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30.03.2020 How can a foreigner fill out a type D visa form? Instructions from a lawyer How to fill out a visa application form D to Ukraine? Legal advice
19.03.2020 How Do The Procedures For Starting A Pharmacy In A City, Town And Countryside Differ In 2020? How to start a pharmacy in a city, town or village? Legal advice on starting a pharmacy.
12.03.2020 How To Start A Pharmacy In Ukraine: The Most Frequently Asked Questions And Their Practical Solutions Let’s discuss issues and situations that can stump any entrepreneur when starting a pharmacy in Ukraine.
04.03.2020 Transition Of A Privately Practicing Doctor From Sole Proprietorship To LLC. Welter in confused notions of re-issuance of a Medical License and change of the business structure Our lawyers helped a doctor working as a sole proprietor to expand his license. Transition from Sole Proprietorship to LLC.
26.02.2020 Increasing The Share Capital When Purchasing A Ready-Made Company How to increase the share capital of the company? The process of increasing the share capital of an LLC.
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