Work permit obtainment for foreigner in Kiev (Ukraine)

Cost of services

Cost of services:

from 400 USD
When Client is elegible and has all the necessary documents
from 1300 USD
Premium (includes preparation of additional documents)
For large groups of foreign employees
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What we offer

While providing services employment permit obtainment for a foreign citizen, our firm:

  • drafts a set of documents for submission to the Employment Center (which is the authority in charge), including a draft of employmentcontract, a contract between a foreign employer and a Ukrainian business entity, etc .;
  • organizes the translation of passports, drafts of agreements and contracts, other necessary for submitting documents in a foreign language;
  • submits the set of documents to the Employment Center based on a power of attorney, supervises the documents examination, informs the client of a positive decision and obtains his/her work permit;
  • gives legal advice on the available / possible grounds for obtaining the permit.

When necessary, our lawyers also can:

  • assistin obtainment of insurance, which is provided together with the original/a notarial copy of the work permit at the embassy of Ukraine for a visa type D.
  • pay official fee for a work permit for foreigners application;
  • make a notarial copy of the permit for further use at the Ukrainian Embassy abroad.



Documents for obtaining an employment permit in Ukraine

List of documents
Notarial translation of a foreign citizen’s passport
Draft of employment agreement
Color photo

What is a Work Permit in Ukraine and when do you need it?

A Work Permit for a foreigner in Ukraine is a document that entitles the employer to temporarily (for the period of the agreement) employ a foreign worker for a specific position and at a specific workplace. 

For the employee, the Work Permit may become a legal basis for obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine.

The Work Permit may be issued for 3 years maximum. This period can be extended for a foreign citizen.

Not only a Ukrainian LLC, but also a sole proprietor, who uses hired labor, can obtain the permit for their employees.

The price and period for obtaining a Work Permit

The cost of the services for obtaining or extending a Work Permit depends on the grounds for the permit and the documents that the Client can or cannot gather independently. You can choose a convenient package of services below.

The service price usually does not include state fees and notary fees.

The period for obtaining a Work Permit in Ukraine is from 7 to 10 business days.

In case of Work Permit extension the time allowed for application consideration is 3 business days.

Where to get a Work Permit for a foreigner in Ukraine?

Documents for obtaining a Work Permit for a foreigner in Ukraine shall be submitted to the local Employment Center.

Please note! After a Work Permit is issued, a certified copy of the employment agreement must be submitted to the Employment Center to complete the procedure. The employer will have 90 days to sign the agreement and 10 days to submit it from the date of signing. Our lawyers will follow up on this point and give you appropriate guidance.

Service packages offers

400 USD
  • Preparation of documents for submission to for work permit
  • Organization of translation of passports, draft contracts
  • Submission of documents
  • Preparation of details for payment for work permit
1300 USD
  • Preparation of documents for submission for the Work permit
  • Organization of translation of passports, draft contracts
  • Submission of documents 
  • Preparation of requisites for payment for Work permit
  • Preparation of documents for a visa
  • Registration of medical insurance for a visa or for stay in Ukraine for 1 year
  • Instructions for further actions
1900 USD
  • Submission of documents to the registrar for registration of LLC in Ukraine for further receipt of work permit in Ukraine
  • Obtaining an extract from the USR, registration of the seal of the LLC
  • Preparation of documents for submission to the CNAP on the work permit
  • Organization of translation of passports, draft agreements
  • Submission of documents to the CNAP
  • Preparation of details for payment for work permit
  • Preparation of documents for a visa
  • Registration of medical insurance for a visa or for stay in Ukraine for 1 year
  • Instructions for obtaining a D visa
  • Sending documents to a foreigner to obtain a D visa

The cost of a work permit for large groups of foreign employees (Ukraine business visa)

In addition to the services mentioned in the packages above, we also offer services for obtaining a work permit for large groups of foreign employees.

The cost of work permits for foreigners is negotiable, and the package includes:

  • Establishment of a company for the employment of workers

  • Preparation of documents required for the work permit

  • Organization of translation of passports, draft contracts

  • Submission of documents

  • Preparation of payment details for a work permit

  • Payment of the official fee for a work permit

  • Payment for medical insurance for 3 years of stay in Ukraine, including from Covid-19

  • Instructions for obtaining a D visa

  • Sending documents to a foreigner to obtain a D visa

One of the key costs incurred by applicants for the work permit in Ukraine is the official fee for the issuance of such permission. Its amount depends on the time period for which the permit is to be issued. Calculation is made in the living wage as of January 1 of the year in which the documents are submitted. In 2021, one such living wage is 2270 UAH.

Thus, payment to the state for a permit to work of foreign nationals in Ukraine is:

  • For a period of less than 6 months - is 2 living wage (5115 UAH);

  • for the period from 6 months to one year - is 4 living wage (10080 UAH);

  • for the period from one year to 3 years - is 6 living wage (15040 UAH);

The same official payments are also applicable for the renewal of work permits.

Documents for obtaining a Work Permit in Ukraine

Given that a work permit is obtained for a foreign citizen, but the applicant is a company (entrepreneur), employer, the documents that need to be collected to obtain a permit can be divided into 2 categories:

1) From a natural person:

  • 1 color photo (size - 3.5x4.5);

  • Ukrainian translation of the foreigner’s passport (certified by a notary).

2) From a legal entity:

  • a power of attorney for the specialists of our company;

  • a copy of the draft employment agreement (contract) with a foreigner.

In addition, there are other documents required for certain categories of foreign employees:

  • a copy of diploma with apostille for graduates of world’s top universities;

  • a notarized copy of the document that confirms the authorship of the intellectual property right object;

  • other documents.

Please note! Updated application forms for obtaining and extending work permits for foreigners and stateless persons enter into force from 14.11.2020. If applications are submitted in the form other than the established one, the Employment Center has the right to stop the processing of documents and, if errors are not corrected, to reject the permit.

A complete list of documents for obtaining a work permit in Ukraine is as follows:

  • Application, prepared by our lawyers and submitted on behalf of the employer. The application must specify that the job that requires foreign specialist is not related to state secrets and depends on the employee’s citizenship of Ukraine;

  • Document confirming the foreigner’s identity - a notarized copy with a certified translation into the Ukrainian language is required. Our lawyers will arrange both translation and notarization for you;

  • Color photo of the employee - 3.5 x 4.5 cm;

  • Draft employment agreement with the employee - a draft agreement must be certified by the employer’s signature;

  • Receipt of the state fee payment;

  • Power of Attorney for a representative - our lawyers execute a power of attorney.

Why us

English-speaking lawyers
You will be working with lawyers, who do not only have a professional understanding of the legal aspects of obtaining work permits, but are also able to clearly explain all these aspects to you in English.
Services on a turn-key basis
Obtaining a work permit is rarely standalone service. We usually support a full range of related procedures such as: incorporation in Ukraine, obtaining a residence permit, bookkeeping, etc.
Security of spent money
Since obtaining a work permit is rather expensive procedure, it is very important not only to obtain, but also to save it. By working with us and entrusting us in servicing your business, you can be sure that your permit will not be revoked due to failure to submit the contract or other reasons.

We are ready to help you!

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Our successful projects

Obtaining a permit to use the labor of foreigners from Lithuania for a new company in Ukraine.
We have successfully assisted our Clients in obtaining a permit to use the labor of foreigners from Lithuania in the process of registering a company for them in Ukraine.
Obtaining a work permit in Ukraine for a foreigner in 2021.
Recently a client from Costa Rica came to our company and we successfully helped him to get a work permit in Ukraine.

What is the minimum wage required for obtaining a Work Permit for a foreigner in Ukraine?

Today the law establishes the minimum wage for a foreign worker who is invited to work in Ukraine on the basis of a Work Permit:

  • 5 minimum wages (UAH 30,000) - for foreign employees who will work in public associations, charitable organizations or educational institutions;

  • 10 minimum wages (UAH 60,000) - for other foreign employees, corporate assignees.

Please note!
There are special categories of foreign workers, such as high-paid workers or IT specialists that fall under specific wage standards. Our lawyers will help you determine whether the wage set by the employer for a particular employee meets the requirements for obtaining a Work Permit in each specific case.

How to extend a Work Permit for a foreign citizen (foreigner) in Ukraine?

Issues concerning a Work Permit are regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Employment of Population” dated July 05, 2012.

The procedure for obtaining a Work Permit (employment permit) for foreign nationals with us is simple, safe and effective.

In order to extend a Work Permit for a foreigner in Ukraine, the employer must submit an appropriate application to the Employment Center not later than 10 days before the expiration of the worker’s Work Permit. But if the employee also needs to extend the temporary residence permit, obtained in Ukraine on the basis of a Work Permit - at least 15 days must be left.

A Work Permit in Ukraine can be extended an unlimited number of times.

The time allowed for consideration of application for Work Permit extension for a foreigner in Ukraine is 3 business days.

Our lawyers can help with the extension of the Work Permit for your employees.

Can a foreign employee work in Ukraine on several projects at the same time?

Yes, provided that certain conditions are met:

  • An employee may be employed at different employers in different positions, provided that he/she has obtained a Work Permit for each position;

  • An employee may combine his/her work with the work at a position of temporary absent employee, provided that this combination does not exceeds 60 calendar days per year;

  • In case of a foreign high-wage employee, the period of the employment agreement for the part-time position must not exceed the period of the Work Permit obtained for the principal position.

Employment of foreign workers without a Work Permit

Who doesn’t need a Work Permit in Ukraine? Work Permit requirements do not apply to a number of foreign workers, which are specified in the Law of Ukraine “On Employment of Population”. For example:

  • Foreigners that have got a Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine;

  • Personnel of maritime and air transport, if they serve ships in our country;

  • Foreign journalists and other employees of mass media accredited in Ukraine;

  • Employees of representative offices of foreign companies;

  • Ukrainians who have a Permanent Residence Permits in other countries;

  • Other categories of foreign citizens.

However, it’s worth remembering that in certain cases other laws and regulations thereunder may establish a document that replaces the Work Permit. Thus, the abovementioned employees of foreign representative offices must obtain service cards from the Ministry of Economy, which allows them to work and serves as one of the documents for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine.

Business trip of foreign companies’ employees to Ukraine

Current legislation stipulates the necessity to obtain a Work Permit even if a foreign employee comes to Ukraine on a business trip.

At this, a business trip should not be understood as a mere business visit to Ukraine, but the performance of a specific amount of work for a Ukrainian business entity.

In this case a Work Permit can be obtained for a period of up to 3 years with the possibility of its extension. The key document for obtaining this permit will be the relevant agreement between the foreign employer and the Ukrainian business entity.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Do you need to obtain a work permit for a foreigner employee seconded to Ukraine?

Usually, it is necessary. Current regulations stipulate for the obtaining of an employment permit for a foreign citizen even if he is employed by a foreign company but is seconded to perform a certain amount of work (provide services) in Ukraine.

For what period of time can one obtain a work permit in Ukraine?

In accordance with the current regulations, the work permits are issued for one of the following terms: less than 6 months, from 6 months to 1 year, from 1 year to 3 years. The official payment for the issuance of permit is based on the term.

Do you need a medical certificate from narcologist and a no-criminal record certificate?

No, you do not need them. The specified certificates were indeed necessary in the past, but the requirement for their submission is currently canceled.

Do you need to submit the educational degree for all the categories of employees?

No, you do not. As of today the requirement is only relevant for graduates of top-tier world universities, although it has been applied to almost all employees in the past.

Introductory legal consultation on the procedure for obtaining a Work Permit for foreigners in Ukraine

If before ordering the service you want to understand the procedure in more detail, learn all possible options for solving the issue of employment of a foreigner in Ukraine or ask a lawyer additional questions regarding the service - the best solution is to order an introductory consultation of a lawyer.

Such consultation will enable you to clearly understand the procedure of obtaining the permit. A lawyer will also:

  • Analyze your situation and tell you if a Work Permit is the best solution your problem;

  • Find out your goals and needs, and suggest the best option to achieve them;

  • Give you clear and understandable answers to basic questions.

The cost of the introductory consultation starts from UAH 2,500. When ordering services for obtaining a Work Permit for foreigners in Ukraine, this sum will be included into the service price.

Also we can provide you with the RoadMap. It will suit Clients who have many complicated issues, and those who want to receive a step-by-step plan of actions to resolve the situation. The cost of the Road Map is included in the service price for obtaining a Work Permit for foreigners when you order it from us.

What is important to know about Work Permits in Ukraine?

One of the key problems that foreigners who obtained Work Permits in Ukraine usually encounter is the failure to submit a copy of the employment agreement to the appropriate Employment Center after obtaining a Work Permit, as required by law, namely:

  • the agreement must be signed no later than 90 calendar days after obtaining the Work Permit;

  • A certified copy of the agreement must be filed with the Employment Center no later than 10 days following the date of signing.

It should be noted that the violation of this rule may result in the revocation of the Work Permit.

This does not prevent you from obtaining a new permit, but requires significant time and extra expenses, as you will need to conduct the procedure from the beginning, including the payment of the official state fee. Thus, it is better to play safe and submit the agreement in due time.

The procedure of obtaining a Work Permit for foreigners (foreign citizens) in Ukraine

Following the final discussion of the company’s price and terms of services, the Client signs an agreement with the company and makes a payment for the services. The Client needs also to provide the documents listed in the relevant section of this page and other documents that may be necessary in his/her specific situation.

After that, the company proceeds to the development of the necessary documents. Upon coordination with the Clients, all necessary documents must be signed by them (including power of attorney).

The next stage is when the company’s lawyers take all the necessary steps to obtain a Work Permit. At this stage the Client pays the state fee for the consideration of the application.

As a result (after the Commission reviews the documents), we provide the Client with a Work Permit for a foreigner (foreign citizen).

Legal services for obtaining a Work Permit in Ukraine

We offer our services to foreign nationals in various fields of law, because we understand the complexity of dealing with state authorities in Ukraine. 

We are ready not only to provide you with necessary services, but also to support you morally and explain to you your current situation in detail.

The main standard of our work is simplicity. This means that we are not trying to complicate the process or pretend that the solution of the problem requires titanic efforts from us. We break down any problem, find the best possible solution and explain the whole situation to you so that you don’t have any questions as to why and what we are doing.

If you need to obtain a Work Permit for a foreigner - don’t hesitate to contact us!

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