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05.06.2020 Obtaining duplicate certificates of registration of local cells of a political party What should I do if the certificate of registration of local batch cells is lost? Can they be restored?
04.06.2020 What should I do if I have an inheritance with debts? The apartment with debts or the debt of a relative on a loan went into the inheritance? Learn what to do in this situation.
03.06.2020 Frequently Asked Questions about Inheritance and Inheritance: Lawyer's Answers How is the inheritance distributed and to which inheritance does the common law wife / husband belong? Find out more!
28.05.2020 How to draw up documents with a notary public when buying real estate or concluding contracts for a foreigner in Ukraine? What to remember when planning to meet with a notary in Ukraine? Buying real estate by a foreigner in Ukraine.
27.05.2020 When do I need to open a representative office to sell goods or services in Ukraine? In what case is it worth opening a representative office to conduct business in Ukraine, and when to register a company?
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