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09.08.2019 License conditions for security activities will be amended Attention! Changes are made in the license conditions for the implementation of security activities. How will this interfere with the process of license obtaining and carrying on business?
23.07.2019 Due to the recent changes now it will be possible to register an LLC through online service How will change the procedure of LLC registration? Would it be easier to register LLC online? Get more information about this.
16.07.2019 The new electricity market successfully started its work in Ukraine The launch of new electricity market took place in Ukraine. Find out how it happened and what is the “safe mode” of its work?
14.12.2018 The order of accreditation of medical institutions has changed Innovations according to the Law “On State Financial Guarantees of Public Healthcare Service” in terms of voluntary accreditation.
19.10.2018 National Bank of Ukraine plans to improve the regulation of private cash-in-transit companies

Analysis of amendments proposed by the National Bank of Ukraine in the regulation of cash-in-transit activities regarding obtaining a license.