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The relocation of medical institutions from occupied territories during martial law requires quick decisions. Learn about the relocation process, document preparation, and the importance of legal support.


How Does the Law on "Mobilization Training and Mobilization" Affect Security Activities? Debunking myths and providing clear explanations for potential entrepreneurs and professionals.


Connecting to the electronic health record system helps improve patient care quality and optimize workflows. Learn about the benefits and mandatory requirements for registration in the EHR.


How to dissolve a non-profit organization that is no longer relevant? Let's share a case where we offered clients an alternative dissolution to simplify the process.


Educational institutions need to adapt to new professions by expanding their specialties. We assist in amending the educational license to expand the educational program.


Our company assists with legal matters, including obtaining educational licenses in Ukraine. Learn how to organize courses with the issuance of state-recognized certificates and expand your activities.


Remote obtaining of a tax certificate for permanent residence abroad simplifies the process of establishing permanent residence abroad. We provide a full range of services, solving even the most complex migration issues.


How to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine through childbirth? We examine a real case of a citizen of Denmark and provide detailed answers to all questions regarding the migration process.


Advice on tax residency in Italy and financial management for Ukrainians. Optimize your tax status and avoid risks.


Is it possible to obtain a license for medical practice for non-profit organizations in Ukraine? Let's explore all the nuances of this process, share legal opportunities, risks, and the experience of a successful case.


A case on developing the charter of the Charity Foundation for importing vehicles for the Armed Forces. We are developing a document that provides for non-profit status and the possibility of importing humanitarian aid, including vehicles for the Armed Forces.


A foreigner seeking to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine faces challenges: determining compliance with legislative requirements, nuances of document submission. Our lawyers with over 15 years of experience assist at every stage, ensuring a successful outcome.