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Buy a firm with foreign employment agency license

Buy a firm with foreign employment agency license

What we do

  • Sell companies that have a foreign partner;
  • Notify the licensing authority of Ukraine of the changes implemented in the company and make changes to the licensing register by agreement;
  • Re-register companies “on a turn-key basis”, including notarization of the necessary documents;
  • Provide all information about the company being sold: date of registration and licensing, information on the foreign partner, the state of bookkeeping and other questions from the client;
  • Reserve the company for the client for the time needed to check its licence, constituent documents, budget payments etc. after having received the advance;
  • Consult on the matters of brokering activities in foreign employment and compliance with licence conditions.


Company with licence for brokering activities in foreign employment
starts at 50 000 UAH

Cost of the company depends on how long it has been registered and country where the foreign counterparty is from. 

Our firm has long standing partnerships with notaries which allows to sign all the necessary documents within tight deadlines. 


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    One of the main requirements for getting the licence for brokering activities in foreign employment is the documents provided by the foreign partner. Among those are foreign economic contract and a draft of employment contract. We have a foreign partner in Poland and real documents signed by him.
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    The companies we sell have initially been registered for the further resale. They have been inactive waiting for their buyers. Therefore, you can be sure of their clear history.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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  • Passport details and identification numbers of the firm’s new founders and managing director
  • The new company name, if changed
  • The new location, if changed

If the company remains at the same registration address, we can offer mailing service (correspondence management).

In order to re-register the company, we need passport details and identification numbers of the firm’s new members and managing director. This can be one person representing a new member and the director at the same time.

During the process of re-registering, the information about the company can be completely altered, e.g. its name, location, amount of authorized capital etc.  


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General director Skibinskiy V., Yokogawa Electric Ukraine Ltd.

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Helped with the liquidation of a foreign representative office in Ukraine
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Important to know

Obtaining a foreign employment licence takes much time. Even when professionals are involved, there is still no guarantee that the documents will be considered by the licensing authorities in less than a month.

Our lawyers have repeatedly faced requests to get the employment licence as soon as possible, preferably within a week. The only possible way to do so is to buy an already existing company with employment licence.


What is the procedure of re-registering a company with licence?

The client pays an advance (10% of the company’s price), and after this we reserve the company for them for the time needed to address organizational matters, such as to check the firm thoroughly. The final settlement takes place when concluding the transaction at the notary. If the client expresses full readiness to buy a certain firm, the payment can be made immediately. In this case, when it is needed (and if the client has the passport and identification code), the deal can be made on the same day at the notary. In 2-3 working days the information about changing of company members (founders) and its managing director goes through the unified state register. Afterwards the procedure is to be considered finished. Under agreement with the client, our lawyers can make changes to the licensing register in case the company’s name and (or) location has been changed.

After having bought the firm, can I start working with other foreign partners, apart from the one with whose documents the licence has been registered?

Yes, you can. According to the current licence conditions for brokering activities in foreign employment, the licensee operates on the basis of the licence and the signed foreign economic contracts. The amount of such contracts is not limited. Therefore, the licensee can cooperate with as many partners as they want. Although no licence conditions demand that the licensing authority is to be notified of new foreign partners, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine requires it, referring to the Licensing of Designated Economic Activities Act, in which it is stated that licensees are obliged to notify the licensing authority about any change of the information submitted in the process of obtaining the licence.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


The companies we offer are registered with our partners in Poland, as it is presently the most popular employment direction among Ukrainian citizens. At the same time, we advise our clients on how to collaborate with foreign employers and recruitment agencies so that they can avoid the tiresome procedure of re-registering the licence while keeping under the existing legislation of Ukraine.    


Re-registering the firm for the new owners takes just a couple of days, as our companies are founded specially for the subsequent resale. Therefore, you can be sure that it has zero trades and no debts, fines or any other negative circumstances, reports are filed in a timely manner.

A frequent question is, can the company change its name or address after having been sold. The answer is “yes”. In the process of selling the company with a licence for foreign employment of Ukrainian citizens, a new version of the firm’s charter is approved; meanwhile it is possible to change not only the owners and management of the firm but also other data such as name, registration address, kind of activity or separate parts of the firm’s charter.


Our company has a solid experience in selling ready business, so you can count on our highest level of professional help and the quality of the product offered to you.

If You wish to buy a ready-to-go company with the employment lisence - call us!