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29.07.2020 Land lease by a legal entity in Ukraine: how to draw up a safe contract? What are the risks of leasing land by a legal entity? How to protect the rights of a land tenant in Ukraine?
13.07.2020 Outstaffing in 2020: Payroll accounting and labor issues Have you decided to open an outstaffing company in Ukraine? Open a company for outstaffing with the help of an accountant.
06.07.2020 Requirements for adoptive parents in Ukraine Requirements for the age, material condition and place of residence of the adoptive parent in Ukraine. Do you fit the requirements?
26.06.2020 To register an inheritance for a land share: procedure and taxation You have inherited a land plot - what to do next? Legal advice.
12.06.2020 Who can be the head of a representative office in Ukraine? How to draw up a power of attorney for the head of a representative office in Ukraine? Does he need any other documents?
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