Comments on legislation


Obtaining Digital Nomad status in Croatia is an interesting alternative for entrepreneurs and freelancers who aspire to work from anywhere in the world. Who and how can get a visa for freelancers?


Desk audits are a way for tax authorities to review taxpayers' tax reporting. What the tax authority may check during a desk audit and how to challenge the Tax Audit Act if received?


Let's talk about the requirements for medical facilities regarding inclusivity of premises. How quickly should premises be adapted to new inclusivity requirements and where to obtain a conclusion on the accessibility of a medical center for persons with disabilities?


Let's consider the ways to legally transfer large sums of money abroad. How to transfer money abroad? How much cash can you take across the border or how much money can you transfer to a bank account?


Do you require a license to practice your profession, or do you have the option to work without one? Who is eligible to perform therapeutic massages? Legal assistance in medical law.


Why renouncing citizenship may be important for those residing abroad. What is the procedure for renouncing citizenship, and is it even possible to renounce Ukrainian citizenship during wartime? Assistance from an immigration lawyer.


According to recent legislative changes, women with certain specialties are required to register for military service. Currently, this does not affect the ability to travel abroad. However, in the future, this situation—leaving Ukraine during a state of war for women—may change.


With the entry into force of the new law "On Guaranteeing Property Rights to Real Estate Objects to be Constructed in the Future," important changes in the real estate sector are associated. The innovations are designed to protect the property interests of investors in construction.


When the owner of real estate is abroad due to military actions, various problems arise related to managing his property: maintenance, remote document processing, the possibility of conducting operations such as sale, rental, or inheritance. We will provide full legal support for the real estate transaction "turnkey".


The franchise agreement (commercial concession) is the primary legal document that regulates the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee in Ukraine. What specific conditions should be considered when entering into a franchise agreement, and how to accurately reflect all business conduct requirements in it?


Opening a bank account in Poland is becoming increasingly relevant and practically important for Ukrainians, especially for those planning a long-term stay in the Republic. But how to choose Polish banks for non-residents to open an account, and which financial institutions specifically provide this service to foreigners?


Details of the new approach to reserving military personnel specifically tailored for IT industry enterprises that have chosen residency in Diia.City. Who is eligible to reserve military personnel during wartime? Legal support services for Diia.City residents.