation and providing legal advice
  • Deep analysis of documents and risk assessment during the transaction
  • Assistance in setting up an account for a successful transaction (for non-residents)
  • Basic real estate verification against open sources and registries
from 45 000 UAH
  • Advising on general issues of transaction support
  • Consulting on possible risks that arise during a real estate transaction
  • Studying the Client's situation and providing legal advice
  • Deep analysis of documents and risk assessment during the transaction
  • Assistance in opening an invoice for a successful transaction (for non-residents)
  • Basic real estate verification against open sources and registries
  • Departure of a lawyer for a transaction and/or property
  • Legal support of the transaction
  • Advising on the further registration of real estate
  • Communication of a lawyer with other parties to the transaction (seller/buyer, notary, realtor, etc.)

Legal support of real estate purchase or other related transactions 

The price of our services, as a rule, does not include the price of services of a realtor, notary, appraiser and other parties to the transaction.

But, at the Client’s request, we can take over the execution of the transaction in full. Naturally, in this case we can take more responsibility for the result of the successful transaction.

What is the legal support price for a real estate purchase? 

At present, the price of the transaction depends on a number of factors related to the direct subject matter of the transaction.

For example, the legal support of a transaction with an apartment on the secondary market has a higher price than the support of a transaction with real estate on the primary market.  In addition, if a non-resident is involved in the transaction, this may also affect the price.

There are many factors that need to be taken into account before making a deal with a citizen of another country. For example, whether he/she has:

  • a bank account;
  • a residence permit, permanent residence permit, immigration permit, or any other document confirming a person’s legal stay.
  • a TIN (for tax payments).
Also, the characteristics of other participants of the transaction are important, because if you have a suspicious notary, realtor or other participant who cannot be replaced, this will likely increase the price of transaction support.

Introductory legal consultation on buying real estate in Ukraine

If you want to find out more about buying real estate in Ukraine, you should turn to our specialists for an introductory consultation. During such consultation a lawyer will explain:

  • The stages involved in buying real estate in Ukraine.

  • Necessary documents and their requirements.

  • About the cost of the service and the factors which can affect it.

The cost of introductory consultation in our company starts from 2500 UAH. If you order the service on real estate purchasing from us the price will be included into the price of the service.

If you want step-by-step instructions to achieve your goal, you can order the "Road Map". This service:

  • Gives you the opportunity to ask the lawyer questions and get professional answers;

  • Gives you information about possible risks in your specific situation;

  • Allow the lawyer to understand your needs and goals, and offer the best option for achieving them;

  • Gives you a complete understanding of the situation, and more importantly, the optimal algorithm of the problem.

The cost of the Road Map is also included in the cost of the service for buying real estate in Ukraine (if you order this service from us).

Why us

We can offer a service in package
We can not only organize the transaction, but also recommend our appraisers, notaries, realtors, which means 100% result of the success of the transaction, especially if the preliminary inspection of the property was conducted by our lawyers.
We are not afraid to guarantee the result
One of the stages of a real estate transaction is preliminary inspection of the object. If our lawyers promise that the transaction will be successful, you will not face any unexpected and unpleasant situation in the process.
Buying and selling real estate in Ukraine for foreigners
We have English-speaking lawyers in our staff, which will make your transaction not only qualitative, but also comfortable. Our Client will not have any problems in communication with a specialist even at the stage of real estate sale.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected], by phone number +38 044 499 47 99or by filling out the form:

You should be ready for the fact that if the apartment, plot, house, realtor, notary or appraiser you have chosen is not reliable enough in the opinion of our lawyers, we will most likely offer you to replace them with our own.

Preliminary legal advice on buying real estate in Ukraine

The process of buying real estate in Ukraine can raise many questions. A lot depends on the type of real estate you want to buy, as well as on the purpose of the acquisition - do you want to use it for yourself, rent it out or use it for other purposes?

We offer you an introductory consultation with our real estate lawyer, who will not only understand your situation and goals, but also draw up an algorithm for achieving these goals, based on the norms and practice of Ukrainian law.

There can be many solutions to a problem - we will help you find the best one and do our best to solve it for you. 

Answers to frequently asked questions

How long does it take on average to complete a real estate transaction?

Preparing for a transaction usually takes 1-2 days. The transaction usually takes less than an hour. Much depends, of course, on the quality of prepared documents and the precision of actions.

What if you managed to make a deal yourself without any problems, and then it turned out that you can’t connect water and electricity to your site?

In this case, only a court and a lawyer can help you. Ideally, you should avoid such situations in advance by applying for a preliminary legal inspection of the property.

What additional costs may I bear when buying a real estate?

Much depends on the terms and conditions you agree on with your seller/buyer. The law provides for one situation, and in practice payments are often divided quite differently. Also, by choosing your seller’s notary, you run the risk of incurring additional costs.

At what stage is it better to apply for legal assistance and support to save both time and money?

Ideally, as soon as you have found a desired house, plot, or apartment, you should show it to a lawyer with all the documents. There are situations when a completely hopeless apartment or house without commissioning turns out to be a good object for investment, and there are situations when a real estate developer with an ideal reputation turns out to be bankrupt under arrest.

Assessment of risks of investing in real estate

Investing in real estate is a reliable and promising investment. However this medal has a downside − you can get caught in a scam by an unscrupulous seller. That is why we recommend ordering a consultation with a lawyer to assess the risks of investing in real estate. Our specialists will analyze the property in detail and on the basis of the information received they will recommend if you should invest your funds in it. 

During the risk assessment we check not only documents for construction and design, but also the reputation of the developer. The cost of assessing the risks of investing in real estate is usually included in the packages which can be found on the page above. Individual cases can be discussed with our specialists.

Buy and sell real estate in Ukraine with the assistance of a lawyer

The experience of our lawyers consists of absolutely different and non-standard situations related to real estate transaction support. 

For example, one day we had to replace a notary because of his “criminal past”, which the Client did not even know about. Although the notary was recommended by the Client’s reliable realtor, who also had to be replaced, as the latter was disrupting the terms of providing the necessary information to lawyers and our Client.

In another situation, our lawyers easily accompanied the transaction with a foreign citizen, who had overstayed in Ukraine. And all this thanks to our reliable partners.

Do you want to make a legal and safe real estate transaction? Don’t hesitate to call us. We will take care of your safety in the process.

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