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13.12.2019 Corporate income tax: who and how much should pay? We will help you to determine the optimal taxation system and understand what is the corporate income tax. Find out more!
12.12.2019 How to stop illegal construction: cancelation of declaration of State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine What should you do if you have a suspicion that a nearby construction is illegal? How can you stop an illegal construction?
11.12.2019 Natural gas market for the gas suppliers: what agreements do market participants conclude? What agreements need a gas supplier to conclude in order to start work? Find out more!
10.12.2019 How to get a divorce if the wife is pregnant or the child is under a year old? In what cases can you get a divorce if the wife is pregnant or the common child is under a year old? Find out more!
06.12.2019 How to import to Ukraine chemicals that are not controlled by the State Service on Medicines and Drugs? What can be required at the customs when importing chemicals and precursors to Ukraine? What is the conclusion of the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs?
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