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19.11.2019 Nostrification of diploma in 2019: how to secure the recognition of foreign documents on higher education? How to pass a procedure of diploma nostrification quickly and without problems? Find out more!
13.11.2019 Acquisition of shelf charitable foundation: will it be faster? What will be faster – to register a charitable foundation from the scratch or to buy a shelf one? How to start a charity work quickly?
08.11.2019 Law firm or in-house lawyer? What are the advantages of legal outsourcing? What is better for the business: in-house lawyer or assistance of a law firm? Practice examples.
31.10.2019 Legal support of the business: is it so important? How can the legal support of the business help your company? Find out more about the legal business support services provided by the lawyer.
24.10.2019 How to register a children's charitable foundation? We will talk about the specific nature of registration of charitable foundation with a focused specialization. On what should you pay attention?
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