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Comments on legislation

Exceeding the period of staying in the Ukraine for foreigners 21.01.2019
The commentary will be useful for foreigners, who need to prolong the period of staying in Ukraine on the legal conditions.
Management of the сommunity (company) by an owner, not a director - legality and accordination to the legislation 17.01.2019

The commentary from our lawyer about management of the company by the owner and how legally can this practice be.

Employment mediation on the vessel (crewing) 15.01.2019
This commentary will be useful for those, who are going to provide services in crewing sphere.
Сonclusion of the treaty from the side of family doctor: detailed examination from lawyers 15.01.2019
In this material you will find out, what is needed from medical institution or private entrepreneur to provide primary health care
Why can a lawsuit be filed in court for advertising a private medical practice? How to promote your own company without breaking the law? 14.01.2019
This material will cover consequences of a wrong positioning of a medical institution through signs and advertising, and how to promote your medical business according to the legislation
How to optimize the sum of a licence fee for issuance and duration of licence on broadcasting? 14.01.2019
In this material you will find out how to reduce a licence fee without loss of quality of the services which are providing.
Obligatory site requirements for obtaining a license for supplying of gas or electricity 10.01.2019
The material will be useful for those who want to learn how to properly design a site, so that you will be able to obtain a license for supplying of gas and electricity at the first time
Is it possible to appoint a foreigner as a head of a Ukrainian limited liability company without work permit for foreigners in Ukraine? 10.01.2019
The material will be useful for foreigners, who plan to open a business in Ukraine and personally head it or appoint another foreigner as a head of their company. Furthermore, it will be good for residents of Ukraine, who plan to appoint a foreign citizen to a leadership position.
What is needed for appointment of a head of representative office of a foreign company? 08.01.2019
The material will be useful for those who are going to open a representative office of own company in Ukraine and hire staff for work in it, in particular - a head. Furthermore, the material will be informative for those who want to take a position of head of a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine.
How to legalize a long-term residence in Ukraine for family members of a temporary resident? 08.01.2019
A material of the comment will cover comprehensive answers regarding how a foreigner, after moving to Ukraine, needs to legalize his family members stay here
How to become a General director of a medical institution and a Medical director at the same time? Can one person hold two positions? 28.12.2018
The material will cover legal requirements for public and private medical institutions
Certification of documents of a foreign company for registration of a representative office in Ukraine. What is needed for this? 14.12.2018
Comment of a specialized lawyer regarding necessary procedures for registering a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine from the perspective of certifying the documents of the parent company
General and medical director at medical institutions 30.11.2018

Qualification requirements, responsibilities and work features of a General and medical director at medical institutions

Ambulance services of private medical institutions. What are requirements of the law? 27.11.2018

Can a private institution provide medical care, both emergency and non-emergency ambulance, and what requirements does it have to comply with according to the law?

Restorative medicine. Features of licensing in the field 26.11.2018

Features of legislative regulation in obtaining a medical license in the field of restorative medicine (physical therapy)

How to leave position of director of LLC without decision of the general meeting? 23.11.2018

This material will cover step-by-step instruction on how to get rid of a directorship of LLC without the decision of the general meeting, as well as the issue of responsibility of a director for the violations, committed on behalf of the legal entity.

Everything about Uber license in Ukraine 01.11.2018

Peculiarities of legislative regulation and practical aspects regarding passenger transportation by Uber

Features of obtaining a medical license for a sole proprietorship specializing in surgery 29.10.2018
Legislation commentary on the peculiarities of obtaining a medical license in the specialty of surgery
Is it legal to register a legal entity at the address of a residential premise? 22.10.2018

Analysis of the practice and regulatory framework regarding the registration of legal entities at own or leased residential premises

Requirements of the National Commission for the State Regulation of Financial Services Markets to a financial company's website during obtainment of a license 01.10.2018

Which requirements does the licensing body set for website design of a financial company and how does it affect obtainment of a license?

Reasons for canceling an employment permit. Impact on previously issued temporary residence permit 20.09.2018
Features of obtainment, extension and reasons for canceling the employment permit and how it will affect the previously issued temporary residence permit
Features of opening accounts for enterprises in which director is a foreigner 18.09.2018
The commentary concerns the problem of opening accounts in banks for enterprises in which the head is a foreign citizen
GDPR - general data protection regulation 31.08.2018

In this commentary, we will help your company to bring its activity in line with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Adding vehicles to a transportation license 29.08.2018

Legal procedures that are to be followed in order to add vehicles to a transportation license in Ukraine

Why can’t change of membership and the manager of LLC be made in one day? 28.08.2018

Procedure of changing the manager and members of LLC. The practice of making such registration actions simultaneously

Requirements for medical institutions issuing medical certificates for driver’s license obtainment 22.08.2018

Requirements for institutions issuing a medical certificate to a driver’s license candidate

General contractor in construction: issues of activity organization and licensing 20.08.2018

This publication will help you to understand  the questions regarding the requirements of obtaining construction license by general contractor as well as the other organizational aspects of the activities

Requirements of Ukrainian legislation regarding a wheelchair ramp and a call button during drugstore opening 25.07.2018

This publication is designed to provide more details on requirements of licensing regulations regarding approachability of a drugstore premise for people with disabilities

Telecommunications license. Inconsistencies of applicable Law 16.07.2018

Inconsistencies  of provisions  of the Law «On Licensing of Types of Economic Activity » and the Law «On Telecommunications» in relation to the cancellation of licensing requirements

Distinctive features of activities of charitable organization from the perspective of administrative costs arising in the process of their activities 26.06.2018

Concept and composition of administrative costs in a charitable organization. Features of accounting.

Shift from paper form to online licenses for business activities in Ukraine 25.06.2018
After the licensing authorities stopped providing confirmation of license issuance on paper (due to requirements of the new law) business owners are often concerned with the ways in which they now can confirm legality of their activities...
Requirements for a drugstore personnel for obtaining the license 14.05.2018

New requirements for a drugstore personnel for obtaining the license, provided by the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers no. 929 dated the 30th of November, 2016

Grounds, procedure and duration of appealing against results of the tender procurement 14.05.2018

Procedure of appealing against the tender procurement in accordance with the current legislation in force

Requirements for the management of financial institution in Ukraine 18.04.2018
Requirements for the management of a financial institution in Ukraine are set by the Resolution of the National Commission for the State Regulation of Finanсial Services Markets no. 1590 dated 13.07.2004...
Regulations on hazardous works in Ukraine are changed in February of 2018 07.04.2018
In February of 2018 the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine no. 48 dated the 7th of February 2018 partially amended the procedure which regulated issuance of permits for works and operations with high risk equipment and mechanisms as well as the list of such works and operations...
Essence of leasing and the most popular types of it 19.01.2018

Providing of leasing services is actual topic during an economic crisis. A leasing is one of the most effective ways to give equipment for entrepreneurs, who don’t have enough money, in a temporary paid usage. 

Trading of alcohol and tobacco via Internet 12.12.2017
Trading of alcohol and tobacco is one of the most profitable spheres of business today. We will try to examine whether retail of alcohol is legal via Internet.
The procedure of getting a temporary residence permit through the foundation of company in Ukraine 23.11.2017
Nowadays more and more foreigners call on our company for registration their own business in Ukraine. We will examine the procedure of starting your own business in Ukraine and the procedure of further employment of a foreigner.
The procedure of getting temporary residence permit for a foreigner-volunteer 21.09.2017
Laws of Ukraine guarantee a real opportunity to get a temporary residence permit for a foreigner-volunteer so let's look through the practical aspects of this procedure
Regulatory requirements for retail of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products in Ukraine 30.08.2017
In order to launch your own business in the field of alcoholic beverages and tobacco retail one should know several aspects compliance with which is compulsory for receiving permit to sell goods subject to excise tax...
Licensing of infirmaries and doctors conducting medical examination of drivers in Ukraine 29.08.2017
New medical practice license regulations provide new opportunities for licensing of infirmaries of enterprises and activities of doctors performing medical examination of drivers...
Comparison of contractor agreement and employment contract in Ukraine 27.03.2017
Legal analysis and comparison of independent contractor agreement and employment contract under the laws of Ukraine...
Changes in Ukrainian employment legislation 2017 15.03.2017
Law of Ukraine number 1774-VIII "On amendment of some regulatory acts of Ukraine" dated 06.12.2016 significantly changed legislation in the field of employment...
Legal comments about medical practice in drugstores in Ukraine 09.01.2017
Our lawyer provides explanations regarding new legislation which allows medical practice in drugstores
Comments on how to register a non-profit organization in Ukraine 21.12.2016
Considering requirements of the law, one can define general stages of non-profit organization registration. The first thing that has to be done is to organize the general meeting of founders. Its result has to be formalized in the form of minutes...
Regulatory framework of private security activities in Ukraine 24.11.2016
Security services are a special type of business activities which is aimed at ensuring protection of property belonging to legal entities and individuals.
Non-profit organizations. Types and regulatory framework in Ukraine 23.11.2016
Despite form of ownership all legal entities profit-wise are divided in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations
Charter of an NGO in Ukraine. Comments of a lawyer 09.11.2016
Lawyer of our firm provided explanations on different requirements that Ukrainian legislation sets for charters of NGOs.
Regulations on activities of non-profits in Ukraine in 2016 18.10.2016
In this publication our lawyers provide comments regarding regulations of activities of non-profit organizations in Ukraine in 2016
Non-profit status of NGOs in 2016. What's new? 26.09.2016
This comment describes regulatory changes regarding non-profit status of NGOs in Ukraine and provides some practical advices on what to do in this situation for such organizations
Classification of forms and types of NGOs in Ukraine 12.09.2016
The article describes classification of non-governmental organizations under the legislation in force of Ukraine.
New legal requirements for staff of private security firms in Ukraine 22.04.2016
Due to changes in the field of licensing of private security companies our lawyers prepared material on qualification requirements for personnel of such companies
Requirements that a drugstore has to comply with to get license 20.03.2016
Our article on the requirements that are set for drugstores in order for them to get license for sale of medicines
Our lawyer provides comments regarding areas and structure of premises that are used for medical practice 04.03.2016
This publication covers some aspects of requirements that are set by legislation for private medical practitioners and medical establishments
Re-registration of construction license in Ukraine 02.03.2016
A brief material on construction license reregistration requirements in Ukraine
Political party registration procedure changed in Ukraine in 2016 01.03.2016
Legislation on political parties registration underwent significant changes in 2015-2016
Cost private security business formalization in Ukraine 01.03.2016
Usually, when searching for legal services of security license obtainment on the web you are able to find only cost of actual legal services of a certain law firm which does not cover other hidden expenses
Filling out construction license payment form in Ukraine 01.03.2016
Comments on proper formalization of payment for construction license in Ukraine
All-Ukrainian status of non-governmental organization. Clarification of legal aspects 01.03.2016
Upon entry into force by a new law on NGOs, the term "all-Ukrainian status" underwent significant changes.
Comments of a lawyer on filling out of construction license documents 26.02.2016
List of documents for obtainment of construction license, samples of filled out forms and applications and answers to FAQs
It is no longer required to get pesticides license in Ukraine 08.01.2016
Our attorney comments on licensing of pestices sale being canceled
Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine concerning NGOs (2015) 13.02.2015
In this article our lawyer provides his comments in regard to amendment to the Tax Code of Ukraine which will make activities of non-profit organizations more difficult in 2015
Qualification of staff of private security firm in Ukraine 10.02.2015
Licensing body that is authorized to issue licenses for private security frims has significantly changed its practice in this regard since January of 2015
Import license in Ukraine. Part 2 23.01.2015
The second part of our article on legal regulation of import licensing in Ukraine
Some legal aspects of selling of software on the Internet in Ukraine 22.01.2015
In this publication we highlight some relevant issues of software sale on the Internet
Confirmation of company's solvency as precondition of license issuance 20.01.2015
Our article about means by which a company can verify its financial solvency in order to get license for certain activities
Registration of IP rights for software developers 16.01.2015
Our article about some aspects of identification of copyright owner, entry into sale contracts and lawfulness of commercial distribution of software in Ukraine
Some legal aspects of registration of religious organization in Ukraine 15.01.2015
Our article on some issues of state registration and functioning of religious organizations in Ukraine
Import license in Ukraine. Part 1 14.01.2015
Licensing of international trade activities is rather specific field since list of goods that are subject to licensing for import and export is changed every year
Procedure of liqudation of NGOs and charities in Ukraine. Part 2 05.01.2015
The second part of our publication on termination of activities by NGOs and charities in Ukraine
Some peculiarities of liquidation of charities and NGOs 04.01.2015
In this publication we cover some legal aspects of winding up of charitable funds and nog-governmental organizations
Franchising in Ukraine 26.12.2014
Our article on general issues of entry into franchise agreements in Ukraine
Accounting of expenses defrayed via online payment systems 23.12.2014
Our publication on tax accounting of expenditures resulting from transactions involving online payment systems
Formalization of labor relations between employer and employee by means of entry into employment contract 22.12.2014
Our lawyer provides comments in regard to proper formalization of labor relations with software developers, taxes that are subject to payment, etc.
Peculiarities of agreements stipulating payment via e-commerce payment system 19.12.2014
Our article on some peculiarities of legislation in force which regulates payment via e-commerce payment systems
Tax accounting of income received by means of online payment systems 18.12.2014
Our publication on accounting of e-commerce income received by means of PayPal, Webmoney and other online payment systems 
Some issues of employment of foreigners in Ukraine 16.12.2014
Our publication on peculiarities of employment of foreign individuals in Ukraine
Tax exemptions for startup companies in Ukraine 15.12.2014
Our publication on some peculiarities of taxation of companies that specialize in the field of innovations
Tax exemptions for software developers in Ukraine 12.12.2014
In this publication attorney of our law firm describes advantages of Ukrainian tax legislation that may be used by software developers in Ukraine
Some requirements for medical equipment of physicians in Ukraine 11.12.2014
Our lawyer provides explanations in regard to requirements that are set by legislation of Ukraine in regard to medical equipment of offices of physicians who are private practitioners as well as those who are employed by medical institutions
Financial exemptions for statups in Ukraine 11.12.2014
In this publication we provide comments in regard to financial support and tax exemptions for innovative companies
Some requirements for personnel of health care institutions 10.12.2014
In this publication we clarify some requirements that are set for doctors and other medical staff in order for a medical institution to get medical practice license. Also we highlight obtainment of license by private practitioners
Some legal aspects of relations between software developers and their customers from CIS 10.12.2014
In this publication we highlight some issues that legal entities and sole traders may face when developing and selling software to customers from the Commonwealth of Independent States
Startup company and its registration in Ukraine 09.12.2014
In this publication we will highlight some aspects of registration of startup company in Ukraine
Legal effect of DMCA takedown notices in foreign jurisdictions 09.12.2014
Our attorney provides comments in regard to possibility of intellectual property rights protection by means of DMCA takedown notice in foreign jurisdictions
Clauses of charity charter that tax authorities are most interested in 30.11.2014
This article provides recommendations regarding drafting of charter of charity in order for it to get non-profit status
Receiving of payment by an individual who develops software 25.11.2014
Our publication on financial relations between Ukrainian citizen who is not registered as sole trader and foreign customer
Our advice regarding drafting of charter of charity 24.11.2014
Overview of major issues that one may face when drawing up charter for subsequent registration of charitable organization
Foreign investments and business incubators 23.11.2014
Our publication on foreign investments in startup companies in Ukraine as well as their development in business incubators
Legal aspects of startup investing in Ukraine 21.11.2014
Our publication on legal aspects of search and involvement of foreign investments in Ukrainian startup companies
Filing of DMCA takedown notice with search engines 20.11.2014
Our comments on leAnagal offect of DMCA in foreign jurisdictions
Can shampoo and soap be cosidered as medicinal products in Ukraine? 18.11.2014
Our lawyers provide clarifications in regard to recognition of personal hygiene items as medicinal products
Peculiarities of legal entity's dissolution resulting from its owners decision. Part 2 17.11.2014
The second part of our material about procedure of company liquidation in Ukraine
Peculiarities of legal entity's dissolution resulting from its owners decision. Part 1 14.11.2014
The first part of our publication about liquidation of company as the result of decision of its owner
Employment of person with a disability. Part 2 13.11.2014
The second part of our publication on employment of persons with  disabilities
Employment of person with a disability. Part 1 07.11.2014
The first part of our publication about requirements of regulatory acts on employment of disabled persons
Use of facsimile signature in financial and commercial activities. Part 2 23.10.2014
The second part of our publication about use of facsimile signiture on primary and payment documents
Use of facsimile signature in financial and commercial activities. Part 1 22.10.2014
Our publication about legal restrictions on use of facsimile signature in business activities
Protection of company's business reputation in case of constant complaints of the same person. Part 2 17.10.2014
The second part of our article about protection of company's business reputation 
Protection of company's business reputation in case of constant complaints of the same person. Part 1 17.10.2014
The first part of our article about protection of company's business reputation 
Court fees and requirements in regard to its payment 14.10.2014
Our article about payment and reimbursement of court fee as well as about its rates and exemptions
Apartment flood. Steps that are to be taken to win in court 13.10.2014
What to do when neighbours flooded your apartment
Legal aspects of recovery of real estate ownership documents. Part 2 09.10.2014
The second part of our material on recovery of real estate ownership documents
Recovery of real estate ownership documents in Ukraine. Part 1 08.10.2014
Our article about peculiarities of recovery of real estate ownership documents
Licensing of practice of alternative medicine in Ukraine 29.09.2014
Our article about legal requirements for licensing of alternative medicine practitioners
How to avoid obligatory registration as VAT payer in Ukraine 26.09.2014
Our article on how to calculate 12 month period in order for a tax pay to avoid obligatory registration as VAT payer
Expenditures and income in tax returns of charities in Ukraine 25.09.2014
Our article about peculiarities of accounting of charitable organizations in Ukraine
Employment of physician with foreign diploma in Ukraine 24.09.2014
Our article about validity of physicians' diplomas that were awarded abroad in Ukraine
Licensing medical practice in beauty salons in Ukraine 22.09.2014
Which services of beauty parlors are subject to licensing?
Most effective evidence of non-pecuniary damages in Ukrainian court 21.09.2014
Evidence that can be used in cases related to reimbursement of non-pecuniary damages
Charities with "all-Ukrainian" and "international" statuses 19.09.2014
New law made it easier for charities to conduct their activities
Licensing of fitness clubs 18.09.2014
Our article about services of fitness clubs that are subject to licensing as medical practice
Private information protection on the Internet. Removal of photos that were posted without person's consent 17.09.2014
Our comments about violation of personal information by means of unlawful placement of individual's photos on the Internet
It is obligatory to declare initiation of preparatory works 16.09.2014
Our material about peculiarities of declaring of preparatory works in construction business
Obtainment of design engineer certificate in Ukraine 15.09.2014
Procedure of formalization of design engineer certificate
State registration of pesticides in Ukraine 12.09.2014
Our material on regulatory requirements that are to be complied with in order to register pesticides in Ukraine
Detaining of a person by security personnel 11.09.2014
Our materilal about rights of employees of security firms in regard to detaining of persons
Medical practice license for yoga and chi kung schools 10.09.2014
Activities of yoga and chi kung schools from the perspective of Ukrainian legislation on licensing
Placement of informational boards at construction sites in Ukraine 05.09.2014
Legal requirements concerning placement of informational boards at construction sites
Comments concerning functioning of different tipes of drugstores 04.09.2014
Material about amendments related to legal regulation of sale of medicines by some types of pharmacies
Comments in regard to licensing of activities of massage practitioners 04.09.2014
Material about legal requirements that are set for massage practitioners
Comments of lawyer on some rights of employees of security firms 02.09.2014
Legislation in force of Ukraine provides certain rights and responsibilities for employees of privates security firms
Is it necessary to obtain medical practice license for an infirmary? 08.08.2014
Peculiarities of activities of infirmaries and requirements in regard to their licensing
Losses during transportation of petroleum products by train 04.08.2014
Our lawyer's comment in regard to compensation of damages caused by losses of petroleum products that are transported via train
Our comment on whether it is necessary to obtain medical practice license for medical examination of drivers 12.07.2014
Our lawyer's comment in regard to regulatory requirements that are set for medical examination of drivers as well as in regard to whether such examinations are subject to licensing
Periodicity of scheduled documentary inspections by tax authorities 09.07.2014
Our lawyer's comments in regard to frequency of scheduled documentary inspections that can be conducted by tax authorities 
Moratorium on inspections. Business entities that are not subject to ispections of controlling authorities 04.07.2014
Comment in regard to imposition of moratorium on conduction of inspections of sole traders and legal entities that are taxed under simplified system of taxation
What to do if charter of NGO stipulating collective membership 12.06.2014
In accordance with the new law NGOs have 5 years to bring their charters in compliance with the requirements of the law
Crimean court cases will be heard in Kiev 03.06.2014
The High Commercial Court of Ukraine provided clarifications concerning transfer of cases from the Crimea
VAT for medicines: best option of taxation system for drugstores 03.06.2014
Our comments concerning choice of taxation system for retail of medicines 
Peculiarities of computer equipment disposal 02.06.2014
Entities that can conduct business activities related to disposal of computer equipment and documents that give permission for such activities
Criteria that are to be complied with by private security firm's head 19.03.2014
Our lawyers comments on requirements set for the head of security firm
Tax avoidance on income received from rental of real estate that is a part of charter capital 07.03.2014
Our lawyer provides comments on tax avoidance on rental of real estate
Events on the Independence square as force majeure 28.02.2014
Our lawyer provided his comments in regard to events on the Independence square and Grushevskogo street from the point of view of force majeure
Legality of obtainment of license exclusively by the chief physician 07.02.2014
Our lawyer's comment about position of the Ministry of Healthcare in regard to obtainment of medical practice license by representative of a medical establishment
On the legitimacy of refusing inclusion in the Register of non-profit organizations 17.12.2013
There is an obvious lack of regal regulation for procedure of inclusion into Ukrainian non-profit organizations registry (non-governmental organizations, charitable foundations, cooperatives and other organizations). And this lack causes numerous abuses of power by tax bodies
Additional charge of income tax and VAT on the "unreal" transactions 12.12.2013
Practice shows that just like before a great deal of lawsuits against tax authorities is related to tax violation notification letters in regard to additional imposition of income tax and VAT as the result of so called "unreal" transactions
Comparison of LLC and representative office (RO) in Ukraine 12.12.2013
Legal form of presence is among many questions that a foreign company needs to know answer to before entering Ukrainian market. Unsurprisingly that’s one of common questions that many of our foreign Clients initially have
Foreign (non-resident) employees in Ukrainian representative office 11.12.2013
A job placement of non-residents can be done according to a permission to use work of non-residents in Ukraine – part 4 of Art. 3, part 1 of Art. 42 Law “On Employment of Population”
Exclusion from the Register of nonprofit organizations 09.12.2013
An exemption of income from taxation is applied only to charitable and public organizations, which are included in the Register of non-profit organizations
Deprivation of nonprofit status due to not informing for changes 06.12.2013
Exclusion of legal entities from the registry of nonprofit institutions and organizations is always extremely painful, since it almost paralyzes their work
Creating an LLC in Ukraine with foreigner as a head 04.12.2013
Is it possible to appoint a foreigner as a director in a new subsidiary in Ukraine
The most important points for accreditation of healthcare establishment in Ukraine 17.10.2013
Detailed description of the accreditation procedure and procedure of scoring + samples of documents
Things that can be prohibited or permitted by a copyright collective agency 15.10.2013
Is it possible for a copyright collective agency to permit or prohibit third parties to use a work the property rights to which are managed by the copyright collective agency?
Protection of rights in the European Court of Human Rights: documents and procedure 23.09.2013
The European Court of Human Rights is an international court the main purpose of which is control over adherence of human rights and liberties that are set by the European Convention on Human Rights
Settlement agreement in Ukraine: advantages, formalization, enforcement 02.09.2013
Settlement agreement – is a tool that is used for formalization of agreements between parties of litigation
Doing business with non-residents in Ukraine: foreign trade contracts and taxation 30.08.2013
The material is based on experience of drafting of foreign trade contracts and legal support of international trade activities
Registration of drugs in Ukraine: documents, procedure, possible difficulties 15.08.2013
It is required to register all drugs that are produced within and/or imported onto the territory of Ukraine?
Unincorporated joint venture. A brief legal memo on rugulation 27.06.2013
Sometimes an enterprise may not have sufficient funds, property or knowledges in order to fulfill a project while another one may have all the mentioned resources and be interested in fulfillment of this kind of project. In this situation these enterprises can enter into unincorporated joint venture
Legal status os standardization in Ukraine. GOSTs and technical standards 21.06.2013
Ukrainian legislation sets a great many of state standards, technical regulations and other rules which set requirements regarding the quality of goods and services, processes and ways of their production
Web Copyright Protection In Ukraine - legal memo by our Kiev law office 13.06.2013
Major objects of protection on the Internet in Ukraine
Occupational safety and health in Ukraine: main requirements 07.06.2013
Ukrainian legislation sets an obligation for all employers to provide safe and harmless work environment
Taxation of cross-border trade in Ukraine 04.06.2013
This comment is related to one of our cases of legal support of cross-border trade
New ways to purchase and sell land property in Ukraine 17.05.2013
The procedure of land sale contracts formalization was significantly amended on the 1st of January 2013
Consumer protection in Ukraine: how to justify your position? 15.05.2013
Analysis of judicial practice in cases related to consumer protection
New practice in disputes related to contractor agreements - The High Commercial Court of Ukraine 15.05.2013
Disputes arising out of contractor agreements in Ukraine
Consumer protection in Ukraine: new rules 26.04.2013
Due to bad quality of products or other reaosns entrepreneurs and consumers have numerous clashes that often transform into court cases the results of which are hard to predict due to unambiguous judicial practice. The letter of the Supreme Court of Ukraine dated 01.02.2013 was intended to generalize judicial practice and unify it. Main provisions of the law will be useful to both consumers and entrepreneurs
Recognition of decisions of the general meeting of the Company invalid in Ukraine 10.04.2013
Is it possible in Ukraine to recognize a decision made at general meeting of shareholders when it’s made regarding matters that are subject to competence of the Supervisory Board?
Court fees in commercial dispute resolution in Ukraine: how not to overpay? 05.04.2013
The High Commercial Court of Ukraine provided a number of recommendations regarding procedure of court fee imposition in Ukraine by pointing out some aspects which can help to safe money when filing a lawsuit (petition)
Land tax for payer of a single tax: position of Ukrainian Tax Service 01.04.2013
A review dedicated to requirement of land tax payment by entities that are registered as single tax payers
How to register real estate as a part of authorised capital in Ukraine 27.03.2013

Reform of real estate ownership registration system results in many questions answers to which cannot be given even by the very registrars. Procedure of registration of ownership rights to real estate that was contributed to charter capital of a legal entity (in particular limited liability company) is one of the questions that interest businesses the most

Termination of a loan agreement in Ukraine: a court decision is not the end 26.03.2013
Lawyers of our firm wrote the material about an important aspect of loan contract termination
Interim relief in cases related to copyrights infringements (Ukraine) 26.03.2013

Is interim relief possible in cases related to copyright infringement?

Rights of Copyright Collective Agency For Copyright and Related Rights in Ukraine 25.03.2013

Can a copyright collective agency be a claimant in cases related to copyright protection in Ukraine?

The New Bankruptcy procedure in Ukraine (2013): judicial practice 25.03.2013
New regulations on bankruptcy procedure in Ukraine are being in force for only two months (since the moment when a new version of the Law “On debtor’s solvency restoration or recognition of his bankruptcy” entered into force), so many creditors and debtors have not been able to adapt to them. This is confirmed by a significant amount of decisions about rejection of bankruptcy proceedings initiation in bankruptcy cases that have been made by courts of first instance for the last two months
Licensing of import of drugs in Ukraine (since 2013) 11.03.2013
This comment was written by lawyers of our firm and is related to experience within practice of Medical and pharmaceutical law
Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Shareholders. Requirements in Ukraine 06.03.2013
This material is based on firm’s experience of legal support of joint stock companies’ general meetings
Ukrainian practice of anti-corruption legislation in health care 04.03.2013
Reforming of anti-corruption legislation that took place 1,5 year ago and was related to adoption of law “On Principles of Preventing and Counteracting Corruption” (hereinafter the Law on corruption) caused a great deal of problems and troubles not only for state servants but also for many other persons
Features of copyright protection of a work published under a pseudonym in Ukraine 22.02.2013

Who can file a claim about protection of copyright in Ukraine if a work was published under a pseudonym?

Copyright infringement on the Internet in Ukraine: what to do? 18.02.2013
Not that long ago lawyers would have to show all their creativity to collect evidence in cases related to copyright infringement on the Internet. As of today judicial practice which is based on the new experience can itself assist claimants (copyright holders) on how to prove the fact that their rights have been violated if such violation was in the form of posting musical or other object on a website without appropriate consent
Medical license in Ukraine: new license requirements 14.02.2013

On January 19, 2013 a new version of License requirements for conduction of business activities related to medical practice entered into force. Our comments on the topic

New requirements for private practitioners: 

New Bankruptcy Law in Ukraine: Innovations and their limitations 06.02.2013
On January 19th 2013 a new version of law "On restoring the debtor's solvency or his recognition as bankrupt" entered into force. Our comment on the topic
Registration of drugs in Ukraine: procedure, required documents and terms 01.02.2013
Almost all drugs are approved for use in Ukraine after their state registration. The only exceptions are medications that are prepared in pharmacies by prescriptions of physicians and medications ordered by prophylactic and medical institutions which are made of active ingredients permitted to use and supplementary ones which are not subject to state registration
Protection from brand piracy in Ukraine (legal actions against trademark infringement) 29.01.2013
Creation and promotion of a brand sometimes requires years of hard work and huge investments. In order to protect rights to a trademark in court and receive compensation for its misuse one should first of all register it as a trademark for goods and services and obtain a certificate
Copyrights infringements on the Internet: Ukrainian cases and court rulings 21.01.2013
Owner of a website that hosts literary works, movies, music etc. can secure his calm future without any disputes with copyright holders only by using evidence of the legality of intellectual property objects placement or at least evidence that proves exhaustion of rights to work placement by copyright holder
Copyrights infringements on the Internet in Ukraine: whose fault is it? 18.01.2013
Modern Internet technologies allow quickly and easily copy, publish, reprint and spread any information. On the one hand it allows to deliver information to consumers without significant costs including through its copying and forwarding to other users. On the other hand very often this leads to copyright infringements of authors’ works which contain some information
Registration of medical products in Ukraine: procedure, documents, terms 09.01.2013
Sale and use of majority of medical products and equipment (hereinafter medical products) in Ukraine is possible only after their state registration
Written request of law enforcement bodies and notice – relevant aspects of possible reacting 28.12.2012
Entry into force by a new Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine provides a range of innovations which should be understood and accustomed not only by business entities but also by law enforcement representatives
Protection of honor and dignity in court: to whom and against who should we complain? 28.12.2012
Article 28 of the Constitution of Ukraine guarantees everyone the right to his dignity respect. An individual is entitled to protection of honor and dignity including through the court proceedings. But before you try to protect them in court you must understand what exactly do we call honor and dignity, in which cases and how they can be protected, who can be a defendant in these cases, what court can hear such cases and which procedure should be applied
Protect your honour since youth: analysis of false information refuting methods 28.12.2012
Analysis of litigation cases related to protection of honour and dignity allows to formulate some recommendations following which will help to satisfy your claim
Accreditation of health institutions in Ukraine: the procedure and documents 27.12.2012
To conduct activities related to provision of medical services it is not enough just to have an appropriate license. A qualification level that was proven during license obtainment is required to be periodically confirmed through process of state accreditation
An avoidance of double taxation: why pay more? 26.12.2012
While dealing with non-residents residents of Ukraine should keep in mind an opportunity of tax optimization using avoidance of double taxation
Liquidation of a foreign company representative office in Ukraine: procedure and documents 21.12.2012
Liquidation of a foreign company representative office in Ukraine is a quite difficult, long and expensive registration procedure
Inclusion of vehicle repair cost into the total amount of expenses for a sole proprietorship 18.12.2012
Taxation features of a sole proprietorship that is taxed under the common system of taxation are a lot like the ones of an ordinary legal entity
Obtainment of licenses for maintenance and operations with telecommunication networks 14.12.2012
Recently there have been observed some problems with licensing activities in Ukrainian telecommunication market, to be exact in the field of maintenance and operation with telecommunication networks licensing
Single tax. Violation does not always result in penalty 14.12.2012
If a payer of a single tax has any doubts about amount of the tax that is to be paid it would be much more beneficial to pay at least one hryvnya in time than wait for determination of the exact amount
Registration procedure of a foreign company representative office in Ukraine 13.12.2012
One way to conduct activities by a foreign company including commercial activities on the territory of Ukraine is creation of a representative office
Shareholders’ agreements: theory and practical application in Ukraine 07.12.2012
Shareholders' agreement is one of the instruments that prevent corporate conflicts. It has been being widely used abroad for a long time
Registration of charitable organizations in Ukraine: terms, documents and procedure 05.12.2012
Charitable organizations in Ukraine may be used not only for activities that serve public or specific group of individuals interests but also as a tool of tax minimization, money laundering or as a cover for other activities. Therefore the state establishes a special procedure of registration of charitable organizations which significantly differs from procedure provided for other legal entities
Obligatory sale of currency: NBU supports hryvnya while causing harm to international traders 04.12.2012
The National Bank of Ukraine has introduced requirements for the mandatory sale of foreign currency that was received from abroad
Release of pledged property in Ukraine became more complicated 27.11.2012
Impressive number of lawsuits about recognition of credit contracts as void scared the banks and other financial institutions so much that they lobbied the adoption of the Law "On amendments to some legal acts of Ukraine on fulfillment of business obligations"
Recognition of contracts as void: pyramid schemes as unfair business practices in Ukraine 28.09.2012
Today it is a common practice to purchase goods by participating in pyramid schemes when the pyramid organizer does not spend his money
Division of property in Ukraine: what about share in charter capital? 26.09.2012
When creating a business entity in Ukraine very few people think about consequences of new founder inclusion. And if we are talking about "family" business such founder may be a spouse
Royalties for use of objects of copyright and related rights in Ukraine 26.09.2012
Issue of royalties payment for copyright and related rights use through public use of music in hotels and restaurants is still very relevant
Limitation of actions for rental agreements: position of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine 25.09.2012
Courts cannot use the law depending on wealth of sides, at least not in regard to one of the regulations from the Civil Code of Ukraine
Termination of guaranty using Article 559 of the Civil Code of Ukraine 23.08.2012
This page contains an information about procedure of guarantee termination in Ukraine
Incorrect spelling of last name in a will: either court or expertise 09.08.2012
Issue of bilingualism in Ukraine is not only of “high” political importance but also has some ordinary aspect which nobody thinks about until a certain moment
Recalculation of pensions for persons that were dismissed from the armed forces 07.08.2012
As of today financial support of servicemen gradually increases though enlargement of monthly bonuses. However the Pension Fund of Ukraine is not in a hurry to recalculate pensions motivating its actions by the fact that increase of bonuses for servicemen based on orders of state body head is not a ground for pension recalculation. And this has become a mass problem
Compensation of rental for Ukrainian servicemen. Myth or reality? 06.08.2012
Ukrainian legislation provides right to servicemen to receive compensation for rental of home in the amount of actual expenses for such rental but limited by maximal amounts that are defined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Advertising of drugs and medical devices in Ukraine 30.07.2012
Andriy Buzynnyi, lawyer of our firm prepared the material about amendments to Principles of legislation of Ukraine on healthcare
Should pharmacists stop advertising until “advertising status” is defined? 20.07.2012
Lately pharmaceutical market is overfilled with legislative initiatives in the field of drugs advertising in Ukraine. One can reach the conclusion that the state is intended to take this market sector under its control
Purchase of land plot in Ukraine: divide et impera 16.07.2012
The key factors making purchase of land plot for cottage in Ukraine unsafe when there is only one state certificate for the entire territory of cottage complex
Tour agreement in Ukraine: what should attention be paid to now? 30.03.2012
When making a decision to travel in 2012, one should pay attention to significant amendments that have been recently made to the Law “On tourism” by Law number 4385 
The Constitutional Court of Ukraine made the procedure of average wage payment more complicated 20.03.2012
The decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine dated 22.02.2012 number 1-5/2012 which defined term for filing a claim about payment of average wage for the period when payment was delayed to court may turn out to be not so promising for employees as it seems to be at the first glance
New vehicle registration procedure: consequences of simplifications 07.03.2012
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine made a number of significant amendments to the Regulations on state registration (re-registration), deregistration of vehicles by its Resolution number 87 dated 13.02.2012
Private protective services: the latest amendments in legal regulation in Ukraine 29.02.2012
The law “On protective services” which was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on the 9th of February 2012 provides a number of important amendments in the field of private protection that are of great significance to those who use the services
State Automobile Inspection of Ukraine will be authorized to detain cars of debtors 09.02.2012
If you owe somebody and the State Enforcement Service of Ukraine knows about it you should be ready that even without violating traffic rules you may lose your vehicle
Copyright on the Internet: millions violate, few bear responsibility 08.02.2012
Everyday copyright is violated by millions, and almost everyone gets away with it. But the situation with file-sharing service EX.UA showed us that such situation can’t last forever. Each of the EX.UA or other internet services users can face visit of law enforcement authorities and prosecution for copyright infringement
Why is it useful to comply with term of appeal against tax violation notification letters? 31.01.2012
Our firm is frequently addressed by taxpayers that are “asked” by tax inspectors to specify calculation of tax returns due to recognition of their counterparties as “tax pits” and due to other reasons
Fines for violations in construction industry became more modern and not so expensive in Ukraine 31.01.2012
Since January 19, 2012 liability for violations in the field of urban planning will become not only more modern but also less expensive
Ukrainian pensioners caused rewriting of the Code of Administrative Procedure 30.01.2012
Struggle of Chernobyl pensioners and Afghan warriors for the earned pensions made legislators not only change substantive grounds for social payment but also amend some procedural regulations
The Supreme Court of Ukraine equated guarantor and debtor in their obligations and rights 30.01.2012
When becoming guarantor of your relative or friend who enters into loan agreement to buy a car, house or start a business very few think about situation in which this friend does not repay the loan in time
New rules of Ukrainian simplified taxation system will be applied after the 25th of January 23.01.2012
All payers of single or fixed tax as well as legal entities and sole traders that were taxed under general taxation system and want to transfer to simplified taxation system since 01.01.2012 must submit a request for application of simplified taxation system until the 25th of January 2012
The main tax rates in Ukraine under the Tax Code 22.01.2012
Table of tax rates in Ukraine for non-residents in accordance with the Tax Code of Ukraine
Specifics of Ukrainian legal proceeding 21.01.2012
Establishment of business is impossible without detailed analysis of prospect risks
Termination of land property right in Ukraine 19.01.2012
The comment describes the  mechanism  for  voluntary  waiver  of  permanent  land  usage  right  as provided  by  article  142  of  the Land Code  of Ukraine
Humanization of financial crimes in Ukraine or unlimited fines 18.01.2012
Since the 18th of January 2012 majority of financial crimes will result in fines rather than imprisonment and other criminal penalties  
Legal regulation of land relations 18.01.2012
Land composition and land use, acquisition of land property rights by foreign citizens and other aspects of land-related legal relations in Ukraine
Land payments in Ukraine 18.01.2012
According  to  article  14,  clause  14.1.147  of  the Tax  Code  of  Ukraine land payment is the state tax collected in a form of the land tax and lease payment for state and municipal land
How to avoid payment for outdoor advertising in Ukraine? 17.01.2012
It is possible to present information about one’s firm and avoid payment for location of outdoor advertising by means of using informational signs and signboards
Signing foreign economic agreements 15.01.2012
According to current legislation of Ukraine, a foreign economic agreement (contract) is an agreement of substantive issues between/amongst two or more entities conducting foreign economic activities with their foreign counterparts, directed at establishment, change or termination of their reciprocal rights and obligations while conducting foreign economic activities
Intellectual property rights 14.01.2012
The basis for legal regulation of Intellectual property rights consists of internal regulatory legal acts and a number of international agreements ratified by Ukraine (the Universal Copyright Convention, the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works of 1952, the Convention for the Protection of Producers of Phonograms Against Unauthorized Duplication of Their Phonograms of 1971)
Investment legislation of Ukraine 13.01.2012
General assessment of the investment climate in Ukraine, legal regulation of investment activitis and other aspects of investments in Ukraine
Directions for registration of a Representative office 12.01.2012
A Representative office is a duly authorized institution or person which represents the interests of a foreign economic entity in Ukraine
Registration of a Natural Person – Entrepreneur (non-resident) in Ukraine 11.01.2012
A Natural Person (Entrepreneur) is the most common and accessible organizational form to conduct entrepreneurial activity due to the simplicity of its organization, bookkeeping and tax accounting and reporting, and the ability to use hired labor etc
Directions for registration of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Ukraine 10.01.2012
Comments on state registration of limited liability company in Ukraine
Cases when it is possible to avoid payment for parking 10.01.2012
On the very first days of the year many electronic mass media spread information about New Year “gift” of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. It was informed that it was possible to avoid payment of parking fee if a parking lot was not equipped with parking machines
Permission documentation for certain kinds of activity 09.01.2012
A permit is a document of a standard form which certifies a right of an economic entity to conduct determined kinds of activity on certain territory and during a term indicated therein. Obtaining permission documentation is a typical requirement for a majority of activities connected with wholesale and retail trade, construction and reconstruction, production etc
Registered office and place of business of a legal person 08.01.2012
A legal person’s registered office is a factual place of business where day-to-day management of a legal person and its record-keeping is conducted
Limitations of conducting business in Ukraine 07.01.2012
According to the legislation of Ukraine, foreign and stateless persons are entitled to conduct investment, foreign economic and other forms of entrepreneurial activities in Ukraine provided by the legislation of Ukraine while holding the same rights and obligations as the citizens of Ukraine with exception to the right to own agricultural land as well as some political rights etc
Brief on investment, intellectual property and foreign economic activity 06.01.2012
Investment is comprised of practical actions of citizens, legal persons, and states aimed at investing assets (funds)  into companies or organizations in order to make profit or achieve other benefits
Non-residents’ salary dues and taxes in Ukraine 05.01.2012
The legislation of Ukraine provides that tax is an obligatory, unconditional payment to the state budget, collected from natural and legal persons (including non-residents). The main tax which is collected from a foreign person’s salary received within the territory of Ukraine is the natural persons’ income tax
An individual tax number as a necessary element for employment in Ukraine 04.01.2012
A foreign citizen who arrives to Ukraine in order to get a job or conduct entrepreneurial activity is obliged to obtain an individual tax number
Obtaining a work permit in Ukraine 03.01.2012
According to current legislation of Ukraine all persons regardless of their origin, sex, political views, social and property status, race and nationality are entrusted with a right to freely select a kind of activity taking into consideration personal interests and social needs
Rental of real estate and simplified system of taxation: how to work around limitations 03.01.2012
Since the 1st of January 2012 sole traders that use simplified taxation system will be significantly limited in their ability to rent residential and non-residential as well as land plots
Permanent and temporary residence in Ukraine 02.01.2012
Depending on the specifics of a business and kind of activity persons who plan to establish their own business in Ukraine or those who already conduct it may need their employees who are not the citizens of Ukraine to reside in Ukraine permanently or temporarily. For such a stay they will need to obtain a permanent or temporary residence permit
Visa requirements for a stay of different groups of foreign persons in Ukraine 01.01.2012
Ukrainian legislation provides regulations regarding foreign and stateless persons’ arrival onto, departure from and transit through the territory Ukraine. These rules apply to all foreign and stateless persons, entering Ukraine, regardless of their status and purpose of arrival
VAT for those that are taxed under simplified system of taxation in Ukraine 29.12.2011
Adoption of the Law “On amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and some other regulatory acts of Ukraine related to simplified system of taxation, accounting and reporting” which significantly reforms administering of a single tax raised many questions of Clients of law firm “Pravova Dopomoga”
The right to recall consent for consumer loan in Ukraine 27.12.2011
If original of consumer loan contract has not been received the consent for it can be recalled at any moment
Simplified procedure of termination of sole trader in Ukraine 23.12.2011
Our comments in regard to innovations of the new law that deals with termination of sole traders
Comment on legislation: License obtainment. Obtainment of license in Ukraine 16.12.2011
In order to conduct some types of activities it is required to obtain a license. Majority of types of activities that are licensed in Ukraine are defined by the Law of Ukraine “On licensing of some types of economic activities”. This law includes not only the list of activities types which require licenses but provides procedure of certain license obtainment
Transfer of debt obligation in Ukraine at the stage of law enforcement proceedings 09.12.2011
When undergoing enforcement proceedings Clients of law firm “Pravova Dopomoga” often face difficulties related to inability of debtor to fulfill his obligations that are supported by court decisions. Sometimes there are people who are eager to help such debtors and want to fulfill the obligation instead of the debtor. Our comment on how to formalize these legal relations
Registration of land and related rights in Ukraine after the 1st of January 2012 09.12.2011
Since the 1st of January of 2012 system of land rights registration will be drastically changed
Key amendments to Ukrainian simplified taxation system 09.12.2011
On the 20th of October Ukrainian Parliament adopted the Law “On amendments to the tax Code of Ukraine and some other regulatory acts of Ukraine related to simplified system of taxation, accounting and reporting” which significantly amends legal regulation of the simplified system of taxation
Registration of rights to uncompleted construction in Ukraine 06.12.2011
In order to have the right to manage object of uncompleted construction and enter in any agreements in its regard (for example sale of rights to apartmentsr offices in an apartment building) a constructor must first of all register it as an object of uncompleted construction. But in order to register uncompleted construction one must undergo a certain procedure which is described in this comment
The state created a foothold for return of already paid “increased” pensions 06.12.2011
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine registered a bill in the Parliament that is intended to cease total practice of recalculation of “Chernobyl” pensions and other social benefits for pensioners which according to M.Y. Azarov will lead Ukraine to a catastrophe
Acceptance and formalization of heritage in Ukraine: procedure, documents, terms 06.12.2011
An obligatory requirement for obtainment of rights to property of a deceased relative is acceptance and formalization of heritage. Our comment on the topic
Amount of penalties for tax law violations in Ukraine 06.12.2011
The state can set penalties for tax law violations depending on needs of the budget
Hot to perform apartment alternation in Kiev 02.12.2011
Legalization of apartment alternations is a necessity rather than simply fulfillment of the legislation requirements. Illegal alternations are considered to be a voluntary construction that may result not only in fines but for example in inability to dispose of the apartment
Prenuptial agreements in Ukraine: myths and reality 01.12.2011
Prenuptial agreement can help to avoid many conflicts that occur during divorce
How to make you will correctly in Ukraine 28.11.2011
There appear more and more citizens that for some personal reasons do not wish their property to be inherited based on the law
Since the 16th of October it is allowed to set not only fixed rate in loan contracts in Ukraine 17.11.2011
On the 16th of October the Law “On amendments to some regulatory acts of Ukraine related to regulation of relations between creditors and consumers of financial services” entered into force and among other things extended limits of freedom of actions for those who enter into loan contracts by allowing to set not only the fixed interest rate but also to change interest rate stipulated by a contract
Analysis of current situation and practical experience of mediation between a bank and a debtor 17.11.2011
“Bank is a unique establishment which will lend you money only if you prove that you have money”. Mark Twain.
New amounts of court costs in Ukraine since the 1st of October 2011 25.10.2011
In the nearest future persons who want to or must protect their violated rights in court will be able to save money if they manage to file their claims until the 1st of November
Since the 16th of October it is allowed to set not only fixed rate in loan contracts in Ukraine 20.10.2011
On the 16th of October the Law “On amendments to some regulatory acts of Ukraine related to regulation of relations between creditors and consumers of financial services” entered into force and among other things extended limits of freedom of actions for those who enter into loan contracts by allowing to set not only the fixed interest rate but also to change interest rate stipulated by a contract
Is it required to pay ecology tax for wastes in Ukraine twice? 20.10.2011
Maximally fiscal interpretation and application of provisions of the Tax Code of Ukraine by tax authorities reached ecology tax seemingly “little”
The Constitutional Court of Ukraine limited terms and grounds for administrative detention 20.10.2011
On the 13th of October 2011 the Constitutional Court of Ukraine recognized a number of provisions of the Code of Administrative Offences and the Law “On militia” as unconstitutional
Who should pay for condominium in Ukraine and what should be paid for? 13.10.2011
More and more often apartment buildings are organized in Ukraine as condominiums – association of joint owners of apartment buildings. Our comments on the topic
New procedure of insurance compensation obtainment that is based on OSAGO agreements 12.10.2011
Amendments that were made to the law “On obligatory insurance of legal civil liability of owners of land vehicles” by the law number 30-45-VI did not only provided a right to drivers to draft “euro protocols” in case of traffic accident but also significantly altered the procedure of insurance compensation obtainment
Paying for land in Ukraine when disposing of a building situated on a rented plot 05.10.2011
When selling or anyhow else disposing of a house or its part that is situated on rented lands which are state or municipally owned previous and new owner may face a situation in which they both will have to pay for the same land plot
Legal opinion on prohibition to transfer losses of previous years in Ukraine 02.10.2011
It seems that a list of illegal actions of Ukrainian tax authorities was added with a new one. This time the State Tax Administration of Ukraine gave a clear command to its subordinates to deny recognition of losses that taxpayers faced until the 1st of January 2011
“Europrotocol” in Ukraine: what should be done? 02.10.2011
On the 19th of September a Law of Ukraine “On amendments to some regulatory acts of Ukraine on traffic collisions and cases of payment of insurance” which provides the right to drivers to formalize the collisions personally by means of common notifications (europrotocols) about traffic accident occurrence without State Automobile Inspection participation
Compensation of damage caused by product defects. Due to Ukrainian legislation 24.09.2011
On the 17th of September 2011 the Law “On liability for damage caused by product defects” entered into force. Our comments on the topic
New opportunities for debt collection securing. Amendments to Ukrainian legislation 22.09.2011
Unfortunately obtainment of court decision about collection of debtor’s debt cannot guaranty collection of the debt in Ukraine
Removal of lien as the result of creditor’s inactivity (Ukrainian regulation) 22.09.2011
According to the general rule set by Article 28 of the Law “On lien” a lien, including lien on personal property, is terminated when an obligation that is secured by the lien no longer exists
Financial penalties for not on time goods or services delivering in Ukraine 22.09.2011
It is not a secret that sometimes the moment of goods delivery can be different than the one stipulated by a contract. We prepared material on the topic
How to deal with the unlawful decisions of arbitration in Ukraine 22.09.2011
Activities of arbitral tribunals in Ukraine raise even more question than activities of courts of general jurisdiction
Electronic registration of enterprises using Internet in Ukraine 22.09.2011
On the 14th of August 2011 the Law “On amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On state registration of legal entities and sole proprietorships” related to conduction of electronic registration” entered into force
Written requests of law enforcement agencies: what should one pay attention to? 22.09.2011
Written requests of law enforcement agencies are quite a usual thing. Often it is simpler and faster for them to file such request than to visit an enterprise with an inspection which can quite possibly be denied based on lack of grounds
Reimbursement of losses caused by poor condition of road 22.09.2011
Despite upcoming EURO 2012 the condition of many Ukrainian roads leaves much to be desired which does not only cause inconveniences to road users but sometimes results in different traffic accidents. In such situations harm is caused to people and vehicles that are not insured under KASKO system
In Ukraine tax violations for 2008 -2010 will be penalized by fines of 2011 22.09.2011
Adoption of the tax Code of Ukraine among other things raised an issue regarding which penalties are to- be applied to violations detected after the 1st of January 2011 within periods prior the moment when the Tax Code entered into force: those that are provided by the Tax Code or those that were provided by the legislation at the moment of their commitment
How can one enforce settlement in Ukraine? 22.09.2011
Litigation in Ukraine among other things can result in settlement
Amendments to the tax Code of Ukraine and their effect on tax audits 22.09.2011
On the 5th of August a Law “On amendments to the tax Code of Ukraine and some other regulatory acts of Ukraine related to improvement of some provisions of the Tax Code of Ukraine” was published. The document introduces significant amendments to regulation of tax legal relations and affects practically all chapters of the Tax Code
Terms for appeals against decisions of Ukrainian tax authorities after the 6th of August 2011 22.09.2011
After a Law “On amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and some other regulatory acts of Ukraine related to some provisions of the Tax Code of Ukraine” entered into force on the 6th of August our firm “Pravova Dopomoga” simultaneously received a couple of similar questions regarding reforming of terms for appeals against decisions of tax authorities
AvtoTak program 22.09.2011
As of today Ukrainian mass media are quite actively promoting opportunities of car purchase under AvtoTak program. But after agreements are signed it becomes apparent that things are not the way they seemed to be
Driving without letter of attorney and a waybill in Ukraine 22.09.2011
On the 14th of August 2011 a new Law “On amendments to some regulatory acts of Ukraine related to elimination of excessive state regulation in the field of automobile transportations” entered into force. This document cancels not only technical inspections of passenger cars that are not used for commercial purposes but also a requirement regarding provision of notarized letter of attorney for driving of vehicle and waybills to employees of the State Automobile Inspection of Ukraine
Registration of LLC with model charter in Ukraine 22.09.2011
On the 28th of August 2011 the Law “On amendments to some regulatory acts of Ukraine related to introduction of principle of state registration of legal entities based on model charters” entered into force. The document provides opportunity for establishment and functioning of a legal entity based on a model charter that is approved by the cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. And even though the actual model charter is not yet approved many people are uncertain whether such registration should be performed
Land plot rental in Ukraine 22.09.2011
Article 1 of the Land Code of Ukraine provides that land is the main national treasure that is under a special protection of the state. Exhaustiveness of this recourse results in necessity of its use optimization
Small moratorium on inspections of small business in Ukraine 22.09.2011
Having no skill and/or wish to deal with facts of illegal inspections conducted by Ukrainian controlling authorities, the government throws a “bone” to business called moratorium on conduction of inspections
The Supreme Court of Ukraine allowed signing of guaranty and contract of loan by the same person 22.09.2011
Situation in which the same person signs mortgage agreement with a bank on behalf of an enterprise the management board of which is headed by him and loan contract fulfillment of which is secured by the mentioned agreement on behalf of another enterprise in which this person holds an office of general director cannot result in recognition of these agreements as void
Is it required to notarize yearlong rental agreement which has been prolonged twice? 22.09.2011
In accordance with Section 2 of Article 793 of the Civil Code of Ukraine real estate rental agreements (lease) which were entered into for the period of three and more years are to be notarized and in accordance with Article 794 they must also undergo state registration
Land rights of foreign investors in Ukraine: modern realities and future 22.09.2011
Ukrainian land reform that a lot of people connect with adoption of laws “On state land cadastre” and “On land market” is getting closer and closer
Ways and perspectives of appealing against an act of tax audit in Ukraine 22.09.2011
Tax audit reports formalization without further issuance of tax violation notification letters is quite a common practice. At the same time such reports often include information that is of great significance for taxpayers (for example recognition of a bargain as insignificant). Besides information included in such report can serve as a ground for initiation of criminal proceeding regarding head of an enterprise