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Work permit obtainment for foreigner in Kiev (Ukraine)

Work permit obtainment for foreigner in Kiev (Ukraine)

What we do

While providing services employment permit obtainment for a foreign citizen, our firm:

  • drafts a set of documents for submission to the Employment Center (which is the authority in charge), including a draft of employmentcontract, a contract between a foreign employer and a Ukrainian business entity, etc .;
  • organizes the translation of passports, drafts of agreements and contracts, other necessary for submitting documents in a foreign language;
  • submits the set of documents to the Employment Center based on a power of attorney, supervises the documents examination, informs the client of a positive decision and obtains his/her work permit;
  • gives legal advice on the available / possible grounds for obtaining the permit.

When necessary, our lawyers also can:

  • assistin obtainment of insurance, which is provided together with the original/a notarial copy of the work permit at the embassy of Ukraine for a visa type D.
  • pay official fee for a work permit application;
  • make a notarial copy of the permit for further use at the Ukrainian Embassy abroad.



When Client is elegible and has all the necessary documents
250 USD
Turnkey support
from 1400 USD
For large groups of foreign employees

How much does the work permit obtainment process cost (price and rules)?

There are two possible scenarios of services provision:

  • The Client provides all the necessary documents; our firm is responsible for the  process to go without problems at the Kyiv City Employment Center and obtains an employment permit for the Client;
  • our firm performs all the necessary actions relatedto the process of obtaining a permit (not only the work with the Employment Center, but also the collection/drafting of all necessary certificates, records, makes the translation of the necessary documents).

Stage and type of work

(the cost of
our services,
other expenses
are covered
by the Client) 250 USD 

(work permit
for a year, all expenses are
covered by us,
without setting up
a company)
USD 700 

(work permit
for 3 years,
+ insurance policies
to enter Ukraine)
USD 1,300 

For large
groups of
foreign employees

1 Preparation of documents needed to apply to the Administrative Services Center for a work permit
х х х х
2 Organization of translation of passports, draft agreements
х х х х
3 Submission of the documents to the Administrative Services Center
х х х х
4 Preparation of the work permit payment details
х х х х
5 Obtaining TIN for a foreigner (if necessary)
- - х х
6 Payment of an official work permit fee
- х х х
7 Payment of health insurance for the year of stay in Ukraine
- х
х х
8 Payment of health and Covid-19 insurance for 3 years of stay in Ukraine
- - х х
9 Preparation of the guideline for obtaining D type visa
- - х х
10 Delivery of the documents needed for a D type visa to a foreigner (if necessary)
- х
х х
11 СSetting up a company (if necessary)
- - - х

One of the key costs incurred by applicants for the work permit in Ukraine is the official fee for the issuance of such permission. Its amount depends on the time period for which the permit is to be issued. Calculation is made in the living wage as of January 1 of the year in which the documents are submitted. In 2020, one such living wage is 2102 UAH.

Thus, payment to the state for a permit to work of foreign nationals in Ukraine is:

  • For a period of less than 6 months - is 2 living wage (4204 UAH);
  • for the period from 6 months to one year - is 4 living wage (8408 UAH);
  • for the period from one year to 3 years - is 6 living wage (12612 UAH);
The same official payments are also applicable for the renewal of work permits.

Successfully rendered services

Work permit for a foreigner in Ukraine for 5 months.

Received a 5-month permit for a crisis management specialist to help a Ukrainian employer.

Work permit in Ukraine for an IT specialist from Belarus

Received a permit for 3 years for an IT specialist who previously worked as an outsourcer in Belarus.

On March 17, 2020, during the quarantine, received a work permit for a foreigner

Thanks to our support, a large IT company was able to hire a skilled worker from the United States during quarantine.

On June 11, 2020 we received a work permit for a citizen of Poland.

Received RNT for a citizen of the Republic of Poland for the position of director.

On December 19, 2019, received a work permit for a Turkmenistan citizen.

Received on December 19, 2019 a work permit for a Turkmenistan citizen for the position of Deputy Director.

Obtained a residence permit in Ukraine for a business owner

Obtained a residence permit for a period of 2.5 years for the citizen of the UAE who became the founder of the company in Ukraine.

Permit for employment of a foreign director in Ukraine in October 2019

This permit was necessary for a citizen of Belarus who opened a precursor trading business in Ukraine

In 2018-2019 obtained residence permits in Ukraine for the foreign employees

Notwithstanding that employees had citizenship of countries with visa-free entry to Ukraine, they needed a residence permit for the period up to 3 years for the long-term implementation

Work permits for personnel of an international gas production company for the years 2018-2019

Within the framework of the project our lawyers helped more than 30 employees of an international company to obtain permits for gas production and long-term residence in Ukraine.

Work permits for Pakistan citizens in August 2019

Helped to register officially labor relations between foreign citizens and the Ukrainian LLC. The Pakistan citizens applied for the positions of director and his deputy.

Work permit in Ukraine for a foreign director in August 2019

Our company not only registered a business for an Israel citizen, but also helped with the regularization of his stay.

Permit for employment of a foreign top-level manager in the Ukrainian company in August 2019

Our lawyers agreed at the Kiev City Employment Center the candidacy of a Spanish citizen for the position of the director of the Ukrainian subsidiary company.

Work permit for USA citizen at the end of August 2019

Work permit was obtained as a part of the project on opening of independent software development studio in Ukraine for the American citizen.

Work permit in Ukraine for a foreign employee in August 2019

Obtained a work permit for a Chinese citizen who was sent on a business trip to Ukraine by his foreign employer.

Obtainment of work permits for foreign founders of Ukrainian company in August 2019

Work permits were issued for citizens of UAE and Norway who later qualified for the residence permit in Ukraine for the purposes of conducting business here.

Permit for foreigner’s labor that was obtained at the last spring commission of the Kyiv municipal employment center

Application of labor was agreed at the position of director for a citizen of Croatia who at the same time was the owner of a company in Ukraine.

Our lawyers got a work permit for a foreign national as a part of buyout transaction support in Ukraine (April of 2019)

As a part of legal support of company buyout by a foreign investor, our lawyers obtained an employment authorization document for a director from the UK as well as made changes in the document when the client decided to rename the company.

Our lawyers obtained a work permit for a foreigner at the Kyiv City Employment Center in early October 2018

Supported obtainment an employment permit for a German citizen on a senior management position in a Ukrainian company. Obtainment of a residence permit was not planned, and business management had to be carried out from abroad.

Obtained a work permit for a British citizen in September 2018

Represented interests of a foreign head of a charitable foundation at the Kyiv City Employment Center and obtained a work permit for him.

Оbtained a work permit for a new member of the LLC at the end of August 2018

Lawyers of our firm accompanied the addition of a new founder in the Ukrainian LLC and obtained an employment permit for the position of deputy director responsible for sales.

Obtained a work authorization document for a foreigner at the end of August 2018

The work permit was obtained for 3 years for a Norwegian citizen who was meant to lead a mining company in Ukraine.

Obtained a work permit for a foreign head of a Ukrainian company in July 2018

The permit was obtained for the head of Ukrainian office of the US based law firm for 3 years.

Work permit for US citizen in July, 2018

We have received a work permit for a US citizen who had to head the Ukrainian office of the American IT company.

Have received work permits for married couple in March-April, 2018

Our lawyers have helped to receive work permits for wedded pair from USA who came to Ukraine to implement charity projects through the charity created by them.

Work permit for foreigner in January, 2018

We have received the permit for the position of director in a Ukrainian company for a USA citizen, which allowed him to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine later.

Work permit obtained in June of 2016

Our immigration attorneys helped a national of Germany to get work authorization for the position of director. This document also allows to apply for residence permit in Ukraine.

Employment permit received in May of 2016

Immigration attorneys of our law firm helped a national of Turkey to get permit to work as Chief technical officer of a company in Ukraine.

Work permit for a foreigner that was received in October of 2014

Work permit for US citizen in Ukraine.


  • plus


    You will be working with lawyers, who do not only have a professional understanding of the legal aspects of obtaining work permits, but are also able to clearly explain all these aspects to you in English.
  • plus


    Since obtaining a work permit is rather expensive procedure, it is very important not only to obtain, but also to save it. By working with us and entrusting us in servicing your business, you can be sure that your permit will not be revoked due to failure to submit the contract or other reasons.
  • plus


    Working for a long time in the field of obtaining permits for foreign citizens, we have learned to understand the distinguishing features of many foreign regulations. It helps us to determine more quickly and precisely the client's needs in Ukraine.
  • plus


    Obtaining a work permit is rarely standalone service. We usually support a full range of related procedures such as: incorporation in Ukraine, obtaining a residence permit, bookkeeping, etc.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Documents for obtaining an employment permit in Ukraine

  • Notarial translation of a foreign citizen’s passport
  • Draft of employment agreement
  • Color photo

Documents for obtaining an employment permit in Ukraine (work permit application form)

Taking into consideration the fact that a work permit is obtained for a foreign citizen, although the applicant is the company-employer (private entrepreneur), the documents that are required for obtaining the permit can be divided into 2 categories:


1) From an individual

  • 1 color photo (size 3,5 cm х 4,5 cm);
  • Ukrainian translation of the foreigner’s passport (notarized).

2) From a legal entity

  • a power of attorney for our lawyers;
  • a copy of the draft of employment agreement (contract) with a foreigner.

Additionally, other documents are stipulated for certain categories of foreign employees:

  • a copy of the diploma with apostille for graduates from the top universities of the world;
  • a notarized copy of the document, which confirms the authorship to the object of intellectual property;
  • other documents.


Daniel Holmes, Citizen of USA

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Important to know

Work permit: how to get it

The cost of services for obtainment or extension of a work permit card starts from 5,000 hryvnyas and depends on the grounds for obtaining a permit and documents which the client can or cannot collect by himself.

The cost of services usually does not include official fees and expenses on notarial services.

The term for obtaining the permit ranges from 7 to 10 working days. Based on the number of applicants for a work permit, it can be obtained faster.

In the case of extension of a permit, the term for the application processing is 3 working days.

Important to know

One of the key problems faced by foreigners who have obtained a work permit in Ukraine is failure to submit a copy of their employment contract to the relevant Employment Office after obtaining a work permit as required by law, namely:

  • the contract must be signed no later than 90 calendar days from the date of obtainment of a work permit;
  • a certified copy of the contract must be submitted to the Employment Office not later than 10 days after signing.
It should be noted that violation of the rule causes cancelling of the work permit.

It does not prevent a foreign citizen from obtaining a new one, but requires considerable time and financial expenses, as the procedure will have to be fully completed from the very beginning, including paying the official payment to the state, and therefore it is better to submit the contract on time.

Employment of foreign workers without a work permit

The requirements for a work permit do not apply to a number of foreign workers, which are specified in the Law of Ukraine "On Employment of Population".

Among other things, without special permit from the Employment Office, the following categories of foreign citizens are engaged in labor activities:

  • holders of a permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  • personnel of marine and air transport, if they service ships in our country;
  • foreign journalists and other media workers accredited in Ukraine;
  • employees of representative offices of foreign companies;
  • other categories of foreign citizens.
It should be noted that in certain cases, other laws and subordinate legislation may establish a document that replaces a work permit.

For example, for the abovementioned employees of foreign representatative offices in Ukraine, it is required to obtain a so called work card from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, which allows to work, and also serves as one of the documents for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine.

Secondment of employees of foreign companies to Ukraine

Current legislation stipulates need to obtain a work permit even in cases, where a foreign employee arrives in Ukraine on a business trip.

At the same time, a business trip should be understood not just as a business visit to Ukraine, but rather as execution of a specific amount of work on the basis of a Ukrainian business entity.

A work permit in this case can be obtained for up to 3 years with the possibility of extension. The key document for obtaining the permit will be a contract between foreign employer and Ukrainian business entity.


Do you need to obtain a work permit for a foreigner employee seconded to Ukraine?

Usually, it is necessary. Current regulations stipulate for the obtaining of an employment permit for a foreign citizen even if he is employed by a foreign company but is seconded to perform a certain amount of work (provide services) in Ukraine.

For what period of time can one obtain a work permit in Ukraine?

In accordance with the current regulations, the work permits are issued for one of the following terms: less than 6 months, from 6 months to 1 year, from 1 year to 3 years. The official payment for the issuance of permit is based on the term.

Do you need a medical certificate from narcologist and a no-criminal record certificate?

No, you do not need them. The specified certificates were indeed necessary in the past, but the requirement for their submission is currently canceled.

Do you need to submit the educational degree for all the categories of employees?

No, you do not. As of today the requirement is only relevant for graduates of top-tier world universities, although it has been applied to almost all employees in the past.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner



The issue of obtaining an employment permit is regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On Employment of Population" dated July 5, 2012.

A work permit is issued for employment at the specific position and the specific legal entity.

Permit validity cannot exceed 3 years, the term can be extended.


The Client signs the contract with the firm and pays for the services after the final approval of the firm’s fees the term of services provision.

At the same time the Client provides the documents specified in the section «DOCUMENTS FOR OBTAINING AN EMPLOYMENT PERMIT IN UKRAINE» and other documents that may be required in his/her particular situation.
After this the firm starts to draft the necessary documents. All necessary documents are signed by the Client (including the power of attorney).

The following step is to undertake all the actions necessary for the obtaining of an employment permit by the firm's lawyers. At this stage the Client pays the official fee for consideration of his application.

Consequently (after the documents consideration by the Committee), we provide the employment permit for a foreigner to the Client.

Work permit is a first step for future immigration and happy life in Ukraine.

If You want to get Your work permit fast or undergo the work permit renewal procedure without a blink - call us!