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Changes at a charitable fund in Ukraine

Changes at a charitable fund in Ukraine

What we do

  • consult on changes to the charter of charitable foundation, registration of change of the head of charitable organization, change of address and members, as well as other changes;
  • in case when the foundation was registered prior to January 2013 we bring the charter’s terminology into compliance with the terminology of the new law on charity, remove restrictions related to the territory of organization's activities, modify the provisions of the charters (and charitable programs) pursuant to the requirements to the income that is exempted from taxation, we draft up and include to the charter all provisions that have become obligatory since 2013;
  • develop the structure of the charitable foundation management bodies, which meets the requirements of the Customers and the law;
  • provide state registration of a new version of the charter or any other changes in the foundation;
  • consult the charitable organization as to how carry out their activity so that in the future there will be no problems neither for the donators nor for the beneficiaries, or for the charitable organization itself;
  • prepare the documents necessary for registration of changes and support the registration process on a turnkey basis.


Change of the head of charitable foundation
2500 UAH
Standard changes in the charter of organization
3000 UAH
Developing of specific charter of CO
from 6000 UAH

Term and cost of registration of changes to the foundation charter


The cost of changes registration in a charitable foundation does not include official payments, which amount to UAH 210.


There are no notarial expenditures associated with making changes to the charter of charitable organization, as the minutes and the charter of the organization are not notarized.


Time to completion - 2 working days from the receipt of all necessary documents.

Obligatory amendments to the charters of existing charitable foundations registered prior to 2013 are stipulated by the current Law of Ukraine “On charitable activities and charitable organizations” and by the Tax Code of Ukraine.

Successfully rendered services

Accompanying the change of participants and head of an international charitable foundation

In September 2019, our specialists accompanied the change of participants and the head of the international charitable foundation

Supported sale of a charitable foundation in February 2019

Specialized lawyers of our firm fully supported purchase and sale transaction of a charitable foundation (including making changes in constitutional documents) registered in Kyiv city.

Supported changing procedure in the charitable foundation in November 2018

Made a complex of changes in the charitable foundation: changed the name, address, head and composition of the participants.

Fully supported sale of a charitable organization in November 2018

Our lawyers performed the following procedures:
changed a membership and head
changed an address
provided a postal service.

Helped non-resident to become director of a charitable foundation

Provided a range of services: registered a charitable foundation, obtained an employment permit and supported procedure of replacing the director to a client who is a British citizen.

Change of the head and members of the charitable foundation in September 2018

The head and members of the charitable foundation were changed with help of our lawyers, thereby transferring the foundation management to new owners in September 2018.

Helped to change the head of the charitable foundation in April 2018

Provided legal support for change of the head of the international charitable foundation, registered in Kiev.

Amended charter of charity in March-April 2018

Provided legal support for changes of members and the name of the charitable organization, and also obtained a new decision on inclusion into the register of non-profit organizations in connection with the change of name.

Amended charter of charity in February 2018

Helped to put changes into the charter of a charitable international fund and get a non-profitable status.

Changed charters of two charities in March of 2017

Our lawyers drafted new versions of two charitys' charters for them to abide tax regulations and confirmed non-profit status of the organizations.

Amended charter of charity in December of 2016

Provided legal support for changes in charter of an international charity for it to comply with new requirements of the Tax code of Ukraine.

Amended charter of charity in September of 2016

Helped to amend charter of a charitable organization for it to comply with the requirements of the Tax code of Ukraine.


  • plus

    We worked with nonresidents

    We have experience of registration of changes in charitable foundations established by foreign companies, nonresidents, and foundations, in which foreign citizens became heads. We have English-speaking lawyers, we know the specifics of this work and we can make it as a single package (translations, work permit).
  • plus

    Quick registration of changes

    Many of our clients are very interested in quick registration of changes of head, founders or address of a charitable foundation. This happens in the case of acquisition of charitable organization or in the case of participation in tenders. We can ensure that all procedures will be completed within one day.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Documents required for state registration of changes in a charitable foundation

  • Code EDRPOU of charitable organization
  • Passport details of a new director or founders
  • Information on changes in location of the foundation

The package of documents for changes in registration information or in the charter of a charitable foundation depends on the essence of these changes.

In most cases the preparation of minutes of the general meeting of members of foundation, which is made by our lawyers, is obligatory. In order to prepare the minutes we need to have the code of a charitable organization, full data of the founders who leave the foundation and those who enter in it (in the case of founders change), the new director of the foundation, if he is changed, the new address, and so on.

In case of a change of the founders of the foundation or the provisions of its charter, our lawyers also prepare a new version of the charter of the charity foundation. The notarial statements from the participants of the foundation who leave it will also be required in the first case. Such a statement can be notarized by any notary according to the sample provided by our specialists, or by our notary during the signing of main package of documents.


Palyonko O., Сaritable organization "International charitable fund"My native village"

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Important to know

Many Ukrainian charitable organizations may be interested in adding words “international” and “all-Ukrainian” to its name.


Is the protocol and charter of the charity foundation notarized when registering changes?

The analogy with company registration does not work in this matter. The Profile Law provides an exception for charitable organizations and contains a rule that their documents are not subject to mandatory notarization.

Is it necessary to make changes to the charter of the fund in order to receive a certificate of unprofitability of the new model?

Changes in the provisions relating to non-profit organization status took place in 2013 and 2015. If Your foundation is registered before 2013, the need to change the charter is not in doubt. In other cases, we carry out a preliminary study of the current charter.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


State registration of new version of charter of charity

Regulations on charitable organizations were significantly amended:

  • a new Law of Ukraine "On charitable activities and charitable organizations" entered into force in 2013 and changed requirements that are set for charters of charities;
  • the Tax Code of Ukraine provided new definitions of sources of income that are exempted from taxation (in particular Article 157 of the Tax Code).
  • in this regard as of today charters of majority of charitable organizations in Ukraine are not in compliance with the requirements of legislation.
  • switching to a new version of charter of organization is a crucial step for all charitable foundations in Ukraine that will help to remove limitations in regard to territory of activities; to include provisions about sources of income for them to comply with tax legislation; to bring provisions of the charter in compliance with the new law on charities. 
  • Thus changing your charter will not only decrease risks of exclusion from the Register of non-profit organizations, disputes with state tax and other bodies but also will extend the territory of its activities.

If you require new version of charter or simply have some questions - contact us.