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28.09.2020 Relocation of IT specialists to Ukraine: how to organize? How to transport your IT company from Belarus to Ukraine? Legal assistance in relocating employees to Ukraine.
24.09.2020 Buy a ready-made gas company in Ukraine with VAT: an example from the practice of a lawyer What will be more profitable: buy a ready-made gas company with VAT or register a new one? Legal advice.
22.09.2020 Withdrawal of the deceased participant from the LLC How to remove a deceased LLC participant from the membership? Legal assistance in the withdrawal of a participant from the LLC.
21.09.2020 How to appeal the cancellation of a work permit in Ukraine for late submission of a copy of the employment contract to the employment center? The work permit of a foreigner was canceled. How to appeal the decision of the employment center? Legal assistance in migration law Ukraine.
02.09.2020 How to get a CC2 building license with internal and external works? License for construction work in Kiev and across Ukraine. Legal assistance in obtaining a building license.
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