Replacement of company's CEO (director)

Cost of services

400 USD
Cost of services for changing a manager (director)
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What we offer

  • advise our clients on the procedure of registration of changes and on the results of these changes;
  • implement the changes into the EDRPOU (National Register of Companies and Sole Proprietorships);
  • get a confirmation of the changes implementation in form of a certified copy with description and transfer them to the client;
  • in case if the client wants to replace the CEO in their company, we can not only perform registration actions, but also present a person to take that position.

Changing the head of the charity fund has a number of features, which you can find by clicking on the link.



List of documents
EDRPOU code of a legal person
A copy of passport and identification number of the new CEO
Sample documents for download

Documents for registration of CEO replacement

Our specialists do not require any additional papers for replacement of an entity’s CEO, as we take necessary remaining information from public sources.

Working with us is really easy!

Warning! From November 2019, the power of attorney for registration actions must be stated on a notarized form and notarized.

  • Service cost of CEO replacement is 2000 UAH (Get the service)
  • Service cost does not include the official payment in the budget and notary services. 
  • The term begins after getting power of attorney and the notarized record of the general meeting of members from the client.

Through the years of practice we have organized cooperation with notaries to avoid addressing them for correcting mistakes made in the process of replacing CEO.   

Why us

When necessary, we present a person for the position of CEO
If CEO needs to be replaced but there is yet no suitable candidate, our lawyers can present you such.
Our company possesses huge experience in replacement of CEO
We have huge experience in replacement of CEOs, who are either Ukrainian citizens or foreigners that have already obtained Ukrainian employment permit and permanent resident status.
Guarantee of result
In accordance with standard procedure, we submit papers to the state registrar on the day following the notarized record of the general meeting of members. On the day after the submission, information about replacement of CEO appears in database of the EDRPOU. Should something unexpected happen (such as illegal actions of the registrar), we take the situation under our own control and finish the job by ourselves.

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Our successful projects

Change of information regarding the director of the firm in Kyiv
Recently, our company successfully helped the Client to make changes to the information about the head (director) of a legal entity.
Change of information about the director of the company
Recently, our company has successfully helped the Client to make changes to the information about the head (director) of the legal entity.

Registartion of company's CEO replacement

  • According to the current legislation, any changes made in registration data of a legal person enter into force only starting from the date of their state registration.
  • The service is provided only after the full prepayment.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Can a CEO of any other company become our new CEO?

There is no law against being CEO of more than one company. Therefore, when preparing papers for replacement of CEO, we do not even ask our clients whether their new CEO is the head of some other company.

Can a foreigner become the company’s CEO?

Yes, they can. In order to do so, they need to obtain identification number and employment permit.

Does the record of CEO’s replacement have period of validity?

Up to June, 2018 the record had to be submitted to the registration authority no later than on the third working day from its date of signature. Otherwise it became invalid for the state registration. Nowadays this regulation no longer exists, so there are no terms for submission of the documents.

Can we replace CEO the day we sign the record of the general meeting of members?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. On the day when the signing takes place we release previous CEO from the office. The new one is appointed and registered on the following day, as there cannot be two CEOs on the same day. Moreover, since the “anti-raider law” was introduced, the record of the general meeting of members for replacement of company’s CEO has been notarized. Hence the meeting cannot be organized in advance.

Can the new CEO be appointed at the beginning of the following month, while the current CEO is dismissed, for instance, in the middle of this month?

No, for the company cannot function without a CEO. The new CEO has to be appointed the day after dismissal of the previous one.

Can the new CEO be appointed by assigning order?

No, they cannot. CEO is appointed according to the decision of a competent authority (general meeting or company owners), which takes the form of a protocol or the owners’ decision.

Typical procedure of service provision related to CEO replacement 

Having received the notification about the client’s willingness to involve our firm in replacement of their CEO, our expert together with the client agrees on how and when the client is to provide the required document copies and information for preparation of document drafts for registration of CEO’s replacement.

Our lawyers prepare all necessary documents for CEO's replacement. The drafts of the prepared documents are sent to the client for their approving.

After having obtained the approval of the documents drafts, we organize a meeting at a notary office for notarizing the record of the general meeting of members, where CEO's replacement is discussed. At the meeting, there have to be company members and the new CEO. If it is impossible for a member to be physically present at the meeting, the record can be signed by our representatives on their behalf based on the power of attorney granted by this member.

During the meeting, other documents are signed, which do not have to be certificated by a notary according to the law. For example, a power of attorney for our lawyers to perform the registration.

After all the documents are prepared and signed by the client, our lawyers perform registration of CEO replacement at the state bodies.

At the end of all necessary procedures you will receive:

  • a list of enclosures with a code to download a digital form of the extract from EDR (legal entity state register) certificate with the name of the new CEO;
  • the extract from EDR (legal entity state register) certificate with the name of the new CEO, authenticated by a stamp of a state registrar;
  • the record of the general meeting of members where the new CEO was elected. 

On client request we can provide a notary certification of the new CEO's signature for re-registering the bank account.

For any additional information and to order of the service “Company CEO (director) replacement” please contact our legal experts.

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