Buy license company to supply gas and / or electricity consumer

Cost of services

Cost of services:

from 50 000 UAH
Company with a Natural Gas Supply License
from 50 000 UAH
Company with an Electricity Supply License
starts at 55 000 UAH
Company with a Natural Gas and Electricity Supply License
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What we offer

The cost of services for purchasing a company with a Natural Gas and/or Electricity Supply License depends on the following factors:

  • How urgent you need to buy a company;
  • Who will re-register the company for new owners (our lawyers or the Client’s lawyers);
  • Whether the company has filed any business records;
  • When the Natural Gas and/or Electricity Supply License has been obtained, etc.


Required documents

List of documents
Passport details of the new owners and director of the company
Information about the new company name (if it changes)
Information about the new company address (if it changes)
If you want to buy a company and change only its owner and director, all you need is a passport and identification number of the future owner and director of the company.

To re-register the company we need passport data and identification numbers of the director and new company members. These positions may also be held by one person.

Why us

Considerable experience
Our company has sold more than one company licensed to supply natural gas or electricity to the consumer over the past few years (the exact data is not disclosed for obvious reasons). So, you can be sure that all your requests will be satisfied in the best possible way.
Company-screening gains
All the companies we sell were initially registered for resale. They weren’t doing any business, they were just waiting for their buyer. Therefore, you can be sure that there will be no problems with accounting.
The company is ready to operate and carry out its licensed activity
You do not need to additionally obtain a license or other documentation. All you have to do to become the owner of a licensed LLC is to sign a few necessary documents.

We are ready to help you!

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Our successful projects

Purchase of three firms with a gas license
03/08/2020 carried out the re-registration of 3 companies with a license for the supply of gas in Kiev
LLC with license in Kiev
Form of organization: LLC
Registration date: 04.2019
Date of license issuance: April of 2019
Place of registration: Kiev
System of taxation: without VAT registration
Previous activities: none
Cost: 1500 USD

Legal advice on the purchase of a ready-made company with a gas or electricity license

If, before buying a company, you want to understand exactly whether such an option is the most optimal for achieving your goals, we offer you an introductory legal consultation. During such a consultation, our lawyer:

  • Analyzes your situation and main goal, as well as the legal possibilities for achieving it; 
  • Calculates the risks; 
  • Will clearly explain to you the existing options for achieving your goal and help you decide on the best one. 

Consultation cost - UAH 2500

Answers to frequently asked questions

What is the procedure of the company re-registration for a new owner and how long does it take?

The Client makes an advance payment in the amount of 10% of the company’s price, after that we reserve the company. It is reserved for the period necessary to solve organizational issues, including the company-screening procedure.

Should we update changes with the licensing authority, after the purchase of the company and change its data, after the company is re-registered for the new owner?

By separate agreement with the Client, our lawyers can make changes in the licensing register. This can be done only after the changes on the new company’s owner are made to the Unified State Register.

Can we change the business address for carrying out gas or electricity supply activities?

When you buy a licensed company, you can change not only its name, but also the business address.

What is the length of service that the Director of a company engaged in gas or electricity supply to the consumer should have?

The current licensing regulations do not provide for special requirements for the Director of the company which will supply gas or electricity to the consumer.

We know cases when the company should have started operating  “yesterday”, but it can’t due to the absence of the appropriate license for economic activity. Our company has been repeatedly contacted by Clients who want to start or continue economic activities related to the supply of gas or electricity to the consumer and have everything necessary for this, including financial resources, employees and the accumulated portfolio of clients, but do not have a license issued by the regulator or the regulator has suspended or revoked the license issued. And providing such services without the appropriate license may result in penalties and problems with the concluded agreements (the latter are invalid from the time of conclusion).

Registering a company from scratch and obtaining a license will take such Clients no less time than obtaining a license for an existing company. In any case, the time spent on obtaining a license leads to the loss of potential customers and other financial losses associated with business downtime.

The easiest way to quickly start or continue to supply gas or electricity to the consumer is to buy a ready-made company, which has the license issued by the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine (NEURC).

The market offers a great number of companies for sale with appropriate licenses. However, before you decide on a particular seller, you must pay attention to the accuracy of the company’s data presented, properly study its past activity, as well as terms and conditions of the corporate rights sale. It’s worth noting that some sellers offer companies that do not have the appropriate licenses, providing false information about their presence, as well as companies that have tainted their reputation by having debts, violating the law, ignoring enforcement actions, etc.

When contacting our law firm, you can be sure that you buy a ready-made company with a license and a completely transparent past business activity. When registering a company for sale, we comply with all legal requirements for registration and obtainment of a license, submit all necessary reports and usually do not conduct any business operations.

During preliminary negotiations, our specialists can provide you with a full package of documents that was submitted for the company registration and obtainment of a license. Thus, you can be sure that the procedure of registration of the firm and obtainment of a license was conducted officially and the firm is in no violation of existing law.

If you want to buy a ready-made company with a Natural Gas or Electricity Supply License easily and quickly, don’t hesitate to - call us!

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