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A Path to Quick Entry into Ukraine's Gas Business Short Description: Natural gas supply is a profitable sector of the economy. More and more entrepreneurs are choosing to purchase ready-made companies with a gas supply license to conduct business. We offer to buy a company with a gas license, clean, without turnovers.


How to register a business for a non-resident in Ukraine quickly? Our lawyers will help you choose the organizational and legal form of the company, open a corporate bank account, provide accounting support, and other services for your business. 


When establishing their own medical business, licensees often face confusion regarding the specific medical specialties required. We will discuss the delineation of responsibilities for doctors working in the beauty industry, plastic/reconstructive surgery, and what the legislation says about it.


Obtaining a D visa based on employment in Ukraine is often the top priority for foreigners seeking to implement their plans in our country. But how to get a D-type visa quickly and on the first attempt?


A client approached us seeking to obtain a license for conducting economic activities in medical practice for a Pathology Bureau. We will guide you through the licensing process for the Pathology Bureau and address any urgent questions you may have.


Launching a franchise business in Ukraine can have many advantages for entrepreneurs. Why should one consider starting a franchise business in Ukraine, and what factors need to be taken into account when entering into an agreementn it?


Legal assistance in the re-registration of a foreign company or making changes. We will help facilitate the sale of a non-resident business quickly and with maximum comfort for you. Additionally, we will provide you not only with quality legal services but also accounting services for the successful operation of your business.


The director has changed in a non-resident entity, where to notify? What documents need to be prepared when changing the leadership of a foreign representation, and how to register changes regarding the director?


Buying a ready-made company with a license to supply electricity or natural gas can be a good way to start this activity as soon as possible. Why is it better to buy a ready-made company with an already existing license for the supply of electricity or gas from us?


How to carry out an alternative liquidation of a company entered in the register of debtors? After all, it is the method of alternative liquidation of the firm that sometimes becomes the most optimal for solving complex corporate issues.


How to respond to tax requests for information

How to respond to the request of the tax authority, how to respond and what consequences may be hidden by the received request. What risks arise in case of providing or not providing an answer to the tax office? Legal assistance of a tax lawyer.


Legal resolution of the issue of dismissal from the position of director, as well as the withdrawal of members, when it is impossible to convene a general meeting. Why is the activity of the company blocked in the event that one of the founders has disappeared or does not want to participate in the company's affairs?