Comments on legislation


Remote re-registration of real estate is important for those who moved abroad due to the war in Ukraine. Our lawyers will help you transfer property to your spouse abroad, providing personalized support.


Find out if you are eligible for a deferment from military mobilization. Learn about the required documents and how to correctly prepare and submit an application to the Territorial Military Commissariat and Special Commission.


Maintaining military records in an enterprise is important for ensuring compliance with legislation. We reveal key aspects, mandatory documents, and provide legal recommendations.


Learn which form of activity to choose: a charitable foundation or a public organization. We will explain the differences and provide legal support to Ukrainian citizens and foreigners who wish to operate in Ukraine.


In the conditions of martial law in Ukraine, it is crucial to correctly organize the accounting of conscripts in enterprises to avoid fines. Learn about the rules for maintaining records and ensuring compliance with the law.


How to replace a mobilized employee? One solution to this problem is hiring foreign workers. Our team will help employ foreigners and explain how to properly replace a mobilized employee.


Business abroad brings new opportunities and tax challenges. Our team with 9 years of experience will help you effectively plan taxes and manage CFCs.


Changes in legislation are tightening requirements for accounting military service medical personnel. Our company will assist institutions in meeting the new requirements and maintaining records of military service personnel.


How to obtain a license for a mobile medical unit, which is so important during the war? Learn about the requirements for mobile medical units and licensing conditions.


Learn how to change your tax residency to reduce tax burdens. Our lawyers will provide all the necessary information and professional support to help you exit Ukrainian tax residency.


How to determine tax residency status and avoid double taxation. Get professional assistance for tax burden optimization and financial interests protection.


Licensing and registration of an ambulance: requirements for equipment and personnel for the provision of emergency medical care. Why legal support from a law firm is important in licensing and registering an ambulance quickly.