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27.03.2020 Everything you wanted to know about a medical license: the best articles for 2019 Digest of the best marketing materials for 2019 in the field of legal services to the medical business.
27.03.2020 Entry into Ukraine of persons with dual citizenship Will there be problems while crossing the border of Ukraine if there are passports of several states?
26.03.2020 How to switch from Sole proprietorship to LLC, and when is it needed? How to expand your business and change FOP to LLC? Legal advice
24.03.2020 Cash register for FOP (Sole proprietorship). New law on cash registers and electronic checks Legal analysis of the new law on cash registers. Who should install cash registers? How will it work?
23.03.2020 How to protect your business during quarantine? Analysis of new laws issued to counter Covid-19 Should a business be quarantined? How to keep your business?
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