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04.12.2019 Changes to legislation on registration of legal entities (LLC) Legal news! Changes in the process of registration and introduction of amendments to the charter of enterprises.
03.12.2019 The Ministry of Digital Transformation: what will it do and how will it affect your business? What responsibilities will the Ministry of DT have and how its work can affect your business? Find out more!
14.11.2019 A separate group of single tax for IT individual entrepreneurs: what are the peculiarities of taxation in the IT sphere? What is said about the new 5th group of single tax for IT industry workers? How can the imposition of a new tax group have an impact on work and activities of IT sphere?
12.11.2019 The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine has stopped issuance of licenses for mediation in employment abroad How to obtain a license for employment abroad if the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine simply does not issue them? Read the news!
11.11.2019 License for fuel storage can be replaced by declaration: what should you expect? What is a fuel storage declaration and is it possible that it will replace the license? Legal news!
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