Registration of a joint stock company (private or public) in Kiev

Cost of services

Cost of services:

Cost of a Joint Stock Company Registration
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What we offer

  • Provide verbal consultations on the peculiarities of the legal status and functioning of a joint stock company (JSC);
  • Draft all necessary documents, including the charter, minutes of the founding meeting and incorporation agreement;
  • Obtain an identification number for foreign founders (if necessary and at extra cost)
  • Ensure private placement of the company’s shares among the founders;
  • Ensure signing of the depositary agreement with a custodian;
  • Provide legal support for assignment of an international securities identification number (ISIN code) to shares;
  • Prepare documents and ensure the registration of the issue of shares by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC)
  • Ensure registration of a JSC, including its registration at the relevant state authorities as defined by the law;
  • Obtain a seal.

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Documents and information required for the JSC registration

List of documents
Copies of passports and tax payer numbers of founding individuals and EDRPOU codes of founding legal entities
Information on the amount of authorized capital and share nominal value
Information on the name, location, director of the future JSC

Our lawyers draft founding documents and all other documents required for the JSC registration against the information provided by the Client.

We can also help you to choose the name of the company.

The cost of our services does not cover the following expenses: notary fee, cost of documents translation (if the founders are foreigners), etc.

Why us

We can provide an address for the registration of a Joint Stock Company
If necessary, our company may offer a legal address for the future JSC, as well as provide address services (mail receipt).
Working with us will save you time
If you contact our company for legal support and assistance in registering a JSC, you won’t need to personally visit state authorities, including the NSSMC. We minimize the necessity of the Client’s participation in this process.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Can one person establish a public JSC?

Yes, according to the law of Ukraine, a joint stock company can be established by one or several individuals. However, the law does not stipulate whether it shall be a private or public JSC. Thus, one person may establish both a private and a public JSC.

Is it possible to change the type of a JSC from private to public and vice versa?

Yes, the law of Ukraine provides for the possibility of changing the type of a JSC. For this purpose, the decision to change the type of JSC shall be agreed at the company’s General Meeting. However, such actions are not treated as transformation (reorganization) of the company.

Joint Stock Company (JSC) Registration

If you want to establish a joint stock company, you should know that:


  • The JSC’s authorized capital shall not be less than 1,250 minimum wages (the minimum wage level is determined at the time of establishing the Joint Stock Company);
  • To establish a joint stock company, it is required to conduct an initial private placement of its shares;
  • Public offering of the company’s shares can be conducted only after receiving the certificate of registration of the initial issue of shares;
  • In order to keep record of the company’s share ownership, it is necessary to conclude relevant agreements with securities market participants, depositories.

Procedure for the Joint Stock Company Registration

The procedure of registration of a private joint stock company (PJSC) and a public joint stock company (PJSC) begins with consulting the Client on the peculiarities of the company’s legal status. If the registration of a JSC meets the Client’s needs to the great advantage, our lawyers initiate the company registration in Kyiv. We prepare all necessary documents and elaborate on the time-bound procedure of our actions and actions of the Client. Our company has extensive experience, providing high-level services of registration of enterprises of any type. We have been working in the legal services market of Ukraine for more than 10 years and have a strong ongoing commitment to improvement in all we do.


Our mission is to solve your legal issues in a simple, safe and efficient way. Our standards include:

  • Extensive legal expertise. Our lawyers have extensive experience in different areas of law, which allows us to solve any issue faster and more efficiently;
  • Focus on the overall goal, not the task. We can assess all the risks that allows us to prioritize the tasks and their order in a way they are supposed to be done.
  • Reliability. We never mess up, and accordingly, you won’t ever experience any delays in starting a business. This means that you will get the desired results within the agreed deadlines.
  • We make things clear and simple. We’re not aimed at confusing the Client or keeping all the peculiarities of our professional activities a secret. One of our primary tasks is to thoroughly explain all issues to the Client so that they have no questions as to why, how and what we do in the process of of service delivery.
The Client obtains all documents within the agreed timescale. We can change our standard procedure at the Client’s request.

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