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16.10.2019 Profitable activities of non-profit organizations: is it possible and under what conditions? Can the non-governmental organizations record in their Charter the intention to carry out profitable activities? Will this lead to the loss of unprofitability status?
14.10.2019 What mistakes are common for the process of obtaining the Licensee to work with precursors? We talk about the most common mistakes in the license for the treatment of precursors obtaining process. How to avoid?
11.10.2019 How to withdraw from the members of a problem company? What should you do if you are a member of LLC and have 50% of shares and the other member no longer participates in the activities of the Company?
09.10.2019 What are the requirements for the equipment of X-ray room? The appropriate equipment configuration in the X-ray room will have an impact on obtainment of medical license. Find out more!
08.10.2019 How to execute a prenuptial agreement in Ukraine? What you need to know when drawing up a prenuptial agreement in Ukraine? Answers to the most frequently asked questions.