Legislation news

The order of accreditation of medical institutions has changed 14.12.2018
Innovations according to the Law “On State Financial Guarantees of Public Healthcare Service” in terms of voluntary accreditation.
National Bank of Ukraine plans to improve the regulation of private cash-in-transit companies 19.10.2018

Analysis of amendments proposed by the National Bank of Ukraine in the regulation of cash-in-transit activities regarding obtaining a license.

Changes in the field of medical law – introduction of a Unified Register of Medical Examinations 18.09.2018

Peculiarities of regulatory innovations regarding a Unified Register of Medical Examinations.

A new Law « On Using Transplantation of Human Anatomic Material » was adopted in Ukraine. 16.07.2018

Innovation related to the Law dated May 17, 2018, which regulates the transplantation of human anatomic material.

License regulations on educations are to be simplified in Ukraine 05.07.2018
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a number of changes regarding license regulations for educational institutions...
Distinctive features of the new law on limited liability and additional liability companies in Ukraine 22.05.2018
In February of 2018 Ukrainian Parliament adopted law no. 2275 "On limited liability and additional liability companies" which amends regulations regarding the said types of legal entities...
Procedure of disinfectants registration in Ukraine is changed 18.04.2018
On the 14th of March 2018 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by its Resolution no. 178 changed the procedure of registration (re-registration) of disinfectants in Ukraine...
Ministry of Health cancels old medical forms for medical institutions and private practitioners 03.04.2018
Ministry of Health cancelled old paper forms for doctors...
Procedure of family doctor license obtainment will be simplified 12.02.2018
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted resolution on simplification of licensing procedure for family doctors...
Activity of employment agencies in foreign countries is going to be controlled harshly 20.01.2018

First of all, these initiatives are pointed to prevent human trafficking. Measures of rigorous monitoring of entrepreneurs, who provides services as employment agencies, are proposed for reaching this target.

Changes into the procedure of review claims in a sphere of the state registration 10.01.2018

There is an important change in the legislation of Ukraine – mechanism of execution court’s decision, which was adopted as a result of claim on decisions of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in the procedure of the state registration, has been regulated.

Extension of the moratorium for the state examinations in 2018 30.12.2017
One of the most problem matters always were examinations of Ukrainian business by the state bodies. The Law of Ukraine “On temporary features of conducting events of the state control in commercial sphere” was drafted for making their state easier.
The procedure of revocation licenses for financial services can be changed significantly 07.12.2017
The state regulator (the National Committee of Financial Services) had proposed to refuse from a practice of revocation of licenses for financial services.
The Ministry of Health of Ukraine points to importance of provision of anti-radiation protection in dentistry 22.11.2017

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine defines requirements for installation of X-ray equipment in dentists’ cabinets in its new Order dated the 22th of November 2017 no. 1126.

Licensing of medicines' distributon is proposed by a bill 19.10.2017
News about licensing of medicines' distributon in Ukraine
Ministry of Justice of Ukraine approves instruction on cross-border collection of alimony 20.09.2017
Ukrainian Ministry of Justice adopted instruction on international collection of alimony and other forms of family support...
Cabinet of Ministers approved new risk criteria for security companies in Ukraine 23.08.2017
This August the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved new regulations in regard to risk criteria of security compaies' activities...
A new bill with amendments to license regulations concerning foreign employment is proposed in Ukraine 02.08.2017
Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine proposed amendments regarding regulations on issuance of licenses for foreign employment agency services in Ukraine...
New regulations on work permits in Ukraine soon to enter into forсe 20.07.2017
President signs new regulations on work permits and residence permits issuance in Ukraine...
MPs propose a bill prohibiting use of apartments as offices in Ukraine 01.06.2017
Ukrainian Parliament reviews a bill prohibiting use of private apartments in resedential buildings as offices...
Compulsory use of corporate seals by companies is cancelled in Ukraine 05.05.2017
The Supreme Council of Ukraine adopts law which cancels requirement of use of corporate seal on official documents...
A bill proposes suspension of licenses for violations of regulations 04.04.2017
Member of Parliament offers a bill on suspension of licenses for violations of regulations...
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopts new visa regulations 15.03.2017
On the 1st of March of 2017 Ukrainian government adopted new regulations on visa issuance for foreign citizens...
Government simplifies accreditation procedure for medical institutions 14.02.2017
Procedure of medical institutions accreditation undergoes slight simplification after the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopts its new resolution...
Bill on LLCs passes the first reading in Parliament of Ukraine 11.01.2017
A new bill on LLCs in Ukraine is expected to change local corporate legislation in accordance with the world standards...
New license regulations for drugstores, drug producers and importers 27.12.2016
On the 30th of November 2016 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted new license requirements for activities related to production of medicines, wholesale and retail of medicines and their import to Ukraine.
New law simplifies foreign trade regulations in Ukraine 08.12.2016
On the 3rd of November 2016 the Parliament of Ukraine adopted the law on elimination of administrative barriers for export of services which amended a number of important regulations in this field
Anti-raider law enters into force in Ukraine. Application practice 11.11.2016
Ukrainian parliament adopts a new law which is intended to protect companies from raider attacks and hostile take overs. But is it as good as it sounds?
Sanitary certificates are planned to be simplified in Ukraine 10.10.2016
Sanitary certificates for products and other objects are expected to be simplified or even cancelled in some cases
State and municipal hospitals will soon be able to use telemedicine 03.10.2016
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allowed state and municipaly owned medical establishments to charge for services involving telemedicine
National bank plans to simplify cash-in-transit license requirements 30.09.2016
National bank Ukraine intends to simplify requirements for cash/valuables transportation license obtainment
Daily medical examination of commercial drivers will be cancelled 13.09.2016
Ukrainian Government decided to cancel requirement regarding daily medical examinations of drivers who make money providing transportation services
Government adopts new regulations on electonic licenses obtainment 25.08.2016
Government adopts new regulations on issuing of licenses in e-form
Ukrainian government simplifies procedure of drugs registration 09.08.2016
On the 8th of August, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted new simplified regulations on registration of medicines
Formation of new register of non-profit organizations in Ukraine 16.07.2016
The resolution sets a deadine (1st of January 2017) for not-for-profits to confirm their status in accordance with the Tax code of Ukraine.
Uber finally comes to Ukraine in July of 2016 01.07.2016
Uber launched in Ukraine at the end of June of 2016
Foreign investments are no longer subject to registration in Ukraine 22.06.2016
Ukrainian Parliament cancelled registration of foreign investments in Ukraine
Cabinet of Ministers approved new medical practice license regulations 15.04.2016
Cabinet of Ministers approves new regulations on medical practice licensing
Cabinet of Ministers approved new transporation licensing regulations 15.02.2016
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted new regulations on licensing of transportation activities at the end of 2016
Working group of the High Administrative Court of Ukraine started working on the bill concerning reformation of judicial system 13.01.2015
Working group on judicial reforming in Ukraine started its work on the bill of "The main principles of reforming of judicial system and related institutions" 
Ukrainian government set a requirement for state and municipal enterprises that have accounts in private banks to move their accounts to state-owned ones 12.01.2015
New requirement of the government of Ukraine means that all state-owned and municipal enterprises have to close their accounts in commercial banks and become clients of state-owned ones
Novelties of bill of law on sports in regard to activities of sport clubs 08.12.2014
Authors of the bill meant for sport clubs to become the basic element of system of physical education and sports in Ukraine
Higher bar commission of Ukraine decided to exclude some provisions from Rules of legal ethics 08.12.2014
Last week Higher Qualification and Disciplinary Bar Commission of Ukraine made a number of decisions in regard to inconsistencies between acts that regulate activities of attorneys at law
The government received new bill on reforms regarding state owned periodicals 02.12.2014
State Committee for television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine provided its version of bill of law of Ukraine "On reformation of state and municilally owned printed periodicals and editorial boards" to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
New bill provides better regulations on alternation of apartments 30.11.2014
The Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, and Communal Living of Ukraine presented a new bill which cancels requirement regarding obtainment of permission for alternation of appartments
On novelties of the bill "On physical education and sport" 28.11.2014
In October of 2014 Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine presented bill of the law of Ukraine "On physical eduction and sport" to the general public
Will the law on migrants be signed by the President? 20.11.2014
Currently a new law "On ensuring of rights and liberties of temporary migrating persons" which was adopted by the Parliament in October is awaiting its signing by the President of Ukraine
New initiative of government may deprive citizens of legal aid 20.11.2014
Ukrainian government proposed a bill accroding to which introduction of legal aid in non-criminal cases will be rescheduled for January of 2017
Ministry of Justice provided clarifications regarding effective date of new anticorruption law 19.11.2014
The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine clarified which date should be recognized as effective date of the law "On prevention of corruption"
New provisions of legislation on medicinal drugs require their one-time re-registration 11.11.2014
Amendments to the law of Ukraine "On medicinal drugs" entered into force on the 5th of November 2014
Ministry of Healthcare simplifies obtainment of medical license 04.11.2014
Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine changed its position in regard to some issues of medical practice licensing
Decree on taxation of medical devices entered into force 21.09.2014
The decree lists transactions related to supply and import of medical devices that are subject to 7% VAT in Ukraine
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine amended regulations on inheritance 19.09.2014
The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine drafted bill number 5038 which is aimed at protection and fulfillment of rights of people who lived in Donetsk, Lugansk and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Obtainment of "combatant" status for soldiers participating in ATO 18.09.2014
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukrained approved the procedure of "combatant" status obtainment for soldiers participating in ATO
Bribe "tariffs" were eliminated 16.09.2014
5000 apartments were successfully registered due to functioning of service of "Separate window" for constructors 
New attempts to implement tax compromise 16.09.2014
On registration of bill #5043 "On amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine" which among other things provides possibility of tax compromise
Taxpayers have 10 days for appeals against tax violation notifications 15.09.2014
Procedure of provision of documents to divisions of financial investigations was amended
From now on business owners will be personally responsible for disposal of wastes 14.09.2014
Novelties of bill "On packaging and packaging wastes"
New regulations on registration of construction declarations 14.09.2014
The procedure of administrative services provision by the State Architecture and Construction Inspection of Ukraine was amended
Representatives of the State prosecutor's office noted that absence of resolution cannot serve as a ground for unscheduled inspection 14.09.2014
The State Service for regulatory policy and entrepreneurship reviewed complaints from entrepreneurs concering annulment of licenses for business activities
Real estate experts are puzzled by novelties presented by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 13.09.2014
Will notaries be deprived of right to register real estate objects?
The Supreme Court of Ukraine made ruling in regard to invalidation of decisions of general meeting of shareholders 04.09.2014
The Supreme Court of Ukraine made ruling concerning protection of shareholders' management rights