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License for passenger transportation, taxi service in Ukraine

License for passenger transportation, taxi service in Ukraine

What we do

  • advise Client on all matters related to preparation of documents that are required for obtainment of license for passenger transportation, taxi service and transportation of hazardous materials etc.;
  • develop the documents for submitting to the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety, prepare an application form and other required documents;
  • submit the documents to the body of licensing on a power of attorney and obtain the license within agreed term.
Additionally, our lawyers can help with:
  • preparation of agreements with motor transportation company about parking, medical examination of drivers, technical examination of vehicles, repair etc.;
  • search of companies which can sign abovementioned agreements;
  • licensing of an own worker who provides physical examinations of drivers before and after trips (in this case a separate license for medical practice from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine is required).


For an entrepreneur with one car (taxi, car to order, UBER)
from 2000 UAH
For entrepreneurs with hired drivers and legal entities
from 3000 UAH

The price for services depends on a number of factors:

  1. a license is obtained by a sole trader or by a legal entity;
  2. number of vehicles;
  3. whether we have to draft or/and search for companies which provide services of parking, physical examination, technical examination, repair;
  4. types of transportation activities which are to be licensed: 
  • transportation by taxi in Ukraine or abroad (a license for a taxicab);
  • national and international transportation of passengers by cars of B category (other than taxi); 
  • transportation of passengers by buses in Ukraine and abroad (a license for bus transportation, a license for passenger transportation in Ukraine, a license for charter transportation by type D type buses);
  • transportation of hazardous materials in Ukraine or abroad (ADR license); 
  • international transportation of regular cargo (non hazardous). 
Additionally you must pay an official license fee. The amount of it is one subsistence minimum (from the 1st of January 2017 is 1600 UAH, from the 1st of May is 1684 UAH, from the 1st of December is 1762 UAH).

Our company can help to search for companies which provide services of parking, physical examination, technical examination, repair of vehicles for those clients who need it.

Our company just like the licensing body is located in Kyiv. It allows us to provide our services quickly and qualitatively in the field of transportation licensing. At the same time we have a lot of Clients from all over Ukraine: Zakarpattya, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Donetsk, Odessa, Kherson, Poltava regions. 

Successfully rendered services

License for international transportation of cargoes obtained in December 2017

Got a license for a Client who will transport cargoes internationally.

Passenger transportation licenses, obtained in October 2017

Provided getting a passenger transportation license by cars and also provided expending of already got passenger transportation license during the same Commission.

Passenger transportation license obtained in October 2017

Got a passenger transportation license for a Client from Zakarpattia region.

Uber partner license obtained in July of 2017

Provided legal support of Uber partner's license obtainment in Ukraine.

Passenger transportation licenses obtained at the beginning of 2017

Obtained two Uber licenses for Uber drivers from Odesa and Kharkiv as well as extended license of transporter from Zakarpattya region to include transportation of passengers by bus.

Added allowed types of transport to transportation license in June of 2017

Our lawyers helped a sole trader from Donetsk region of Ukraine to extend his license for transportation of passengers with additional types of transport.

Transportation license for a municipally owned company that was obtained in June of 2017

Assisted a municipal enterprise with licensing of their bus for the purposes of passenger transportation.

License of Uber partner obtained in May of 2017

Helped a sole trader from Lvivand Kharkiv region of Ukraine to get Uber license. Such license is compulsory for all drivers and partners of Uber in Ukrainian jurisdiction.

Uber license obtained in April of 2017

Provided assistance in regard to obtainment of Uber licenses in Ukraine. Services were supposed to be provided in Kyiv and Odessa.

Licenses for Uber partners obtained in March of 2017

Supported procedures of taxi license obtainment for Uber partners from Kiev and Lviv.

Uber partner license obtained in March of 2017

Obtained Uber partner's license for a sole trader from Ternopil region who wanted to provide services in Lviv.

Passenger transportation licenses obtained in March of 2017

Supported process of transportation license obtained by a sole trader from Lviv region and by a municipal enterprise from Mykolyayiv region.

Uber licenses obtained in February of 2017

Supported process of transportation license obtainment by Uber partners and drivers in Kiev (Ukraine).

International transportation licenses obtained in January of 2017

Obtained two international cargo transportation licenses for transporters from Kiev and Lviv regions of Ukraine.

Uber licenses obtained in November and December of 2016

After Uber was launched in Ukraine our lawyers help the drivers to get transportation licenses.

Transportation license for a municipal enterprise obtained in November of 2016

Provided legal support for obtainment of bus transportation license for a municipal enterprise from Poltava region of Ukraine.

Taxi license obtained in October of 2016

Helped an entrepreneur from Sumy region to get taxi transportation license.

Passenger transportation license obtained in September of 2016

Our lawyers helped a client from Kharkov to obtain license for national and international passenger transportation by bus.

Transportation license obtained in August of 2016

License for transportation of passengers by bus obtained for a client from Odesa

Transportation license received in July of 2016

Transportation license received for a client from Kharkiv.

Transportation license received in June of 2016

International cargo transportation license received for a client from Rivne region.

Transportation license received in May of 2016

Our lawyers have successfully received a transportation license for national and international transportation of passengers by busses.

Another transportation license received in May of 2016

Successfully got an ADR transportation license (for transportation of hazardous materials) for a sole trader from Ivano_Frankivsk region of Ukraine.

Transportation license received in April of 2016

Taxi license for a sole trader from Lugansk region of Ukraine.

Another transportation license received in April of 2016

Another taxi license that was received by our law firm for a sole trader from Mykolayiv region of Ukraine.

Our experience.
This transportation license was obtained in June of 2015

The passenger transportation license and license card were obtained by our lawyers for a client from Zakarpatska region

Our experience.
This transportation license was obtained in July of 2013

The dangerous goods transportation license and license card were obtained by our lawyers for a client from Kiev region


  • plus


    We have a huge experience in this sphere so we understand amount of work of every project and we can propose an adequate price which won't be changed during our cooperation
  • plus


    Our lawyers try to deal with all matters of the procedure of getting a license by themselves so they attract clients only in the exceptional cases
  • plus


    Our company can not only develop the documents but also can help to find a motor transport firm, which provides services on parking, physical examination, technical examination and reconstruction, for clients who seek this firm
  • plus


    If you order our services then you can be sure that your documents are written by the lawyers who have more than 10 years of experience in this sphere. We provided more than 100 clients with our services on getting a license for transportion activities since the moment of adopting the current license regulations


Our lawyers will advise you!

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  • Copy of extract from the United State Register of enterprises, organizations and institutions
  • Copy of vehicle registration certificate
  • Copy of an agreement with motor transport company and diplomas of medics and mechanics who are hired


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Important to know

Duration for getting a license for transportation activities

Duration of getting a license for transportation activities is 1,5-2 weeks. 

At the same time, it doesn't include preparation stage during whcih a client collects the required documents.

A license doesn't have a validity term. It means that you don't have to renew it.  A license can revoked if:

  • a licensee files revoking application;
  • the control bodies revoke a license for law infringements; 
  • the validity term of a license is changed according to legislation changes.
At the same time, despite the fact that there is no validity term, licensees must inform the licensing bodies about all changes inthe originally filed documents. They must do it within 30 days since the moment when such changes took place. 

Required documents for licenses for transportation activities

  • copy of vehicle(s) technical specification certificate(s) (permanent or temporary one(s) if a vehicle(s) was(were) rented;
  • copy of agreement with motor transport enterprise (for legal entities and sole proprietorships with hired employees);
  • documents about mechanic's qualification (if there is one);
  • documents about medic's qualification (if there is one);
  • documents about qualification of specialist who is responsible for international transportation activities (if a license for international transportation activities is issued);
  • copy of extract from official state business register;
  • contact information;
  • other documents and information.

Additional documents for a taxi license:

  • information about a taximeter and special taxi equipment (a yellow lantern on the roof, a green lantern in the windshield and square lines on the sides).

Additional documents for transportation of hazardous materials:

  • ADR card for every vehicle;
  • documents about authorized person's qualification on the matters of transportation of hazardous materials.


A license of every type is issued for a company (a limited liability company (LLC), a private company, a joint-stock company etc.) or for a sole trader. There are no license cards anymore. Nowadays all information about a vehicle is in the digital register. 

The State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety issues extracts (instead of licenses) from its digital register since the beginning of 2017. You can look through these extracts at this web-page in the section "Our successful projects".

A blank of the extract is kept at the address which is declared as office of the business.


Can I get a license for transportation activities without own transport?
Yes, you can. It is not obligation to have a right of ownership for a transport. It is enough to lease cars for providing services and getting the licenses. At the same time, except a lease agreement, you have to get a temporary vehicle technical specification certificate.
Is it necessarily to have an agreement with a motor transport company?
No, it isn't necessarily to have an agreement. If a driver provides services without hired workers on his own vehicle then a lease agreement may not be signed. Also it is allowed to sign a simplified form of an agreement in a case of international transportation activities.
Can I get a license for international transportation activities at once?
Yes, but not for all types of transportation activities. The only type is an international transportation of cargo (not ADR). If you want to get a license for international transportation of passengers by taxi, by cars to order, by buses and international transportation of dangerous cargo and waste then you must confirm it with 3-years of experience in this sphere at the territory of Ukraine. For this you have to submit an appropriate license.
Can a company with its own fleet vehicle not get a license for transportation activities?
Yes, you can. A company may not get a license if it uses departmental vehicles not for providing services for transportation of passengers or cargo to other companies/organizations or to individuals but for its own activities.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


License for transportation by vehicles

To obtain transportation license it is required to have personal or rented vehicles.

Until 2010 every type of transportation had to be licensed. But nowadays internal transportation of cargo does not have to be licensed (except internal transportation of hazardous materials).

License allows conduct transportation activities within territory of Ukraine. You must have 3 years of work experience with an internal license if you want to get an international one (for example, international passenger transportation).

Validity of license for passenger transportation, taxi service and transportation of hazardous materials is unlimited.

Payment for obtainment of license is transferred to an account of state budget which is opened at local division of state treasury at the location of licensee, payment code is 22011800.

A license for a taxi

A license for a taxi is one of the most popular transportation licenses.

If you want to get it your vehicle must be equipped with:

  • a recognizable lantern on the roof of a vehicle;
  • a serviceable taximeter;
  • green and red signal lanterns in the upper right corner of a car's windshield;
  • composition of square lines on the sides.
It should be noted that this equipment isn't checked during the procedure of getting a license.

Only persons who are above 21 years old can be taxi drivers. 

A license for transportation of hazardous materials

A license for transportation of hazardous materials can be issued only for vehicles which pass an examination and got ADR card for transportation of hazardous materials. At the same time a driver must have an emergency instruction.

Drivers who transport hazardous materials must get a certification of confirmation their training for this. 

You also must hire a full-time or part-time specialist who is responsible for transportation of hazardous materials.

UBER license in Ukraine

Our company helps to get UBER licenses for drivers ever since it launched in Ukraine. Passenger transportations by cars to order are licensed. We cooperate with UBER drivers and partners from Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine. 

UBER license shouldn't be confused with a license for a taxi (an activity with taximeter). There are other requirements for it.

A license for passenger transportations 

A license for passenger transportation is issued for regular and not-regular carriers (including charter trips).

If you want to get this license then you must have at least one D type vehicle. If you rent a bus then you have to provide not only a lease agreement but also a temporary vehicle technical specification certificate which is issued for a legal entity or entrepreneur who is going to get a license.

A license for clients from ATO zone and Crimea

A lot of our clients are from Donetsk and Luhansk regions and Crimea. In spite of all difficulties they transfer and continue to do their business on passenger transportations at the controlled territories of Ukraine. 

You can read our short review about cooperation with clients from ATO zone in 2016 via this link

A license for passenger and cargo transportation for municipal and state companies 

Our lawyers represent not only private sector interests but also interests of municipal and state companies while licensing passenger and cargo transportation.

Very often they need the license for a participation in intercity, inter-district, interregional competitions and tenders for providing transportation services. 

These clients also need to have an escort for bus transportations by buses and cars to order very often.

There is a popular question "Whether municipal and state companies (including private companies) have to get a license for transportation?" Answering for this question, we need to admit that the licenses are issued for licensees who plan to provide services for citizens and other companies and organizations. As follows, departmental transport, which is used for companies' necessities, and vehicles which are not used for transportations (construction and agricultural vehicles) don't have to be licensed.

Typical procedure of service provision

When term, cost and procedure of license obtainment are agreed Client signs an agreement of legal services provision. If you need to sign an agreement with a motor transport company our firm may help to draft and enter into agreement. When all the required documents are prepared and signed by Client our lawyers file the documents to the State Automobile Inspection in Kyiv or Kyiv region.

When a positive decision on issuance of license is made Client pays state duty for the license (payment code 22011800) and sends the payment document to our legal experts.

If there is a need the payment may be performed by our lawyers on behalf of a Client. In this case Client provides only bank requisites and the required amount of money. The requisites must include number of account, name and code of recipient, name and inter-branch turnover of recipient bank. For companies registered in Kyiv it is not required to get requisites.

Within the agreed term Client receives an extract from the digital register of the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety.

Transportation license obtainment service procedure may be changed to a more suitable one at your request.