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21.08.2019 Equipment in doctor's offices: what problems may arise? How to understand what exactly kind of equipment should be available in your doctor's office? Find out more!
19.08.2019 Obtainment a license for mediation in employment abroad with our foreign partner What should you do if you want to carry out activities on employment abroad but do not have a foreign partner? Find out more!
15.08.2019 The issue of renewal of special permit for subsurface use: our experience Is it necessary nowadays to have a special permit for subsurface use? Find out more about our practical experience on this question.
13.08.2019 Introduction of amendments to the medical practice license in Ukraine: our experience When it is necessary to make amendments to the medical practice license? How to do it right and what can happen if the changes are not made properly?
06.08.2019 Successful experience of a “turn-key ready” registration of electricity supplier as the electricity market participant We carried out a “turn-key ready” registration of a new electricity market participant in Ukraine. What is necessary for successful registration of electricity supplier?