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Fitness centers and protection of right of their consumers in Ukraine 24.01.2017
Lawyer of our law firm provides comments concerning consumer protection...
Dissolution of "exhausted" enterprises: necessary again 23.06.2014
A post from blog of Volodymyr Gurlov, partner of law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" 
Our lawyer gives answer to the newspaper reader regarding protection of rights in the European Court 29.10.2013
Our lawyer's comment on how to protect your right to a higer pension in the European Court
Material on labour rights of students 18.10.2013
Our lawyer provided his comments regarding official employment of full-time students
Our lawyer's comments for "Segodnya" newspaper 10.10.2013
Lawyer of law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" provides answers to readers of Segodnya newspaper
Our lawyer provides an advice on peculiarities of the last will and testament 01.10.2013
Lawyer's clarifications on legal effect of real estate registration after formalization of last will and testament
Advertising of medicines in Ukraine: how not to violate the requirements 02.09.2013
Our article about penalties for violations of legislation on advertising in pharmaceutical industry
Andriy Buzynnyi commented on the lawsuit we have won 09.07.2013
Our lawyer provides his comments regarding dispute on misleading advertising for Forbes Ukraine
Vladimir Gurlov provides comments on misleading advertising for Publishing house "Galytski kontrakty" 08.07.2013
Partner of our law firm provides his comments regarding use of misleading advertising and consequences of such use
Comment of lawyer about the fine for misleading drug advertising 27.06.2013
Consequences of misleding advertising use as exemplified by litigation between Private Joint-stock company "Pharmaceutical firm "Darnytsya" and  the State Inspection of Ukraine on Consumer Protection
Article on the territory of the patent (by Ukrainian law firm) 23.05.2013
Article on possibility of patenting of industrial property object that had already been patented abroad
Land acquisition in Ukraine - legal regulation (2013) 23.05.2013
Article about obstacles that are faced by persons who want to receive state or municipally owned land plonts  into their ownership or for use after the 1st of January 2013
New procedure for registration of rights to real estate in Ukraine 26.04.2013
Our lawyer provided his comments on amendments to the real estate registration procedure and their disadvantages
Registration of rights to real property by a notary in Ukraine 17.04.2013
Our article about formalization of real estate deals and registration of rights to real estate in 2013
Recognition of a contract as "unreal" by Ukrainian tax service 11.04.2013
Our lawyer provides his comments oh how to appeal against decisions of tax authorities by means of which they recognize business agreements as fictitious
Fundamental breach of a contract in Ukraine: analysis of legal cases 20.03.2013
Our lawyer provides his comments on related judicial practice
Web Copyright Protection: using DMCA (Google as an example) 15.03.2013
Our article about alternative method of opposition against copyrights violators on the Internet
The new law on charity in Ukraine: Opportunities, Perspectives and Risks (2013) 05.03.2013
Partner of law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" provided his comments in regard to new law that regulates activities of charities in Ukraine
Foreigners must dispose of agricultural land inherited in Ukraine 21.02.2013
Our lawyer's comments on clarifications of the High Specialized Court of Ukraine in regard to provisions of the law which requires foreigners to dispose of agricultural lands inherited in Ukraine
Article about an audit of State financial inspection. For "Law and Business" 19.02.2013
Article about facts that a business owner should know about financial inspection
Property tax: changing concepts will increase the amount of tax 18.02.2013
Our lawyer's comments on controversial definition of tax base of real estate tax and possible solutions of the problem
Registration of Unit of Non-Governmental Organizations in Ukraine (for Lawyer & Law) 14.02.2013
Article about changes which had been made to the procedure of non-governmental organization unit establishment in Ukraine
Advice of our lawyer for newspaper reader about evaluation of damages 01.02.2013
Our lawyer provided his comments on evaluation of damages caused to an appartment or other object by flooding 
Comments of our lawyer for Yurliga about new informational letter of the HACU 30.01.2013
Our lawyer provided his comments on clarifications of the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine regading application of article 265 of the Code of Administrative Procedure of Ukraine

Lawyer of our firm provided comments on situation related to construction issue 23.01.2013
Our lawyer provided his comments regarding rights and obligations of adjacent land plots
Comments of firm’s lawyer for “Segodnya” newspaper 18.01.2013
Answers of our lawyer for newspaper readers in regard to retirement and pension in Ukraine
Partner of law firm commented on prohibition of smoking in restaurants and cafes 09.01.2013
There is a double impression from regulations on smoking in public places being made stricter. On the one hand it seems positive: visitor of a bar or a restaurant will not go outside to smoke. On the other hand there are negative aspects related to mechanism of these regulations implementation and their wording
Comments for “Segodnya” newspaper on the issues of pension provision 19.12.2012
Our lawyer provided answers to the newspaper readers on pension matters related to death of breadwinner
Comments on legislation for Yurlikbez column of “Segodnya” newspaper 05.12.2012
Our lawyer answers various questions of the newspaper readers
Shortening of the payment term of export-import operations to three months in Ukraine 04.12.2012
Our article about new regulations for international traders that are related to export and import operations
Appealing against tax violation notification letters. Specially for “Yurydychna gazeta” newspaper. 27.11.2012
Article on appealing practice against tax violation notification letters that was prepared by Partner of law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" Volodymyr Gurlov and Managing Partner of an audit firm "Aksyonova and Partners" Olena Makeyeva
An article about legal risks of shares purchasing in Ukraine for UBR.UA 26.11.2012
Article about ways on how to protect oneself against legal risks associated with entering into shares purchase and sale agreements by means of legal analysis
Legal advice for “Segodnya” newspaper 15.11.2012
Our lawyer provides readers with answers on pension related matters
Receiving of consent for personal data collection and processing will be simplified in Ukraine 07.11.2012
Our article abour regulatory amendments that are related to collection and processing of personal data 
Journalists of Ukrainian Business Resource prepared an article about our event 01.11.2012
Ukrainian Business Resource highlighted an event that was organized by our firm together with audit firm “Aksyonova and Partners” on October 26th 2012.
Analytical periodical "Lawyer & Law" highlighted an event that was organized by our firm 31.10.2012
Business lunch that was organized by our law firm together with an audit firm “Aksyonova and Partners” and dedicated to new approaches in accompanying tax audits as well as their effective administrative appeal
Why the law on defamation can’t be revoked 28.09.2012
Famous bill that imposes liability for defamation is now at risk of becoming known not only because of being so widely discussed but also due to procedural rules being neglected during its adoption by the Parliament
Advertising in medical field: judicial practice in Ukraine 28.09.2012
Our article about judicial practice related to advertising in medical field
Article about usucapion in Ukraine. Specially for “Yurydychna gazeta” newspaper 23.09.2012
Comments of our lawyers in regard to situation related to usucaption in Ukraine
Comment on new Act of Ukraine “On non-governmental organizations” 18.09.2012
Our lawyer provided his comments on changes that will be brought by a new law on NGOs
Volodymyr Gurlov commented tax exemptions for hotels in Ukraine 31.08.2012
Our article on how and when to use tax exemptions for hotels as well as on exemption related difficulties
Criteria of medical products’ “advertising capability” – article for weekly periodical “Lawyer and Law” 01.08.2012
Our lawyer wrote an article about amendments to the law of Ukraine “On medical products” and law “On advertising” that entered into force on the 14th of July 2012 and made requirements for medical products advertising stricter as well as limited the list of products that are allowed to be advertised by certain criteria
Tax exemptions for hotels in Ukraine – new opportunities commented by lawyer of the firm 11.07.2012
Our lawyer provided his opinion for UBR.UA about amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine related to taxation of hotel business
Legal opinion on important provisions of the Ukrainian law “On Employment of Population” (for UBR) 21.06.2012
Our lawyer commented on a number of amendments brought by the bill which are beneficial for both employers and employees
Foundation of the Department of Access to medical on the basis of our firm 15.03.2012
Mass media highlighted foundation of the Department of Access to the medical services and control of unfair advertising by All-Ukrainian Council for Patients’ Rights and Safety on the basis of our firm
Comment of our lawyer for Independent Bureau of News 20.02.2012
Journalists of the Independent Bureau of News were trying to figure out whether or not figures of the largest corruption scandal of recent weeks will face charges
The High Specialized Court of Ukraine laid a mine under mortgage and lien 07.02.2012
Our lawyer wrote an article about ambiguous decision of the High Specialized Court of Ukraine that may influence loan disputes between borrowers and banks
Situation with EX.UA: three conclusions 06.02.2012
Our lawyer provided his comments for UBR.UA on the situation around EX.UA file sharing service
Interview of our lawyer about perspectives of gas conflict settlement by the Stockholm Arbitration 31.01.2012
The longer gas related negotiations between Ukraine and Russia last and the closer negotiators from both sides bring this situation to the dead end the higher is the possibility of this issue settlement by the Stockholm Arbitration. Our lawyer's interview on the topic for UBR.UA
Comment for UBR TV channel about transfer of BTI’s functions 27.12.2011
Ukrainians got alarmed by the information about changes of the procedure of real estate registration. The Parliament passed registration powers from Bureau of Technical Inventory to the State Registration Service of Ukraine on the 9th of December. The BTI continues to perform exclusively technical procedures. It was expected that the State Registration Service would introduce  simplified procedure after January of 2012. But it failed to succeed. This week members pf the Parliament extended powers of the BTI for one year. But it seems like Ukrainians haven't heard about it. They didn't believe in simplification. And it was for a good reason...
On prohibition of debt collection services. Legal opinion 26.12.2011
Our lawyer's comments on the bill which sets temporary prohibition of debt collection services
Blocking of company account by Ukrainian Enforcement Service 26.12.2011
In this article our lawyer analyzes the situation related to blocking of company account by the Enforcement Service without notification as well as provides the recommendations about courses of action that are possible in this case.
Simplification of apartment alterations legalization 26.12.2011
Our lawyer provided his comments for UBR TV channel
Conclusion of a new lease because of company transformation in Ukraine 28.11.2011
Lawyer of our firm analyzes a situation which is related to conclusion of a new lease which goes along with changes enterprise’s organizational and legal form as well as provides his own recommendations.
How to avoid problems during personnel downsizing? 28.11.2011
Our lawyer's comments on peculiarities of  personnel downsizing during reorganization of an enterprise
Comment for IBN about possibilities of new criminal charges against Yuliya Tymoshenko 28.11.2011
Lawyer of our firm provided his comments for the Independent Bureau of News about possibilities of new criminal charges against Yuliya Tymoshenko for actions related to activities of “United Energy Systems of Ukraine” corporation
Right to pay VAT in Ukraine is to be earned. Lawyer and Law. Issue number 39 06.10.2011
Our lawyer analyzes provisions of the Tax Code of Ukraine which are related to obtainment of VAT payer certificate as well as describes the reality around implementation of the analyzed provisions of legislation
Ukrainian Customs cannot refuse to register vehicles 23.09.2011
In this article our lawyer acts as an expert in the discussion of an issue that entrepreneurs frequently face when dealing with customs authorities in Ukraine
Change of registration procedures. “Status. Ekonomicheskiye izvestiya” magazine 30.08.2011
Our lawyer acts as an expert and referee in discussion of amendments which are related to entry into force of the Law of Ukraine “On amendments to some legal acts of Ukraine related to launch of electronic registration system of business entities” on the 13th of August 2011
How to avoid payment for expired contract of guaranty? 25.07.2011
In this article our lawyer provides her expert opinion in discussion of issues which result from overdue contracts of guaranty
Summing up the results of public hearings of the bill related to copyrights and taxation 14.07.2011
In this article our lawyer sums up the results of public hearings of the bill number 6523 “On amendments to some legislative acts regulating copyrights and related rights”
Certificate revocation of state registration from legal entities and sole traders 10.07.2011
Our lawyer comments on amendments that are related to entry into force of the law of Ukraine “On amendments to some legal acts of Ukraine regulating certificate revocation of legal entities and sole traders state registration” on the 7th of May 2011